Waking Up

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I lay there for a second looking at the ceiling with a creeping sense of dread. We’ve all been there when the night before gets a little bit blurry and you wake up not quite sure exactly where you were well that was me this morning. Slowly I remembered I was in a hotel that’s right I had a late flight home cancelled and had to quickly arrange a hotel for the night. What I wasn’t expecting was the very definite male presence in the bed next to me OH god what have I done!

My mind went into overdrive think damn it Katy think. OK so the airline had given me some vouchers for food and a drink at the hotel apparently any airport hotel would take them so after checking in and going to my room I had gone to the bar, it was late and a drink was exactly what I needed. I’d quickly checked in with Tony (my boyfriend) and told him I was stuck for the night but I’d see him tomorrow. He had pretty much told me to go get a drink and relax.

As I sat in the bar there were a few others stranded as well and we got talking as you do. As people had drifted off to bed I had found myself talking to this guy he was from Glasgow and I found his accent really sexy. It wasn’t the only thing sexy about him to be honest he was really handsome and had an easy laid back way about him that I found really cool. As there were just 2 of us left he came around to sit next to me. We were both still in work clothes with neither of us having planned a stay over he looked good in his black suit and blue shirt (no tie) and I was wearing a pretty standard little black work dress (sitting just above my knee) with opaque tights the dress showed off a little leg but was definitely more work appropriate than flirting appropriate!

As we had sat and chatted I really wasn’t thinking of flirting or anything that would betray my commitment to Tony but as the drink started to affect me I remembered that as Dave had sat next to me I was definitely enjoying him being closer to me. I remembered thinking I should go to bed and as I made to leave that’s when it happened. Dave put a hand on my arm as I went to leave looked me in the eye and asked me if I fancied a nightcap in his room?

Shit that’s right I’m naked in bed in his room. I’d try to sneak out but his head is on my shoulder and my arm is under him. A flash of memory came back as I remembered some of the events of the night before. We hadn’t fucked I remembered so that was something but all I could remember was his fingers and tongue he had worked my pussy with his fingers and tongue like an expert teasing, licking and thrusting at all the right times I remembered, with a bit of embarrassment, the noises I had made as he played my pussy and my body like a musical instrument taking me higher and giving me amazing orgasm after amazing orgasm.

God I could feel the heat pooling in my belly just thinking about it. I also remembered that after my 3rd orgasm I had attacked him like a wild woman he had such an effect on me I’d taken his cock in my mouth working him deep into my throat looking up at him as I sucked him off, loving I remember loving the noises I was getting from him. God I swallowed his cum like a little cum slut as well.

As I lay there remembering I felt guilty as hell there was no way about it I’d cheated on my boyfriend even if we hadn’t fucked. I felt really bad I hadn’t meant to do this and I certainly hadn’t meant to do anything to put my relationship in peril. I’ve never been the kind to stray. Hell when the girls were getting drunk and silly in the pub I usually didn’t even join in the conversation about the inappropriately young men they were eying up.

Just as I was pulling my thoughts together I felt him move slightly against me I was about to move and tell him I had to go when his mouth kissed my neck and his hand started to stroke my stomach. I had intended to push him away with my hand but as his hand stroked my stomach and started to move lower his touch reignited the passion from the night before my body betrayed me and I used my hand to urge him lower, to urge him back towards my pussy where his tongue had felt soooo good the night before.

As he kissed down my body I could feel the familiar tension building, tangling my fingers into his hair I urged him lower. His hand slide over my stomach and down my mons cupping my pussy. As his skin came into contact with what now appeared Ümraniye Escort to be the centre of my being I felt heat pool in my groin and as he moved a finger over my lips I felt my pussy snick open parting for him wanton and wanting. He dipped his finger into my juices and smeared them over my lips creating a gorgeous feeling which elicited the first moan from me that morning.

As I arched my back towards his fingers his mouth and tongue found my clit making me pant hard as he once again worked me up into a frenzy. Being soberer this morning I could appreciate that Dave really knew his way around a pussy as he expertly built the pressure in my belly.

“Oh god” I called out “Dave jesus that’s so fuckin good, right there Ooooooooohhhhhh yes” as my orgasm started to build I knew I could never forgive myself for what I was doing but I had to put Tony out of my mind forget about him as I gave into the passion flowing through my body.

“Don’t stop” I told Dave “I’m going to cum” as I said those words the orgasm ripped through my body hitting me hard I screamed and moaned hard as each wave of the most delicious orgasmic feelings flowed through me.

Usually when I cum that’s me done but I was a different woman today and something within me had burst loose I rolled on top of Dave pinning him back against the bed as we kissed my body was tight against his. I could feel the length of his erect cock against me, he was bigger than any guy I had before for sure. As we swapped tongues he was running his fingers up and down my back and when he tangled them in my long red hair he urged me down.

