Grandma’s Milk Maid

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She came on a Sunday evening riding a bicycle. She rode all the way to the doorstep where I was sitting in the evening sun.

“Hi there Buster. I am Lena. Grandma around?” She called before she even had dismounted.

I knew that she was coming or, more correctly, that someone was supposed to. Grandma always tried to get what she called a vacation in the middle of the summer. Then she hired someone to take care of the cattle. Grandma instead spent her time picking berries and making jam and fruit-syrup.

I have many cousins. Most of us spent a couple of weeks at the farm every summer as a vacation but also helping Grandpa. Just now we were two, Gunnar and I, Anders. We were at the same age and this was probably the last summer for us. We had just graduated and should start our military service within a couple of weeks. After that I had decided to study law.

“Hi, I am Anders. Yes, she’s inside,” I said, immediately liking her. The first impression was that of a tall, good-humored woman with a big friendly smile.

“Hi Lena,” Grandma said coming out on the porch. “Just in time for the evening meal.”

“Lovely, I am starving. I’ll just put my things in the loft then and wash my hands,” Lena said smilingly.

“Yes, fine. Oh, by the way, you don’t mind sleeping with the boys, do you?” Grandma said.

“Oh no, I would love to as long as they are above legal age of course,” Lena said, grinning broadly. “I like handsome young men like Anders here.” She laughed out.

“Don’t make fun of an old woman,” Grandma said trying to sound stern but with laugh in her voice. She liked to bicker. “You would have both of them for breakfast in one mouthful. Ran along now, food is ready. I have made up a bed for you.”

Lena took her bag from the bicycle and went away with swinging hips.

Many years earlier Grandpa had transformed part of the hay loft to a big room. The farm house was small and they had many children. The loft was used as sleeping quarters from early spring to late autumn. There were several beds and we had been as many as ten cousins at the same time sleeping there.

The evening meal was simple but became very pleasant with much laughter. Lena and Grandma went on bickering and gossiping about people in the neighborhood. We learnt that Lena was twenty-seven, that she lived in a nearby small town, that she was temporarily out of job and that she stayed with her parent’s helping them with their farm that was not very far away. She had a hubby, a lorry driver, this week away on a long haul.

Eventually Grandpa rose, wanting to go to bed. He rose very early in the mornings, always having lots to do. Lena soon followed his example. When Gunnar and I climbed the steep stair to the loft Lena was already snoring in one corner.

The next morning I woke up when the old alarm bell rang very early. I was sleepy and was about to drift back into sleep when Lena sat up in her bed. I immediately became wide awake when I saw that she had been sleeping in the nude. She rose with her back against me and pulled a shift over her head. It went down to mid thigh. My eyes darted over her body not being able to take her in before it was too late. She went barefoot to the simple wash room in the opposite corner. She soon was back and put on a rough skirt made from sackcloth. She obviously liked to dress for work in the old habit used in the countryside. She put on socks and went downstairs. She had put her clogs at the bottom of the stairs.

I was aroused to say the least. I looked over at Gunnar and saw that he too was awake and had seen it as well.

“Did you see that she isn’t wearing panties?” He asked breathlessly. I hadn’t noticed and the thought was arousing.

We went around all day getting excited as soon as we saw Lena, thinking about her nakedness under the rough skirt. None of us know really how a woman looked down there. We made plans for the evening.

The evening meal dragged along but eventually grandpa and Lena withdrew. We followed her discretely not wanting to be discovered but also eager not to miss anything. I had oiled the hinges on the door at the bottom of the stairs so they shouldn’t squeak. We had also tested the stairs to find out exactly where to put our feet to avoid creaking. We thought that we got in place without making any noise.

We stood in the middle of the stairs trying to see when Lena undressed. It was hard because the stairs ended openly in the floor above with a railing at the side. There was nowhere to hide. But we tried to sneak keeping our heads down. I was happy to get a glimpse of her naked ass before she moved out of sight.

Suddenly hell broke lose.

“Well, well, well. What have we got here? Peeping Toms! Shame on you. . . . Stop there boys, come up here.”

Lena stood at the banisters looking down on us. She spoke sternly and her voice stopped us when we tried to run away.

We stumbled up the stairs very afraid. Lena stood in front of us with a grim look on Kolej Escort her face.

