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I knew there was going to be a lot of traffic that afternoon, so I ate my lunch in my office instead of going out. I also brought the story I was working on. In fact, I had done everything but the spell-check. At lunch time, I did that and then went online to post it. While I was at it, I decided to peruse the latest man-to-man stories. I read one in which the narrator and his friend were stranded in a cabin and ended up sucking and fucking and showering together. I liked the story so much that I was inspired to look at “MoHo”‘s other stories. The one that I selected was his variation on the old story where a woman doing two guys asks one of them to suck the other. In this case, the woman’s name was Natalie, and she wanted the friend to go down on the narrator. Not exactly original, but his description of the sex was so vivid that I still got a hard-on reading it. I meant to go back to the list of his stories, but I spotted the link to his profile and clicked on that. I realized my mistake, but I figured it would give me the same info and then some.

Did it ever! He had a picture of his cock, viewed from above. He was lathered up as if he’d taken the picture while the shower scene was taking place. (Otherwise, I wouldn’t have remembered the shower scene in his story.) It didn’t look like a big cock, but it was absolutely gorgeous. I mean, it was flawless! It pointed straight out as if he were offering it to me, and it had the most glorious purple head. I could see every vein because the shaft had been rinsed. I admired it for a couple seconds before I remembered I was at work. I heard someone coming toward my office. It didn’t occur to me to minimize the screen, so I just scrolled down. As I did, I noticed he was in Detroit like me. I went back to the MMF story and started writing to him. “I would have given this story a 10 on merit alone, but your cock—damn! If Natalie had asked ME to blow you, I don’t think I would’ve shared you with her afterward! I’d love to take the removable shower head from the cabin story, rinse you off and then suck you down to your balls! … Gary”

I had crossed a line, of sorts. I was no stranger to same-sex encounters, but they had all been of the “Hey, I like doing that too!” variety. This was the first time I’d actually found a guy attractive. I gave him a 10 on the drag-down menu. I paused nervously for a moment and hit “Send.”

Whomever I heard had walked past my door without noticing me. I read another of MoHo’s stories, and it dawned on me that his name was a play on “homo” and “Motown.” When I finished it, I closed my office door and jacked off. I came just as it was time to get back to work.

It was a couple days before I returned to the site. When I logged on, I had mail from MoHo. He linked to the story I’d just posted and one from a few months back. “Thank you for the kind words,” he wrote. “If you’re the same Gary who wrote these stories, then it means a lot coming from you! Oh, and I’m glad you liked my picture too. Frankly, it’s not even my best one, but I took it when I joined and didn’t think about it again till you wrote me. … Derek”

I felt emboldened. “Yes, I’m the author. I’d love to see your other pics 🙂 ,” I wrote.

A couple days later, I got a message from at my regular e-mail address from an address that started “derek60009.” It began, “Here ya go!” and two pictures followed. One was an upper view of his cock while he masturbated. The other was a front view with his cum splattered above. “I’ve got better ones than that, but you’ll have to show me yours first.”

I added his address to my contact list and wrote back, “How about I show you in person?”

I let him name the place, since I didn’t know any gay clubs. He suggested a place called the Pride Club and sent me another picture so I’d recognize him. He was good-looking, but not in a “pretty boy” way, more the Sean Connery type than the Roger Moore. I wasn’t surprised later when he told me he was 33. We agreed that Friday at seven worked for us.

I was more than a little nervous about being seen in public. I parked at the garage across the street so that if there was an accident, the report wouldn’t give away why I was in the neighborhood. I was at the lobby at ten till, and continued to worry. What if I witnessed a crime? Or a celebrity showed up and I was in the picture in the newspaper?

Derek showed up before I could worry for too long. He was about 5’9″, a couple inches shorter than me. He knew the manager, so we got right in, but we sat at the bar. “I’m surprised there are so many women here,” I told him. “I mean, I’d heard that women sometimes like to come to these—”

Derek stopped me. “What? Oh, no, you thought—? Dude, look at the walls.”

I saw a large poster for Coors Lite and a college basketball schedule. Then I noticed the football jerseys in display cases. “Oh, this is a sports bar! I just assumed that Pride Club was a reference to parades.”

“It’s called the Pride Demetevler Escort Club because of all the Lions memorabilia.” We had a good laugh at my misunderstanding.

