My Hot Mother Malini And Me Part – 3

In my last episode, you have read what romance we had while driving the vehicle and how I enjoyed maa’s boobs after coming home. That day was the 30th december, 2007

Read what happened next day. How, we celebrated the new year’s eve and my b’day on 31st december, 2007

That night I.E. On 30th december 2007, I had to masturbate twice once thinking about maa and another thinking about my lovely sister vishnu. From the time our intercourse started maa used to wake me by her warm kiss. But today that didn’t happen because of dad. That day was the last day of the year I.E. 31st december. 2007

I got up freshened and went to the kitchen. Maa is standing at the kitchen plat form humming as usual ‘thu mera chand mai teri chandini’ it seems maa already had head bath. She wrapped a towel along the hair and made her long hair as bun. She is clad in cotton saree and blouse. The cotton saree clung to her body revealing the shape of her bum. The moment I saw her my shaft stood erect.

I slowly walked up to her and encircling my both hands around her waist said. ”good morning maa. Tumhara chand aa gaya.” and gave a kiss on the nape of her neck. Mom bending her neck and enjoying my kiss said “good morning kanna.” she put her palm on my cheek affectionately.
I bending forward I kissed her cheek. “ore kanna. Vodduraa. Mee nanna unnaru.” (no kanna. Your dad is at home.) “he is in the bathroom ma.” I said and raised my hand up and cupped her breast. “ummm…” she moaned slowly and said.

”daniki buddi leda.?” (it doesn’t have sense)

“deniki maa.?” (which maaa…?) “deeniki…” (this one) she thrust her bum back on my shaft said again.”adeppudu legise untundaa.?” (is it always erects like this?)

“nenemi cheyanu maa. Ninnu chodagane adi ala avuthundi.” (what I have to do maa. The moment I see you it becomes like that). I tickled her deep navel.

“orey paddu. Nee modda ala allari chesthe daanni kosesthanu.” (orey if your dick does like that I will cut it off)

“adi cheyi mummee. Kosi nee puvvu lo pettuko” (do that maa. Cut it and put it in your pussy) saying so I grabbed her pussy in my palm.

“poddunne sarasam challe. Mee nanna vostaru vodulu.” (enough of early morning romance. Leave, your dad will come) “o.K. Give me a kiss” and she stamped a warm kiss on my cheeks. “hu .Hun.” I said and made my lips as ‘o’. Maa looked at the door and quickly put her tender lips on mine. We intermingled our tongues for 2-3 seconds and we moved away from each other. The moment we separated dad had entered into the dining cum kitchen.

While we were having breakfast…we heard. “hai nanna. Amma. Annayya.” we all heard Vishnu’s voice. She is coming with a suitcase in her hands. We all surprised to see her and happy also. It is almost four months after her marriage. We all hugged her affectionately and all are happy to receive her. We enquired about her married life and her in-law’s welfare.

After breakfast, I went to invite my close friends Vikas, his wife mythili and shubham and his wife charulatha for dinner tonight and to celebrate the new year’s eve. They both were married 6 months back, I came home.

After the lunch, I and vishnu sat in my room and chit chatted. After the marriage there a glow in vishnu’s face. Her boobs turned a bit big. I looked at them hungrily. “annayya entala choostunnav.?” (bro what are you looking at?) vishnu asked me.

“nee sallu peddaga ayi natlunnai.?” (it seems your boobs have grown big) “chee! Poraa. Nee kallu eppudu naa salla meedane.” (chee poraa. Your eyes are always on my boobs only) she said with a bit shy.

At 4.30 pm we were having tea. Dad came to us and said “paddu… happy birth day son. Vishnu for you too.” and he gave me and vishnu cheques of rs 50k each and blessed us.

“are u not staying for our b’day dad…?” I asked. Vishnu is looking anxiously. “sorry my c***dren … my br.Mgr. Had organized a new year’s eve with all the development officers. & staff. I have to go” and he went.

