Worth the Wait

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They took the elevator from the lobby to the 21st floor, standing close together in the small space, their arms brushing. She looked up at him as he looked down at her and they both smiled somewhat shyly. When the doors opened they headed down the hallway, her small suitcase in his hand, and when they reached his room she waited while he slid the card into the lock. With a faint click the lock released and he turned the handle, standing back as he held the door open for her. She walked into the suite and looked around briefly before bending over by the closet to unlace her boots.

Standing in the doorway, he watched her for a few seconds before closing and locking the door. He stood still behind her, watching, as her movements caused her jeans to strain across her bottom. Setting her case on the floor he took a step toward her, his hand reaching out almost involuntarily to brush across her ass. She stilled her movements when he touched her but didn’t pull away, merely resumed unlacing her boots after a brief pause.

Finally she finished with the laces and reached for his arm to steady her as she pulled the boots off. Standing in her sock feet she was now several inches shorter than he, and he leaned down to brush his lips across her forehead. She smiled up at him.

“Do you want to go out to eat,” he asked, “or have something brought in?”

She looked longingly towards the Jacuzzi in the corner. “It’s been a long day,” she said, and he nodded.

“Why don’t you get your suit on, and I’ll order something up.”

“Okay,” she agreed, standing on tiptoe and brushing her soft lips across his cheek, before grabbing her bag and slipping into the bathroom, closing the door firmly behind her.

He stared for a moment at the closed door before shaking his head to clear it. Time later for lascivious thoughts, he thought. Best now to take things slowly. He knew that she could be very skittish, and he didn’t want to frighten her. He wouldn’t pressure her.

Picking up the phone on the desk, he called down to order them some food. Not knowing her preferences, he settled on several small dishes that they could share, as well as a bowl of strawberries and a bottle of white wine.

Since she hadn’t emerged from the bathroom when he hung up the phone, he closed the drapes and turned on a soft light near the hot tub. Then he stepped into the bedroom and closed the French doors loosely behind him. Removing his clothes quickly, he reached for the swimming trunks he hoped he wouldn’t need to wear after this time. Stepping into them, he heard the bathroom door open. Tying a loose knot in the shorts’ drawstring, he opened the French doors in time to see her standing at the edge of the Jacuzzi in a short black robe.

She was dipping her toes in the water, the skin of her legs glowing softly in the lamplight. He glanced at the red polish on her toenails and let his gaze roam slowly from there to her ankle, up her calf to her knee, and up to the hem of her robe. He looked up finally to her face and saw her watching him, a soft smile on her face. Looking down, he saw his erection straining against his trunks and shrugged. She already knew the effect she had on him.

Still smiling, she began to step down into the water, her fingers catching the hem of her robe just before it touched the water. Holding the satiny material up higher as she stepped deeper into the tub, she continued to lift it until she was standing waist-deep in the hot water. Finally she pulled the robe off over her head, dislodging a few curls from her hastily-twisted ponytail. The swimsuit that was revealed beneath was also black, all of a piece and plunged deeply between her large breasts. He groaned inaudibly as he saw the swell of her breasts peeking from behind the material.

She tossed the robe negligently away from the Jacuzzi and sank down into the water, sitting deep enough that her breasts floated gently within her bathing suit. Her eyes looked him up and down and he found himself sucking in his stomach muscles before realising it and forcing himself to relax. Her gaze, though curious, showed no judgment. Her eyes lingered on his swimming trunks and he felt himself twitch slightly under her watchful eye. She smiled.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and he hastily pulled on a fluffy white robe from the closet before admitting the teenage waiter and his trolley. He nodded without listening when the boy spoke and pressed a $5 into his palm. “Thank you,” he said, “that will be all.”

Almost hurriedly he closed and locked the door, turning to face her. “Would you like a glass of wine?”

“Yes,” she replied, “I would love one, thank you.”

He returned her smile and poured them each a glass of wine, bringing both glasses to the edge of the Jacuzzi and leaving the trolley with its dome-covered dishes near the table. He handed her one of the glasses and set the other on the small table beside the tub. Shrugging off his robe, he eased into büyükesat escort the steamy, swirling water.

