Anal Pursuit

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The anus, has always been fascinating to me.

My best friend made me watch this porn movie that I really didn’t want to. I never liked porn but watching this video changed me. It was a 70’s video and shot real bad. Nothing was clear but when that big cock slid into that tiny wrinkled hole and both participants writhed in pleasure, I couldn’t stop whacking off that whole night.

I didn’t know what came over me but it, anal play took hold of me that night. On the same night, I etched a wish, a goal in my journal, ‘I must have anal sex’.

The first time I tried something, was with some random girl I met after graduation. I was 19, taking a year off and traveling when I met this older girl. We were making out in this dark alley. I had her against the wall, grinding my groin into her soft spot. Heat rose within her with every passing minute. Her hands stroked my semi hard cock over my pants. My own were in her shirt feeling those soft mounds between them.

She skillfully got me out while still caressing the inside of my mouth with her tongue. She got down on her knees and started giving the best head. I combed her hair away to watch those soft lips glide up and down my shaft. It was mind blowing.

When I was close, I stopped her.

I slid my hands into her skirt and felt her moist panties. Pushing them aside I dipped in and slowly spread her love juices around. When her cheeks flushed and she took in short gasps, I rolled on a condom and switched my fingers with my sheathed cock. She had her hands around my neck as I started rocking back and forth. Her moans echoed off the dirty walls. It was then I made my move. I lifted her leg above my waist and placed my fingers on her ass. I squeezed them hard, which earned me a bite in the neck. With every inch, I watched for any signs of disapproval as I closed in on my goal.

There was none.

I finally reached that puckered hole beneath her panties. Slowly caressing the spot made her wild. Her pussy milked me stronger.

I was about to cum when I pressed into her hard.

She stopped. Her moans of ecstasy turned to words of disapproval.

Finally, when I had enough, I said “Come on it’s just another hole. I bet you will love it in there too.”

I received a slap and a walk away. The lesson I learnt that day was to never tell women the truth, not if it’s going to get you slapped.

My next venture was when I was older and wiser, in other words in college. College girls love to experiment and I did my thesis on anal play very meticulously. They will let you try anything if it’s the right girl and you motivate her enough.

The right girl, had a history of involving in kinky play, at least according to the rumors and she had her own room. I brought some wine, something my uncle had locked up and I listened to her banter. I drank very little.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” She asked after the fourth glass.

“No, I just want you to feel relaxed.” I lied.

“I am not stupid. We both know you are getting lucky tonight, without the wine and polite talk. Why don’t you give me a shoulder rub and tell me what you really want.”

Deciding whether to tell her or not was a big deal as I stood there massaging her shoulders.

“That feels good.” She said. “Now tell me before I have to beat it out of you?”

I decided to go with it. I slid my hands down to her boobs as I leaned in.

“I want to fuck you in the ass.” I whispered into her ear. I circled her cleavage and returned to her shoulders.

I waited. She did not kick me out but she did not say yes either.

It was make or break.

I pushed away the strings of her dress and slid them down. My hands grabbed those perky tits and fondled them. She slowly turned towards me. I crushed my lips to hers before she could utter a word.

I tasted wine and strawberries.

Her nipples hardened Demetevler Escort under my assault. I broke away and jumped over the couch. She got out of her dress and started unbuttoning me. She laid soft kisses on my chest and nipples, before reaching my cock.

She was a witch, twisting, sucking, and working her magic on my wand. She brought me to the edge but didn’t push me off. She took her panties off, turned around and ground her ass against my dick. She placed my hands on her tits and commanded me to play.

“So you want my ass?” She asked as slid my cock into her pussy.

“More than anything.”

“Then fuck my brains out till I cum and then I will let you. Just two conditions, don’t cum and you have to do something for me.” It was like Santa, all I need is to play nice and I get my present. It was better than nice. It was freaking awesome.


I grabbed her hard and pumped into her like a machine. She was wet and tight and soon I had her moaning. I fingered her clit from behind and slowly she was slipping. I bend her down and thrust into her deeper. We fucked in this position for a while before we shifted to missionary but that did not slow me down.

I could tell she loved every moment of it. I carried her to the bedroom and slowed things a bit. She became aggressive, biting and pinching my nipples. Soon she was on top riding me and I couldn’t control myself. I withdrew just before cuming. She licked every drop dry before leaving; I thought to clean up.

