My Transition into Homosexuality Ch. 03

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This is a continuation from where I had left off on my last account. It would be a good idea to start from the beginning if you’re here for the first time. It is about my transition, from a small-town boy to experiencing everything I had wanted to be.

It was around 2 AM in the morning. The drunken crowd outside had died away. It was quieter now. The cars had stopped rushing by. Most people had gone back to bed. Their alcohol fuelled madness had ended. I laid awake, motionless. The bed was worn out. The springs were creaking under my breathing. My head was splitting with pain. The alcohol was wearing off. My system was coming back to normal. I was beginning to see clearly. My eyes squinted in the darkness of the room. Apart from shadows from an eerie green lamp playing on the drapes covering the window, the room was still.

I was in the pub district in the city. I was in a hotel, or to be more exact, a motel. I didn’t need to be sober to figure that one out. It smelled like one. Hotels have a typical smell when you walk into a room, at least the cheaper ones do. Another important fact was that I was naked. I was between two men whose faces were dark shadows and who’s names I never asked. One of them had his hairy forearm draped across my chest. The end of his index finger rested just over my left nipple. The room was chilled and my nipples had gone hard. I was cold. I needed to get up.

I gently lifted his arm off me and set it to rest on his side. I could see his flaccid cock at rest on his thighs. It was covered in bushy hair, so was his whole body. His cock was magnificent. It was thick and long; unlike the ones I’ve had the pleasure of serving. And it was staring at me. Waiting for me to make a move, teasing me to come grab it. I was almost tempted. I was already licking my lips in anticipation. But I snapped out of it. I didn’t want to wake the men up. I was already tired, dirty and in need of a long washdown. I could feel dried cum all over my body. Carefully, without making the bed creak too much, I got off it and sat myself down at the edge. My muscles were tired. My ass felt tender. My hole was aching. Which means, I’d had quite a few spanks that night and a few rides too.

I went to the single window in the corner of the room and pushed open the drapes. There was a line of parked cars two floor down. The road was covered in dust, filth and empty bottles. The pubs were all closed. There were only the neon lights that were still bright, cutting through the darkness. I was now leaning out of the window, feeling the warmth in the air. It had been a hot, sweaty month, and the nights had been quite warm, which was quite a surprise. Bangalore has always been known for its mild weather and cool drizzles every evening.

I pulled out a cigarette, letting it hang idle between my lips for a second before lighting it. The first drag hit me a little. I had my eyes closed and a car rushed by. Someone was in a hurry. I was halfway through my cigarette when the bed began creaking again. One, or both the men had stirred from their sleep.

Rightly so, ‘You don’t want to dress back up, do you?’ hollered one of the men. I didn’t respond.

The next sentence came from right behind me,’ If anybody had a body like you, they wouldn’t wanna cover up too’.

I felt a wet finger run down between my exposed ass crack and gave a shudder. The wetness in his finger was ticklish. My hole was pulsing. He enjoyed teasing me. I was being humiliated, owned by this man standing right behind me. It was as if he wanted me to know that this was my place in the world. Bent over, with my ass open for men to use and discard, not caring who puts their cock inside. I was enjoying every second of it. I moaned out my approval every time his finger passed over my hole.

The man then began to try and insert his finger inside. And it went in easily. I could feel his meaty member trying to push through my weak wall of resistance. A minute later, another finger found its way inside me and was fucking me. It went back and forth fast and I was trembling. I had dropped my cigarette onto the cars down below and it splashed its guts out, lighting the darkness for a split second.

His other hand me pinned down on the window sill on my belly, my head was arched back in pleasure, my lips were pursed. I felt him go faster. I felt him go deeper. Unable to control, I let out a moan that resonated across the empty streets. My hips were stuck Cebeci Escort to the window sill, I could feel the vibrations getting transferred into the wall.

And I came.

I felt the wetness between my legs. I felt it dribbling down my thighs, down my knees down to my ankle. He had stopped. I felt him put his hands on my butt and spread them wide. I felt his warm, pulsing member touch my hole. I felt the head poking itself into me. He stretched me wide, making me cry out. My hole was dry, his cock was covered in precum and his head was now buried inside me. A few minutes of pushing and pulling and I could feel his groin push against my ass. He was comfortably holding my hips. His cock was snugly inside my ass. His pubic hair felt ticklish. And I was open to the world like I wanted to be. I was a slut and I did not bother about the world knowing it. I felt powerful knowing where I was and who I’d become. Lots of people go about life not knowing who they are. And at that moment, I did.

He began pounding. No warning, no enjoying the moment, he began fucking me. Hard. Fast. He was going in and out like a piston. I did not have time to moan. I was crying out loud. The streets were empty. So was my mind. All I could feel was the cock deep inside me. He fucked mercilessly. I begged him to keep fucking. I begged to be his whore. I begged to be the slut he wanted me to be. And finally, I was begging him to give it to me.

