Whoring My X Girlfriend Ch. 03

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Hairy Pussy

The neighbor’s dog started barking at 8 am waking me up. Yawning, I looked over at Mercedes lying peacefully on her side. With her cute round ass against me hugging a pillow, she looked sensually innocent asleep. A smile crossed my face while remembering how horny she was the night before. It was like a sex starved vixen just wanting me to ravish her booty all night long and I did.

Slowly I removed the covers and studied the beautiful curves of her nakedness. I gently turned her on her back and watched this lovely angel in serene slumber. With lustful eyes I slowly scanned up and down her body, stopping ever so often to gaze at her assets. Those nice D cup firm tits, flat stomach and newly shaved pink pussy had me again coveting her. I remembered how much fun I had pounding her wet wanting pussy. The new ink that I did saying “Horny Mercedes,” looked great arched over her pussy mound. As she turned on her side, she bent those nice long legs inciting my need to fuck her again. But I decided to get up and make some coffee instead of satisfying my urges. I figured she would need a pick me up from all of the booze she consumed the night before and probably wouldn’t want any sex.

As I went to make a pot of coffee, the annoyance of the dog continual howling was becoming unbearable. When I went outside to pick up the paper, I yelled out to shut that fucking mutt up. Finally my neighbor came out, gave me a dirty look and took the hound in. As I was closing the front door, I heard a shriek from Mercedes. Rushing back into the bedroom, she was sitting up looking down at her pussy.

She was sniffling with big tears in her eyes. “Oh my god Geno! How could you do this to me? What am I going to say to Tyler? What will he think of me?” The panic tone of her voice showed me how frightened she really was.

As tears ran down her lovely cheeks, I sat down next to her and tried to console her panic. Putting my arm around her shoulders and gently hugging her, I slowly replied, “But M, you said you wanted something to remind you of this weekend. So I suggested a tattoo and you agreed. This is what you wanted. I’m sorry if you don’t like it now.”

I know it was a big fib, but I wanted her to accept the tat as being her. The idea of always being horny would be seen be her daily. Every time she would pull down her panty it would be staring up at her. It would be like a never ending message for sex and that’s exactly what I wanted her to constantly think about. The thoughts of sex being stuck in her brain would induce more cravings to be fucked. It would become an overpowering desire to act on those urges. At least that was my idea when I inked it on her.

Whimpering she asked, “So it was all my idea?”

“Oh yes it was M,” I bellowed. “I thought it came out great. Too bad you passed out before I was done. You didn’t get to see the finished product. Don’t you remember last night at all?”

Remembering how gullible she used to be, I was hoping that she would believe me. She turned to me and smiled.

Her eyes were no longer tearing as she said, “I remember most of last night especially the loving you gave me. I really enjoyed feeling you in me again and giving me so many wonderful orgasms. But after the last time you came, I thought we just went Çankaya Escort to sleep.”

Pausing to catch her breath, she hugged me. I hugged her back. When we broke and I was about to answer her, she grabbed my arm like her brain just awoke with some truth.

“Oh wait a minute,” she exclaimed! “I do remember telling you to do something before I fell asleep. Oh my god! It was all my idea! I’m so sorry accusing you. Can you forgive me?”

Then she put her head on my shoulder and sighed. “But what will I tell Tyler and anyone else who sees it? I’ll feel so ashamed if anyone sees it.”

I tried to sound concerned but there was a slight chuckle in my voice when I answered. “Tell Tyler it’s an old tattoo. He hasn’t had sex with you yet or even seen you naked. He won’t know the difference. As for the other guys you may be fucking later, they’ll love seeing it. You won’t have to tell them anything. Once they get a glimpse of it on your wet pussy, they’ll know you’re going to be a great fuck. And Mercedes that will be exactly what you want them to think, you being a great fuck!”

Although she gave me a sarcastic sneer, it seemed to calm her. Afterwards I asked if she wanted a cup of coffee. She smiled, nodded yes and told me she had to go pee. So I moved to the side as she attempted to get up. Sitting at the edge of the bed, she moaned in agony, “Geno, I don’t feel too good.”

Moving next to her I asked what was wrong. She told me her head was hurting and she felt sick. Helping her up, I slowly walked her over to the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, she went in alone. I could hear her moaning in agony as I rushed to the kitchen.

I took a glass and poured some tomato juice in it. Then I open a cabinet took a jar of this brown powder. A chemist friend gave me it as a hangover remedy. Taking a scoop, I quickly mixed it in the juice and ran back to the bathroom. I asked if she was all right as I opened the door. Mercedes was sitting on the toilet, hands over her head, and groaning in anguish. When I handed her the remedy, I told her to drink it all up. Looking up at me with sad eyes, she took the mixture.

As she started to sip it, I said, “No M, just guzzle it to get it all down.”

It was about fifteen minutes later, when she finally emerged from the lavatory. She looked better and gingerly walked back to the bedroom. Laying down she asked, “What was in that drink Geno? I feel so much better, but maybe I should rest a few minutes.”

She lay on her stomach as I began to gently massage her naked body. Shoulders first and slowly down her back to her ass, then finishing at her feet. As I started back up her gorgeous smooth legs, I could feel myself becoming horny. Gently I spread her legs apart and massaged her inner thighs working up to her vulva. I gently brushed up against it. When she sighed in pleasure, I knew she was feeling better for a fuck. She kept softly moaning as I spread her pussy lips apart, but then I suddenly stopped.

She turned back and asked why I quit and I said, “M, I didn’t want to keep going if you are still not feeling good. Maybe a nice shower will make you feel better?”