Her body drifted gently closer to his as he settled back against the edge of the Jacuzzi, picking up his wineglass in one hand and moving to put his other arm around her. She leaned willingly forward to allow his arm to slip behind her, her body curling naturally against his. He felt her breast brushing his side as he held up his glass to her in a toast.

“To a wonderful weekend,” he said softly, and she repeated the same. Smiling, he lifted his glass and sipped at the wine.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she said, pleased, taking another sip. “You’d better not let me drink too much of this.”

“No, I can’t – or else you’ll think I got you drunk to take advantage of you.”

She laughed, setting her half-empty glass on the nearby table. She touched his cheek briefly and he was startled at how cool her hand was, given the heat of the hot tub. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I know you’re more honourable than that.”

He smirked at her, and he too set his glass on the table. “Don’t be too sure,” he said, before suddenly grabbing her and pulling her into his lap.

She startled, as he knew she would, but she quickly relaxed against him. Sitting across his legs, she leant against his chest and rested her head on his shoulder. He felt the feather-light touch of her lips on his neck and sighed softly.

He ran his fingers slowly and gently up and down her arm, his other hand holding her against him so that the swirling water wouldn’t move her away. They were both quiet for several moments; the only sound the faint whir of the jets and the soft splashing of the water against the sides of the tub. Finally she stirred in his arms and her mouth on his neck became more insistent. He felt the gentle nip of her teeth on his skin and shivered even in the hot water.

She sat up suddenly and their eyes met. His hand slid up her arm to her shoulder and around behind her neck. The tips of his long fingers slipped into her hair as he cupped the back of her neck, drawing her closer to him. Her eyes drifted slowly closed and he watched her as if they had suddenly slipped into slow motion, noticing the way her lashes lay against her cheek, seeing her tongue slip between her lips and moisten them before disappearing back into her mouth, watching her lower lip tremble slightly as his mouth drew nearer to hers. Finally, his mouth a breath away from hers, he allowed his own eyes to close as he made the first, gentle contact of his lips to hers.

Both sighed softly as their lips met. He kissed her gently but firmly and she responded, her arms slowly coming up to curl around his neck, holding him close. He could almost feel her heart pounding in her breast as her chest pressed against his.

His lips moved softly but insistently against hers and she met his every movement with one of her own. Her lips parted to allow him entrance to her mouth and for a moment they shared the same breath. His tongue traced delicately along her upper lip, and she responded by gently sucking his lower lip into her mouth.

His cock throbbed between them and he held her tightly, the water swirling around them and their bodies absorbing its heat. He felt her squirm slightly against him, and finally pulled his lips from hers, as they both took a deep, ragged breath.

“Wow,” she said softly, “you were right.”


“That kiss was worth waiting for.”

They both smiled, and she reached over and picked up her wineglass, though she made no effort to move from his lap. She took a sip of the cold wine and smiled. Suddenly she leaned forward and pressed her now-cold lips to his. Startled, he let her kiss him, his lips pliant beneath hers as she quite effectively fucked his mouth with hers. She sucked his tongue gently into her mouth and then swirled her own tongue around it before sucking on it again, and he felt his cock twitch against his stomach as she teased him. Then just as suddenly she pulled away and took another sip of wine, her face expressionless but her eyes full of suppressed mischief.

“So you want to be like that, do you,” he said, taking the wineglass from her and setting it aside. Quite easily he lifted her from his lap and turned her to face him, standing up and pulling her body tight against his. Her eyes widened as his cock pressed against her belly, and he pushed one knee between hers to part her legs. She didn’t resist him at all, but simply rested her hands trustingly on his shoulders. When he sat down again he easily pulled her down astride his lap, and he was pleased when she wriggled closer on her own, pressing against him until her pelvis pressed against his. Her breasts floated between them, straining to escape her swimsuit. Gently he traced one finger along the exposed swell of her breast and he both felt and saw her break out in goose bumps. This accomplished cebeci escort he stroked up and down her arms with his hands. She murmured something he didn’t quite catch before leaning towards him and pressing her face against his neck, her lips sucking and pecking softly at his skin as he continued to run his hands over her.

