A First Time for Anal Play Ch. 4

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Big Tits

Ethyl as I said was no real beauty, but she had a lot to offer. She was rounded and very womanly. Even though I had never been hot for my mom, in some ways this would be like fucking my mom and it made me hot. She was 52, plump, graying and had the most peaceful personality you could imagine. Her smile just radiated calm and good. Her face was round with beautiful gray eyes and a mouth with big cock-wrapping lips.

Our first encounter had been in the men’s room at the club. After I agreed to fuck her, she was so hot she couldn’t wait to see my dick, so she pulled me down the open air corridor to the bathroom. Women’s bathroom. I balked. No way was I gonna get caught in there. Not all the women at this club were open-minded sex fiends, most were prissy rich bitches who I am sure would love nothing better than a scandal and me bearing the brunt of it. I pulled her down and across the hall and into the employees room. Her eyes opened wide, and she started to say something, but I reminded her that as a senior member of the club, she could go anywhere and not be questioned, besides, the other employees would never rat me out. Her brows furrowed, and I said “Do you want to see this pole or not?” A big grin crossed her face and she lifted her head and walked in ahead of me.

I guided her around the lockers, and past Jerry and Amy smooching, past the sinks, and into the stall area. I opened the handicap stall, and pulled her in with me. I walked up to the toilet, pulled my swimsuit under my balls, pulled my meat and pissed long and hard. I didn’t even shake the last off. I lowered the seat, turned and sat, my dick hanging out over my trunks. She looked perplexed, and I told her to get on her knees and let me see what she could do. The stall door was open, and she moved to shut it. “Leave it” I said. I got the impression that she thought she would be sitting down as I stuffed her mouth, and that she would have some control. Wrong. I could tell she would do what I wanted, so I began to feel like I could lord it over her, dominate her, enslave her. At the same time, she made me feel tender towards her, though. Really weird to feel two opposite emotions at the same time.

Anyhow, she just stood there, and so I stood up, started to draw my shorts over my balls, acting like I was gonna leave. She jumped as if startled, and grabbed my arm. I looked at her, and she met my eyes and then lowered her head. I pulled the suit down more, and sat down again, my dick lolling there waiting to feel her lips and tongue bring it to full attention. She got down, kinda squatting in front of me, trying not to touch the sticky floor. I said to her softly “kneel”. My eyes were hard, and she turned away from them and hesitated only moments before kneeling before me on the piss-covered, sticky floor of the employees bathroom. She sighed, and then leaned forward, and scooped the head of my dick up with her tongue. She closed her red lipstick coated lips around the head of my dick. Her tongue, going first to the pee-hole and cleaning out the last drop of piss, then as she tightened her lips and sucked her tongue began to dance around, bathing the head of my dick. She pulled back, stretching my dick out till it was long and thin, then moving her head towards me, the flaccid length fattening and bending limp in the middle. Now she began to engulf my whole cock in her mouth. I love to feel all of me in a woman’s mouth before I get hard. I can feel parts of my dick pressed against teeth, the roof of her mouth, and her tongue as it moves me around inside that warm wet cavern. Her cheeks are puffed, and her mouth stuffed full of me. There is a red mark on the top of my dick where her lips have closed over the root of my dick and smudged off. Now she backs off, her lips pulling and stretching over my shaft as she makes me long and thin again. Her mouth is hoovering the head, and her tongue is pushing hard at the meat on my knob, then lightly running over it, then pressure again. This time as she moves forward, there is not as much bend in my shaft. Blood is pouring in making it hard, making it grow, making my groin tingle. She has pulled my suit way down, and now has my balls in her hand. My cock jumps and now as she tries to take me in, she has to open her mouth much wider.

She did a pretty good job, getting about half of my totally engorged prick in. She had a great way of using both hands in a perfect grip, twisting on my shaft. That with her alternately sucking hard, and then lightly running her tongue and lips on my shaft had me ready to blow.

Jerry and Amy wandered in, his dick now in her hand as they kissed, the stopped to watched me get blown. I reached over and put my hands around the back of her head and pulled her hard on to my dick, making her gag. I pumped her head a few times, then let up, letting the drool and precum leak out of her mouth as she got her breath. Then pulling her back onto my cock to pump her throat more. Her eyes held a bit of fear, but she didn’t struggle to get away, so I pumped and backed off, pumped and backed off until I was ready to blow.

