My Hot Mother Malini And Me – 4

I, Abhi was very gloomy during those days. I turned moody, irritating, after the marriage of my younger sister Vishnu. I was missing her a lot. I was missing the warm, tight sheath of my sister around my dick, soft touch of her giggling boobs on my chest or on the back, smooth touch of her cheeks against mine, and the rose petal-like lips of Vishnu, my sister.

Yes, I had been enjoying Vishnu from the time she was 18 and I was 21. At the age of 20 a month back she got married. Thus this is my situation. Seeing my position my mother Malini was worried. She wanted to cheer me up and give me some counseling.

My Maa, Malini is only 42 years, and the most beautiful woman. When she was 18 she was married to a person12 years elder to her. At 19 she gave birth to me Abhi (Padmanabaham) and after 3 years Vishnu was born.

I had completed M.Sc. (Physics). On the advice of my mother, I am just enjoying my life. My Maa asked me not to apply for any jobs at least for 3 years. According to her, I am only 23 and not necessary to take the responsibilities of the job now.

I love my Maa most. So I obeyed her and I am enjoying the life. After Vishnu’s marriage, I turned gloomy. Maa had stopped Vishnu’s education also after her inter, saying that anyway she is to be married. Then the responsibilities of the family. So let her enjoy the life.

This was her intention. I loved my sister very much and after she stopped going to college, we spent most of the time together. That evening Maa came into my room and said, “Abhi, cheer up Kanna, life is not Vishnu alone. Apart from that, she got married to lead a happy life. You have got your life. Enjoy, be happy. Make others happy. One day or the other she had to be married. Isn’t it?”

“But Maa I am missing her terribly. We were so close and both used to roam around,” I said. “Yes, true. But is she the only one to take care of? There are others you can take care and take them out as you took your sister. There are others also to accompany you,” mom said smilingly.

I looked at her in surprise and said “Maa!” She smiled at me and said “Am I not supposed to accompany you, my son. You can not only take your sister, sometimes you have to take you Maa also.”

“Oh! Maa!! How I like you to accompany me, but I thought” and I kept quiet. “What you thought?” she asked and said again, “Forget about past, now I hope I can accompany you.”

“Yes. Maa today only we will go out somewhere. Spend the time and have dinner in a hotel and come back O.K.” As I said, she said, “All right, Kanna.” She went down to have a bath and get ready. I also hurried to the bathroom.

After half an hour I went down in fine jeans and t-shirt in my mother’s room. As I entered in I was in a shock as Maa was standing in front of the full mirror and humming some song and combing her hair. What made me wonder was, she was wearing only a petticoat around her waist and nothing on top.

Her fine fair smooth back is shining in the light. Her petticoat is so tight that I could see the contour of her panties over the petticoat. All these glimpses I saw in a few seconds. Then realizing that Maa is changing, I stepped back to move out.

“Come in, Kanna, why are you going? Just sit down for 5 minutes we will move.” She was looking at me through the mirror said. I didn’t say anything and slowly went in sat on the edge of the cot. Maa was casually humming herself, combing her long hair while looking into the mirror.

She is totally naked on the upper part and her smooth texture of the skin is shining. Whenever she was raising her hand to comb, I could get the glimpse of her firm fine boob from her underarm. They are jiggling as her hands are moving. I looked into the mirror through which I could see her front totally.

Then for the first time, I realized that Maa is a beauty. Not only beautiful but a sex bomb. Her body statistics are superb, though she is 40 years, her body is totally firm. She didn’t have even an extra gram of fat on her body.

One cannot find looseness in her body. Fair body, smooth texture of skin, she possesses 36B size boobs, at the peaks brown colored areola and stiff nipples. Slim waist, a fine fold on the waist, below the waist is her broad fleshy buttocks are her special assets which her husband, I mean my father didn’t realize.

She is such a beauty that whoever looks at her his first gaze will be on her fine boobs than on her wide crotch. What my father could not see, I have seen it. ‘Oh! My God! What a beauty Maa is. She is more beautiful than Vishnu!’ I thought.

My member under my trousers started stirring. Maa unknown to her son’s looks is casually combing her hair. After 3 or 4 minutes she completed setting her hair into a bun. Turning aside took the bra which she kept aside and wore it.

“Paddu”, that’s what she calls me “can you fetch my cream color saree from the almirah please,” she asked. I went to the almirah and brought the saree. While taking the saree from me she turned totally towards me revealing the frontal beauty to me.After my sister, Vishnu got married, I realized that my mother is also a very beautiful woman. We had now started spending a lot of time together. We were going out to enjoy and my mom was dressing up.

I was mesmerized to see mom’s deep navel, soft abdomen and the outline of firm thighs under the petticoat. By seeing Maa in that posture my dick is at 90 degrees angle to the ground. In trance, I went to bed and sat there. “Paddu! shall we move?”