I broke her rules. I came, gloriously.

She returned. “I am sorry about this. You did ask me to do one thing.”

“No, two things. It’s fine as long as you agree to the next part.” I wondered what when she held up a foot long black dildo in her hands.

“What’s that for?” I asked cautiously.

“Since you want to stick it in mine, it’s only fair that you should experience the same.”

I made up some lame excuse and bailed. Thinking back, she was screwing with me, we both were. Way to have the tables turned on me but that did not deter me from my goals. Alas, college never provided me another opportunity.

I decided then if I could not get it for free, why not buy it and what better place to buy sex than in Thailand.

My friends and I were in Pattaya for a few days and each had different plans. I got myself a double room in a cheaper hotel and hit the bars on walking street.

I had only two conditions, one is she speaks English and other was anal sex. That was saying a lot in a country where I had to repeat a place to a driver thrice before he understood it. The pimps were no use, with their flashing signs and horrendous offers.

I finally found a mamasan that spoke good English in one of the go go bars. I told her what I wanted. She gave me an address and a name Lily.

Took me all night and two taxi drives to finally get the right address. A man answered and led me inside. It was a shabby place and looked nothing like a brothel.

Lily came out, in black lingerie and smoking a cigarette. She was older but still had a great body.

“Jasmine sent me.” I told her.

“Okay, the price. 1 shot -400, 2 shot-600, full night-1500 rooms extra.” She stated.

“I am looking for a little extra.” She sighed.

“What you look for?”

“Anal.” I said immediately. One thing you should always be is ‘straight’ in Thailand.

“Cost more. 2500.” I agreed to it.

“Here or hotel?” Hotel I answered. “Pay now.”

Before I did, I asked who the girl was.

She got frustrated, turned around and spread her ass crack. “Okay?” She asked again holding out her hand.

“I am sorry but is there someone younger?” She looked outright angry, as she disappeared inside. I could hear her arguing with someone.

Finally, lily came out with a younger, Otele gelen escort shorter version of herself. She was much prettier than her mother I guessed.

“3500?” She raised the price. It was nothing and I confirmed everything before handing her the money.

“No English.” She said before receiving it. I didn’t mind. We weren’t planning on talking.

She told her mother goodbye and left with me. She had tight shorts and a tank top on, revealing the perfect mounds both above and below.

She was there to please me the whole night and that included much more than anal.

We found a taxi soon after we exited the building. No sooner than telling the address to the driver, that she had her hands inside my pants. She built a rhythm quickly and had me at full length. I couldn’t help groping those beautiful melons as she started going down on me. Her nipples were hard instantly.

The creepy driver watched, while I exposed her boobs fully.

I paid the cab a little extra since he got us to the hotel quickly.

The reception eyed us dubiously as he handed me the room keys. I took it from him quickly.

We couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves the entire elevator ride up. She was good, an experienced deal. I couldn’t wait to find out how she was in bed. She started undressing me as we entered the room. I did the same by pulling over her tank top in one slide. Tattoos adorned her back and sides. She slid her shorts off and made a show out of it. I liked this exotic creature more and more. With her skillful mouth, she removed my pants and briefs.

My cock stood straight staring into her face.

With one lick, she took the entire length in. I could feel the depths of her mouth choking against my cock. I was on the tips of my feet when she released me. She grabbed my hand and let me to the shower.

Her hands were on my cock as I felt every inch of her supple flesh. Her tits were firm and her nipples asked to be sucked. I took one in my mouth, savoring the feel. I gave particular attention to those hard nubs.

She placed the sensitive head against her pussy lips and she used it to pleasure herself. She took me in inch by inch. I broke off from her tits and fucked her. I turned her around after some time and held her by the hair. Her tits fit into my hands perfectly. Her ass slid up and down my shaft and I nearly lost it then. I guided it towards her hole and teased it.

Remembering the warnings about unprotected anal sex, I slid back into her pussy. This time, I couldn’t hold it in for long. I came all over her ass.

She didn’t waste any time. Turning around she took my still throbbing cock in her mouth. She deep throat-ed, sucked and pumped life back into my cock.