With each stroke he began moving higher up her shoulders, brushing her collarbone, his fingers sliding beneath the straps of her swimsuit. Finally he took the straps in his hands and slowly, giving her ample time to stop him, began to draw them from her shoulders.

Instead of stopping him, however, she merely sat up straighter in his lap, her arms held loosely at her sides and her hands on his waist, her eyes on his face as his gaze was riveted to her flesh, as he slowly exposed more of it to his view.

Her breasts floated easily free of the material as he drew the swimsuit down and he moaned as her hard nipples came into view. Abandoning the straps halfway down her arms he cupped her breasts in his hands, his big hands almost, but not quite, managing to contain her flesh. She purred her approval as his thumbs brushed her nipples, leaning back slightly and placing her hands behind her, on his knees, offering her breasts for his inspection.

He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples several times watching as her chest moved with each shuddering breath that she took. The air was thick with steam and with the anticipation that gripped each of them. He leaned down, his cupped hand bringing her breast to his mouth, and he sucked her hard nipple between his lips.

She gasped, her hands gripping his knees more tightly, her back arching as though to push more of her breast into his mouth but he resisted, keeping only the nipple in his mouth and sucking on it. Suddenly his teeth scraped across her nipple and she whimpered audibly, her hips jerking against his, causing her pelvis to press briefly against his cock. Wanting to make her do it again, he gently closed his teeth around her nipple.

Again her hips rocked against his but this time he didn’t stop, tugging at her nipple with his sharp teeth, and she began slowly to grind her pelvis against his cock. He could feel the soft flesh of her pussy through the material of her swimsuit, and he let go of her breasts and reached behind her back to hold her firmly before chewing gently on her nipple. She moaned, her hands releasing his knees and her body resting in his hands, trusting and pliant, as she brought one hand up to cup the back of his head, her other hand running over his chest, belly, sides, shoulders, every inch of his skin that she could reach.

His teeth moved her nipple between them as she squirmed in his lap, her pelvis rocking more purposefully now against his and her breathing coming in short gasps. Without pausing or letting up, still holding the middle of her back firmly with one hand, he tugged at her swimsuit with the other hand, pulling it down. Impatiently she tried to help him, her fingers almost ineffectual as he continued to chew at her nipple and she was grinding her pussy against his cock.

Finally he stopped, releasing her nipple and listening with pleasure as she whimpered in protest. She continued to grind against him for a few seconds before slowly growing still in his arms, her eyes finally opening and resting on his face. He leant toward her and pressed his lips to hers, and she responded hungrily. The mouths danced for several moments as he used both hands to tug her swimsuit down. “I need to see you,” he murmured against her mouth, “I need to feel you.”

She reluctantly pulled her lips from his and slowly slid backward along his thighs until she was standing somewhat unsteadily in the waist-deep water. Her breasts were right in front of his face and he couldn’t resist leaning forward and sucking her other nipple into his mouth and immediately scraping across it with his teeth.

She moaned and grabbed his shoulders for support as he took hold of her swimsuit and swiftly pulled it all the way down. Still holding onto him she stepped out of it and he tossed the swimsuit over the side of the tub.

Then he released her nipple from his mouth and stood up, drawing her naked body full against him and tangling his hand in her hair, pulling her head back gently and kissing her hard on the lips. She responded by letting her hands drift to his hips, and he allowed her to slip her hands inside the waistband of his trunks. As he had done she carefully tugged them down, ignoring his cock as it sprang free and pulling the trunks all the way off before throwing them out of the tub.

That done, however, her gaze settled on his cock and she stared at it for several seconds as it bobbed half above and half below the water. Unable to resist, she reached forward and let the pads of her fingers slide across the throbbing flesh. He groaned, his plans of careful seduction going kolej escort rather quickly awry as she touched him almost reverently. He looked at her face just as she was dragging her soft pink tongue across her lips and before he could stop himself the words were tumbling from his mouth, “Suck me…”

She glanced up at him, slightly startled, but she made no objection and sank immediately to her knees, the water now caressing her shoulders and neck, her tongue slipping from her mouth and touching the tip of his cock with all the effect of a jolt of electricity. He groaned as her mouth drew nearer, feeling her hot breath on his flesh, and he slipped his hands into her hair, pulling her closer, and she eagerly opened her mouth to take the head of his cock into it.