I took Çankaya Escort my cock out of her mouth, let it flip up to my stomach and pulled her head to my balls. She tentatively licked her tongue under the sack and then began to lick more over the right and then left nut. Oh so sensitive. I was jacking my dick, my balls bouncing, and pulled her to me even more. She took a nut in her mouth, and tongued it till I wanted to cry with the pleasure. As she let go and started to pull the other one in, I pushed her head back and let go my load all over her face and glasses and hair. The I pulled her mouth over my dribbling dick and shoot the last few pumps into her. I kept her stuffed, and she gamely tried to suck the last of my cum down.

Jerry shot his load all over the floor about that time, and gave me a lopsided grin, then pulled Amy out with him. My spent noodle was now pretty limp in this woman’s mouth, and I let her go. She got up, went to the mirror and tried to get the cum out of her hair and off her face. There was nothing she could do but dab at her dark blouse where the streaks of spit and precum had run down her face onto it.

She pulled some paper from her purse, wrote on it and handed me her address. She asked how soon I would be available, and I told her I could be there tonight at 7:30. It was a date.

I went out to the pool, did my shift, and as I was getting ready to head for the showers, another woman approached me. She was petite, obviously worked out, perfect body, perfect breasts, perfect face, dark hair, dark eyes, a perfect mouth with perfect teeth as she smiled at me. “Hi, I’m Julie” she said. I fell in love right there. I figured her for about 45, lots of money, with a ton of class. She asked me if I did private work, and my heart was hammering as fast as my dick was rising. I felt heat emanating from my body, I was on fire.

“Do you do any private lifeguarding work?” She asked. I finally found my tongue as sweat poured off of me.

“Ummm, I could as l-l-long as it doesn’t interfere with my w-w-work here.” I stuttered.

She went on to tell me she was throwing a private pool party, and really wanted someone there to help watch out for the guests, as there was to be a lot of drinking, and she was concerned. She asked me to call her in the next day or so, so she could give me the details. As she handed me the card with her number, our hands touched, and my body temp went up again, heat rising off me. Her dark eyes stayed on mine for a long second and she turned and walked away. My cock was hard as a rock, and I knew I had to have some kind of relief fast.

I hit the locker room, passing by Beth, who was also getting ready for a shower. I knew I could fuck her and get rid of my need, we had fucked a few times, and she was always willing, but… I just didn’t want to be touched by another woman at that moment. All I could see was Julie. All I wanted was Julie. I got in the shower, grabbed the soap, and lathered up my raging cock. I could see in my minds eye Julie’s smile, and I felt the heat consuming my body again. I stroked and pulled my meat thinking of her eyes looking up at me, her mouth stuffed with my boner. I saw her perfect breasts as she undressed for me, I felt my nuts draw tighter as I saw my massive cock positioned at the entrance to her sweet hole, her cunt lips flushed and willing to accept my offering to her pleasure. I was so close, thinking of entering her, loving her, making her cum around my pole, then the image of her walking away ran thru my brain, and as I thought of that sweet ass, I grunted loudly spewing cum all over the wall of the shower. I moaned as I shot rope after rope of cum with her in my mind. The shower curtain parted, and Beth looked in to see the last dribbling shot of jizz leaving my prick. She pouted and asked my why I was wasting it, when I knew she was hot for my fuckpole. I just looked at her and told her sometimes if just felt good to jerk off. I finished up, dressed and headed home to change.

I dressed in slacks and polo, having been told by Jerry earlier that Ethyl was the wife of the club president. For some reason I wanted to look nice instead of like a rutting hunk. I arrived at their large house, and was met at the door by maid, who showed me into the house. I was served a drink, and shortly Ethyl arrived. There was no small talk, she got right to the point. I want you to make love to me, and I have heard that you can do it several times. I told her I could, and she said she wanted me to fuck her ass, as she loved it and heard it was my specialty.

We went upstairs, and she asked me if I would mind a third party. “Who?” I asked.

“My husband” was her reply. I told her I wasn’t into other guys, but I could double team her if that was what she had in mind. She said he would be along later and for now she wanted me to herself.

She was plump, but her body was lush and I never had a hang-up about size. All women have what I need to get off, some just were softer. I was on my knees straddling her head Keçiören Escort as she got me hard with her mouth. I moved down to fuck her tits awhile, ate her to orgasm and then planted my pole in her twat and fucked her good. She was loud, and enjoyed letting me know how good she felt. I performed, but my heart was only half in it. I still had visions of Julie in my head. I used those to finally cum as she was hitting her next orgasm. We laid still for a bit, and then she crawled over and began to give me head again. I was about half hard when her husband walked in. I recognized him from around the club, and we nodded at each other.