“Now let me tell you this straight. I don’t like to be sneaked at, I don’t like it at all, I hate it,” she said gravely and looked sternly at us. We were very ashamed. .

Only slowly did it occur to me that she stood before us stark naked, hands on hips. My eyes darted all over her body not knowing where to focus my gaze.

“Let us agree on three simple rules and we will get along fine,” Lena continued.

“Rule number one: no sneaking! Rule number two: you do as I tell you! Rule number three . . .” She paused to get our full attention. “Rule number three: you are free to look at me as much as you want, I don’t care as long as you do it openly.” She had suddenly softened and laughed out. “Agreed?”

We nodded eagerly, very relieved. Suddenly I could focus on the sight in front of me. Lena just stood there keeping her pose. She moved her hips slightly and her round boobs swung lightly. I looked at her face where a big smile spread out. I lowered my gaze again looking more closely at the boobs and saw protruding nipples surrounded by pink areas. Further down was a round belly with a nice button. And then a brown, furry clad mound that hid the female heaven I had heard about. There were also womanly formed hips above strong thighs. She had all the female forms but looked also strong with a well muscled body.

“Well boys, like what you see?” Lena said mockingly. “Time for bed, isn’t it?”

She turned and slowly went to the washroom wriggling her round ass for our benefit. When she closed the door behind her we just stood there looking at each other, too astounded to speak. It had turned out in a way we had never hoped for in our wildest dreams.

We slowly moved to our part of the room preparing for her coming back out. And it was as breathtaking when she did. Lena walked slowly across the room still stark naked. It was lovely to see her move.

“Good night boys,” Lena said when she climbed into her bed pulling the bedclothes over her naked body.

It was hard to come to sleep that night.

We all woke up when the alarm bell rang in the morning. Lena stretched in her bed and then pulled the bedclothes away. She rose and stretched again before going to the washroom in the nude. We lay in our beds watching eagerly.

She came back out and stopped at the door a little uncertain. Then she changed direction and took a route between the beds that took her close to us. She stopped for a short while smiling broadly before she went to her bed and put her clothes on. Still no panties we noticed.

We worked with grandpa that day not as aroused as the day before but with great expectations of what was to come in the evening. We could even enjoy the evening meal and the gossiping and bickering between grandma and Lena.

Lena left and we followed a minute or two later. When we came to the loft Lena sat on her bed in her shift. We sat down on our beds expecting Lena to move on. But she just sat there brushing her hair idly seemingly not in a hurry. After some time it became awkward for us not to preparing for bed.

“Hey boys, come over here, I want to talk to you,” Lena suddenly called.

Reluctantly we slowly moved over to her bed. She silently looked at us for quite some time.

“Who was it that stood at my bedside last night watching me?” she suddenly asked gravely but with a smile trickling in the corner of her mouth.

“Uh, well, it was me,” I admitted after a long pause. When I couldn’t sleep I had looked over at Lena and got the impression that her bedclothes wasn’t pulled up. So I had snuggled up to her bed to get a better look.

“Well, what did we agree upon? No sneaking wasn’t it? Rule number one,” she said sternly.

“But I wasn’t sneaking,” I said hurriedly trying to defend myself. “You said that we could look as long as we did it openly. And I didn’t try to hide.”

“Well . . . you might have a point there. All right, I accept that. So what did you see?” She said mockingly.

“I . . . uh . . . well . . . I saw your boobs,” I blurted out.

“But you saw them last night, didn’t you? As I remember it you stared at them thoroughly. So, what’s so special about them?” She teased me deliberately.

“Uh, uh . . . they look so lovely,” I blurted out trying hard to find the right words.

“Oh, thank you. That was nice of you. I liked that,” she said smilingly. “So what did you do then, I want to know?”

“I . . . I went back to bed,” I stammered.

“Well, you did eventually. But first you went into the wash room and jacked off, didn’t you? Did it feel good?” Lena said grinning broadly at me. I blushed and couldn’t say anything.

“What about you, Gunnar? You didn’t sleep all night either, did you? No, you came a little later and stood over there watching me. Tell me, what did you see?” She had let me off the hook turning to Gunnar. Sincan Escort It was his turn to blush.

“Uh, uh, uh . . . yes, well . . . I saw your legs,” Gunnar stammered.