I kissed down his body giving each of his nipples a nip as I went down causing him to gasp. As I reached his cock I urgently wrapped my lips around the tip smearing his pre-cum over my lips as I did so. He groaned as I started to flick his cock head with my tongue while working his shaft with my hand. He had a good girth on him and my small hand could barely wrap around his shaft. As I sucked him I was already imagining his cock in my pussy.

Dave groaned as I took more of him in my mouth another flash of guilt as I relaxed and deep throated his cock something I’ve never done for Tony but needed to do for Dave. I wanted to give him pleasure to make him cum as hard as he made me cum. As he slipped into my throat he started to pump my mouth and I stayed still as he fucked my mouth. With a muffled groan he said “cumming” and he emptied his sack into my throat. As I tried to swallow his load it filled my mouth and started to dribble down my chin.

“that’s was amazing” he said “and you look gorgeous with my cum on your face” he laughed and I did too.

“I must look a right state.” I said.

He simply reached for me and pulled me towards him and kissed me hard. God I don’t think I have ever had a guy kiss me with such pleasure when I had his cum dribbling down my chin. So hot.

As we kissed he pulled me close against him I could feel the sticky head of his cock lying against me and as he stroked my back and pulled me closer against him letting me know how much he wanted me I could feel his cock slowly rising against my belly. As I moved against him pressing myself close I could feel my own passion rising and I put a leg over his hip opening myself to him.

He quickly rolled me onto my back and like a total slut I spread my legs wide as his body came down hard against mine pressing his whole body against me and pressing me back against the mattress which felt really good. As I felt his cock hard against my leg my mind was a whirl. This was the last taboo, doing this really was the ultimate betrayal of my relationship but my body was on fire I could hardly think and as Dave continued to work my body with skill kissing my neck and slowly working my breasts and tweaking my nipples giving me more and more pleasure as he did so. With a moan as he moved his head down my chest and captured a nipple in his mouth I reached down between us and wrapped my hand around his cock.

He moaned as he continued to work on my breasts. I moved his cock towards my dripping wet slit. Pulling back his foreskin and smearing his pre-cum over the head of his cock I moved him between my lips and used his cockhead to smear my juices around and with a loud moan to put pressure on my clit. “OH god that feels Ümraniye Escort Bayan so good” I cried out. I could tell that the feel of my pussy lips and juices was having an effect on him as his hips were starting to move to get his cock into my pussy but with my hand on him I was fully in control and kept using his cock as the best dildo in the world.

As I built towards an orgasm I could feel my control slipping and as I came with his cockhead pressed against my clit I put my feet against the mattress, let go of his cock and thrust my pussy up towards him.

This was all the encouragement he needed and he moved up and forwards moving his cock between my lips.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you’re so big.” I cried out as he moved the head between my folds.

“Fuck you’re really tight,” he said “so fuckin tight, I’ll need to go slow, fuck you feel good” He whispered into my ear.

As he worked his length into me I was panting with each inch as he feed it into my pussy which was wet enough to stretch to let him in. “ugh fuck that feels so good.” I said “you’re filling me right up, stretching my pussy open.”

As I said this he pushed the final couple of inches into me and as he did so I could feel my pussy clamp around him, could feel the head of his cock against my cervix and touching places no other cock ever had. I had honestly never imagined that cock size mattered before but now I knew it really did.

As he looked down at me panting below him I could see the question in his eyes “fuck me” I said “fuck me hard.”

Released from having to go slow he pulled back almost all the way out of my pussy and started to fuck me. As I wrapped my legs around his back, spreading myself as wide as possible to feel every thrust of his cock I could feel another orgasm building. Dave was really fucking me hard now and with each stroke it felt like his cock was finding a new spot in my pussy to hit. The feeling of being so full so stretched open was really working and as I felt him speed up his thrusts I could feel my moans increasing with each stroke my orgasm was building higher and higher.

Suddenly as he thrust into me in a long stroke I threw my head back and screamed “oh god I’m cumming, yesssssss” as my whole body joined in my cunt in an amazing orgasm. Dave continued to plough me as I came around his cock he pulled my legs up onto his shoulders and I moaned as his cock went deeper into me (I honestly didn’t know anyone could get that deep) sparking a whole load of new sensations through my pussy as his cock hit new places.

He was really pounding me now fucking me hard and I was moaning and crying out to urge him onwards.

“That’s it, fuck me hard” I cried out

Dave looked totally lost in the moment as he pounded my pussy and with a sudden jerk in his movements I could tell he was about to come.

“I’m gonna cum” he said “where do you want it?”

I was so lost in the moment this question surprised me and made me think. I didn’t want to think. Thinking made me feel guilty again!

He slowed down his thrusts as I continued to moan. “I don’t care,” I said and it was true I was so lost in the moment I didn’t care where he came.