At 8 pm my friends vikas and shubahm arrived. I introduced them to my maa and vishnu. They are meting them for the first time and they gaped by the beauty of maa and vishnu. Vikas introduced his wife mythili and shubam his wife charulatha.

Both are young ladies with attractive figure and stats. Mythili is in saree and sleeveless blouse where as charu is in calf length hot pants and short shirt. Two of her shirt buttons are open revealing her cleavage and bra.

We all had dinner with jokes and light fun and beer. Maa didn’t have beer. Then it is decided that we will play rummy. We will play in pairs my friends with their wives and me with vishnu as my partner. The fourth player is mom. After the first game shubham suggested that after every game we will change the partners.

After that a lot of fun took place. We played rummy, blind fold etc. But one thing I found is that both my friends are ogling for my sister and maa. Charu tried her best to attract me and mythili kissed me when for 2 mts lights were off before new year’s eve. I am omitting those details here. If time permits I will narrate them later.

So after cutting the cake we all enjoyed and merrily danced. My friends took leave from us. We wished them happy new year and bid them.

It is 2 a m of 1st january 2008. I, maa and vishnu gathered after the bath again because of smearing cake’s cream on our faces. We changed into new cloths. I wore the dress maa purchased for me. Vishnu is in knee length skirt and stripes t shirt. Maa is in her silk salwar suit. The most attractive person of the night.

On the center table is placed birthday cake which I have to cut at 2.15 am. Exactly at 2.15 I cut the cake and fed my mom and sister and they fed me cake saying happy birthday. Then I turning to vishnu said “happy birthday to you also vishnu”

She smiled and said “orey neninka putta ledura. Inka rendu gntala time undi.” (orey. I have not born yet. There is two more hours are there for my birth). “challeve posu” I said and stamped a kiss on her cheek and mom also.

“vishnu did your brother born now.?” maa asked vishnu. “yes maa.” “then how can a new born boy will be in dress? Orey paddu remove your dress” she said. I didn’t understood what maa said. This is the same situation with my sis also.

“orey kanna neekera cheppesdi dress vippu” (orey kanna I am telling you open your dress). I am sitting on the sofa where as my maa and sis wee sitting on the carpet. Maa asked me to come to her and I went and sat at her side on the carpet. On the other side of mine is my sis vishnu. Maa started opening my t shirt buttons.

“maa. “ I said as I was in embarrassing situation because of vishnu. My sis is looking at maa shockingly. Vishnu don’t u want to help me?” mom said.

Vishnu looked at me in confusion. By the time maa removed the buttons and pulled my t over my head. Then she pulled my banyan also. My fair upper body is naked before maa and vishnu. Mom looking at my body with appreciation and lustful eyes put her palm on my chest and running her palm on it.

Then slowly she pushed me on my back. Maa bent over me and deeply looking into my eyes. Her eyes were shining. She ran her tongue around her lips and ran the same on my lips. Her forefinger is soothing my small brown areola and pinched my small nipple between thumb and forefinger. My whole body tingled.

“vishnu… come see how brother’s nipple is turned stiff. Come feel.” by this time vishnu though still in confusion, came to me and sat other side of mine and watching maa. Maa taking visnu’s finger and keeping it on my areola and said “choodu veedi nipple ela birusekkindo. Kada.?” (see how his nipple is stiffened.) sis nodded her head in yes.

I was not in a position to tolerate any more. “isss…mm.Mmmaaammm.” I moaned in desperation. Maa is running her tongue tip on my areola and nipple which is causing immense pleasure and also unbearable erection. If jeans would not have been there my rod would have been out tearing my underwear. Maa giving kisses all over my bare chest, licking, now and then holding the skin with her lips and what not.

Suddenly maa raised her head and looking at vishnu asked. “vishnu. Did your nipples are also as stiff as your bro’s.?” asking so maa quickly grabbed vishnu’s boob over the t-shirt and squeezed. “mummy.” Vishnu squealed. She said again… “ won’t you want your bro to be a birthday boy?”. My sister nodded her head in yes. “then remove his jeans see how he is inside.”