“My legs? Like you see them now?” Lena asked concerned. Her shift had rode up to mid thigh. “Tell me how much you saw.”

“Well . . . some more,” Gunnar admitted.

“Like this?” Lena said and pulled her shift further up her thighs, nearly all the way up. “Tell me the truth.”

“Uh, well . . . yes . . . and some more,” Gunnar stammered.

“More? But you said that you saw my legs. And there are no more legs, are there?” Lena said sounding puzzled. “It was more than just legs you saw, wasn’t it? Like this perhaps?”

Lena leaned back and pulled her shift up over her belly. She grinned broadly when we stared amazed at her exposed mass of brown hair. She kept her thighs closed but a valley showed leading down between them.

“And then you did just like Anders, jacking off in the wash room?” Lena asked sitting up again. Her shift slid down but didn’t cover her completely. Gunnar didn’t answer just nodded, heavily blushing.

“Well boys, I don’t mind that you had a good time last night. But we can’t let it happen again. We need to sleep. Tomorrow we have a lot to do. I have already asked grandpa to get your help.” She got quiet looking intently at us. Then a smile spread over her face when she rose and pulled her shift over her head. “Time for bed boys. Get ready.”

She went to the wash room with swinging hips. We moved to our beds and quickly changed to our pajamas to be ready to watch. Suddenly she was back and we watched her walking across the room. She stopped short of her bed and turned to us.

“Come over here boys. I have got an idea how to get all of us a good night’s sleep,” she called softly. Gunnar and I looked puzzled at each other and did as she had said. She stood waiting, hands on hips looking marvelous. For the first time I understood that her boobs were big. Her big strong frame made them look proportionate but they were big and very firm. There was hardly any sagging. The nipples were taut and stood out.

She shifted her weight slowly when we approached drawing our attention to her round hips and the brown bush on the top of her thighs. She smiled broadly when we stopped in front of her. She reached out and took our hands and pulled us closer. I was erect and so was Gunnar, I saw when looking down at him.

Lena pulled us with her and sat down on an old three legged stool. She looked up at us smiling mischievously.

“Nice things you have there boys. I suggest you take your bottoms off before they get wet.” She looked expectantly at us. We stood reluctantly not knowing what to do. “Come on. Do as I say. Rule number two, remember,” she said a bit harshly but her smile took the bite away. “Don’t worry, I won’t do you any harm,” she added.

She tugged at our bottoms but they didn’t slip off easily being held up by our erect cocks. She had to use both hands to pull first mine down and then Gunnar’s. We stood before her very embarrassed with cocks jutting towards her face. Lena laughed throatily.

“Very nice I must say,” she said grinning broadly. “Enjoy boys!”

She grabbed our cocks, one in each hand and started to slowly jack us. Suddenly an image from the afternoon flashed through my mind. I had seen Lena sitting hand milking a cow. Her strong, pliable fingers made the milk to spray into the bucket in squirts. The same fingers that now were around my cock. The thought made my cock to twitch. Lena looked up smilingly.

“Like this Buster? I said there was no need to worry,” she said giggling. Yes, it felt heavenly. A much stronger feeling than when I jacked off by myself. It got even better when she in between also fondled my balls gently rolling them in her hand.

I was aware of that Gunnar got the same treatment at my side but paid little attention to him. It felt so good being fondled by Lena. But suddenly he grunted and I saw white strands leave his cock head and splash onto Lena’s boobs. She leaned forward anxious not to let anything land on the floor. She milked his cock steadily until the last drop had landed on her chest and he got limp.

Suddenly she used both hands on me. One hand jacking my cock, the other fondling my balls. I felt a tingling in my loins and groaned. She looked up and pulled me a little closer. A sweet feeling filled my neither region and then I started to spurt. Lena directed my squirts first to land on her nipples and then on her face. It felt lovely to have her make me come. She milked me gently long after I was empty. It felt so good that my cock stayed semi hard. She looked up looking surprised before she let go of it with a final tug.

“Well boys, that felt nice, didn’t it?” She looked at us smilingly. She scooped up my come that had landed on her face and put it into her mouth grinning broadly. The come on her chest Yenimahalle Escort she carefully massaged into the skin all over her boobs giving the nipples a good amount.

“Lovely, just lovely,” she exclaimed. “I love young cocks and fresh semen. And I know that what I just got was fresh, don’t I?” She laughed happily.

