My Brother’s Best Friend Ch. 04

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We’re all standing in the parking lot, I’m holding the remainder of the tiramisu birthday cake we all enjoyed at the end of our sushi feast.

“I hope it isn’t inappropriate to say that Feline is coming over to my house tonight.” Shawn isn’t asking. He’s just stating it in a most perfectly natural way. As casual and relaxed as he always is. More so, in fact. But definitely not flippant. He’s respectful, yet also calm with a sure dominance just simmering below the surface. “Just so no one gets worried.” he adds.

I look up at him in surprise. Instantly my face heats up.

“Shawn. Our daughter is 18 now. She can make her own decisions. But we value your respectful attitude. Thank you for that. We trust you with her. Hell, you’ve grown up together. It’s not like you’re a stranger!” Dad clasps Shawn’s hand in both of his and they shake.

“Thanks Chuck. I appreciate that.” Shawn smiles.

“Thanks Dad.” I manage to choke out.

“Baby Bear, I couldn’t have chosen better myself. Mom and I were close to you and Shawn’s age when we first met.” Dad looks slightly behind him at Mom in her beautiful white sundress. Long, black curls blowing in the ocean breeze. Mom’s bangin’. Even now at 42 years old she doesn’t look a day over 35/36. She took care of herself. She runs every day. Every single day. For hours. And she swims too. That pool is kept pristine year round so she can indulge. She used to be pale like I was when she was my age, but over the years in the California sunshine she had developed a very light, beautiful tan that stayed with her even through the winter months.

Pat has this look of trepidation. Like he’s not sure how he’s supposed to react to Shawn’s statement about me staying the night. Then he shrugs and smiles.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” Pat chuckles and brings me into a tight hug.

“That’s not much Patrick.” I whisper into his ear, hugging him back.

He laughs and gets into the back of mom’s Chevy SUV.

Mom kisses both my cheeks. She’s holding back tears. She’s so emotional. Like me. Or, I suppose I am like her.

“I love you baby. Have fun.” she winks at me and then she surprises me and hugs Shawn as well.

They all pile into her vehicle and with a wave they are gone. And we are alone again.

“What do you wanna do?” Shawn asks me, reaching over to play with one of my braids.

My throat is dry. I can’t believe my parents just let me go to spend the night at a man’s house! Is this what being an adult is like? Because I am enjoying this way too much.

“Ice cream.” he states nodding. “Yes. Copious amounts of it!”

“Triple C?” I ask.

“Is there a better place?” he’s grinning, knowing there really isn’t even 1 other ice cream parlor besides the Cayucos Candy Counter in our tiny town.

“Nope.” I say, shaking my head and we walk over to that beautiful bike of his.

Inside the Cayucos Candy Counter, or what us locals call Triple C, Shawn and I peruse the ice cream.

I know exactly the flavour. It’s been my favourite forever.

We step up to order and Shawn won’t let me pay again, even though I had my wallet out first.

“No way babe.” he winks at me. “2 sugar cones please, 2 scoops for both. First one a scoop of cookie dough and one of chocolate fudge.” Then he looks down at me and smiles this soft smile. “And for the Birthday Girl 2 scoops of salted caramel.”

I recognize the cashier as a boy from my school. We were in the same graduating class. His name was James.

“Hey Feline. It’s your birthday? You know, you get free toppings on your birthday.” he nods, motioning to the board behind him and the FREE BIRTHDAY TOPPINGS scrawled in old 50’s font in chalk.

“Hi James. Yea. Big 18, yunno.” I say mockingly.

“Well Happy Birthday. What’ll it be?” James waits patiently.

“Caramel chunks. The really big ones.” I say. Getting excited.

“You bet!” and James goes off to make our cones.

“You remember!” I grin up at Shawn. “You remember my favourite ice cream??”

“Heck ya, I mean, damn was there a weekend when we were kids that we didn’t come here? You order the same thing Feline.” Shawn regards me, his eyes laughing.

I shrug. “I like caramel.”

“Me too. I’m stealing some of your caramel chunks.” Shawn nods.

“NO WAY THOSE ARE MINE!” I joke, standing up on tip toe for him to kiss me. “I’m just kidding.” I sigh as his lips taste mine just once.

“Little Wednesday Addams.” he whispers, gently tugging one of my braids.

And then our order is ready.

We’re sitting outside on the bench looking across at the ocean. The sun has been down for awhile, but it’s still really hot out. Our ice cream melting, down onto the pavement.

I ask Shawn for some of his and he shares it without hesitation.

“Wow that chocolate fudge!” I exclaim.