By seeing Maa I was dumbstruck. That is the beauty of Maa. She wore a cream color embroidered saree with matching blouse. The transparent blouse she wore has only lining in the front part of the blouse. Her total back is clearly visible through the blouse.

The bra straps the hook etc. She put on a designer shoulder clip on her shoulder to keep the pallu intact. Maa is a long-legged lady. Now with this saree, she is looking taller and gorgeous. Though the pallu is intact her firm high bosom is jetting out through the pallu.

It is difficult to control anyone after seeing in this dress. “Maa! your dress!” I said. “What Kanna not good? Do you want me to remove?” she asked. I don’t know whether Maa knows what she said. I smiled at myself.

“Kanna enduku raa navvu thunnav?” (Why are you laughing Kanna?)
“Nuvvu anna mataku.” (The words what you said.)
“Nenemannau. cheera baa ledea? Theseyana annanu.” (What did I say? Is saree not good, you want to remove it?)

“Mari nee vonti meeda emuntundi.?”(Then what will you have on your body). I asked her mischievously. “Chee pora vedhava,” she said but I could see a smile on the corner of her lips. “Do you want me to change?”

“No Maa this saree is so cute on your body. You didn’t wear such a dress before”. “See Kanna such dresses are generally worn when we are going out or going for any functions. Apart from that the dress we wear there must be an appreciation for it.”

She said and after a minute or so she said again “Your dad had no time to take me out. And I didn’t attend functions without him. Now who is there to appreciate me, you tell me.”

“Oh! Sorry Maa, but you should wear such dresses regularly. You look so great in these dresses.” I said in real appreciation. “For whom I have to wear Kanna.?”

“For Me. Can’t you wear for me? For your Kanna?“ I said looking intently into her eyes. “Sure Kanna, I definitely I wear if you like. I am thankful to you that at least you are there for me.” She said came forward she gave a kiss on my cheek and asked, “Shall we move?”

I am flying in the sky. This is for the first time Maa kissed me after so many years. With joy, I went out and took the car. She came and sat in the passenger in the front. “Where shall we go Ma?”

“What can I know where you are taking me. Any place which you like is O.K. for me. I thought for a while and asked: “Lover’s Park, is it O.K. for you.?” I asked. She looked at me and asked. “Am I your lover?” Very casually she asked but I could see a smile.

And said again “As you wish Kanna!” and smiled at me openly. I drove the car. When I parked the car she said, “Kanna this is Sanjeevaiah Park. You said Lovers’ park?”

“Nowadays this is only lovers’ park Maa. Inside you find 90% of them are couples only.” We both got down the car and proceeded in. I took a Turkish towel which is in the car. We went deep into the park and sat near a bush spreading the towel.

For a while, we kept quiet. Then Maa started telling me about her c***dhood and of her village life, about a ruined temple and what not, then she asked me about my college life. I laid flat on my back and looking at the sky started telling about my college life.

As I spoke she came closer to me. She took my head and kept it on her thigh and stroking my hair affectionately. If I was a beautiful feeling. When I stopped telling she came very close to me, almost reclining to my body and sat like that for a long time.

When it was dark she looking at the starlit sky and said, “Here we can’t see full starlit nights because of skysc****rs. During my c***dhood, we used to see the Milky Way (Palapuntha) in the open sky. Here we miss the opportunity. Once we go to our village where you can see the starlit sky during the new moon day.”

After that, we had dinner and came back. In this manner, we, Maa and I, roaming together continued for a week. Every time one way or other she used to cling to me and whenever chance had come she stamped warm kisses on my cheeks.

Whenever we went out on the bike, Maa’s boobs tickled me on my back. Her hand on my shoulder or around my waist is a sweet moment for me.

Then one day I saw an invitation for a Personality Development Training Programme, inviting participants. The Programme was conducted in a 5-star hotel. And each participant is allowed a companion. Only 20 participants on a first come first serve basis.

I immediately booked for the Programme because,
1. That gave an opportunity to be with Maa throughout the day.
2. Maa will be seeing the 5-star hotel environments.

One day I took her to a roadside dhaba 30 km away on a National Highway. The owner Shri Santokh Singh knows me very well as I took Vishnu to that dhaba many times. As he saw me he wished and provided the best food. When we are coming out he asked: “Sahebji yeh memsahib kaun hai?”

“Socho Santokh,” I said. He thought for a while “Sahebji, aap ki patni tho nahi hai, shayad app ki badi bahen. Shakal milti hai” I smiled at him and introduced Maa to him. Immediately he touched Maa’s feet and said. “Maaji. aap bahut hi khoobsurat hai. Aisi khoobsurat tho aaj kal dekhne ko nahi milti. Maf karna agar koi galti ho toh. Aap tho sahib ji ki Maa bilkul nahin lagti.”

As Maa felt shy and blushed, I felt proud such a beauty is my Maa. Here one thing I wanted to tell. Only the first three days or so, we used the car. Then Maa suggested using a motorbike rather than a car.

I wanted to do everything to ensure that Maa is the happiest person with me.

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