A Holiday of Discovery

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Hello, my name is Rebecca and I have decided to share my story with you as a warning to others about how well we truly know someone. My husband, Jonathon, is 49 years of age and we have been married for just over 23 years. Although there was nothing particularly remarkable about our life together I would not have hesitated in saying that we had always been happy and content. We have two lovely children, Kate, who is 22 years old and Michael who has just turned 19 years of age. Jonathon has worked for most of his working life for the same company as an engineer. After being over looked for promotion on a couple of occasions he had decided to settle for what he had and continued to work hard to provide for our family. And, since our children no longer needed our full attention, I managed to find a couple of part-time jobs to help with our finances and pay for a few luxuries.

It was the time of year when holidays were occupying our thoughts and in particular where to go. It was going to be our first holiday without the children for many years. We were both looking forward to relaxing for a couple of weeks and having some fun together. After some discussion we eventually decided upon two weeks in a log cabin situated in an idyllic country park in Gwynedd, Wales. Pleased with our choice we were soon eagerly looking forward to our holiday and were counting down the days.

Promising to ring as soon as we arrived, we were soon saying our goodbyes to Kate and Michael. We were lucky that our holiday coincided with the best spell of weather we had had for quite awhile. It was a four and an half journey by car and so we stopped a couple of times for refreshments and to stock up with provisions for our stay. The time seemed to fly by and we soon found ourselves driving along a winding wooded lane that led to our holiday cabin. We soon found it situated in a pretty spot with a couple of other cabins not too far way.

The cabin was everything that we had been expecting and we were soon unpacking and settling in. Our first night was spent enjoying a meal and a bottle of wine followed by an early night. Jon and I then spent the next few days walking and exploring the scenic surroundings that we found ourselves in. We were both enjoying every minute and spent the evening relaxing and excitedly planning for the following day

It was on the fourth day of our holiday that we met Richard. Our paths crossed while we were out walking. We soon learned that he was 46 years old and was recently divorced. He was staying alone in a cabin further into the park and was on holiday to relax and do some fishing and to clear his mind. Richard was very friendly and charming and Jon and I quickly liked him. Richard had spent a few days longer exploring and was soon telling us about some nice walks and areas to visit. The three of us had soon decided to spend the next day together.

Loaded with picnics and wind breaks we loaded up our car and picked up Richard on our way to a spot that that he had been telling us about. After about a twenty minute drive we found ourselves in the most beautiful of locations. Green lush surroundings with wooded areas that was close to the shore. We set out walking and looking for a place where we could settle down and just enjoy the scenery. We started by looking at a board with maps of walks and the surrounding are. At the bottom, there was a warning stating that naturists quite often frequented certain areas. Richard was the first to speak saying that there was nothing to worry about and that clothes were ‘optional’ and that most were very discreet. Jon and I both trusted Richard’s judgment and were happy to let him lead us to the spot he had mentioned.

We must have walked for about 15 minutes before we arrived at a secluded but picturesque man made lake. We set up our wind breaks and spread our blankets a few feet from the bank of the lake. It was then that eryaman escort I noticed a few people relaxing naked interspersed amongst the greenery surrounding the lake. The three of us sat chatting and took in the scenery before Richard jumped up saying that he fancied a refreshing swim before lunch. The water did look cool and inviting but I was more than happy to catch up with some reading and so told Jon to join Richard if he wanted to. To both our surprises, Richard was soon pulling down his underwear and saying with a grin ‘while in Rome!’. With Jon standing between myself and Richard I only caught a glimpse of his cock as he made his way to the water. Jon looked at me and said that there is no way he was going naked! Richard was soon swimming in the lake and called to Jon to join him. I told Jon that he might as well as I knew that he was fond of the water, more so than I was. Jon undressed to his briefs and was ready to join Richard. One thing I would say is that Jon had maintained quite a good physique over the years helped by keeping active and the physical work that he has to do.

