An Unconventional Lust

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I had always struggled to understand the appeal of teenage girls dating or hooking up with a man who was more than a decade older than them, and at a completely different stage in life. Likewise, I felt the same way about the reverse scenario. I certainly never imagined I would end up becoming one of those men myself, but I also never imagined I would still be a single virgin when I hit 30. This is probably why my reasons for hooking up with a high school girl, were different from most people’s. For one, finding single gals my age, especially ones that still had their hymens intact was damn near impossible. Secondly, despite my physical age, I had the emotional and mental age of a 19 year old, which is probably why I found it easier to find a spark with younger girls.

A bit counterintuitive, considering the main reason a high school girl would date a 30 year old, is because they’re seen as more experienced and mature. Another reason why I’d probably never been with a woman. Pretty ironic, I know. But the older I got, the more the idea of being with a such a young girl began to appeal to me. Perhaps it was the desire to go back to my high school days, and experience the things I missed out on. Or perhaps I had waited long enough to know what it feels like to be desired, and do all the things couples do, and it no longer mattered who I got it from. Or, perhaps it was some weird desire to satisfy a young girl’s thirst for older men. Who knows? Despite my unconventional qualities, it didn’t take long for a younger girl, the kind I’d always stigmatized in my younger years, to take a liking to me.

Aparna was only a few months into her 18th birthday, when we came across each other in an online forum. She came from a traditional Hindu family and was still a senior in high school, and I came from a traditional Catholic family, and already had a steady career and three college degrees. Though we came from completely different backgrounds, and had a lot of differences, we quickly discovered that we also had a lot in common. The biggest common attribute we shared is that neither of us had ever been in a relationship, and we both had a raging sex drive, and were both very sexually frustrated and desperate to experience what a true relationship is like. I will say, I was just as surprised by her strong desires as she was by my lack of experience, but at this point, none of it even mattered. We were simply thrilled to have found each other. Somehow though, I knew it wouldn’t be an entirely smooth ride.

I suspected that my new friend might have some mental health issues, when she caught feelings for me, and began talking about meeting up and starting a family after just two days of messaging. It turned out, I wasn’t wrong. I wasn’t surprised either though, considering that I’d always been a magnet for crazy chicks, which is another reason I never had a proper dating life. Maybe it was desperation. Maybe it was the fact that she was Indian. Maybe I was developing a fetish for crazy girls. Or, maybe it was a combination of all three. Whatever it was, the idea of a young, horny, mentally unstable Indian teenager, potentially exerting physical and emotional control over a grown man, was extremely arousing to me. I was sure it was nothing I couldn’t handle, and besides, they say the crazy ones are the best in bed. There was also a large taboo aspect to the whole thing, that was really arousing to me.

As it turned out, my intuition was right. Aparna was the selfish, jealous and possessive type, and her needs always had to come first. It didn’t take long for her to become extremely clingy and obsessive, to the point where I had to switch to the graveyard shift at work, so I could message her during the day, so she wouldn’t go off on me. Most guys would have probably tried to end things right there, but I was well aware of what such an attempt could lead to. I’d be lying if I said that part of me wasn’t scared of what she could potentially do, but another part of me couldn’t help but be extremely flattered and turned on by how strong her lust for me was. That exertion of control had finally come, and despite her toxic behavior, I wanted her now more than ever. Something about her was irresistible. Perhaps it was because she was the only chance I had of finally getting some, and satisfying a long had desire to be the one to end a virgin girl’s sexual frustrations. Perhaps Aparna wasn’t the only one who was being selfish and manipulative.

It didn’t take long for us to officially become a couple, though we didn’t go bragging about it on social media. I didn’t even want to imagine what sort of punishment Aparna’s strict Indian parents would exert on her, if they found out she was in an online relationship with an older White man. And my traditional Catholic family would probably disown me just as quickly, if they knew I was flirting online with a mentally unstable polytheistic Hindu girl, who hadn’t even graduated high school yet.

As time progressed our conversations became more personal and more sexual, with the topic of sex and nudity popping up in pretty much Keçiören Escort every conversation. Neither of us ever wanted to admit it directly, but it was becoming fairly obvious what we both wanted from each other. I don’t believe for a second that Aparna never got turned on during these conversations, and never pleasured herself to my pics.