“Yea, she’s pretty good.” his eyes are twinkling as he adds, “Not as good as you taste though baby.”

I am now completely red and turn away. Shawn laughs.

“I hope you never lose that.” he muses, over his cone.

We Sincan Escort finish our cones mostly in silence. I let Shawn have half of mine. I’m completely stuffed after that meal.

“Back to my place?” he offers.

I nod. Throwing my arms around him as he lowers his lips to mine.

On our way back to his house, Shawn stops at a corner store.

“Be right back, stay here, keep my motor running.” he winks and departs.

He’s only gone less than 2 minutes and emerges with a 711 bag, filled with what looks like candy and chips.

“God Shawn, you can eat!” I say laughing.

“What? I’m a growing boy.” he jokes.

He packs his bike bag and we’re off again.

Back at Shawn’s he unloads his 711 loot in his gigantic steel and granite kitchen. All kinds of gummies, sours, beef jerky, chips, dip and a few different sodas. Including my personal fave: cherry coke. And then I see familiar packaging, I turn it over. It’s a blue toothbrush.

I glance up at Shawn.

“Can’t have you neglecting your beautiful teeth. Especially after all this.” he waves over the junk extravaganza on his granite counter top.

“You are…the sweetest most considerate man.” I hug him.

“It’s just a toothbrush babe.” his low chuckle as he embraces me.

“No it’s not.” I sigh and squish my face into his chest, kissing him.

Shawn works around the kitchen grabbing bowls, emptying our junk into them. Peeling the lids off of dips, he throws everything onto a big wooden tray and I follow him into the living room.

We sit on the giant black leather couch and he’s already into the bbq chips.

I grab the remote and head over to Netflix. I chuck on the last episode that I can remember watching of Love, Death And Robots this morning.

We watch several episodes, freaking out over the good parts, gasping over the shocking bits and laughing our asses off at the funny.

Shawn can really pack it away. There’s no bbq chips left, most of the ripple chips and dip is gone and now he’s working on the beef jerky and sour gummies. I dig in with him and crack a cherry Coke.

Periodically we pull each other into a kiss that leaves us breathless and then turn back to the animations.

Eventually there’s no more episodes and Shawn has this look when I turn to ask him what he wants to do now.

“I saw you admiring that bathtub.” he smiles slyly.

“God, it’s like you can read my mind Shawn.” I laugh.

“Maybe I can.” he winks at me and stands up.

“Want to? Giant bubble bath? I think I have some actual bubbly to go with that. Or dad does.” he walks into the kitchen and down the stairs. I sit on the couch and munch several more sour gummies.

‘Heck ya, bubble bath with Shawn in that giant swimming pool of a tub.’ I giggle to myself.

When he comes back in he’s got 2 champagne flutes and a bottle of fucking Cristal!!!

“Cristal?? Shawn!” I exclaim.

“Ha, yea. Dad gets them all the time. Gifts yunno? Bankers, Stock Brokers…” he shakes his head. “There’s like 2 dozen down there at least.” he motions with his head to the stairs, where Shawn’s father had a wine cellar and an outstanding amount of other liquor and a specific champagne refrigeration unit. I remember, when we were kids we snuck down there a few times. Just to look at it. Maybe that’s why Shawn didn’t really drink. His dad drank too much and often. He had confided to me several times growing up. Many nights Shawn would be awoken to his father, drunkenly yelling at no one, stumbling and then passing out in the hallway or the kitchen and just sleeping wherever he had fallen. Shawn had found his father in the most precarious situations all through elementary and the first year of high school. Often having to help his dad get up and get ready for work. Although that part stopped after Shawn threatened to leave in grade 8. His dad relegated his drinking to weekends after that.

“I don’t know what to say!” I exclaim. “You sure he won’t mind.”

Shawn shakes his head again. “Nah, no way. He’ll probably be impressed that I had some at all.”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you drink.” I tell him.

“It’s not something I indulge in often Kitten. I dunno. It doesn’t do a lot for me.” he shrugs.

“But now?” I ask, standing and following him as he leads the way, again, down to his room and into his en suite.

“Now, with you? Yes.”

He lays the bottle, the champagne flutes and my new toothbrush on the counter and strides over to the tub.

It’s ultra modern and so huge, 5 people could be in there pretty comfortably. Shawn begins to fill it, reaching behind the faucet where there’s a bunch of bubble bath concoctions that he dumps in. I spot some soaps and several hair care products and about a ton of epson salts.

He sees my gaze and explains it to me.

“Sore muscles. Epson salts are great for that.”

“Ohhh. Ok.” I understand now. “My gymnast boyfriend.”