And he slowed down. His breathing became intense. His cock began pulsing. He pushed one last time till I was wedged between him and the window sill and my stomach hurt. And he began cumming. I felt him exhale. I felt him moan with every load he shot into me. I felt the wetness in my ass, I felt it trickle down.

He waited a minute to catch his breath and his cock spilled out, wet and shining. He gave it a tug and rubbed it all over my ass before going back to bed. I was just beginning to catch my breath when I felt another pair of hands on my hips.

This guy obviously did not want to wait and his cock was up like a pole poking into my butt. He rubbed it over my wet hole, spreading the warm cum all over my asshole before diving in.

Like about 15 minutes later, he pulled out after he too had deposited in me. The other man was lying on the bed watching me scream, beg, cry and moan. He was watching his friend’s cock go in and out of me. He was watching the ripple of his pounding travel across my butt to my thighs. He was watching the blast and the cum I had earned from them.

The second man walked back to the bed, rubbing himself off with the towel and pouring himself a glass of water before joining his friend on the bed with a plomp causing the springs to rattle in surprise. They kissed each other briefly before passing out.

I laid there right on the window sill for the longest time. My ass was still up in the air, open and dripping cum. My own cum had dried off on my thighs and the wall. I pulled myself in finally and dragged my tired body over to the half-broken chair in the corner. I sat down with my legs resting over the side table and lit myself another cigarette.

The sun was slowly dawning. I could see the rays washing the skies. The room wasn’t dark anymore, neither was it silent. I could hear the gentle snoring from one of the two men who had both passed out almost instantly after hitting the bed. Outside, I could see hear the eager early risers on their morning jog.

I pulled in between the men on the bed before sinking into a restful sleep.

I came to Bangalore a kid with big dreams and no hold on reality. Bangalore changed me. It liberated me. I wasn’t naïve anymore. I wasn’t a kid anymore. I was everything I had dreamt of being for years. I was doing my MBA. I was working my ass off five days a way to guarantee my future while blowing cocks no- stop on weekends to satisfy my hunger. My thirst for success was matched by my thirst for cocks.

It began with cruising, walking into public restrooms nonchalantly in the middle of the night to shag and suck men off. It became a routine quickly and it had gotten boring. I then began carrying condoms and got fucked every time I went. Some days, I’d have as much as five men waiting in line to fuck me and on some days, I’d have none. The suspense of hoping to get one to drive his fat cock up my hole was mind-blowing, so was the disappointment when I could get none.

That’s Kolej Escort when I heard of a gay pub downtown where people came to hook-up. It wasn’t exactly a pub. It was a shady ass bar, filled with rowdy crowd where the locals would hangout waiting to hook-up. I began frequenting it, cautiously at first and much more openly later on. I’d dress up in shorts, panties and a long shirt with a plug up my ass, walk in and sit by the bar smiling at passing men. I was a slut. No questioning it. I was there for cocks. I was there for a good time. When they batted an eye, I’d take them to the restroom and go crazy on them till I was satisfied.

That was how I had met the manager of the motel. It wasn’t any motel to me. It was the motel I began bringing my lovers to because of the manager. I met the manager. I didn’t just meet him. I blew him hard and he got a taste for my ass. He came running back looking for me, asking the bartender to call him as soon as I walked in. He fucked me straight for four weekends before putting forward his proposal. And I liked it. It gave me a safe place to have sex and it gave him money. Win fucking win.

What did I get out of it, you ask? More cocks than I could please. Remember, I’m a slut. Not a prostitute. I don’t get paid for my service. I whore myself out just for the fun of it.

Hours went by and I woke up to find the room bright. The drapes had been pulled back and the afternoon sun was raging outside. There was movement next to me. I turned my head to see one of the hotel boys standing next to me, sweeping the floor. He seemed new. I had never seen him before. He seemed to be about 18, not more and very petite. His arms were hairless and his skin, soft. I’ve always had a thing for virgins. I quite enjoyed breaking them on, or to be precise, being their first kill. It gave me a sense of pride knowing that I was somebody’s special first.

Just then, a voice shot across from the other side of the room,’ Anna (brother) it’s past your checkout time already. Please pack up or the manager will get pissed at us’. It was a voice I recognised. I sat up, unashamed of my nudity. The other houseboy didn’t care as he had seen me here almost every weekend for months, pretty much in the same state; drunk, naked and smelling of cum. The new boy though was staring non-stop. He couldn’t take his eyes off my chest.

I got off the bed to begin looking for my clothes when the door opened wide and in came the manager. He securely closed the door behind him and began questioning me,’ Why are you still here? It is an hour past your checkout’.

I didn’t answer as I began looking for my bag. He came close to me pulling me by my hands. I fell into his embrace, my hands resting on his chest. He stood a foot above me looking down. He brought his face down to kiss me hard while his hands went down to cup my butt cheeks. The two boys had stopped what they were doing and were watching us make out.