By the time I think vishnu guessed that there is something fishy between me and ma. She decided to play the game as maa wants. My sis sat at my waist and started unbuttoning my jeans. Then she pulled my zipper down. The moment zip is down the cool air entered in my underwear and caused a tingling sensation.

She pulled my jeans down. I raised my waist up to help her. She looked at my bulge and said “ammaa itu choodu.” (maa look here). Maa who is poking my navel with her tongue turned her head towards my crotch. She didn’t say anything but I think she gave a signal to my sis to pull the remaining garment also.

Vishnu pulled the last garment from my body. I was so aroused that my dick stood erect fully. It is so tight that it arched upwards. The fore skin pulled back over my knob and revealed a part of pinkish purple head shining in the led lights.

“my god! Vishnu! How big it is. How long it is.?” she asked and sis shrugged her shoulders as if ‘don’t know’. “vellu, velli measuring tape the… veedi podugu lavu koluddam. Eppudaina kolichava.?” (go and bring the measuring tape from the sewing machine. Let us measure his length and girth… did you measured at any time?). She asked. Vishnu mumbled “no” and went to bring the tape.

As sis had gone maa looked at my tool, kissing my abdomen she took the tool in her hand and looked at it lustfully. She spit a lot of saliva on my dick and moving her hand over the shaft and planting the kisses on my thighs. “maa tape.” vishnu came and maa took the tape and keeping it at the base of my dick measured it. “oh! Veedidi 9” undi vishnu” and moving her hand on it my dick had become slippery because of maa’s spit. Then she measured my girth it is 4”.

Maa bending down, lifting my cock up she licked the base of it and ran her tongue upwards. My whole body is on fire. “maaa…mmmumm… isss… oh! Aaaammmm.” I moaned in ecstasy. “what hapened kanna.?” she asked and continued her lick. Then suddenly she took my one ball in her mouth and sucked like a lollypop. “aaaggrrhhaa.” a joyous groan came out of my mouth.

Maa looking at my sis said “what are you looking my dear. Come help your brother see how he is in agony.” vishnu was dumbfound as she could not understand what to do. But at the same time I observed that she also turned horny. She is pressing her boob over the shirt. “have this chinnee . Hold your bro’s dick in your tender fist” maa said shaking my tool.

Vishnu came and sat at my side and took my tool in her fist and quickly released…”maa. It so hot.” said she.

Maa seeing at her daughter said “chinnee . Help him raaa…” my sis still could not understand what to do. Maa bending vishnu’s head on my dick and pushed my shaft in her mouth. Vishnu who is very horny by this time greedily gobbled my rod in her wet mouth and started moving her head up and down giving me a blow job.

A double action on me is unbearable for me. Maa is licking and sucking my semen filled balls, while sis is sucking my dick and rotating her tongue around my knob. It is becoming difficult for me to control any more. So far I am lying idle without any action. Now I put my hand on Vishnu’s head and pressing her to my tool, I shot my load in her mouth.

Torrents of hot sperm touched the back of her throat. She quickly removed her mouth. The torrents started shooting on maa’s face and on my stomach.

I was panting in exhaustion. “chilipi vedhava. Appude kaarchu kunnava?” (naughty boy, released so early.) maa said and licking my sperm from my stomach and also from vishnu’s mouth. In exhaustion I dozed off.
When I opened my eyes and looked at the watch it is 4 am. I heard moaning sounds. I turned my head.

My god! What a scene it is. At a distance of two feet maa is sitting reclining to a single sofa. She is totally naked. Her left knee raised and vishnu keeping her head on the knee and suckling the boob of maa. Vishnu is also naked. Her dress and maa’s are lying at a side neglected.