Although we had described our bodies to each other, we had never actually sexted or sent each other nudes. There was something exciting about not revealing our bodies to each other until we finally did it. And a few texts, phone calls and cam sessions later, I was flying 2,000 miles across the country, to a city I’d never been to before, to do just that.


I arrived in Atlanta on senior ditch day, an unofficial high school tradition which always took place the Friday before finals week. Aparna’s parents were completely unaware that such as tradition existed. As far as they knew, their precious daughter was at school preparing for her finals. Pretty much all the public servants in Atlanta knew about this tradition, and as long as you weren’t doing anything illegal, the local authorities and businesses would look the other way. Prom was out of the question, as Aparna’s parents wouldn’t let her go even if someone asked her. And the senior trips always had too many chaperones. This was the only window Aparna and I had to meet together. The plan was for one of Aparna’s close friends to take her from school after her mother dropped her off, then bring her back before her father picks her up. Her parents would never know she left school, but we would only have about a 5 hour window together, so we had to make it count. Needless to say, my nerves were running high.

We decided to meet each other at the city’s largest Hindu temple. It was a place Aparna knew very well, and it was just a short distance from the airport. Plus, it was only fitting that I would meet an Indian girl at an Indian temple. As if by some bizarre act of telepathy, we arrived at exactly the same time.

She was the cutest, most delicate little thing I’d ever seen. 5’4″ with light caramel skin, thick eyebrows, large almond shaped eyes, pink lips, a pierced nostril and straight long hair that covered half her butt cheeks. She was dressed in a traditional red and green saree that covered her more important features, and on her feet was a gold anklet, and a pair of silver flats. She looked even more stunning in real life, and for a moment I had completely forgotten that beneath all that was also a girl who struggled with mental health issues.

As we spoke and caressed each other for the first time, I suddenly felt an exciting sensation, both in my stomach and the area below it. It was a combination of excitement and arousal, and I’m pretty sure she was experiencing the same. I couldn’t help but plant a kiss on her soft gentle hand. The sensation that soared through our bodies at that moment was unlike anything we’d ever experienced. This is what we’d both been waiting for, for so long. And within a matter of seconds, we finally discovered what it feels like to hold someone’s hand for the first time. We wanted to to hold each other forever, but were quickly reminded that the grounds of a Hindu temple, were no place to express such emotions. They would have to wait.

Our date began with a visit to the temple. I must to say, that bringing a man with a foot fetish to a holy place that requires one to enter barefoot, probably wasn’t the best idea. I barely remember the ornate columns or statues of Hindu deities, as most of my attention was focused on Aparna’s cute little Desi feet. In her defense, she had no way of knowing. Although I had tried to hint at it before, it was never able to get through to her. But if she didn’t know about it before, she sure as hell knew about it now. I felt somewhat blasphemous as I found my arousal becoming increasingly difficult to control. I felt even more embarrassed when Aparna, in a rather creeped out tone, called me out for looking at her feet. I tried my best to enjoy my first Hindu temple, and be less obvious, but my thoughts were elsewhere. Our visit to the temple concluded with a ritual water cleansing, something that we both probably needed, especially me.

After our visit to the temple, it was only fitting that our next stop was a traditional Indian restaurant. Despite the tolerant multicultural vibe of Atlanta, it was pretty clear by the glances we were receiving from the other patrons, that a White man and a traditional Indian girl having breakfast together, was not the norm around these parts. And needless to say, our 12 year age gap wasn’t helping the situation. Thankfully, by the time our meal arrived, the restaurant had largely cleared out.

As we talked and enjoyed each other’s company over a traditional serving of kochuris, luchis and curry, I suddenly felt Aparna’s foot slip out of her flat and the tips of her unpainted toenails digging into my leg. The sensual massage casually continued throughout the course of our meal, Etimesgut Escort and the sudden rush of “excitement” and adrenaline, wasn’t doing my stomach or appetite any good. Eventually, my date put her excited little feet back on the floor, and I was able to finish the rest of my meal. My “excitement” quickly returned however, when my exotic young date asked me to lick her fingers clean and do the same to me. My heart skipped a beat, and at this point, my semi hard cock was dripping wet and starting to stick to my boxers. I knew the moment she crossed her legs and curled her cute little toes, that Aparna’s young virgin pussy was doing the same. We knew we couldn’t wait any longer. We washed up, paid the bill and caught the bus to the airport hotel, where the real fun was about to begin.


