Father Joe, My Father Confessor

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It is time for Mass and Choir Practice and I’m a little nervous as you, as my Father Confessor, said you wished to see me for some Oral Discipline after Mass.

“Could my sin be that bad?” I ponder as I walk to Chapel.

“Surely not,” I continue to myself as my steps begin to lag and falter.

After Confession, I had run home to shower quickly and get changed into a fresh uniform, and, oh yes; clean panties too. I noticed, when I was changing for my shower, that the pair I was wearing had been damp where the material was nestled up against me, and they stuck to my private area just a little.

The Chapel of Our Lady was just around the next corner, and as I rounded it, I saw other parish families hurrying as well. I gave a quick look at my watch, and picked up my pace. You would be more upset with me were I late for Mass than if I was late to your office.

Stepping into the warm interior of the Chapel quickly, I dip my fingers into the fountain of Holy Water, make the sign of the Cross, and take a seat on the aisle end of the last row.

The procession down the aisle starts almost as soon as I get seated. I turn to watch as the altar boys and other clerics enter just before you do. You catch my eye as you proceed down the aisle.

As you pass by, I lower my eyes, and the procession continues to the front and you climb the steps to the altar, make a bow of respect to the Cross, and then take your seat. Mass has started.

As I go thru the motions required; stand, sit, kneel, pray, and answer in like words to those you intone, my mind is pulled to something you said in the Confessional.

“To prepare you for our session, I want you to remember this man… let your feelings and inner desires come out. Think of me and be ready…

“Let your thoughts of me, take over your feelings. I want to see just how much of a sin that this is. Then, I want you to show me these thoughts you have of this man…. demonstrating on me, your actions and desires.

“If you do as I have said, you will then be ready for my session. I will be sitting in the office, after Mass, waiting.”

The end of Mass brings me abruptly back to the present. I am suddenly very nervous. I’ve never had to meet you in your office before. I’m 18 now, and a good Catholic girl, why am I nervous? Just because you’ve been my Father Confessor since I prepared to take my First Communion, is no real cause for nerves. Is it?

I sit still in the pew, waiting for the others to leave the Chapel so I can make my way back to your office, unnoticed. I also remember that you admonished me that I must not tell anyone of our special meeting, and that the sin I committed would be revealed to me after our session.

I look up and see that the Chapel is empty of people. Everyone has left, except for you and me. Even the Choir group is not in the Chapel. They are meeting downstairs tonight.

I get up, genuflect, make the sign of the Cross, and start to walk down the long aisle to the door to the right of the altar. This door, I know, leads to your office. I open it, walk thru it and then close it softly and walk down the semi-dark hall to the door marked, Father J. Ignacias.

Knocking on the door, I wait for you to answer.

“Come in, my child,” you call out and I enter your office for the first time.

“Good Evening, Father.”

I am unable to look you in the eyes at present, only because I don’t know what to expect from you.

“Relax Child, and come sit. I just want to talk to you and find out exactly what the nature of your sin is and how severe it may be.”

You smile as I visibly relax and approach the chair you have pulled up near your desk.

Once I am seated in the chair, you rise and walk around to the front of your desk. Leaning against it, you face me; your hands, with their long fingers, are clasped in front of you.

“Now my Child, tell me about these lust filled dreams you had last night; and the INCREDIBLE things this man did to you… all night long.”

I clear my throat in an attempt to speak. When I do, my voice falters due to my being nervous. You pull up the other chair and then sit down, reaching to touch me in reassurance.

Gently lifting my chin, so that I can look in your eyes, you slowly lean forward and take my hand between yours.

“Relax, Lynne. Think of my office as an extension of my Confessional and that the partition is between us.”

As you have begun to speak in that low, soft tone of yours, you are slowly, almost idly, sliding your fingers up and down two of mine. It sends strange, yet familiar, feelings scurrying thru my body, ending to centre in the area between my thighs. I feel a moistness seep from me into my panties. I stir.

“Um, Father Joe? You’re making me feel like my dreams did last night. Why are you doing that?”

You reach up and move a strand of hair that has strayed from its confines of my hairclip before you speak.