Vishnu sucking maa’s one tit and patting the other with her palm as a c***d plays with her mom. Maa is holding her left boob and putting it in the mouth of my sis. Maa’s eyes are closed with satisfaction. What a beautiful scene it is? If I were a painter I would have drawn the painting. Slowly I crawled towards maa on my palms and knees. “maa.” I slowly called as if I don’t want to disturb their intimate activity.

Maa opened her eyes and seeing me said… “oh! Paddu… kanna… your sis is just born. I am feeding her. She is also in birthday suit like you… she is cute isn’t it?”

“yes maa. She is very lovely and cute. ‘chu,chu.’ and I pinched her cheek. Vishnu opened her eyes and looking at me felt shy and covered herself with her hands. “maa I also born few hours before… wont you feed me.?” I greedily looking at her naked boobs asked.

“why not kannaaa… come drink duddu from mother and she pulled me closer to her. Seeing this vishnu got up from there and I kept my head on maa’s knee took the nipple which was so far in vishnu’s mouth. As I started suckling her nipples maa moaned with pleasure. Maa’s palms are running all over my body. Vishnu put her mouth on maa’s other nipple.

“mmmmm.Kanna what a suckling you are doing…mmmumm… even when you were a c***d you used suckle like this only. On the top while you are suckling it used drip in the bottom. Ummmm…” and maa pressed her own boobs.

“when it is dripping what you used to do mummee.” vishnu asked fingering her own choot.

“what to do… bangaraam. I used finger myself”. Maa said pinching vishnu’s cheek. “what will you do now. Mummee.?” sis enquired “finger again” “no bangaram what is the necessary now. Nee annayya tho kumminchu kuntanu.” (your brother is there he will bang me.)

“ayithe kummichu ko mumee nenu chostanu.” (then let annayya bang you maa. I’ll see) vishnu pinching maa’s nipple said.

“voon. Chilipi . Vedhava ela cheeku thunnado. Kindantha kaari poyindi” (see the naughty fellow how he is sucking… it is drenched at the bottom). Saying so maa moved away from me and lied flat on her back. She spread her thighs wide. ‘wow what a beauty. Ummm. Her flat belly, clean shaved, swollen pussy, fair and firm thighs.Oh! She is an apsarasa. (angel) she spread her arms inviting me.

I went to maa. She raised her knees, widened the thighs for a good access to me. I entered between her thighs holding my raging dick in my fist. As I want to shove my tool deep in maa. “orey annayya agara. (annayya stop a while) vishnu said and came to me and holding my dick in her fist rubbed the same on pulsating lips of maa. Then she separated maa’s lips and putting my dick head there said “ orey thoseyara.” (orey shove it in).

I gave a hard thrust of my waist and more than half of my ramrod went in the crevice. “ammammmamamm…ummmm…hah.Hah.” maa moaned with pain and said again “orey kanna idi amma puvvu ra. Nee chelli di kadu.Konchem slow ga.” (orey kanna this maa’s flower not your sister’s be slow…).

“maaa. What is this? You are senior. Isn’t it?” vishnu said pretending anger. “what wrong I said chinnee. I am senior o.K. But my furrow is not ploughed for a decade now. Whereas your furrow is ploughed regularly for more than 3 years first by paddu and now with keshav.” (keshav is vishnu’s hubby.)

In these conversation maa’s pain subsided and raised her bum up. I asked with eyes can I continue and she nodded her head in yes.

I started moving in and out of maa. Vishnu came to maa and took her nipple in her mouth and started sucking. While the other she twisted. Ummm… chinnee. My dear daughter do like that only. Oh! Maaa. What a joy you brother and sister are giving me… kanna . Alage kummara…uf.Uf. I am lucky to have such loveable c***dren” maa said in satisfaction.

Maa said this and vishnu put her tongue on maa’s cunt wich is holding my rod. Vishnu’s tongue is touching me and maa causing thrills in us. Our love game s continuing. After 10 mts of this play suddenly vishnu came behind me and rubbing her naked pussy on my neck… wow what a sensation it is.Uh.

