Bust In Cars

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Bust In Cars

I was a single mother divorced from my husband after my 5 years of marriage life; I got to do various jobs to get money meanwhile I went to so many places allover India. I was 36 years old but will look like 25 year old girl because of my care about my body. My son was now 20 year old boy with good physic. I used to do heavy makeup and as I was a manager I wore a tight shirt and a tight skirt up to my thighs.

One day I (Latha) and my son Rahul were going from Vizag to Hyderabad by our car. As I was transferred from Vizag to Hyderabad, I have to go in a hurry. We hired a parcel service van and kept our belongings in it and asked them to come tomorrow as we were in a hurry we forget to get gas in our car. We travelled for 3 hours and we were out of gas. There was no one to help as it was a loop line and also 12 at night.

We got out of our car and were looking for a lift. We stood there for nearly an hour but no car comes that side. Later One ambassador car stopped before us. I ran leaving my son and bent before the window of the car. The window glass slowly tilted down and a black man neatly dressed with a cigarette in his mouth asked me, who you are walking in the night.

I said, my name was Latha, and he was Rahul, were going to Hyderabad. Our car was out of gas and please you have to help us. He looked at me and smiled. I also smiled at him as I was bent he was able to see my cleavage from my shirt as I wore a tight shirt and was a low fit one. He asked me to get in. I opened the back door and sat in. my son came that side and got in. there was another guy in the car and in-between me and my son.

He introduced himself as Ramon. He was also black man. He offered water bottle to us. I took it and was drinking. Suddenly the car was jerked because of speed breakers and I wetted myself with the water. The water spilled over my shirt and breasts. He immediately and unknowingly placed his hands over my shirt and tried to remove water. I removed his hands and said no thanks. He said okay, sorry.

By his face I came to know that he was an African and he was a very big man. But the driver was an Indian. All of a sudden this car stopped. All of us got down and asked the driver. He said that the engine got heated and there was no water in the car. They asked Rahul to get water from anywhere. He refused to go, I also insisted him to go and get water.

He got a bottle and went into the dark roads searching water. The driver asked us to get in the car as it was dark night. We went in and closed all doors as it was cold weather. We both sat and he switched on his laptop and begun to play an English movie, time goes on. We were involved in the movie and suddenly the car begun to move and I didn’t notice it.

I thought that my son brought water and we moved. Suddenly car stopped, I was not disturbed because the movie was in peak love scene. Later the movie turned into a hardcore sex scene, he was not moved and I was feeling uncomfortable. He sees me and told, don’t feel uncomfortable, be free with us by saying he placed his left hand over my left shoulder. I tried to move aside. He then caught me tight and pulled to his side.

I fell on his lap and something was touching my lips and I came to know that it was his erect penis. It was like a tower and he was not wearing his pants. As it was dark I didn’t have noticed at first. He immediately tried to push his penis into my mouth. I refused to do and struggling to move. He was very strong and firm I can’t move. He succeeded to put his penis in my mouth and started to move.

Now he was fucking my mouth. He was a great man with a big dick and very strong. He was fucking my mouth by pushing it completely and with ease speed. I was gulping for breath and he was just ignoring my condition. I slowly tried to get the laptop and slapped him with it. He fell down. I woke up and tried to open the door. But it was locked.

I called for Rahul, but he was not there. I woke up the African and asked him what’s happening. He slapped me immediately when he was awake. I fell down and lost my sense. When I regain my sense, I was in the same car but I was nude and my shirt was torn apart and my skirt was also torn. I was scared and was calling for my son. He was nowhere. I looked at my body and I got nail marks on my breasts and thighs and also on my ass cheeks.

I was weeping and tried to cover my body with those torn clothes. It was like a forest and the car doors were locked. I can’t come out. I wept so long and I slowly slept over in the car later. When I woke up the African was over me and was fucking my pussy with max speed and I pleaded him to leave me. He didn’t listen to me and was fucking. I asked him so many times and left him.

He later stopped and sat aside and made me to sit and slept in my lap. I sat reluctantly and he held his hands over my breasts and was squeezing and saying, are you virgin? Your pussy was very tight and your breasts were so firm and I was so much enjoyed fucking you. I ignored and he squeezed my breasts very hard and I told I was married. Is he your husband?

No, then who was he, Not necessary for you. Okay! I think he must be your customer. Ha! Ha! Ha! I kept quite, Okay bitch tell me whose your husband is? We both took divorce and now I was living with my son, Okay then to get money you are being hired by customers and fucking them, right. No, I was a manager in a top reputed mnc

Oh! You are a manager from your words, you are a divorced 23 yrs old woman and was a manager and with a son and was just fucked once in your life time was gifted to me by god’s grace. I will take you with me to South Africa. I had a great company over there. There is a lot of demand for young girls like you. Will you come now?

No I won’t come. Listen you have fucked me so many times. I think you were satisfied completely. Please leave me now, I have to go and search my son. Wait! Wait! I have to finish. I have a call now and I will leave now. My car driver will be with you and you will be given 5 days time to decide. All these five days, you will be with us.

Another important one is that your son is k**napped by us and the conclusion is that you have to come with us to save him alive. Now I will go, he said and left me in the car. I called him so many times and he didn’t replied and I sat in the car weeping. After some time, the car driver came back. I saw him and covered myself and continued weeping. He saw me and laughing at me came inside the car. Where is my son, I asked him He replied, to do you a favor, you have to do me a favor. I don’t have anything with me to give. I am not asking money, what else you want then. I want you Latha, How do you know my name? Don’t ask questions. Take off your clothes as I have nothing to do I removed my clothes. He first kissed me on lips. He then squeezed my breasts. He fingered my pussy and later he fucked me for so much time.