He pulled open his robe and called to his wife to come get him ready. She went over to him and began to fellate him. Mark, as he introduced himself began to talk of how talented his wife’s mouth was. He was a big shot, who on a trip had met Ethyl and hooked up with her, then took her with him traveling to be his sexual relief. Ethyl was from a small country town, and jumped at the chance to travel in style. Mark said he never tired of her, so eventually made her his wife. It had been a happy marriage, and they enjoyed a lot of sexual diversity. He enjoyed sucking of and being fucked by men, and was hoping I could help him out.

I was steadily working my prick as he talked, and when he said that, I felt my dick almost shrivel up. He told me it would be worth my while, and that he could see to it I got some extra compensation at work. I figured I had fucked my buddy a few times, what would be the difference. I agreed. He immediately came over and dropped between my legs in an effort to revive my flagging cock. Ethyl crawled under him and went back to work. I finally got hard, and Mark laid down on his back, and told Ethyl to get on his face. Ethyl brought me a condom and some lube and straddled her hubby’s face. I lubed up, and got between Marks legs. He pulled his legs back offering me his asshole. I wasted no time, wanting this to be over, and mashed my dick up against him and shoved. I found my dick head lodged in his rectum and began to move slowly trying to get my dick in his tight opening.

Finally I was fucking away at his ass, sawing in and out. Ass is ass to my dick, and I loved the feel of the heat and tightness his ass provided. If I closed my eyes, it could be any woman. I had his feet, and they were a bit large for a woman’s, but I could forget about that. The one thing that was distracting when I opened my eyes was his dick was rockhard and pointing at me. When I had fucked my buddy, it had been doggy, and I didn’t have to see his cock waving at me. Luckily, Mark was making a bunch of noise and Ethyl was on top of it realizing he must of been close. She leaned forward, taking his waving pole in her mouth and helped him to climax. Thank God, I sure didn’t want to be the recipient. I concentrated on pumping my dick in and out, hoping he would shoot soon. He did. He bucked up into his wife’s mouth, over and over, and finally bucked right off my dick.

She continued to slurp at him, and finally he was done. He rolled over, and off the bed and disappeared. Meanwhile I unrolled the condom off my hardon, and waggled it at Ethyl. “Your turn” I told her. I crawled over her and began sucking on those soft tits as my cock probed for a hole. She was soaking wet, and my prick finally slid in the warm folds of her pussy. What a difference. Hot and soft, compared to the firmness and tightness of her husband’s ass. I gnawed on her boobs as I hunched hard into her over and over. When I knew I was a short way from cumming, I pulled out of her cunt, and with my fingers I rooted around for her ass. I got a finger in, and worked it around and pulled it out coating it with her pussy juice and putting it back in. As soon as my finger was in her ass, began pushing down at it. she was talking again, telling me how much she loved the feeling of something in her ass, begging me to put more in. I put another finger and she was flopping around everywhere.

Finally it was time to take her rectum for mine and coat the inside of her bowels with my scum. I removed my fingers, and she asked me to ram it in her, hurt her, and fuck her ass hard and fast. I obliged. I love to go slow when entering and ass, I love the feeling as I push thru the sphincter and feeling the immediate pressure on my dickhead as I enter. So I pushed thru slowly, savoring the feeling as her ass swallowed my pole. I stopped a second, feeling the walls of her rectum as she rippled the muscles there, clenching and unclenching the invader in her bottom. Then without warning, I plunged in as far as I could. She screamed as half my pole lodged up her rectum. She was breathing fast and whimpering as I pulled back and shoved in again. More of my rod planted up inside her butt. She was crying now, and Mark came up behind me and told me not to stop, that she really loved it this way. Okay, I figured. I withdrew again, and this time slammed all of me inside her shit chute. This took Ethyl’s breath away.

I was balls Etimesgut Escort deep, put still pushed in harder, seeing in my mind my fat cock inside her dark hot tunnel. Feeling it squeeze. I came back to reality and started hunching forward against her, every coupla seconds. Not pulling back, just jamming further in hard. Tears were on Ethyl’s cheeks, but a small smile was there also. She was only whimpering now, and I was surprised I was so turned on by her pain. I needed to move now, so I pulled back to the tip, and battered my way back up her back passage, again and again ramming in long strokes, I invaded her asshole with my fat hardon. I was leaking tons of precum, my head scraping it back down and out her tunnel, making it slicker and dribbling it out her stretched asshole.