Turning on her back and sitting up, she dangled her legs over the edge Keçiören Escort of the bed and began to rise. Looking at me with her eyes now twinkling she muttered, “Darling, I’m feeling much better now, but maybe a nice shower will feel really good. Will you take one with me?”

“Of course”, I happily answered back.

We hugged and I then pulled her up. I followed close behind, watching her cute bare ass swaying toward the bathroom. Stopping at a cabinet, I grabbed a bottle of her special shampoo that she had left there years before. Once Mercedes got in, I turned on the overhead large shower sprocket and a gentle warm spray began flowing over her. I quickly took off my robe and stood behind her. She tilted her head back and enjoyed the water flowing over her face. As the water continued running over her gorgeous body, she took her hands and washed her tits while softly moaning in pleasure. Taking some soap, I began washing her shoulders and back. Then I poured some shampoo and began washing her bright red hair. She sighed telling me how good it felt. Reaching around, I washed her breast, stopping at her nips to gently pinch them. She bent forward leaning her hands against the wall. As I soaped up her ass, I ran my hand in between her firm cheeks. I even pushed a soapy finger in her lovely ass entrance. She pushed back so I could go farther in. Soon I had two fingers inside her anal cavity making it wider to except my thick cock.

She began to purr saying “That feels so good. I love what you are doing to me. I want you Geno!”

Pulling my fingers out, I washed the rest of her ass. She spread her legs apart and sensually said, “Oh don’t stop Geno. I’m so horny. Fuck me Geno. Fuck me now!”

She turned around and bent down to grab my enlarging cock. Rubbing it to a hardened state, she took me over to the tiled seat. Telling me to sit here, she turned to face away. Straddling over me, she slowly sat down on my hard rod and guided it into her ass. It was tighter than her pussy was the night before. Once I was all the way in her anal cavity, she started to grind in a back and forth over me.

Leaning back against me, she put her hands over her head and sensually said, “Oh yes! It’s been so long since I felt a cock up my ass. You feel so good in me, darling. I forgot how much I love this. Do I feel good to you too?”

I lifted her up and down on my raging hard on, widening her anal hole and answered, “Oh yes baby. You feel so tight. I’ve always loved fucking your ass. I missed you so much baby.”

She sighed and giggled, as I pushed my shaft up to my balls into her soaped hole. Loudly she moaned in pleasure, as I continued lifting her up and down on my raging hard cock. Then she leaned up a little, placed her hands on the tile seat between my legs and began pushing down on my cock. As she sped up her movement, I fell out a few times, which she quickly grabbed my rod and pushed it back into her ass.

She felt like she was in euphoria while moaning, “Oh god Geno. You feel so good fucking my ass. Oh god! That’s it go deeper! Yes! Yes! I want to be really nasty. Oh yes harder darling! I missed doing this too!”

Instead of going faster, I held her around the waist and lifted Etimesgut Escort her off me. Then I put her down on all fours and went back into her anal hole. As I stood over her ass speedily pumping in and out, she moaned in heavenly bliss. I had forgotten how much she liked being fucked in her ass. As the water ran over us, I enjoyed hearing this nympho cries of pleasure. As I kept up the pace, my mind wandered. I thought of how much fun it would be to get her gang banged or whore out again like in the old days. I kept imagining guy after guy ramming their cocks into all of her holes. Those thoughts drove me to finally exploding a huge blast of cum deep inside her ass.

When she felt me spewing, she turned back to me and sensually said, “You feel so good cuming in me. Ah darling, that’s it. Keep cuming. Oh yes! I want it all in me.”

When I finally finished my squirting, I pulled out and stood up. Turning on the side faucet, I grabbed the faucet head and pulled it down to my cock. After washing myself off, I turned it to her open ass hole and pushed it in. She squirmed and turned back looking at me with a huge grin. As the water washed her anal cavity, my cum flowed out running down her legs like a water fall full of spunk. When I finished, she stood up.

Her knees were reddened from the hard service. As she put her arms around my neck, she said, “I’m so happy right now. You have always known what makes me content. I think I love you.”

Then she gave me a huge passionate French kiss. Her lips were like soft pillows pressed against mine. When our tongues met, they danced in adoring pleasure, inciting sexual hunger. It was as if her sexual flame was still hot for passion. But after last night hours of shooting load after load in or on her, I finally needed time to recharge.

When she pulled back to look into my eyes, I answered, “I want you so much and missed you too. I missed your smile and kisses. I missed your warm body so willing to please. I missed seeing your eyes glistening in happiness after you had sex for hours. I missed guys telling me that you were greatest fuck ever. You make me the happiest guy in the world and I love you too. But gorgeous what about Tyler and getting married?”

She removed her arms from round my neck, sighed and had a sad look. After a few minutes, she looked deep into my eyes. Giggling she sensually answered, “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I just realized that I still love and want sex. I don’t think I could give it all up again. I want you to continually make love to me, but Geno I also need to stay with Tyler. Can’t I do both?”

My thoughts were churning into how I could get this horny slut back into my clutches. I needed some time to think of a plan. Quickly I answered, “Sure you can. Let me think of a way so he wouldn’t ever find out.”

Happily, she kissed me again. As we smooched, I knew she would become a nympho whore again. But I wanted to make sure she was back for fucking and not just giving me lip service. I had to make sure she would anything I wanted or was that fuck anyone I wanted her too.

After we dried off, I went and got her the white silk robe she used to wear for me. I keep it for girls to wear when they stay over. It was short barely covering her ass. I used to love sitting next to her and seeing her pink cunt exposed for play around the apartment. One of my past favorite things was to play with her cunt all day, keeping her nice and juicy ready for fucking. When I did that, she never disappointed me when asked to fuck a complete stranger.

What comes next even shocked me. Stay tuned for part 4.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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