I tossed my backpack, kicked the door shut and pinned her against the hotel wall. Her right shoe fell to the floor, and her left one was barely hanging on, as I placed my arms under her thighs and propped her up just enough to be at the same eye level. Next thing we knew, we were finally experiencing our first kiss. Despite having waited twice as long, she seemed to be even more turned on by the kiss than I was. People always expect their first kiss to be a disaster, but this one was absolutely perfect. Our lips must have been together for a full minute. It was the most pleasant and calming feeling I had ever experienced.

We hadn’t even taken our clothes off and I already had the hardest and wettest boner I’ve ever had. I chose the wrong day to wear slacks. I was certain Aparna could feel me through her thin saree, and I was getting more aroused by the minute. I felt if I pressed too hard against her, I would explode in my pants before I had a chance to show her what was in them. Suddenly, I realized I wasn’t the only one getting excited, as I noticed Aparna’s juices beginning to drip onto the floor.

“I think I’m making a mess,” Aparna remarked. “And you’re pouring sweat.”

“I know,” I replied. Maybe we should jump in the shower, before we do anything else.”

“I think that’s a great idea,” she replied in a sensual tone.

I gave her a few more pecks on the lips, before gently bringing her back down to solid ground. After removing my shoes and socks, she began to slowly and sensually unbutton my sweaty shirt. With each pop, revealing more and more of my hairy manly chest. She let my shirt drop to the floor and once again began to caress me. One hand tickling my sweaty back, and the other petting my bushy chest. Her hand was eventually replaced by her wet lips as she began to peck her way closer and closer to my waist. Then, as if by pure reflex, I found my way fingers wrapped tightly around her wrists. I was the most excited I’d ever been, and I knew the slightest tug on my trouser belt would make me explode in my pants. I instructed my date to get the shower ready, hopefully giving me enough time to calm down.

I was able to remove my slacks without incident, and joined her in the bathroom in nothing but my underwear. By this point I had become so large, that my stained boxers were struggling to contain my manhood. I could see her standing there. Staring. Desperate to know what was inside.

I helped Aparna unwrap her saree, and as it dropped to the bathroom floor, I found myself standing in front of my first naked woman. This whole time, Aparna hadn’t been wearing anything under her saree. Her breasts were quite large compared to her tiny body, but some how it worked. Her nipples must have been the hardest they’d ever been, her bum was plump and an even lighter shade of caramel, and her perfectly smooth pussy was glistening from her virgin juices. Her vaginal lips perfectly parted, and her pulsating pussy continuing to release her young Indian juices. I knew she was the horniest she’d ever been. Finally, the moment of truth. I slipped off my boxer shorts, finally revealing my massive bush and throbbing uncircumcised, veiny cock, with was still continuing to grow with each twitch. I saw Aparna’s body spasm from the excitement of standing in front of her first naked man. Another drop of cum dripped onto the floor, and I could only imagine what was going through her mind. She wanted to stroke and suck me right then and there, but I was the horniest I’ve ever been. I was gushing pre-cum like the monsoon, and I knew the slightest touch, even from myself, would create a raging torrent. So I instructed her not to touch me until we got in the shower.

I washed Aparna first, thoroughly examining every inch of her smooth teenage body, as I sensually massaged it with scented soaps. Her body spasming, and her pussy dripping every time my hands brushed across her intimate bits. We were both getting hornier by the second.

The sensual cleansing gradually became more and more erotic, ultimately ending with my tongue exploring her mouth, and one hand cupping her breast, and the other hand rubbing her virgin pussy. At this point she was so wet, it had become impossible to tell Demetevler Escort which liquids were coming from the showerhead, and which ones were coming from her. It must have been incredible. Feeling a man’s sexual touch for the first time. And when she shut her legs, and gave off the biggest spasm yet, I knew she had cum. After thanking me with back to back kisses, it was my turn.