I put my hands down his shirt, searching for his belt. He held my butt with both hands giving a tight squeeze. I jumped up on to him with my legs wrapped around his back. His fingers were rubbing my crack, circling my outstretched hole. He dropped me on my back on the bed and began unbuckling his pants. In a flash, he was naked and his cock, pointing at me. I rolled over and got myself on fours with my butt up high and wanting. He didn’t wait a minute to plunge into me.

You see, this was our routine. Every weekend I’d get fucked at the motel and the next day morning; he’d have his moment with me. He wasn’t gay. He told me that he was married with a wife at home. But she never let him near her ass and he loved butts. I being the slut that I was, willingly spread my legs for him. And as it turned out, he simply loved sluts and I was by far, his best fuck. His personal attestation, not mine.

He pushed himself deep into me when I motioned the new boy to come closer. He was shaking in fear as he edged close to me. His crotch was right in front of my face. I asked him to lose the pants which he did rather swiftly, to my surprise. Down went his underwear too and out came his cute little cock. He was so nubile, his cock so fragile. I took it in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I heard him moan out as he placed a hand over the back of my head. He was getting hard; I could feel his head press against my mouth. I went deeper taking it all in and I could feel Yenimahalle Escort his pubic hair on my lips. He now had both his hands on the back of my head and was fucking me. On the other hand, the manager was getting desperate. He was fast and hungry. And close to climax.

But the boy was the first to let it out. He moaned out shooting cum all over my mouth. I was quite surprised at the amount he had fed me. And it was tasty, I bet I was his first. Not long after the boy had creamed by mouth, the manager grunted. He fell down on me, putting his weight on my back as he gave the last few pushes before stopping. He grinded his cock inside me a few times before pulling out.

I pulled him to my face and cleaned it nice and spotless. He gave me a quick kiss before parting from the room. I sat down to catch my breath before rising up again to get ready.

The older boy struck up a conversation,’ So how many times was it this time then?’

‘5 if I include the manager’. I pulled him towards me and peeled his clothes off. He was already semi hard when I took him down my throat. He sat down on the bed with his back resting on the headboard. I was now all in, my lips around his cock tight as I kept blowing him. The new boy had positioned himself behind me in the meantime. Not bad, I thought. The kid’s got guts. He might turn out well after all. He pushed his half limp cock inside me. A few pushes later, he was hard and ready again.

15 minutes later, I was licking the cum off my face and the older boy’s crotch. He got out and got dressed almost immediately. The new boy was still going at it though. He was quite thin and so I closed my legs to let his cock feel my ass more. Minutes later, he began pumping me. Only a few pumps and he was done. His limp cock slipped out and not bothering to wipe it clean, he pulled his underwear up and pants up and began sweeping the floor as if nothing had happened.

The older boy turned his attention to the wall I had splashed my cum on the previous night and began washing the sins off.

I hung around for a while and I was feeling ready to leave again. I finally was able to locate my stuff under the bed. I dressed, pulled my thong up before buttoning up my shorts. Next came the shirt and I was outside the door. I spotted the manager downstairs in his seat behind the reception. I went near him, only to be pulled into his embrace. I sat down on his lap kissing him for a few minutes before strolling out.

Most times men leave after the first session. It wasn’t always that I got men who could hold their own and own a slut. I was glad that I got lucky two cocks. I tried remembering their faces but I never could. It was all hazy. My butt was aching and I was tired. Five minutes later, I had passed out in the back of a cab on my way home.

Until next weekend.

Bangalore turned me into a slut. I spent two years in Bangalore. I spent one year of that being a slut. I spent 6 months coming to that motel almost every weekend. I fucked, satisfied my hunger and went back to class every Monday. No one knew and no one cared. The flatmates thought I had gone home for the weekend. The lovers never bothered to ask. They were happy as long as my mouth and my ass were open.

I had done everything I had wanted to do. I had slept with men every whichever way possible. I had dressed up in everything from a bridal saree to a baby doll mini skirt, gotten spanked, slapped, strip-teased, spit roasted and flooded with cum. I had been used beyond my wildest dreams and I kept going back to it because I loved the shady life I was living. I woke up every day, dressed up in a fine, crisp attire to head to class. On weekends, I was naked, on all fours with a stranger servicing me.

I left Bangalore shortly after that weekend. I got a first in my MBA. I was proud. I had gotten myself a job in a fast-track stream with a global insurance giant that was set to begin a month after my graduation. And most of all, I had successfully become a slut. What more can anyone ever ask, right?

While my sins at Bangalore ended there, my acts did not. My regulars came together to give a bang off goodbye party for me which I will describe in my next instalment. Two months later, I was in Pondicherry whoring myself out on the pristine beach under the cover of the moon. Only this time, the booze was cheaper and I was surer of where my place was in the food chain.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that you had enjoyed reading them as much as I had enjoyed writing them for you. Keep tuned, I’ll write more. My story is just beginning to unfurl. There’s more to come, a world of men to please and cocks to ride. Please leave your valuable comments/suggestions as I very much enjoy reading them.

Until next time. Take care.

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