“I want you to recall exactly what it was that you felt for this man last night in your dreams, Lynne. If you are to show Etlik Escort me evidence of your sins, I need to make you feel it again. This is a way, one of many I know, in which to start.”

“Oh, I see. Well, my dreams started out with me looking at the nude pictures of himself he sent me. They were of an erotic nature Father, and they made my panties start to get wet as I sat and looked. Then he sent me a message, we spoke for awhile, then said our good-nights and signed off.”

“Hmmmm, I see.” The idle stroking of my fingers continued and occasionally you would pull them apart slightly and slide a finger in between them, close to the little “v” where the finger joined my hand.

As I turned to you to continue speaking, I noticed that your robe was sticking up in a place where it shouldn’t. I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t help myself.

Catching my fixed gaze, you follow it downward and see the reason as to why I am staring. Before you continue, you rise from the chair and cross your office to the door, turning the key to lock it. Then you cross back to where I’m sitting and lean against your desk once again.

“Lynne? I want to know exactly what you dreamt about. Leave out nothing in the telling. In order to absolve you of your sins, I am also going to have you show me, and tell me, exactly what he was doing to you in these dreams. Think of me as if I were him. I will also need your panties to be left as evidence of those sins. Do you understand all of this?”

As you have been speaking to me, you have been undoing the black flowing robe you usually wear in the Confessional. Soon, every hidden button is undone and your bare skin is exposed to me for the first time. I can only stare at your pale nakedness and the growing evidence of your arousal that was beneath the robe.

My panties were feeling very damp now and are sticking to me like they had been earlier, during Confession. I move slightly in my chair. Seeing me squirm, you lean down and draw me up in front of you, bringing me closer and closer.

You take a deep breath and detect the scent of musk. Your Hazel eyes drill into my Blue ones.

“Lynne! Show me your panties. NOW! I must see them.”

I jump slightly at your tone, and so does your cock. I can do nothing but obey. I slowly lift my skirt in back and reach beneath it to remove them. I am stopped in mid-action by the wooden pointer you have taken from your desktop. Using the rubber-tipped pointed end, you lift the front of my skirt and tell me to continue removing my panties.

You stare at the area that is exposed to your gaze. It is small, and with a light patch of covering. I stare as your maleness responds to your thoughts.

“Good. Now, put your panties on the end of my pointer.”

I do as instructed, and watch in some confusion as you bring the pointer toward you, reach for the panties, then hold the damp part to your nose and take a deep breath, closing your eyes as you do.

“Oh, Lynne. You smell divine. Is this what the man did in your dreams too?”

Stepping one step closer to me, you speak in a low, soft voice.

“Lynne? Let me find out the extent of this part of your sin. I want you to turn around and bend forward. Then tell me what he did next. But before you turn around, take off your skirt please. I don’t want it blocking my view. By the way, what did he do to you when you told him you were damp?”

“He said he bent down and touched me with his fingers and his tongue, Father. He said he would put them inside me and make me feel better.”

Pushing away from your desk, you step in front of me, then bend down to the area below my waist. Looking up at me, you put your face near my woman’s area and inhale deeply.

“Ahhh, Lynne. How sweet your scent. I must taste it as he said he would.”

Then you place your mouth over my little area and dip your tongue into me. A wealth of liquid awaits you as you move your tongue in and out of me quickly, taking every drop of wetness there is.

Placing your fingers against my opening, you look up at me and say,

“He put his fingers inside of you too, did he? He said by doing this, it would make you feel better?” I nodded.

“Like this, Lynne?”

Quickly you slip two fingers between those wet lips, and into the velvet softness beyond. There is a slight “squish” as you push your fingers in and out of me, making me wetter and wetter. My knees feel weak as you drive further into my pink hole. You roll your eyes back, and slowly close your eyes as you continue to move your fingers in and out, and back and forth.

Soon the sides of my thighs are very slick, and still you continue to move your fingers. You quickly add another – making a total of three fingers inside. You start to move them faster, and push harder, touching me deep inside.

Hungrily, you push my thighs more apart with your shoulders, you bring your mouth closer to my hotness.

“Oh, Father Joe!” I sigh softly, “What are you doing to me? That feels wonderful!”