She coaxed me out of the bathroom and onto the bed. She kissed vigorously than turned me on further. She knew exactly what I wanted. She got a condom from her purse and rolled it on using her mouth. She then turned around and danced her ass in my face. She didn’t allow me touch it, in fact she handcuffed me to the bed. She came prepared or so I thought.

She teased further until I was writhing and suddenly just before the moment, she got off, dressed up, stole the money in my wallet, about 5000 and left, saying something in her language. Probably called me a dupe. She did leave the keys for me to take with a little effort.

I kept this incident from my friends who all seemed to have had a wonderful fuck. I however was the fool to spent 7000 on a fuck without the anal. I lost my sense of adventure after that.

Soon, my parents were getting me married to this rich girl and that was the end of that dream.

She wasn’t bad in any sense. In fact, she was a catch, tall, beautiful and well educated. Everything my parents wanted.

On wedding night, sex was different. I needed Balgat Escort to be gentle with her. It was short and sweet, just perfect for her. For me, it was too vanilla, too softcore.

The honeymoon changed my view of her. She wasn’t some spoiled rich girl that I mostly encountered my whole life. She had her own hopes and dreams. I enjoyed her company and view of the world. She wanted to quit her job and do something independent. I was okay with it. Anyone strong enough to give up a big part of their lives shouldn’t feel guilty about it and may be i should too. I locked away all those fantasies and became a married man.

We moved into our new home and I started working. Life moved on. Sex was a part of it when time allowed.

It was months later, during one of those sessions that she asked if I satisfied her. I kissed her, held her close, and told her I was much more than satisfied. It was the truth.

A week later, when I returned from work, I found our bedroom bathed in candlelight and filled with an aroma of roses. She was on the bed wearing pink lingerie I had never seen before. She didn’t allow me to question her. She undressed me, bathed me and covered me in oil. She massaged my sore back.

“I found your diary.” She said.

“What diary?” I asked in my drowsy state.

“I was clearing your old things last week when I found it. I thought I shouldn’t read it but I couldn’t help myself. That is one detailed sex journal.” My eyes flew open. I knew what she found. The journal was where I wrote all my sexual encounters and my fantasies over the years. It was where I wrote about anal sex. I turned around and looked at her.

“Are you mad?” She asked.

“Are you?”

“At first I was but you did tell me you had a lot of experience before marriage. I just wouldn’t have guessed how much.” She continued her massage in front. “This way I at least know what you want.” She stroked my cock with oil. I looked into her eyes and they held a mischief that wasn’t present before.

She slid her lingerie off and crawled up my oiled body. She held my cock in between her tits and massaged it. Slowly she took me in her mouth, which she never did before. It was a complete new side to her and it made my cock even harder.

I stopped and told her she didn’t have to do this.

“You know how hard I came when I read your journal?” I didn’t. “I want to do this.” She sucked my balls and stroked my cock. I knew she wasn’t experienced with this but she improvised. She rode me cupping my balls in her hand.

Just before cuming she stopped, glided off me and laid on her belly next to me. She split her ass cheeks inviting me.

I looked at her. “Are you sure?” She smiled. I rolled over and kissed her. I continued those trail of kisses on her back until I reached her ass. Her hands were ever present, telling me how scared she was. I kissed her again and told her to stop me anytime. She nodded.

A flowery smell emanated from her ass. She had cleaned herself for me. I split her ass cheeks and started licking her. Her discomfort left her; replaced with soft moans as I tongue fucked her ass. She was relaxed and turned on enough that I could enter her. She took a tube of lube from the drawer and handed it to me.

“I did read you research too.” I smiled.

I poured lube on her ass and my dick. I spread them evenly before finding me at her entrance, at that moment.

It was then I realized all those years trying to reach that one goal, that one dream of having anal sex, it wasn’t the act that mattered. Nothing mattered, more than the person in front of you, willing to explore that level of intimacy with you. I was glad it never happened before her. The dream was actually her, I just didn’t realize it.

I entered her finally and she told me she was fine. I rolled her sideways and started slowly moving inside was tighter than any pussy I felt before. I kissed her deeply as I fingered her pussy. She moaned loudly with a shudder as she came in my arms. I withdrew and entered her pussy. Soon I came in her. We kissed and cuddled each other.

“Are you satisfied with me?” She asked.

“Even if I had prayed or begged to the gods, I couldn’t have found someone this wonderful to love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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