Veronica Ch. 2

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As I lay on my back, Joel’s manhood down slightly from its full 11″ but still impaling my shaved, swollen kitty, as I thought of it, I began to recover to the point where I could speak to Joel in a mostly normal tone of voice, save the occasional shudder. The truth was that while I had been truly pleasured, I still craved more. While Joel was still resting, I was pleased to note that he continued to thrust gently inside my now well-lubricated folds. I took the initiative.

“Joel, don’t release me, but take me over to your cabinet. I see there’s a jar of jelly I need you to use on me.”

Joel easily lifted me with him. As he did so, I – being quite petite and flexible– leaned down to suckle on Joel’s ripe hairless nipples while continuing to enjoy my ongoing impalement. By the time Joel had retrieved the jar of KY and returned us both to his bed, I noticed a distinct restiffening inside of me while my juices had again begun their unstoppable flow. I am not thin, especially for a gymnast, but I am strong and athletic as you might expect, given my daily hourly routine of stretching, lifting, and aerobics. I was glad of it because after my nonstop 1/2 hour session with the insatiable Joel, I felt my body drenched in sweat and other juices and I felt an intense desire to be filled in my “back door” as well as up front.

“Joel, you have to promise me you won’t be shy”

“Tell me Veronica”

“Lay down on your back. Kadıköy Escort I’ll ride you. I want you to suck and twist my nipples while you do this.”

Joel did as instructed while I flexed my ankles around Joel’s neck. “Oh, yeah that’s good, now pull and twist a little more. Yeahhh,” I was starting to gasp again. “OK, now take a nice gob of jelly and apply it around my anal ring. I’ll lean forward so my nipples are in your mouth and you can really spread my cheeks. My ring is starting to dilate now so I want you to go to at least two fingers. Ooooh OK yeah, keep probing.”

Joel’s fingers were large powerful tools. He was gentle at first, somehow sensing the virgin nature of my anal cavity and taking care to gently arouse my entire buttocks area which by now had begun to respond, gyrating up and down with increasing force. I not only needed continual impalement in my now superslicked vagina, but the need for satiation in the rear as well. “Now Joel, pleeeaase” I squeaked.

With that, I felt my cavity begin to be impaled with Joel’s middle finger, roughly the size of a normal penis. I felt it penetrate to the second knuckle before I felt a second digit, his index finger, join the first and begin to roughly penetrate me deeper still. While Joel used his long arms and long beefy digits to ravage me from behind, I continued to grind my shaven mons against Joel’s mast from above. In fact, Kadıköy Escort Bayan I began to feel Joel press against his own shaft through my internal membrane. I know I had never felt fingers this big or strong in my whole life “OK, keep going, I can feel the pressure. A little deeper please. Take it all the way down to the last knuckle, yesss, yesss oh gawwwd.” Joel was now wriggling and spreading his digits inside of me, pressing against his steel-like shaft in my vagina from within while starting to roughly knead my buttocks. Joel’s large strong hands began to handle my cheeks in earnest now, causing my already aroused areas to moisten and respond still further. I was thankful for my athleticism because my butt and thighs were now humping down on Joel in hard, rapid thrusts, my shaved lips being stimulated further by Joel’s rough, wiry pubes and grinding forcefulness earned through countless hours in the wrestling ring. While the two fingers ravaged my passage mercilessly, Joel at first softly, but soon with vigor, began to spank my cheeks. I felt the stinging sensation. “Harder Joel, I want all you’ve got”. Joel obliged and I could feel my buttocks begin to warm and redden as my juices now flowed from both ends.

I could feel Joel again begin to spasm. He seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of fluid and I noticed thick, gooey dollops of male ooze begin to leak onto my shaven white Escort Kadıköy puffy mound and thigh. And while he continued to penetrate by rosebud and manipulate my back canal, I again began to spasm uncontrollably, squeezing my thighs ever tighter against Joel, thrusting down harder with every vicious whack on my cheek. I was by now virtually doubled over with my right nipple being pulled and squeezed in Joel’s mouth and lips while I tended to my left nipple by steadily pulling and twisting until I could feel what seemed like an electric shock start to vibrate down to every nerve ending. Without thinking, I scooped up a handful of jism and moistened my nipples while pulling and twisting. I thought, “My God Joel’s good, but I’m going to need to get him some help.” I finally felt Joel’s rod begin to deflate and plop out of me.

“Joel, do you know Kevin on the football team? I’ve been seeing him at nights and I think it would be nice if you and some of your wrestler friends could join us and maybe some of his friends. I don’t think he’d mind. Come by my room around 7:00 so I can introduce you.”

I had truly surprised myself. Joel could only nod in assent while I began to stretch on my leotards. I was in such a daze that I gave little thought to my disheveled appearance. My clothes were at the gym and I realized my next class started in 15 minutes. I noticed my leotard clinging to my engorged lips and nipples more prominently than usual. I only barely had time to stop by my room for a few seconds before heading across campus to Mr. Johnson’s course on Anatomy. While there, I made a snap decision and grabbed “jumbo” along with a denim minidress, which barely covered my camel-toed leotards. But that story’s for another day.

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