“I Keçiören Escort am just using my fingers on you the way this man said he would. What else did he say he was going to do to you?”

As you speak, I notice that you are stroking your maleness, making it grow as you continue this movement.

Pushing your fingers into me again quickly, you reluctantly remove them, stand, and go to your desk, moving everything from it in swift movements.

“Lynne? Come here and get up on my desk, then we can continue. Leave your skirt there, but bring your panties over. I want to examine them more closely.”

I approach you and your desk slowly, and hand you my panties as I climb atop your desk, and am about to turn and face you, when I feel your hands caressing my bare bottom and the crease between my cheeks. The sensations rock me where I am and I feel a surge of liquid issue from between my legs.

“You have a lovely, soft, bottom Lynne. Does it bother you when I touch it like this? I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now. You have taunted my dreams, young lady. I want to be this man. I want to be the one deep within you. Did this other man touch your bottom and your hidden button within? Did he?”

“Yes he did, Father. He touched my hidden button constantly, making me want him deeper.”

“Did you touch his member in your dreams, Lynne? Did you?”

“Yes Father, I did. I was kissing it and then I held it and licked it. There was this clear liquid that came out of it Father. He asked me to take it with my tongue and I did.”

As you approach me, your maleness is now sticking straight up and slightly out from your body. You stop when it is within inches of my lips.

“Show me what you did to him, Child. Did the clear liquid look like what you see before you? Hmm?”

As I nod, I lean slightly forward, covering the few inches from my mouth to where you stand before me. I open my lips and then slip the end of your maleness between them.

“Oh yes, my Child. That’s it. Now, open your mouth and let me see what you did with your tongue. You say you took his clear liquid with it? Show me how.”

As you watch me, I slowly part my lips and you step back ever so slightly, just enough to pull yourself from my mouth. I then clasp my hand in the middle of your maleness and lean forward and take the clear liquid from its hiding place with the tip of my tongue.

This part of you quivers and jumps as I touch it, and you sigh when my tongue touches you. You make a sound deep in your throat and you hold my head against you as I take this liquid from you.

Handing me back my panties, you then have me lie down on your desktop as if I were in bed.

“Now show me what you did with your panties. How did you sleep?”

Quickly folding my panties into a small square, with the part that goes against me on top, I slightly opened my lips and put the panties close against me and then re-close my legs.

“This is how I slept, Father. I dreamed he was deep within me as I slept.”

“What did you do with your damp panties, Lynne?” You ask, your voice a mere whisper.

“He asked me to mail them to him Father, so he could take them from beneath his pillow and smell me when he couldn’t have me in his bed. He wanted to be able to think about me, he said.”

“I now understand the nature of your sins, my Child. And your panties bear the evidence of these sins. I will keep these as a reminder, for you are guilty of the sins of Dream Fornication and Lust. These must be absolved. Prepare to be anointed with my special oil, from deep within me and receive absolution for your sins.

“Are you ready to receive me, my Child?”

You have climbed onto the desk with me as you have been talking to me, and you straddle my head with your knees, your member just inches away from my mouth.

Staring at your member, I nod that I am ready. You lower your body until it almost touches mine, your member at my lips. I feel your hot breath between my legs and you close your mouth over my love button.

What I feel next rocks me as I feel your tongue flick across my button, and into my wet valley. You do this repeatedly, and are rewarded with my dampness again and again.

Satisfied that I am ready to receive you, and your nose has been filled with my scent, you turn around, your mouth now just inches from mine.

“I need to anoint my special rod, Child. Just a few moments more and your sins will be totally absolved.”

I feel your hands between my legs as you speak and you raise yourself to your knees so that I may watch you. I watch in complete fascination, as you slip two fingers between my legs and then pull them out letting me see how slippery and wet they are. I watch as you anoint your rod over and over, making it glisten.

Placing my legs on your shoulders, you inch closer until you can place just the head of your rod into me, much like the man in my dreams did the night before.

You quickly move just the top of Kızılay Escort your anointing rod up and down in the soaking wet valley between my legs, letting it slip into me, with a few pushes, very slowly. Soon the entire head of your rod is held inside and you feel a gripping movement at the tip of that rod.

