Coed Dates Older Man

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In college, I used to see older men who liked to date college girls. Most of the men just liked the company of young women, especially a young half-Asian girl with long hair like mine, and they were usually pretty generous because they had more money than they knew what to do with.

One of the men was always giving me expensive gifts. He would take me out to fancy dinners and show me off to his business partners before taking me to a fancy hotel room and fucking me. He would buy me nice clothes and fancy lingerie (I still have some if it, which I still wear sometimes…), so I felt like a bit of a kept woman, but when you’re a college student with lots of loans, the hundred dollar bills he would slip me at the end of every night so I could “buy something nice” for myself came in handy.

I have to admit it made me feel dirty, even though the sex itself wasn’t very interesting. The only thing that was really new with him was that he once fucked me in an elevator with his cel phone (not some slim little phone either, this was years ago when those fuckers were still huge!). He just reached under my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and started fucking me with it.

Luckily I was wet from making out with him in the taxi on the way to the hotel, or else having that big ass phone shoved into my cunt would have hurt like hell! That night he was pretty rough Çankaya Escort with me, which was different from how he usually treated me.

I was drunk from drinking a lot of red wine at dinner, and so I was pretty passive in bed that night–pretty lousy lay I must have been when I think back on it. He must have thought I was disinterested or something because he seemed a little angry and aggressive, but when he flipped me over onto my stomach I just thought he was going to fuck me from behind doggy style, which he liked a lot.

He did doggy me for about five minutes, but then he pulled out and started working the tip of his cock into my asshole. I squirmed and said “no, it hurts,” but he didn’t even flinch. He went into the bathroom and got the little bottle of hand lotion that came with the shampoo and conditioner, and put some on his cock. Then he put the tip of his cock at my butthole again and started working it in, even though I was squirming. He just kept pushing in and it felt like he was pushing a hot burning rod into my ass.

I don’t think he cared if it hurt, in fact I think he was angry at me for something or another and wanted to hurt me. Well, it did! After working all six inches or so of his cock into my ass (I could feel his pubic hair mashed against my butt), he just started Keçiören Escort to pound into me like a jackhammer. Strangely enough, because he was fucking me so hard, my asshole actually started to feel numb from the friction–it still hurt, but after awhile it just turned into a dull burning and when he started to come his cock swelled and the tugging feeling actually somehow transferred to my clit and I started to come too. I was totally shocked, since I had never had an orgasm when he fucked me “normally,” and the only time I ever came was when he would go down on me. Afterwards, I was totally exhausted.

Later that night, he gave me $500, but he didn’t hand it to me nicely like he usually did, saying that I should buy something nice for myself. This time he counted the bills out of his wallet, I remember watching him flip through the ten 50s one at a time, and then he flipped them onto the bed beside my legs. I remember what stung was that he didn’t say a word, he just looked at me like he had discovered that I was actually dirty and he needed to take a shower. Usually he would walk with me to the lobby and make sure the doorman called me a cab, but that night he just walked out of the room and told me he would call me next week.

He actually didn’t call for almost a month, and I remember I was Etimesgut Escort totally depressed. I went out with him one more time, on a weekend trip to the mountains, but I hated every minute of it. I spent almost the whole way there giving him a blow job in the car while he drove, and every time he was close to coming he would use his right hand to ram my head up and down on his cock while he drove with the other hand, and then just when I thought he was going to start coming down my throat he would stop and pull my head off his lap so I was drooling down onto his cock.

He was saving himself for when we got to the cabin, I guess, because when we got there he threw me onto the bed, pulled my legs apart and ate me to three orgasms. While I was still quivering from the third he climbed onto my chest and jacked off onto my face. It was the first time someone had ever come onto my face. A couple of times while giving guys blow jobs some of them had started to come and some sperm had either leaked onto my face or accidentally shot onto my cheek or chin, but I’d never been deliberately given a facial.

Maybe it was because I was so horny from his eating me, but even though I wasn’t enjoying being with him, and the sex seemed much nastier and much less “nice” than it did before, I was really turned on. He fucked me in the ass twice more that weekend, so much that I could barely walk to dinner each night, and instead of hiking in the day like I had planned, I just sat in the cabin and read books to rest my sore ass. But I have to admit I have loved anal sex ever since, and I still associate that lingering soreness that lasts for days later with the powerful orgasms that I get from being fucked in the ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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