I watched briefly as Jon joined Richard in the water and were soon swimming together. I went back to reading my book but was soon distracted by the sounds of laughing and splashing around. I looked to see Jon and Richard horsing around in the water and trying to dunk each other. Richard was a little bit more muscular than Jon and was seeming to be getting the better of him. I could not hear what they were saying but Richard seemed to be teasing Jon and wrestled him beneath the water. Jon surfaced with a smile on his face. It was then that Richard made a grab at Jon’s briefs and managed to pull them down around his thighs before he could stop him. Jon’s dark growth of pubes and his heavy looking cock were exposed. It seemed like a few long seconds before Jon reacted by pulling up his briefs. His cock seemingly enjoying its freedom and swinging free between his legs. I could not tell if Jon was blushing but he seemed to laugh it off.

I continued to lazily watch as Richard swam to one of the many small islands and pulled himself out of the water to lie and enjoy the sun. It was clear to see that he was in good shape and was quite well endowed , similar in many ways to Jon. Richard called for Jon to join him and he was soon giving him a helping hand out of the water. They sat chatting for a few minutes before Jon stood up and slid down his underwear, without any help this time, and lay alongside Richard on the small island to enjoy the sun. I was a little surprised as Jon has always been a little reserved in public but I watched as they lay naked side by side and continued to chat without a care in the world.

After about 20 minutes I looked up again as they both jumped into the water and started to swim back to the shore. They seemed to be in deep conversation as they walked towards me with water glistening on their bodies. I tried hard to seem very casual as they reached me with both of their cocks bouncing up and down as they walked. Jon was soon asking if I minded if they continued to sunbathe naked for awhile. I am afraid I could not reply by saying anything more interesting than “not at all, don’t mind me” . They decided to move a few feet away me which I decided was to spare my blushes. With a wind break protecting them from the far side they settled down next to each other. Despite me trying to seem casual I was starting to feel a little excluded as I heard them chatting quietly together.

I barely managed to hear Richard mention the sun cream and glanced across to see Richard leaning across Jon, his cock pressing against my husband’s right thigh, to reach for the sun lotion. Without asking he poured some on Jon’s chest and proceeded to rub it into him. Jon was seeming to take it into his stride and did not try to stop him. sincan escort After a couple of minutes Richard must of decided it wasn’t enough and moved to straddle Jon’s midriff as he continued to rub lotion into Jon’s torso. I could see Richard’s cock rubbing against Jon’s as he leant over him. It was not too long before Jon’s cock started to grow to its full length, about 7.5 inches, and reach up towards his stomach. It was only now that Jon seemed to be remember me and turned his head in my direction to barely audibly mouth sorry to me.

I am convinced that Richard took this as a sign of victory and looked at me with a satisfied grin as he lowered himself on top of Jon and started to kiss his neck and face. Ever so slowly working towards his mouth. Jon was neither trying to stop him or respond but Richard was persistent and moved his mouth to Jon’s. Sensing his resistance weaken, I saw Richard’s tongue determinedly parting Jon’s lips and enter his mouth. It had all changed in that moment.

My husband raised his hips as he pressed against Richard, their cocks and balls grinding together. Jon clinging to Richard as he returned his kiss fully. His tongue was now meeting Richard’s as they explored each others mouth in a deep and furious kiss. I noticed Jon’s hand move to grasp Richard’s cock tightly as they kissed. I was frozen to where I was now sitting with tears silently running down my cheeks. For the next five minutes I did not exist as they rolled around on the blanket kissing and feeling each others cock and balls.

Jon then whispered something to Richard that brought a smile to his face. He stood up, still partially hidden by the wind break, his cock was the hardest I have ever seen it as it stood out from his body surrounded by thick but neat dark pubic hair. Richard moving onto his knees in front of him. His hands reaching to grasp the cheeks of Jon’s arse. With his face only inches from Jon’s cock he started to slowly tongue his balls, savouring each stroke of his tongue. Sucking each of them in turn into his mouth as Jon’s eyes closed. Richard then turned his attention to Jon’s hard shaft. Slowly licking the entire length of his cock several times. I could clearly see Jon’s wet cock glistening after Richard’s administrations.

Eventually, Richard’s lips and tongue closed over the head of his cock. I could tell that he was now teasing the slit of Jon’s cock with his tongue. Jon was now moaning audibly and was holding Richard’s head against him. Then, ever so slowly, Richard closed his mouth around Jon’s hard shaft with him watching as it disappeared from view inside Richard’s mouth. The noise of him sucking on Jon’s cock seemed deafening to me. The wet sucking noises and Jon’s moaning were too much too bear. I was trembling in shock as I noticed Jon eventually glance over at me, almost apologetically, as an orgasm exploded through his body. He was now cumming with more ferocity than I had ever seen before.