I think that he didn’t get any girl for a year. He ejaculated so many times, on my mouth and all over my body. I body was full of semen and stinky. I slept over there senseless. I was wakened up by someone. It was the driver, he asked me to dress up. I said that I don’t have any. He gave me a kerchief and a napkin. He asked me to cover my breasts with the napkin and my thighs with the handkerchief.

I somehow covered myself. They were not enough to cover body. The napkin hardly covered my tits only and the kerchief covered my vagina only. My huge thighs were completely visible. He took me in the car to Bombay on the way I asked him for my son so many times. He didn’t reply at 12, we stopped at a bus stand. He asked me to come out. I refused. He slapped and made me to come out.

I came out trying to cover my assets. He gave a bread to eat. He made me to sit on a bench and went somewhere. The bus stand was empty. It was a small one. One man nearly 20 year old came and sat on the same bench and was staring at me. He was making some signs and I ignored. He came very near to me and sat aside me. My driver came and I stood up.

The man pulled me and I fell over his lap and the napkin and kerchief were loosened and fell down. He immediately caught me of my breasts and was kissing on my cheeks. I was crying for my bad condition and my driver stopped him and pulled him aside from me. I thanked my driver and slapped that person. The driver pulled him to a side. I covered my self with the napkin and kerchief. When completely dressed, the driver stood next to me.

Shall we start, I asked Latha this is Vicky, and he had lost his bus. He asked me to help him to get to Bombay. I called him aside and asked are you mad, he was not a good person doing take him with us. He paid me the travel expenses; I had decided to take him with me. By saying, he asked me and Vicky to sit on the back seat and he started driving. Vicky was sitting so close to me and was staring at me. I was feeling very much uncomfortable.

The car went in with heavy turnings. With even a very small turn Vicky used to fall on me. Some times with heavy turns I fell over him. Every time he/I fell, he tried to catch my breasts. Some times he caught my breasts very firm. Every time he touches me I used to scold him. After some time I thought scolding him is useless and left him touch my body. In our journey, I think he caught me for nearly 33 times.

The car is moving slowly and I got drowsy and I didn’t know how I got slept. When I woke up, I was sleeping on the car seat and Vicky was on me, on my breasts and chewing them. I pushed him aside and shouted for the driver. But as usual he was nowhere. I cried for him so many times. Every time I shout Vicky slapped me and kept on squeezing my breasts.

I tried very much to push him; he was firm and very much willing to fuck me. I was very weak to push him. With no other option, I left him to do anything. While I left him, he got courageous and kissed my mouth and chewed my lips with his and his hands were fingering my vagina. He kissed allover my fairy face. His penis was hitting over my vagina.

He undressed himself as soon as he pulled down his pants, his tool swings out like a sword. I kept quite without a sigh. He came near me and kept his penis in mouth and kept on moving front and back. He ejaculated immediately when he kept in my mouth. He took it out and asked me to clean his penis. I did so. I tried to spit it out. He stopped me and said to swallow it all. I did it also.

He immediately grabbed my lips and kissed them passionately for a long time. He later entered his penis into my vagina. Ohh what a feel it is, feeling a fat penis in a tight vagina hole is the utmost pleasure. He ejaculated again within few seconds. He took it out and thanked me. He fell on me and slept on me. I also slept for some time. Later when I woke up, Vicky was nowhere and the driver was driving the car.

I shouted a lot that Vicky had fucked me and went away. Where are you at that time? He simply ignored. After sometime, he said, “My master gave you to me for five days and maybe more. Now I am your master. In these five days I can do anything with you. You have to just obey. My saying this he stopped the car immediately. Came back and fucked me.

Later for about ten days I was fucked by so many guys and also some times it was a group fucking sessions. He earned so much money and also he fucked me for no cost. On the eleventh day, Ramon came back. We met him at night. On his arrival at the airport, he asked me to come naked. I wore a transparent nighty and went there. I sat there in the car. The driver went and came back with Ramón. Ramón asked me to get down and hug him.

I did as he likes and he made me to undress and kissed me. The people over there were all watching us weird. As it became routine for me, it was not embarrassing. We got into the car. Ramón fucked me for as long as he can. After one day he asked, “Now what have you decided, coming with me by saving your son or being here killing your son?

No, please don’t do anything to my son. Then you are coming with me. No, please leave me too; you have used me for nearly twelve days, through me you have earned up to two millions. Oh! You’re very intelligent, I think you can be used lot more than you deserve. Please, for god’s sake leave me and my son, allow us to live free. If you want me any time, I will come for you anywhere.”

Then you re giving me offer. Nice, I think you have to know the past what past? You were sold to me by your son. I had bought you for 2 millions. Your son had planned this all. He needs your property, and 20 millions. Oh my god! Okay, I’m not that rude towards you. I like you so much. I will make you my secretary; you can do anything you want after your duty.

I will give you a bungalow, a car but you have to do what ever I say. I can’t believe my son to do like this leave that shit, you are going to lead a royal life, with me. Will you agree or not. Okay, Ramón! I think that you can give me a bright future, I will come with you. Let’s go tonight a few years later, Latha came back to his son. At that time he was doing sex with three girls.

She stood at the door and knocked the door. Rahul saw her and immediately, Mom! Where have you been? I have searched for so long and she slapped him and went away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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