Then I had an idea. And I removed my dick from maa. “emaindi kanna enduku apavu?” (what happened kanna, why did you stop?). I asked vishnu to lie on her back and asked maa “maa chelli puvvu ni suck cheyi.” to lick sis’s oozing slit. Maa turned and came on her knees and bending down put her mouth on vishnu’s pooku.

As maa bent down I had the better access of maa from back. I went behind her and placed my dick on her cunt. Maa quickly took my dick and guided it into her love hole and said “kannaa amma puvvuni venuka nundi dengu. Umm abba. Inka. Gattiga. Inka. “ she is moaning and thrusting her butt back to receive my love rod. The hall is echoing with erotic sounds. Vishnu is also making sounds of aaah. Oh hiss. Etc.

And raising her bum up to maa.

This love game continued for another 15 mts I am about to finish. “maa. I am finished.” I said “o.K.Kanna. Fill your honey in maa’s honey pot. Aaaahhh,,,off. God how warm it is. Kanna it is soothing raa. O.K. Now. Have rest for a while then you have to satisfy vishnu also. Poor girl, see how her pussy is dripping. Don’t worry chinnee. Within 10 mts annayya will make love to you.O.K.” and she kissed vishnu and me.

I fell tiredly at vishnu’s side.

After 15 mts maa came with steaming horlicks and we all drank it to rejuvenate. Then my second game of the day started. What happened and how it happened. I am not giving here because most of it repeated what we done with maa. After the game, we three slept and got up 12 noon.

Before concluding this episode I want to tell something to you. Dor 10 days we three slept together and enjoyed sex doing a lot of kinky things and sexy talk. On 12th january 2008 my BIL I.E. Vishnu’s husband had come. He stayed with us during the festive days of Sankranthi. When vishnu and her husband are mating me and maa peeped on them.

On the third day after witnessing their game maa said “now I have confidence that my lovely daughter gives full satisfaction to her husband and also gets satisfaction”.

When I and maa came to my room, I asked maa which I am not supposed to ask but it slipped. “maa… keshav’s dick also like mine do you want to enjoy him?”

The moment I said that maa looked at me angrily and without a word gone out of my room. I understood that I asked a wrong question and I repented. Next day whole day maa didn’t speak to me. Not even wanted to look at me. I pleaded a lot but in vain. Vishnu asked the reason. But what can I say to her. I simply shrugged my shoulders.

That evening vishnu and her husband had gone for a newly released movie. I literally rubbed my nose at maa’s feet, and then only her angry came down. She became calm.

It is around & 7 pm. I put my head on maa’s lap and said… “maaa. Pl. Forgive me. I am sorry. “

Maa stroking my hair with love and affection said. ‘kanna. I am your mother. Always yours. You are enjoying me. I am also with you. It doesn’t mean that I am a whore. I can be fucked by any other.No. Not at all. You are my loving son. That is one matter what you asked is another. Please don’t ask such questions again. I love you kanna.”

‘I am sorry maa. You can punish me if you want.” I sincerely said. Maa bending down kissed my cheek lovely and said. “of course. You are to be punished.”

“cheppu maa. Emi cheyali. Any punishment I am ready. “ummm.” she thought for a while and sweetly whispered in my ear. “ee rathriki neeku rest ledu. Ee ammnu baga dengali. . Amma puvvu vachi povala. O.K. Naa.” and she smiled.

Thank you maa. I am eagerly waiting for your punishment and I kissed her boob over the blouse and squeezed.

“come get up. By the time vishnu comes we will go somewhere out.” and we both freshened and went out.

That ends this episode. Dear readers, I request you to give your encouragement as you have for the last two episodes. Thank u.

One thing I wanted to tell you. What has happened in this episode some may ask is it really happens. I say yes. Because, ‘truth is always stranger than fiction’. I believe in this.

Whatever happened after that is in my next episode. Wait for it

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