“Ha, yea.” he strides over to me and picks up Etlik Escort the bottle of Cristal. Unwrapping it he places his thumbs under the cork and it pops loudly, startling me. He pours us each a glass and hands me one, picking his own up.

“To us.” he smiles. “And to your birthday Feline. I hope it was amazing.”

“It was the best day I’ve ever had in my life.” I whisper, and we clink glasses.

It takes my breath away, how tasty it is. Shawn’s smiling at me as I giggle about the bubbles tickling my nose.

“WOW!” I laugh. “That’s delicious!”

“You’re right it really is.” he takes another sip and brings the bottle over to the tub and sits it on the side of the marble.

Then he stands, and starts to take his clothes off, watching me, grinning that sideways boyish smile the whole time.

‘Ugh…he knows!’ I think to myself. ‘He knows what an effect he has on me. He’s such a shit. Giving me a strip show.’

He does. He undresses slow, nothing flourishing, no big movements. Just undressing, but slowly, watching me. His eyes, following my own eyes, heating up my whole body.

When he’s done he stands there and leans against the wall separating his huge bathtub from the rest of the bathroom, slowly crossing those rounded, muscular arms across his chest. That broad, beautiful chest.

I take him in, allowing my hungry gaze to just, devour him. Christ, he’s a fucking Norwegian god. Odin, or Thor, No better than them even. He’s like some diety from a fantasy novel! All that hair in deep, voluptuous waves. His face, angular and almost elven.

“Your turn Kitten.” he’s smirking, eyes filled with that smouldering animal passion, hovering just below the surface.

I feel that cursed blush start to burn my cheeks and I push it down as best I can, turning so he can unzip me again. Which he does, slowly. Coming back around I cast my eyes down, not being able to bare the heat of his gaze without totally failing at going beet red.

Shawn leans back up against the wall, watching me. Crossing those arms again. Appraising me.

I begin to disrobe.

“Feline. Look at me.” his voice is gentle and warm. I flick my eyes up and over to him. “Look at me when you do that, I want to see your beautiful blue eyes.”

I laugh nervously. He says the most lovely things to me.

“Shawn…” I whisper, trailing off. But I do, I look into his eyes and a bravery I hadn’t experienced yet takes hold.

I slowly, languidly let the dress slide down my body and off my hips, pooling in a black pile of sheer fabrics and velvet. I kick it away then I turn, allowing him to look at me from the side as I lift my leg onto the counter and perch just my toes to hold me there, arching my whole body for his eyes. I slowly peel off my over knee socks as sexily as I can allow myself, without seeming ridiculous. Turning and giving him a view from both sides as I remove the semi sheer stockings.

Then my lacy black bralette, which I dangle from my fingertips before dropping it onto the floor. His long, slow exhale of appreciation urges me on. I turn again, allowing him to view me completely from my back side and I bend, thrusting out my bottom like I’ve seen the girls on Instagram do and shimmy my black lace panties down my hips and over my thighs letting them slink down my calves I take one foot out and then, with the other, I quickly flick my panties up in the air and over in Shawn’s direction. He catches them in one hand, just reaches out and snags them without looking away from me. He brings the garment to his nose, inhaling deeply before a deep growl escapes his throat. He casts the panties to the side and strides over to me, that member between his thighs now at FULL attention.

“Feline…” he whispers hotly. “Fuck me, you’re the sexiest woman in this whole damn world.” And then his hands are on me and his lips are on mine and I delve my tongue into his mouth as he groans.

He picks me up lovingly, and carries me over to the tub, now almost full and lays me in it. It’s absolutely amazing. Better than I imagined. The water is so warm and nice, the bubbles completely envelope me. And then he’s climbing in opposite me and the water splashes up and over the sides and all over the floor.

I laugh.

“SHAWN! Shit the floor.”

“Heated, and there’s a drain there, see.” he jerks his thumb over to the corner of the floor where the water was pooling and draining now.

“O! That’s why the floor is slightly slanted.” I say.

“Exactly. Smart design that.” he nods. “It’ll be dry by the time we get out.”

Then he pours us more champagne.

We soak together, just touching and sipping bubbly and smiling at one another. He takes my feet, one at a time, and massages them expertly. If I had any tension, it’s long gone by the time he takes my toes and sucks on them again, each one of them. Making me giggle and laugh and squirm, trying to get away and finally sighing, resigning myself to the strange but pleasurable sensation.

“You’ve Çankaya Escort got the cutest little feet. I should call you Little Foot.” he smiles, kissing the instep to my arch, recalling a beloved childhood movie of my Dad’s that he showed all of us, Shawn Pat and I, over and over.

