Boobs And Cops

Boobs And CopsBoobs And Cops 2

I wrote the story, “Helped son to pay his debts off”.

This is another encounter for her only, with a police officer. As my son was not a good one, he met with a nuisance case and he was arrested for 6 months. As my husband was not in town, I have to go for his bail orders. I got the bail orders and went to the jail. They released him and on a condition that he has to be in house and there will be no going out of house. Also he had to sign in the local police station daily, unless the police will come and arrest him. I agreed and brought him home.

He daily goes to police station and signs there. But one day, he said that he has to go to his friend’s home for two days. I said no, he pleaded me and I had to agree. I said him not to break any rules. He said thanks and went away. That day I wore red saree and sleeveless, backless, low neck blouse. I was cleaning the home. Suddenly the door bell rang. Actually no one comes to our home, I thought, “Now who will be that knocking the door.”

I slowly opened the door and for my surprise it was the police officer standing next the door. I was speechless. He greeted me, “Hello ma’am, how are you?”

He was stunned on seeing me in a bright red saree with sleeveless blouse. I got his sights on my boobs and unknowingly I said.
“Fine, how are you?”

He was staring at my boobs and was saying, “I’m fine. Enough with chitchat, I am on work, get me your son I had work to do.”

“Oh! Come in Mr. Lee, he might be in a bit of shower, let us wait for a while.”

“Sit here Mr. Lee, I go inside and look for him,” said I and went inside and came out with tea.

He took the tea and asked about my husband. I said that he will be in tour all the month except some days. He placed the empty tea cup on the tea poi and said, “Yours is very clean inside.” He said staring into my blouse.

“What”, I exclaimed.

“Yours house is very clean I said”, said he.
“O.K., where is your wife”, I asked.
“I was not married; please get me your son.”

I then knew that he will only leave out with my son. Then I thought that if I distract with my boobs my son will get some time to come back. Then I sat next to him and served tea, while serving I made my saree to slightly fall and let him see my cleavage.

He stared a little bit at them and asked me to call my son. On saying it he got up and was walking towards the stairs, I followed him and at the room door, I stopped him saying that my son will be indecent in his room i.e., without clothes.

He stood there and asked me to go in and get him out. I went in. I didn’t come out until 4 minutes and was not replying him. He called me so many times and knocked the door so many times.

At last he pushed the door hard and as the bed was right next to the door, he fell on the bed. I stood behind the door and when he turned back, he was speechless as he saw me topless standing towards him.

He said, “Kamala, what a big boobs! Oh My god, look at those tits!”
“Mr. Lee, do you like what you see?” saying this I was rubbing my boobs.
“Kamala you can’t distract me from your son, showing your big boobs”.
“Of course not Mr. Lee”, I pulled his head onto my breasts and make his lips touch my nipples.
“Awesome Miss Kamala, awesome. You got the perfect ones at the perfect size.” He slowly rubbed them and slowly dropped his hands down to my naval and fondled my hip. I kept kissing him where ever I get place.

He made me stood and came back of me and made me to touch his pants with my back. He didn’t leave my breasts, he kept on fondling them. He for some time pinches them, licks them squeezes them, and on fondling them he licked my tongue. We both kissed passionately and those were long kisses.

He asked me to strip down. I did. He asked me to give him a blow job. I knelt and opened his pants zip and got his tool out, it was not erect even now, and I asked him, “Are you male or something else?”

He slapped and asked to continue.

I kept his tool in my mouth and moved my mouth front and back, now he got mood and held my head with his hands tight and moved his penis with rapid speed front and back. Within seconds it got erect and it was strong enough. I spit on it and swallowed his penis. I kept it in how much it can go.

He then made me fall on bed and kissed my pussy. Later he fucked me violently that I was screaming with pains. He did come out twice. We fucked for 15 minutes or odd, his cell phone rang and he went out and came back saying that, “kamala madam I have to go.”
“Why so early?”

“A call from control room that a boy have met with accident and went away, I have to check him out.”
“But don’t get disappointed I will be back.”

I was half satisfied as I was in mood after so many days. I jumped onto him and said, “No, I will not leave you. I’m in deep desire for you.”
“Sorry kamala ma’am!”
“What Kamala madam? Call me kamala or give me any nick name. I love you MR. Lee.”
“Oh! No what a mess I was met with, I can’t leave or stay here. One way was to catch the duty and other was to catch a milf. OMG what shall I do now?”

I pulled down his pants and his erected tool was ready to fight. I sucked his penis like a lollipop and he can’t resist my action and he decided to fuck me there.

We had fun for about another fifteen minutes and later my house bell rang. I said him that I will send the visitor out and will come back. We changed our clothes and I went down to open the door. I opened the door and it was Kumar.
I said, “Oh Kumar (MY step son) what have you done to me!”
“What happened mom?”
“Nothing, police came for you and was waiting.”

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