Derek ordered the Hank Greenberg special. I was about to order a plate of Red Wings, but it occurred to me that it would make the evening much less enjoyable later on, so I had the Tiger Burger instead. We talked about the local teams, our favorite erotic stories, and the various proposals people had made for revitalizing the downtown area. When I was nearly finished with my fries, I reached under the table to try to find his cock. He told me under his breath, “I told you, not till I see yours.”

We finished, and I picked up the tab while Derek went to the bathroom to wash his hands. After he came back, I went to wash mine. (No bathroom sex. That thought didn’t even occur to me until I started recounting this story for you.) Derek told me, “My apartment’s only a couple blocks away. We can walk from here.”

I pointed across the street. “See that blue car over the entrance? That’s mine. I may as well move it now.” I knew these meetings could be dangerous, but I figured if he trusted me to come to his place, I could trust him to get in my car. Derek followed me to my car. I drove to his place and parked on the street.

Since it was summer, we weren’t wearing jackets. That meant once we were in his apartment, all I had to do was close and lock the door, and Derek put his hand on my crotch. “Show and tell time,” he said with mock gruffness. I undid my belt, and he unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. He pulled them down just below the hem of my boxers and started rubbing my cock through the fabric. My mouth fell open involuntarily while I enjoyed the attention. He looked up at me and met my open mouth with his. I put my tongue forward just a little. He did the same and ran his fingers along my cock a few more times. I wanted to put my arm around him and kiss him even harder, but instead I pushed my jeans to the ground and my shorts down to the point where the waistband was just above my dick. Derek pulled the front down and my cock sprang out. “Nice!” he said, and he put his hand around it. He looked back up at me, and we resumed our kiss while he stroked the skin forward and back.

When I could feel my glans exposed, I said, “You want it, don’t you?”

“Mm-hmm,” he said. Derek knelt in front of me while I took my shoes and socks off. He pulled my pants and underwear off for me. Then he held my dick up in the air, although I didn’t really need much help in that department, and sucked my right ball into his mouth. He held the skin of the sac in while he let the right ball out and sucked the left one in. He let it go and licked an imaginary line from the base of my shaft down the middle of the sac. He licked each ball and then ran his tongue up the underside of the shaft. I wouldn’t have noticed my pre-cum if I hadn’t looked down when he kissed the bottom of the head. He pulled the foreskin back and licked the pre-cum off me. He let the foreskin return and took the head inside his mouth. He put his right arm around my waist to hold us both steady. He moved up my shaft a little at a time, letting his front teeth just barely make contact with me each time he advanced. When his warm mouth surrounded me, I thought I was in heaven.

“Your mouth feels great on me,” I told him. Derek’s left hand joined his right on my lower back. He started retreating the same way he had moved up. When he had nothing in his mouth except my cockhead, he started bobbing back and forth on me, letting his tongue sweep around on either side as he went. After the third or fourth time, his right hand came down and grazed my asshole. That got my attention but good, and I warned him I was about to come. He came down on me firmly, holding me tightly at the waist with both hands. “Oh, yeah! I’m coming! Swallow it, man!” When I finished coming, Derek let me out of his mouth and stood up. This time I was the one wrapping my arms. I could taste my cum on his tongue, and I could feel his cock getting hard. “Now, how ’bouts that view you promised me?” I asked.

“Give me a few minutes,” he said. “I promise it’ll be worthwhile.”

I wondered what he had in mind, so I said, “Sure. No rush.”

Derek went into his bathroom. I started to follow him, but he said, “Wait outside,” and closed the door.

I could hear him unzip his pants, and I heard various articles of clothing fall to the floor. “Toilet-seat sex?” I wondered. Then I heard something slide, followed by running water. He had started a shower. I heard a couple footsteps, and I asked, “Can I come in now?”

“Not yet,” he said, “but you can take the rest of your clothes off while I get ready.” While I did that, I could hear him humming. The normal sound of splashing stopped, and he said, “Come on in, Gare.” I opened the bathroom door and saw his silhouette in the glass Otele gelen escort shower door. I slid it open, and he was standing right there, his cock pointing at me and covered in soap suds. It looked bigger than in his pictures, but not quite as big as mine. When I stepped in, he asked, “Remember what you said you’d like to do?” and pointed to the shower head.