They both moaned as she sucked gently on him, her moan travelling along his cock with a delicious vibration, and she sucked him in deeper, taking more of him into her mouth until the water prevented her from going further. Then she moved back and her sucking intensified until he was forced to pull her away from his cock. She looked up at him through her eyelashes and he groaned again, her mouth still wrapped around his cock and her eyes full of smouldering desire. “I want to fuck your mouth,” he murmured, and without waiting for a response from her he held her head still and thrust gently forward. With the slightest tilt of her head she welcomed him deeper into her mouth, and he stood up on his toes trying to feed more of his cock into her warm, wet mouth. She sucked on him as he pulled out and thrust slowly in again, and he both heard and felt her soft moan. His answering groan shuddered through his chest and suddenly her mouth wasn’t enough, he needed to have her.

Releasing her head and pulling his cock completely from her mouth, he leaned down and slipped his hands under her arms, pulling her to her feet. “Bed,” he said thickly, and she nodded, quickly stepping out of the Jacuzzi and reaching for a towel. He stared at her naked body for a moment before ripping the towel from her hand and taking her by the wrist, pulling her firmly into the other room towards the bed.

Willingly she followed him, and when he sat her down on the edge of the bed she scooted backwards on her own, pulling him down on top of her. His cock nestled against her pussy as their wet bodies slid together, the blanket beneath them becoming soggy, though neither noticed. He kissed her hard, sucking at her lips and tongue and she responded, her mouth yielding but insistent. They kissed hungrily, her hips pushing up against his, before he abruptly pulled away and slid down her body, sucking a nipple into his mouth even as his fingers slid down her belly to her pussy. He spread her easily with two fingers, his middle finger immediately making contact with her swollen clit. He brushed over it again and again as she writhed beneath him, and he sucked harder on her nipple.

She gripped the blanket beneath her with both hands, her hips thrusting instinctively against his hand, and he lifted his mouth from her breast long enough to murmur, “I’m going to make you cum before I fuck you,” then closed his teeth around her nipple and bit it, hard. She shrieked in pain and pleasure and he released it, his voice louder now, “I’m going to make your pussy throb and fill with your juices, and then I’m going to fill you with my cock,” and he moved to her other breast and bit down on her nipple, her shriek louder now and more insistent as he let his left hand join his right between her legs, pushing two fingers into her pussy, surprised at how tight it was as it gripped him, her body arching up into his mouth as he chewed on her nipple, his finger rubbing insistently over her clit, feeling her orgasm clawing its way out of her body, and he suddenly released her nipple and leaned up so that his mouth was against her ear, at the same time pushing his fingers high up against the walls of her pussy and she shrieked again, her pussy throbbing and spasming around his fingers as he whispered against her ear, “Cum for me, baby, cum for me and then I’ll give you my cock.”

Her pussy clenched his fingers tightly as he flicked her clit hard with his fingernail and she screamed, a high, wordless cry of unrestrained pleasure, pushing down against his invading fingers, her hips bucking up against his hands.

Without waiting for her to come down he slipped up her body, the head of his cock pushing against her pussy and she let her legs fall further apart, her body straining towards his, her eyes opening and meeting his. “Do you want my cock, baby?”

“Yes, god yes,” she panted, her tongue moistening her parched lips, “please yes.”

Leaving the head of his cock just resting against her entrance he leaned over her and gathered her in his arms, his lips trailing along her jaw to her ear. “Such a good little slut,” he crooned, as he pushed his throbbing cock deeply into her pussy. Unprepared for the electric passion of her response he was caught off guard as her pussy immediately spasmed around him, squeezing him even more tightly. He felt her juices coating his cock as she trembled in his arms, and he kissed his way back along her jaw to her lips. She responded to his kiss in an abstracted, somewhat clumsy way as her body shuddered around his.

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