Winter Warmth

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Justin peered out his bedroom window, staring at the heavy cascade of mid winter rain beating down on the thick drenched grasses, and pooling in every divot in his yard. He stood there grinning, daydreaming about the summer past, wishing it had not ended so quickly. He sighed deeply, mindlessly crossing his arms, and turned to his girlfriend who was curled up on her corner of the bed, reading yet another old, weathered book, thumbed through so many times that the pages were creased and yellowing. He cleared his throat, hoping to get her attention but when she did not look up, he slumped onto the bed beside her and snatched the book away. Natalie looked up, mouth agape at his sudden brazenness.

“Lets go for a drive,” he said before she could complain. This was nothing unusual. He loved driving through the rain, and chasing thunder and lightning. It was exciting and secretly, she loved it too. In truth, however, she was warm, content, and heavily mesmerized in her book, despite the fact that she had read it a dozen times before. The rain sometimes kept her spellbound, no matter the activity and she was not really in the mood for driving through it.

“It’s pouring!,” she said exasperated but seeing the pleading look in his eyes, she sighed and quickly agreed, not wanting to disappoint the man. He flashed her a wide smile, obviously failing to hide his elation. He had quite a bit more planned than the usual rainy day drive.

Natalie slipped on her shoes and Justin helped her into her coat. He snatched his keys and strutted down the stairs, turning only once to shoot Natalie a dirty grin. She exchanged a smile, thinking only that he was excited to be going out. Perhaps a bit more excited than usual but it had been a while since it rained like this…

Justin slid his key into the ignition without breaking his gaze on Natalie. She shifted in her seat, thinking that he was staring at an imperfection or clothing malfunction. She smoothed out her coat under the seat belt and ran her fingers through her hair Kolej Escort to tame any stragglers. She glanced up at Justin, who was still glaring. “If you take a picture,”she said “it’ll last longer!.” Justin grinned, shaking his head.

“I would if you ever let me!.” Natalie pretended not to hear and rendered her focus to the rain now pounding even harder on the pane. Surely, it would hail soon. No doubt Justin was aware of this. She was sure this was why he chose now, of all times, to drive aimlessly through the rapidly worsening weather. The young man pulled out of the drive and set course for the foothills above their city home.

Natalie realized what was happening when Justin turned on to the familiar mountain road. Often times, when their relationship was new, Justin would drive up the dirt path and follow it all the way to the top, parking on a shady ledge that overlooked the their highly populated city. There they would spend hours in the large, accommodating back seat of his Toyota Tundra, worshiping and pleasuring each other into wild, frantic frenzies, and making love until either were too tired to function.

Justin sensed that that Natalie was now aware of his plan. The trace of a knowing grin was rapidly spreading itself over her face. He parked his truck on the remote ledge just in time for a grand flash of lightning that lit the entire darkened sky. Thunderous booms shook the city. Natalie sat in her seat, overcome with bubbling excitement.

As if the lightning was his cue, Justin pushed open his door, struggling a little with the gaining wind, and exited. A moment later, he opened the rear door and plopped himself into the backseat, shaking off what rain he could. He slammed the door and peered up at Natalie. That dirty grin he had on his face all afternoon had finally morphed itself into full toothy smile and his eyes were wide with anticipation.

“Why don’t you come sit back here with me?,” he said charmingly, waving her into the Rus Escort backseat, coaxing her closer. Another loud clap sounded overhead and the nearby trees whipped around wildly, threatening to detach and strike the truck. Electrified and unafraid, Natalie shrugged off her coat and gracefully swung her legs over the consul and into the backseat, forgoing the rain entirely. And, anticipating Justin’s notion, climbed into his lap,wrapping her arms and legs around the pleasantly surprised young man. She grinded her ass into his crotch, pressing his hastily hardening manhood against herself. Justin inhaled sharply, not expecting her to take the lead. He excitedly attempted to unbutton her blouse, fumbling a little and quickly resorted to ripping it off entirely instead. Not knowing what came over him, he tore off her bra as well, and smothered his face in her hot heaving breasts. Natalie squealed, running her fingers through his damp hair. Despite the terrible cold outside, they were both sweating profusely.

Natalie pressed her lips onto his and parted them with her tongue, probing deeply into his mouth for what seemed like hours, nearly forgetting to breath. She stopped gyrating in his lap and slid herself off of him. He was almost disappointed before he realized what she was about to do. She slowly unzipped his pants, giggling a little as his dick flopped out. She rubbed her fingers up and down his thickened shaft, reveling at it’s silky smoothness. The young woman lowered her face to his groin and took him into her mouth, still rubbing the base of his cock with her finger tips. A heavy moan escaped his lips as he flung his head back. The warm, silky wetness of her mouth enclosing around his plump penis caused him to shudder. It felt so good. He let her suck him until he couldn’t stand it any longer. Desperately wanting to hump her senseless, he pulled away and flipped her over onto the seat.

Justin pulled her pants down and grinned. “No panties today?,” he asked, Yenimahalle Escort lifting her legs over his shoulder to slap her little ass. She giggled, relishing in the sudden and powerful sting on her butt cheek. He slapped the other one for good measure.

The rain had now come to a climax, hail began clobbering the roof of the truck, and the wind moaned it’s very loudest on the shoulder of the mountain road. As if it were edging the couple on, the thunder crashed and sent deep cosmic vibrations onto the thoroughly dampened earth. Now throbbing hard, Justin parted his girlfriend’s legs, only taking time to admire her velvety, ample vagina, now slickened with oozing wetness, and thrust his hugely thickened rod into the young woman.

Gasping, and feeling as though the man was going to split her in half, she relaxed into the rocking groove and moaned with intense pleasure. He pumped away into her, feeling as though all the blood in his body was plummeting it’s way to his dick. He could feel Natalie quiver beneath him and every time the walls of her womanhood clenched around him, he came closer and closer to blissful orgasm. Justin plowed into the deep, welcoming, and all encompassing crevasse, nearly humming in titillation. He crashed into her like a huge, hungry wave on a pristine beach.

“I’m coming!,” Natalie cried, feeling her body accept the thick rush of a beautiful and heavy crescendo, descending itself upon her. Hearing this, Justin could hardly contain his own rapidly building flux. He let himself go, pumping his liquidy warm seamen further and further into her canal.

His love left Natalie in ruins, like a small city after a hurricane. Demolished, she grinned the smug smile of contentment. Now exhausted, Justin relaxed his body into Natalie’s, resting his heavy head on her chest, listening to her heart beat gradually returning to a settled pace, matching his steadying breath to hers. He sleepily rubbed her still hardened nipples, caressing her soft, supple breasts. Natalie felt his penis soften and shrink itself out of her vagina. A slow and slippery retreat.

The couple remained there for what seemed like hours, allowing their love for each other to envelop them whole. They listened to the storming weather outside the truck, keeping each other warm and cozy, not really saying much, not really needing to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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