It makes you quiver and your rod jumps, sending shock waves to my love button. You are rewarded with a small amount of hot liquid. You push some more of your rod deeper into me and then hold still.

“Lynne? Soon I will start to move so the anointing oil can be released. I am going to hold your legs on my shoulders when I start; then I will hold them in front of me.

“It’s all a part of the ritual, so don’t be alarmed. You will raise your hips in order to allow the oil to anoint you deeply. I will tell you when. You will feel a pressure behind the oil. This will be to insure that it won’t leak out until you are totally and completely anointed. Is this clear?

“It will be a little painful, and you will want to pull away from my rod and its oil; but you can’t. You must remain still. You will feel me push the oil deeper into you in order to absolve you fully.

“You may see a little blood afterwards, but it is no cause for alarm. It will be proof that you have been truly anointed, deep within, and you have been forgiven for your sins.

“Are you ready for me now, my Child? My rod and its oil are ready for the anointing.”

You lean forward and kiss my lips deeply, and I catch a whiff of my scent that is still on your lips. Quickly pulling me down onto your rod, I watch it disappear within me and I am filled with the size of it. It hurts; but you said it would.

You start to move back and forth; side to side, and in and out. Your rod touches me everywhere. You start to move faster; pushing yourself in deeper. I feel you within me and a sudden hot wetness is released.

Shifting my legs from your shoulders to in front of you, you find you can fill me deeper and harder with your rod. You move back and forth much quicker and deeper now.

“Lynne? The oil is ready. Are you ready to be absolved?”

I nod silently, afraid to speak.

As you move your hand between us to hold yourself steady, you brush it against the middle of my rear. You feel my shudder at your soft touch. You close your eyes against remembered pleasures from your past before you took your final vows.

It’s been years since you touched a woman there, between her cheeks. Still the remembered sensations beckon you to touch me again. This time your touch pushes past my resistance. You groan with delight as your finger fills my tight hole.

“Lynne? Tell me, did he tell you he’d touch you back here too?” You slowly move your finger in and out, waiting for my answer.

“Nevermind, I will. It’s been years since I’ve had it like this. Get on your knees Child, and put your rear to me. I’m going to anoint you this way first, then the other.”

You aid me in changing my position, and I’m barely settled on my knees when I feel your hand between my legs and delving into my wet, pink hole. I feel you put the tip of you against the hole in back and then lean in against it, pushing it in slightly.

Your fingers continue to work in me as you push more into me. Slowly you start to rock in a to and fro movement. Each time you enter me a little deeper.

“Oh sweet lord, you feel wonderful Lynne. I’m going to go faster now in order to release the oil. Spread your legs wider Child, and be ready. I won’t stop till it’s released.”

You the raise yourself to your knees and push the rest of you into my back hole. You feel my tightness grip you, and it only serves to drive you onward and deeper. Soon you are sliding all of your hard cock in and out of me, while your fingers are driving into the warm liquid ocean you find within my wet front well.

Deeper and deeper you drive into my front and back. My hips are bucking against you as you drive yourself into me.

“Lynn -n- e! The oil! It’s releasinggggggggg!” You grind your words out between tightly clenched teeth just as I feel an explosion within my rear and within my front at the same time.

You lay against my back as your chest heaves. Still your fingers play inside me, moving in and out. You play with my little nub, making it swell as you work. As you raise your chest from my back, you slowly pull yourself out of my rear.

“Sweet, sweet Child. Do you know how good that felt? It’s been years since I took a woman that way. Now, I need to anoint your front hole. Lay down in front of me and put your legs up on my chest.”

I did as you bade, staring at your anointing rod. It was sticking out from your body again, and drooling from the top.

I am barely down when you reach down, and spreading my lips apart, you shove two fingers into it and spread them apart; opening me wider. You position your rod, and then quickly insert it into me, making my back arch as you push deeper, until you touch bottom.

“Ahhhh! Lynne! This won’t take long Child. Be still now, so I can anoint you and absolve your sin.”

You start to drive yourself into me. In, out; left, right. You start to pick up your rhythm and have quickened and deepened your strokes. You remove a finger from inside me and graze against my little swollen bud. I jump and my insides grip against you, causing you to emit a low growl.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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