Derek stepped back into the corner to give me room. While I was removing the hose from the cradle, he closed the door and leaned against the wall. I pointed the hose so it was hitting the floor next to his right leg, the one on the opposite side from the door. I moved it over so it hit his foot. I moved it up his right leg slowly, intentionally passing his dick. “Oh, Gary,” he moaned as I hit the spot just to the side of it. Then I did his other leg. When I hit the spot to the other side of his cock, he looked like he was already coming.

Derek was no bear, but he had enough hair on his chest to hold the soap suds. I sprayed his neck first and worked my way down. Most of the suds ran down his sides and legs, but some fell to his crotch and his cock. When his chest was clear, I told him to turn to the side, which he did. I ran the stream along the top of his cock, forcing most of the suds to the floor and some into his pubic hair. I told him to turn back. When he did, he stooped down a little, creating a little more space on each side of his cock. I rinsed his mound, the inside of his right leg–he moaned a little when I did that–and the inside of his left leg. I put the shower head back and ran my hand along the top of his cock to make sure it wasn’t soapy any more. It wasn’t, and my touch made him even harder than he’d been in the picture that had led to all this. I put my hands behind him, one on each buttock. He was so hard that I was able to leave them there while I guided his cock into my mouth. “Natalie wants some, too,” he joked.

Pretending that there was a woman to my left, I let Derek out of my mouth and shoved her aside, saying, “He’s mine, bitch.” As soon I had the head back in, I bobbed all the way down. I felt the head go past my tongue at the same time I felt the water trickling down my ass. I adjusted my position so I could feel the water more, while I continued to go up and down.

Derek told me, “Back up a little, Gary.” When I had my nose in his crotch, I started moving backward. Derek must have read my mind, because as I continued to suck him, he reached up for the shower head. He grabbed it and aimed the stream between my ass cheeks. I was going fast and furious on his dick now, never quite letting it out of my mouth. Suddenly I noticed that the water wasn’t hitting my butt any more. I realized what this meant. I let Derek out and moved my right hand around to hold his cock steady. “Oh, shit, I’m coming, Gary! Here it comes!”

I got most of his cum in my mouth, but I felt a little bit land on my chin. I also got my finger between his butt cheeks and discovered that I had only rinsed off the front. As the spurts subsided, I moved my hands to Derek’s calves. When he finished, I stood up slowly, caressing his calves, thighs, buttocks and back, until we were face to face. Derek already had his mouth open, and I met his with mine. (I made a mental note that I was right not to get the barbecued wings.) He cradled my neck in his hands while I held him close to me by his shoulders, our cocks rubbing against each other all the while. I broke the kiss and told him, “You’ve still got soap in your ass. No sense letting it go to waste!” Derek nodded in agreement and turned around, putting his hands against the wall. I put my index finger in his anus, getting it halfway between the first two knuckles. “Now cough,” I told him.

Derek turned his head and faked a cough. “Ooh, that felt good,” he said. I put my finger in the rest of the way and wiggled it. “Oh, fuck!” he exclaimed.

“Whatever you say,” I answered. I took my finger out and lined my cock up. As soon as the head hit the opening, he moved his hips down and back, forcing my cock head inside him. I put my hands above his on the wall and slid my cock up and into his ass.

“Damn!” he shouted. “That thing’s thick!”

I was steady enough now that I could pound his ass instead of sliding. “You didn’t notice it before?” I asked.

“I didn’t think about it. I just enjoyed it”—he grunted again as I bottomed out—”like I am now.” I hoped Derek had a strong enough back to support me if I needed it. I kept my left hand on the wall, but I reached down with the right and started stroking his dick. “Oh, God!” he cried.

“You like it?” I asked.

He couldn’t answer. He just kept saying, “Oh, God! Oh, God!”

I was pulling back when I told him, “Oh, man, I’m gonna come!”

He must have thought I was planning to come on his back as some of his narrators had done, because he insisted, “Don’t pull out. Come in my ass!”

I Balgat Escort didn’t correct him; I just plowed back in as I was already doing. At that point, I couldn’t have pulled out if I’d wanted to. I told him, “Here it comes!” although it was too late to do him any good. We both made various cries of ecstasy as I came in his ass and he seemed ready to come in my hand.