With the release he started to pound into my pussy again racing towards his orgasm.

“You feel so good” he cried “so fucking good, the tightest pussy ever, you feel so good round my cock baby.” with that I felt his body start to go into jerky little thrusts and he looked me in the eyes as I felt his cum coat the walls of my pussy. Either he came a lot or he hadn’t had sex for a while but it seemed to be a lot of cum and I could soon feel it dribbling out of my pussy and onto the bedsheets.

When the last spasm of his cock in my pussy and the thought of how much cum he was dumping into me I came again with my pussy clenching around his cock not wanting to let go of it as I moaned and sighed as the orgasm ripped through my body and as he pulled his cock out of my pussy.

As we both came down from the fuck I turned towards him and smiled “that was amazing” I said.

“Aye” he replied “it sure was.”

I started to get up from the bed “I need to get back to my room, got to get ready for a flight”.

He just laughed at me and pulled me back towards his body “plenty of time for that later lassie,” Escort Ümraniye he said “you told me last night your flights not ’til later today.”

As he finished speaking he moved his body on top of me and started to smoother my throat and chest with kisses, nips and subtle movements of his hands. All of these touches deliberate to give rise to my passion again but not to allow me to sate it.

After the fuck my thoughts had flown back to Tony and what an utter cunt I was being by giving in to such a base animal urge of lust and utter need to cum. As he started to work on my body again with his gentle touches he knew full well what he was doing and that my body would respond. I knew it too! I could protest, try to leave but as he gently caressed my breast and as I felt my nipple stiffen under his touch I knew that I needed to sate this desire, needed to have this encounter play out to its fullest.

Dave was really working my tits now and as he continued to caress my left tit his mouth descended on the right taking my hard nipple into his mouth. As the wet heat of his mouth coursed through my body a soft moan escaped my throat. The soft caress on the other breast was driving me crazy wanting a harder pressure when he suddenly bit my nipple I threw my head back and gasped out loud. “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” As I moaned my way through the jolt of pain and pleasure he began to slide a hand down towards my pussy while continuing to nip and suckle my breasts moving his mouth from one to the other. I was writhing and moaning as each sensation shot through my body.

As his fingers parted my lips I moaned deep in my throat and thrust myself towards his fingers needing them in me, on me and giving me pleasure. As he slid a finger into my sopping wet pussy and put him thumb on my clit I could feel my body respond “faster” I panted, “faster” as he picked up the pressure and speed I tangled my hands in his hair. My body was on fire as his mouth and hands sent pleasure through it.

As my orgasm hit me I threw my head back and screamed “Oh god yes, yes, yes” as the glorious warm feelings rolled through my entire being. As I came down from the orgasm Dave was on his knees between my spread legs moving towards my still orgasming pussy. I sat up and pulled him in for a kiss and then gently I pressed him backwards and said “lie down”.

As he lay down I moved up his body. Kissing him and thrusting my tongue into his mouth I pressed the warmth of my body against his feeling his hardness, warmth and his erect cock against me. Crushing my painfully hard nipples against his chest I started to kiss down his body. As I moved he gasped as the head of his cock brushed against the liquid heat of my pussy lips.

I moved down quickly and circled the tip of his cock with my mouth. As he gasped and moaned beneath me I once again started to work his cock into my mouth bobbing up and down his length coating him in my saliva. As his gasps started to sound more urgent I move my mouth of him and as he groaned with disappointment I moved back up his body.

Taking his cock in one hand I positioned it straight towards my waiting pussy and started to slowly lower my body down on to him. His cock still felt really big inside me and as I slowly lowered down I was savouring the sensation of him as his rigid pole parted more and more of my pussy. When I felt my buttocks hit his thighs I couldn’t believe how full and stretched my pussy felt. I am sure he has ruined me for Tony now.

I started to move, slowly at first and then with a more frantic movement his pole coated in my juices sliding in and out of me with such delicious feelings. The soft slap of flesh meeting flesh got faster as I could feel my orgasm approach and as Dave started to grunt and thrust up towards me I could tell he was ready to cum as well. Rising up and down his rod faster and faster with each thrust the pulling and pushing as his cock rubbed in and out of my pussy was sensational as my orgasm hit me I fell forward gasping and shuddering and crying out “ooooooohhhhhh, urggghhhhhhh, I’m cumming, cumming.”

I felt Dave grasp my hips as I rode out my orgasm and he started to thrust his cock in and out of my quivering pussy “god your cunt feels so tight” he gasped “so tight” as I recovered I started to ride him again until he looked me in the eye, gasped, threw his head back and with a huge moan came deep into my cunt with a gasp “urrrrgggghhhhhh.”

As I collapsed onto his chest panting and with his deflating cock sliding out of my cum filled pussy I couldn’t believe what had happened and how much my body and lust had betrayed me.

Guilt was for another time however.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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