I was piledriving her butt over and over and her tears were now of joy. She was fingering her clit, and shivering as she neared another orgasm. I wanted to stretch this out, and I slowed down my strokes. Long slow strokes, feeling her channel part and slide over my pole. I hit bottom, and pushed hard against her reveling in the feel of my length buried deep inside her when I felt my own asshole being parted. Mark was sticking a lubed finger up my own bung. I held myself deep in her as he rooted around in my hole, enjoying the feel. I let him put another finger in, and I began to pump his wife’s butt again. It felt incredible. Mark removed his fingers, and I pushed up hard in her again.

I felt the bed shift as Mark crawled on, and a part of me knew what was coming. I actually wanted to feel my ass stuffed, so I overrode the thought of who was doing it, and waited. Sure enough he got behind me and pushed me forward. I shifted over Ethyl’s body, waiting for my first male cock to enter my ass and fuck me. I didn’t wait long. I felt the pressure on my butthole, and an incredible feeling as he popped thru, and my anus had it’s first cock in it. He pushed steadily and finally stopped. I was full of cock. A cock in my ass, my cock in an ass. It was great. He pulled back a bit, and I pulled back out of her ass, filling my own again. I fucked back and forth this way and then began to pick up the pace slamming in to her rectum, and back on his cock filling mine.

Next thing, he pushed me further down, and began to royally fuck my butthole, hard solid strokes that made me fuck into his wife’s ass. The excess of feelings began to take it’s toll, and I knew I was coming. I began to moan, and he slammed harder. I pushed back, letting him fuck me hard, and then I started fucking motions again, slamming my prick into her rectum. He kept up with me and in about 8 strokes, I was shooting my sperm deep inside her bowels. It was incredibly intense. Mark had slammed my ass, and was deep inside as I hunched into his wife shooting my cream . I fucking passed out. Next thing I know, I feel him sliding out, and Ethyl is stroking the side of my face, whimpering. I have no idea if she even came.

Ethyl finally rolled me off, I guess I got too heavy, and I lay there. I asked her to suck my cock, and she complied. I love being gently licked and sucked after I have cum. She was soft and loving as she paid final homage to my fuckstick. Mark had disappeared, and I was really glad. I had loved the feeling of the whole experience, but was not ready to look in the eyes of a man who had fucked my butt.

Ethyl was ready for another round, and got on top of me and began kissing my face and neck. She proceeded to pretty much get all over my body. My dick was still pretty quiescent, as she began to give me head again. She worked on my pole and balls awhile, and then told me to roll over. She stretched out on top of my back, and began to kiss and rub and lightly scratch/tickle my whole back. My body was humming. As she got to my butt, she kneaded the flesh and massaged my thighs and began to kiss all over my rump. She eventually began licking in my crack, and parted my legs to get to my asshole.

I shivered as her tongue tried to worm up into my shit chute. It felt great. She licked and prodded my ass awhile and then reached under me and pulled my dick back between my legs. She got her mouth over my prick and began to suck me. Her fingers now took the place of her tongue in my ass. She sucked me and finger-fucked my ass till I was hard, and then rolled me over. She began to blow me in earnest. Mark showed up about then and asked if he could fuck me again. I just couldn’t say no. Ethyl’s ass eating had awakened a fire in my butt and I really wanted that feeling of being full back there again.

Ethyl shifted down with her head almost hanging off the bed. I got the idea. I went over, and leaned over the bed, aiming my prick to her mouth. I eased my pole in her mouth and she started giving me a great blow job. Mark was a minute before I felt his hands on my cheeks, spreading them. Then he was inside me. God it felt good. I tried to keep my body still as mark fucked my ass and Ethyl sucked my dick. Jesus, I was getting fucked in the ass by another guy for the second time and liking it. Each shove of his rod into my rectum seemed to cause my dick caused to swell. He was pumping me in the ass, I was liking it. The fucking president of the club, fucking my butt. My balls swaying beneath me to the rhythm of his trusts inside my bowels. I came again. I came with a mans dick up my ass. I fucking liked getting fucked. I liked a dick up my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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