With his eyes closed, a low guttural moaning escaped from Jon’s lips as Richard dug his fingers into his buttocks. Using his hips, he thrust his cock in and out of Richard’s mouth as cum endlessly streamed from his cock. Richard’s sucking did not let up as he tasted every last drop and then, with a final flourish, sucked on the head of his cock to tease one last ejaculation from Jon.

They both soon collapsed next to each other on the blanket leaving me with my head buried in my hands. After a few minutes Jon got up and crossed the few feet that was between us. “Becky, I am so, so sorry” he said, in a whispered voice. “Why?” I sobbed, as tears flowed down my face. “I really don’t know, I just could not fight it” he replied. I did not know what else to say and neither did Jon.

Jon and Richard were soon dressed and packed up and exchanging whispers and smiles.

Unlike the journey etlik escort to our location Jon decided to sit in the back of our car alongside Richard. As I looked over my shoulder to reverse out of our parking spot I caught a glimpse of Richard’s hand between Jon’s legs teasing him until a bulge was showing in his shorts. I think Jon was completely oblivious but I noticed Richard catching my view in the rear mirror. Smiling at me, he turned to Jon and pulled him into another kiss. The rest of the short journey was spent in silence apart from the noise of Richard kissing Jon. We soon pulled up outside Richard’s cabin when Jon quietly told me that he was going to spend the night with Richard.

It was around noon the following day that Jon finally turned up at our cabin and sat quietly in the lounge area. We sat and chatted for awhile about what had happened. Jon trying to explain that something had come over him and he could not stop himself from responding to Richard. It was very clear that Richard had cast a spell over Jonathon as he told me that he had invited him around to our cabin before he was due to leave the following morning. I was shell shocked and speechless at how Richard seemed to be controlling Jon and having such an affect on him.

It was about 8pm that evening when Richard knocked on our cabin door. Jonathon was quick to get up and let Richard inside. Glancing into the reception area from the lounge I could see them pressed up tightly against one another and kissing wildly. After a few minutes they appeared in the lounge both with signs of bulges in their pants. Richard was back to his ‘charming’ self as Jon poured him a drink. They sat chatting while I was trying to busy myself with tidying up the lounge. There was little pretence now, I suppose that there was no point. Jon had moved close next to Richard and started to kiss him with Richard soon openly sucking on Jonathon’s tongue. Jon’s left hand was now between Richard’s legs as he squeezed the massive bulge in his pants. Jon must have signalled to Richard because they got up and made their way to our bedroom. I heard Richard tell Jonathon to leave the bedroom door as they started to pull each others clothes off. Richard briefly appeared in the lounge, his hard cock pointing up towards the ceiling, as he collected the remains of the bottle of wine and returned with it to the bedroom. It was only minutes before I could hear the moans of my husband having sex with another man.

As if on cue, the telephone rang. It was our children calling to ask how we were enjoying our holiday. I could only pray that they could not hear the noise of the bed creaking in rhythm and the moaning coming from the bedroom as their father was having sex with another man. Taking the telephone into the kitchen I was left with the vision of Richard lying on his back with his legs draped over Jonathon’s shoulders while his hard cock was thrusting deep inside Richard. It was only then that I realised that Jon was now taking a more active role rather than merely responding to Richard.

I managed to pull off my most convincing act yet by telling the children what a great time we were having. It hurt me deeply to lie but could not see what else I could do. Returning to the lounge, I was almost compelled to glance into the bedroom again to see them both now in the sixty-nine position and furiously fucking their cocks into each others mouths.

I ended up falling asleep on the sofa that night. I am not sure what time Richard left but it must have been in the early hours. I woke to find that Jon had covered me with a blanket and found him asleep naked on top of our bed.

Following our return from holiday we have talked long and hard about what happened but I can only come to the conclusion that my marriage is a sham.

Jonathon has since taken up ‘fishing’ and on a number of occasions taken weekend trips away. Kate and Michael both think it’s wonderful that their father has found a new hobby. Thankfully, they are totally unaware that he is in fact taking a two hour drive to visit Richard as he continues to have sex with him. At the time of writing this account of our holiday, our children are also unaware of my appointment with a divorce solicitor.

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