“Well boys, now we all can sleep tight all night. See you in the morning then.” Lena rose and went to bed. Soon she was snoring.

She was right. I had no problem to sleep although I dreamt about Lena’s hands milking my cock.

The bell rang as usual in the morning. Lena rose and strolled to the wash room. On her way back she took the longer route passing our beds. She stopped and looked down at us.

“Good morning boys. Feeling well this lovely morning I hope. Remember that you shall help me today to clean the cow shed. Don’t sleep too long.” She giggled and went away rolling her hips.

At breakfast grandpa confirmed that he had promised Lena our help. We didn’t mind at all. She had got us devoted to her.

She set us to work to muck out the calf’s pen that was full of straw and dung for a start. Then we had to scrub the walls preparing them to be white washed. In between taking care of the cattle Lena cleaned the milk room. We worked hard being encouraged by her. She hadn’t buttoned up her shift and showed generous amounts of breasts when she now and then checked on us.

In late afternoon we were finished. She inspected our work carefully.

“Well done boys, excellent work,” she said. “Now you must take a shower. You stink like pigs. There must be plenty of hot water after this sunny day.”

She was right of course. We went out to the back of the barn where grandpa had made a rough, hard surface from concrete. There was a water tap and a hose but also a primitive shower. It was just a big nozzle fastened to the barn wall. On the roof of the barn was a big steel tank connected to the water pipes. In warm days the water in the tank got heated. We often used that shower instead of going down to the lake.

We got out of our dirty clothes and went to the shower. We startled and got uncertain when Lena suddenly came out from the barn with bars of soap and towels. She started to undress.

“Are you going to shower too? With us?” Gunnar asked both thrilled and perplexed. “What about if grandpa comes?”

“Yes, of course I am taking a shower. I stink too. I always shower after work. It’s a wonder that you boys haven’t discovered it before. I had expected that you should sneak on me.” She laughed happily. “And if grandpa comes? Well, good for him I guess. I don’t care. It can’t make him anything but good to see me in the nude. Might even be of benefit to grandma. They are not that old you know.” She giggled heavily.

Lena finished undressing. We watched and got hard in no time.

“Boys, boys, what have we got here. Very nice I must say,” she said giggling when she turned back again after putting her clothes away. “Let’s shower and soap each other, shall we.”

She handed us soap bars and dragged us by our cocks to the shower. I stood behind her and soaped her back starting with the shoulders. I went further down and my hands trembled a little when they went round the sides touching the boobs. It was the first time I touched a breast.

“Hey Buster. Don’t be shy. Do it properly. They need a good soaping,” Lena said huskily looking over her shoulder smilingly. She put my hand right over her right boob and squeezed. I followed her lead and cupped both her boobs from behind kneading and massaging them. They really were a handful. Lena laughed out when the nipples hardened between my fingers. Suddenly my hands were pushed away. Gunnar regarded her front as his territory.

I soaped my way down her back to her round ass. I spent some time caressing her swelling cheeks and down her strong thighs and up again. I felt the smooth soft skin of her inner thighs. Lena moved her feet a little more apart and suddenly my hand slipped into the crack of her ass. The ass hole tightened when my finger probed it. I ran a finger up and down and then pushed deeper down. Her thighs gave way and I slid over something very soft and hairy. Lena’s knees suddenly buckled when I caressed between her thighs along the slit.

“Hey Anders, that feels good, really good,” she exclaimed. “And Gunnar, cup my jugs and squeeze them.”

Lena panted hard when we caressed her, me from behind and Gunnar frontal. Now my full hand was engaged in caressing her slit. Lena wriggled her ass and the slit parted. She cried out when my thumb slid into a hole that suddenly had opened. There was another cry when my fingers pressed against a hard knob at the front of the slit. Lena moaned loudly when I moved my thumb in her hole and my fingers caressed the knob until suddenly she cried out again and her body stiffened before it started to shudder violently.

“Well boys that was nice, really nice,” she said after a while, broadly grinning. “A reward is in place I think.”

She had touched our hard cocks soaping them while we caressed her but now she took firm grips of our cocks and started to jack us. After a while she knelt and did wonders with her hands. I felt the tingling and then suddenly the sweet feeling when I shot my load all over her. Gunnar followed shortly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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