Backdoor Business

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Let me start by saying I’m a happily married man and I’ve never before cheated on my wife. However, when the opportunity arose at work I had to take advantage of it. You see I have this strong desire to do anal and that’s about the only thing my wife will have nothing to do with. We tried it once when we were both pretty drunk and I guess I got a little over excited and pushed too hard and fast. She said it hurt so much she’d never try it again. I’m sure; it’s her refusal even to talk about it, which makes me want it so much that now it’s my number one fantasy.

When the home office instructed me to lay off five of our least productive employees, I called a meeting to inform every one of the plans of the company. That night Cathy stopped by my office before going home and asked to talk to me. She wanted to know if she was one of the people who would be let go. I told her that there was no list made yet as to who would be laid off but to be honest, her work had become marginal at best and there was a good chance she might be one of those people. She licked her lips then looked me in the eye and said she would do anything to keep her job and as she said ‘anything’, she made those air quote marks with fingers. I told her she would need to increase her production to keep her job; she sighed and turned around Eryaman Escort to walk out. I looked up to watch her leave and that’s when I noticed her big round ass wiggle it way out of my office.

All the way home I couldn’t get the image of Cathy’s bubble butt out of my head, it just looked so fuckable. I kept picturing myself behind her, as she is bent over my desk with her dress pulled up and her cheeks pulled apart awaiting my cock to defile her rectum. As soon as I got home, I drug my wife upstairs and fucked her like a wild man all the time thinking of Cathy. It didn’t help I still had that mental image stroking my libido and my urges became so strong that after dinner I went upstairs and masturbated into the bathroom sink.

The next day as soon as Cathy was ready to leave I called her into my office. She walked in already crying as she was sure I was giving her the ax, I told her to relax I hadn’t called her in for that. I asked her how serious she was when she said she would do ‘anything’ to save her job and I did like her by making the air quote sign. I have to say she was a bright girl, right away she knew I wanted something sexual and she came to my side of the desk and grasped my penis through my trousers. As she rubbed me to erection, Sincan Escort she said sexily that she would be happy to do anything I wanted. I reached around behind her then I put my hand up her dress and began to caress her lovely bum. When she moaned I almost came and I told her she was a lovely woman with sexy derrière. I then slipped my fingers inside her panties and began to tease her back door by rubbing it and touching her tiny opening with my fingertip. She moaned more and actually pushed back on my finger trying to insert it inside her. I told her I had to see her and I knelt behind her then pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties. Again she seemed to know what I wanted and bent over my desk, then reached behind with both hands separating her cheeks exposing her anus to me. I put my lips to her and then began to stick my tongue inside her rectum; Cathy began to gyrate seductively as I tried to lubricate her with my saliva.

I told her I could wait no longer, and began to pull my trousers down. She turned around to help and as she grasped my cock, she asked me about her job. I told her I could never let her gorgeous ass out of my sight and with that, she once again bent over my desk to offer me her back door. Remembering the ordeal Etlik Escort with my wife, I tried to be gentle with her just easing myself into her tight opening. Cathy didn’t want gentle and begged me to take her and I just let go and plunged balls deep inside her ass. I grabbed her hair and rode her hard; I even began to slap her ass as I pumped her again and again. When I came, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before and I emptied my balls still inside her.

After, once we cleaned up and got dressed and I was finally sated for the first time in two days I realized just how far over the line I’d crossed. I apologized to Cathy for taking advantage of our situation and that I would live up to my promise as to her job. I told her I’d never done anything like this before and sheepishly admitted it was her derrière, which had driven me to be so churlish. I went on to say it was my wife’s refusal of anal sex of any kind that had fueled my need. Then with her sexy ass and her offer, what could I say, I had to have her.

She smiled wryly then thanked me, first for her job but also for the sex. Serendipitously it seems she also loves anal but her husband thinks it some kind of perverted act, and refuses even to discuss it.

I wish I could say that was the last time Cathy and I got together for backdoor loving but you know I’d be lying. In fact, now since my secretary was one of the unfortunate ones who became downsized, Cathy has taken her job. It’s a shame she can’t write a letter or even take dictation but it sure has made the monthly meetings at the home office a lot more pleasurable now that I take Cathy with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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