The exotic teenager repeated the same kind of sensual and erotic actions on me. Feeling and xamining every little inch and crevice of my mature hairy body, as she cleansed me of my sticky sweat and pre-cum. By this point my cock head had become so engorged, that my veiny foreskin couldn’t be pulled back even if I wanted it to. My dick felt it was being constricted. I was the hardest and wettest I’d ever been, and my virgin juices were beginning to form a puddle on the shower floor, with each twitch of my horny cock. My dick was the largest I’d ever seen it, and I was beginning to wonder if I’d even be able to fit inside her. That tingling sensation I always feel after days of edging was more intense than ever before.

My teenage girlfriend had washed every inch of my body, except one. I instantly erupted in the biggest cumshot I’ve ever had, as I felt a woman’s hand on my dick for the first time. I must’ve been erupting for a good 20 seconds, my dick twitching like never before. All while my young Indian girlfriend casually proceeded to finish washing my dick.

This was exactly what I feared would happened. I knew my body well. To my surprise however, rather than being annoyed and angry, Aparna actually seemed extremely flattered that she managed to turn me on that much. She stood on her cute little tippy toes and planted several kisses on my lips. Then, after rinsing my manhood from all the soap and juices, she crouched down and proceeded to do what she had wanted to do since we got the hotel. She began massaging her virgin clit, as she proceeded to suck my limp and exhausted dick. Probably half hoping that I would get hard again, and take her right there in the shower. But her efforts were futile. I would have to take her in the bedroom.

After getting the rest of our juices off and helping each other dry off, I picked my delicate little angel up and carried her into the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and proceeded to make out, while once again one hand massaged her breast and the other massaged her warm, tingly clit. As I began to finger her young virgin pussy, I felt a sensation that I hadn’t felt before. I stopped to examine, and noticed a small amount of blood on my fingers.

“I’m okay,” she assured me. “Keep going baby.”

I heeded her instructions, and proceeded to finish pleasuring her horny virgin pussy. But it wasn’t enough. She was desperate for more.

I took her place on the bed. Her long moist hair tickled me, and drops of blood and her virgin juices hit me as she crawled over the length of my hairy body towards my face. Before I knew it, I was tasting my first female pussy. She let out the loudest moan I had heard yet, and my face was nearly crushed as her legs opened and shut from the sensation of feeling a man’s tongue for the first time. Her premature orgasm didn’t faze her one bit. She had the sexual stamina of a Hindu goddess. She forced my hands upon her large breasts, and I could feel her nipples hardening in my palms. She began to moan as I continued to lick her leaking chut and massage her breasts. Suddenly, I felt her soft fingers wrap around my semi-flaccid cock. She wanted me inside her, and for that, I needed to be hard.

I slowly felt my cock start to harden again, as I continued to pleasure her tits and pussy. I felt a large drop of pre-cum excrete from my dick as she slid my foreskin back and forth, exposing a little more of my swelling head each time. I suddenly experienced a sensation of tightness, but not like before. She pulled my foreskin completely back, sending a rapid rush of blood to my head. I could feel her tugging and tugging. Trying to pull my skin back over my head. But it was stuck. I was ready.

The moment I’d been waiting for for so long, was finally here. Somehow though, I still felt she was even more aroused by what was about to happened than I was. I had to struggle hard to keep my body from shaking. I’d say it was a combination of nerves and adrenaline. I had waited for this moment for so long, and finally it had come. But in the back of my head, there was also this thought of what her reaction would be if I wasn’t good enough.

She begged me to fuck her without a condom. I knew deep down she was hoping she would end up getting pregnant by me. I knew how Aparna was when she didn’t get what she wanted, and I also didn’t want to run out on what I knew would be my only chance for a long time. Against my better judgment, I decided to go bare.

A pool of pre-cum was forming in her pussy, as I teased her swollen clit with my large throbbing head, and made her beg me to put it in. When she started getting aggressive, I knew she really wanted it. I watched her curl her toes, and let out an orgasmic sigh as my throbbing 30 year old virgin cock began to penetrate her tight little virgin pussy. First my head, then my shaft. Until I was as far in as I could go. We were finally doing it. Her tight virgin pussy, constricting my throbbing dick, was unlike anything I’d felt before, and I could only imagine how incredible Aparna must’ve felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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