He wasn’t ready, not quite. When I got my breath back, I pulled out, turned around and shut the water off. Derek was sitting on the floor, still regaining his breath. I extended my hand and helped him stand up. He fell toward me and kissed my neck. His hands fell to my butt, and he started caressing my cheeks. We started another long, passionate kiss while our cocks and crotches rubbed against each other. I pulled him close by his head to see how far I could get my tongue in. When I did, his cock went between my legs. I could feel the head as it went just over the cleavage between my buttocks. “That feels good,” I told him. “How ’bout a little closer?”

“Not here,” Derek answered. “I’m not that strong and I’ll guess you’re not that agile. Let’s head to my bedroom.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said.

Derek turned around, opened a door and pulled out a pair of bath towels. He handed one to me and headed out the bathroom door. I followed him into his bedroom. “Put the towel on the bed,” he said. I did. “Stay where you are,” he said, and I did. He unfolded the one he was carrying, walked behind me and began patting my back and chest with it. I had lost just a little hardness during the walk, but when he started working my butt, I got hard again. I was too busy enjoying it to notice when he knelt behind me. He dried the back of my thighs and then the front. He didn’t seem to make any special effort to play with my cock, but he jiggled it a couple times in the course of drying my legs. That kept me hard while he knelt down and did my shins and calves. When those were dry, he told me to lift my leg. He didn’t say which, so I lifted the right, and he dried my right foot. “Now the left,” he said, and when I did, he dried that one. “Now set your foot on the bed,” he instructed me. As soon as I did, I felt his tongue on my asshole.

“No fair,” I said. “You’re getting me excited and I still have to dry you off!”

He took his tongue out long enough to say, “Yeah, but just think how much better it’ll feel when we get to it.”

“Good point,” I said. I moaned as he continued tonguing me.

Just when I didn’t think I could get any more erect, he stopped and said, “Okay, my turn.” He stood next to me on the bed, and I picked up the towel I had carried in.

I stepped behind him and gently dried his neck. My own arms were still a little wet, and I figured they’d dry off on their own before we were done, but I went the second mile and did his anyway. I returned to his back and patted him down just as he had done to me. When I got to his waist, I reached around and stroked his cock a couple times. I placed my cock over the cleavage in his buttocks and moved down to do his thighs. “There. Now we can both enjoy some delayed gratification,” I told Derek. He mumbled something in a submissive tone. I finished his legs and feet and told him, “Done.”

Derek was already facing the bed, so he crawled up on it. He lay on his side and patted the spot next to him. I joined him and lay face to face with him. He reached over and ran his hand from my side down to my knee. “Tell me what you want,” he said softly.

I rolled onto my back and separated my legs. “I want you to make love to me with that gorgeous cock,” I told him. Derek got between my legs and put them over my shoulders. He lined himself up with my recently-lubed ass and slid in easily. “Ooh, yeah,” I shouted. “Fuck me!”

Derek pulled back and went in again. “You like that, Gary?” he said.

“Fuck, yeah. Give it to me!” I cried.

He picked up speed. “Yeah, Gary, you love my cock, don’t you?”

My voice went up half an octave. “I do! I do!” I looked toward us and noticed my cock bouncing freely. It was as hard as I’d ever seen it when it wasn’t inside someone. “Fuck me harder!”

I could feel Derek’s cock getting harder as he thrust it in and out of me. “Oh, shit!” he cried. “Oh, God!” He leaned over me so we were face to face again. I put my arms around him and held him close. “I’m gonna come, Gary!”

I kissed his Adam’s apple and told him, “Do it! Come in my ass, Derek! I want it all!”

“Oh, God!” he shouted. “I’m coming!”

“Me too,” I told him. You probably could have seen his semen running down my crack. I rolled him off to my side and told him, “Wow. Every spurt of my dick felt like it coincided with a burst of your cum entering me. I’ve never been so in tune with another human being.”

“I noticed that too,” he answered. After a long silence, he told me, “I’ve got an extra ticket for the Tigers game on Wednesday. You wanna come with me?”

“Try and keep me away,” I answered.

We got together many times over the next few months, and then Derek told me he’d met someone and fallen in love. I wasn’t the least bit jealous; I was happy for him. We’ve gotten together a few times since then when we were both between relationships, but now we know we’re just best friends who are also fellow hedonists.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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