“Yours are beautiful Shawn. I’d never thought I’d say that about someones feet.” I reach under the water and stroke one of his.

“Baby…” he sighs.

“Like that?” I smile.

“O hell yea. I like everything you do to me.”

I take his long, narrow foot in my hands and massage like he just did to me.

“I’m not very strong.” I say.

“Your hands feel amazing. Don’t you worry about it.”

I rub him down, both feet, admiring how solid he is. Every single little tendon and bone in his feet are pronounced, and surrounded in strong muscle. I even try tasting his little toe. It’s clean and no jagged skin or anything anywhere. Not unpleasant by any means. I giggle when he throws his head back and groans.

“Fuck yes.” he whispers.

I take my time, stroking my viking. All the way up his calves, feeling those muscles, I turn to take another sip of champagne and Shawn refills my glass.

I massage his legs, all the way, running my fingers down every cord, every hill and valley. Feeling his powerful anatomy under my hands. He flexes under the water and hangs his head back over the tub, letting his hair dangle all the way to the floor.

Slowly I creep my way up. Eventually I am seated across his thighs and I reach over and grasp his giant erection.

“Shiiiiit.” he hisses, sitting up to meet his eyes with mine.

I slide forward. Until only that member of his is between us. I’m hit with a sudden idea. And I pray that he’ll like it. I have a feeling he will.

I take a sip of champagne and I lean up and grasp my lover by his hair gently. He smiles up at me as my face hovers over his. And then I kiss him, letting the champagne release from my mouth and slowly flow into his.

His moan is immediate and excited. He gulps the liquid down and explores my mouth with his tongue.

“Fuck!” he exclaims, pulling back, eyes dark and filled with passion.

“Do that again!” he says excitedly.

I take another sip, and bring him in for a kiss rising up high, so my face is above his.

We kiss deeply, sharing the bubbling alcohol between us. Shawn positively devours my mouth with his and I’ll admit, I’m not holding anything back.

Finally we part and both of us are panting.

“Good Lord Feline.” Shawn breathes. “What made you think of that?”

“I don’t know!” I smile. “It just came to me, and I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“Mind?!” he grasps me to him, and I can feel just how hard he is. “That was the sexiest thing you ever could have done. Wow.” he’s breathless as he holds me and I rub his large member as he grinds it into my belly.

“I want you.” I tell him. “Right here.”

He nods, seemingly still in amazement at what I just did with the champagne kiss.

I rise up, and he holds his cock for me with one hand and my body with the other. Slowly I descend upon him.

Immediately I begin to ride, waves of water wash over the side of the tub splashing onto the floor and down into the drain near a corner of the room.

Shawn is holding one of my breasts with one hand and kneading my ass with another. He pinches the nipple and I cry out in pleasure.

We make love in that tub and neither of us lasts long. Only moments after I reach my crisis Shawn does too. We cry out together and spiral back down to earth, holding each other tightly.

I’m laying across him, he’s still inside me, my cheek on his shoulder. My braids float in the water left in the tub as we pant in post orgasmic bliss.

He’s running just his finger tips all up and down my back, making me shiver and sigh.

“I fucking love you.” he whispers.

“Shawn…” I sit up to look into those gorgeous eyes of his. “That was incredible. God, I love you too.”

He pulls me in for another kiss.

Eventually we are pruney. And about half the water went over the sides during our lovemaking anyways. Shawn helps me out of the tub and wraps me in a huge, fluffy, navy blue housecoat. It smells like him. He wraps a giant gray bath sheet around his hips and we go into his room and plunk down on his bed, laying back, legs dangling over the sides, smiling at each other.

“I was gonna go to the gym tomorrow. I go real early. But you can stay here. All snug in bed. Or I can drop you at home. Whatever you want Kitten.”

“I want to come watch you.” I say, grinning.

He laughs. “Baby I’m up at 4:00. I go for a run and then I’m gone by 5:00.”

“Don’t care. We’ll get coffee. I’ve been wanting to watch you do your magic again for so long.” I greedily explore his arms with my fingers, gripping and stroking him.

“You really like that hey?” he turns to look at me as we lay beside each other in his bed.

“Shawn, are you kidding? What you do is like, gravity defying, vidya game shit. It’s like watching someone deny the natural rules of the universe and flipping it the bird at the same time!” I tell him excitedly.

He chuckles and turns red.

“You’re blushing.” I smirk at him.

“Christ, I am!” he shouts. “You’re rubbing off on me Feline.” he chucks me under the chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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