Twenty-Fifth Class Reunion

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I had been in the Army for 22 years and never seemed to be able to attend my small town class reunions. On the occasion of my 25th reunion, I made a special effort to go. My wife would go but she was several years younger than me and didn’t know many of my classmates. She opted out of the Friday night informal gathering in favor of the Saturday night ceremony at the Country Club. I grabbed my best friend, Mike, and headed for the Schultz’ farm on the outskirts of town. The party was just going to be a good old-fashioned kegger. Mike stayed at home while I roamed the World so I needed him to tell me who all the people were. In turn, no one knew me either. I had put on 80 pound of muscle and grown a couple of inches taller since my senior year. It was the Army chow, I guess.

Before long my junior year flame, Nancy, came over to our bale of hay and asked Mike “who’s your friend?”

I said, “I can’t believe you don’t know me, Nan?” She immediately jumped me nearly knocking me off the bale backwards. She hugged my neck and kissed me like we used to! I immediately felt all the past in a rush of blood to my groin. The years had made what I always consider the most beautiful girl in our class even more stunning. She was tall at 5’10’and about 125 lbs. She had a pert set of 36C tits that even at age 43 were standing tall and proud. I loved her great nipples and she loved how I loved them. She filled the back end of those jeans with an exceptionally great ass and she had a pronounced split (we used to call it a camel toe) where her pussy hit the seam in front. Time was really very good to Nan. She was the first girl I had ever made love to. We grew apart and finally broke up in our senior year. She got a quick tear in her eye when we started to reminisce about our dating days. I asked what was wrong but she just shrugged it off.

After a few minutes of talking to Nan, I was feeling like a dog and asked her if she wanted to jump my bones like she used to. She said it would be great. I excused myself and asked Mike to meet me in a couple of hours at the parking spot where all the kids go to neck on Hwy “K”. We jumped in her SUV and drove to the spot. Before the engine stopped, I had my hand on her tit and began kissing down her neck. The greatest advantage to past lovers is that you know all the right buttons to push. I kissed her earlobes Acıbadem Escort and she quickly slipped to the edge of the seat to give my roaming hand a better shot at her pussy. I rubbed that puffed up mound through her jeans and she started to coo. I was about to ask her to strip off her clothes when she stopped my hand. It was obvious she was taking charge of the situation.

She sat straight up, quickly moved over top of me and told me to lie back on the reclined seat. I obeyed. Twenty years of marriage and Army training makes you understand an order given. I know that when a lady takes charge to enjoy it; don’t fight it. She quickly unzipped my jeans to expose her favorite toy. When we dated she would give me hand jobs but no oral sex. We were just farm kids without a clue. We knew how to fuck as we saw it all the time with the cows and horses but foreplay was not high on our list. It was more like, “Just get in there and plow the field”. I waited to see the changes that time had brought to my dear friend. She slipped my jeans down to my ankles and sucked my already semi-hard dick into her pretty waiting mouth. It was so warm. I wish I could say it was like old times but no. She was always bright and gifted. She had learned to give great head. She sucked like it was time for the cows to come home or so it seemed. In just a couple minutes, I was ready to blow a big load so I told her to be careful. She just said in a deep sultry voice, “Bring it on”. I’d never heard her talk like that. She was so sexy and mysterious. I lost it in a second. I must have shot jism to the back of her throat because she choked just a little. I thought it was going to spoil it for her but she licked up the rest from my dick and came up with a big grin on her face. “Now it is my turn, ” she barked.

We switched positions with her on the front seat with her butt at the edge, me on the floor between her legs. That only lasted a couple minutes, as I was too big to get a good shot at that pussy within the confines of the car. I suggested we take to the open air after I noticed a blanket on the back seat. I hated the mosquitoes but I had to have room to take care of this angel. I was already hard again and she was squirming like the teenage girl I remembered.

When we made love, she was always moving like a gunnysack full of bobcats. It excited Acıbadem Escort Bayan me to remember some of our past adventures. I laid her down in the middle of the blanket. She opened her legs and pulled my head down to meet her mound. Shaved to just a small patch in the middle, her pussy was just plain sweet. I quickly sucked her clit into my mouth but let go. I had to tantalize this one ‘til she exploded. I licked long strokes around her labia even rimming her tight little ass. She just went wild. Her back arched and her muscles quivered. She sucked in long deep breaths whenever I touched her clit. I looked up to find her with tears running down her face. She was smiling but tears were flowing. I asked what was wrong. She said, “just happy”. I decided not to think too hard about it or …

“I’m coming; OH, I’m coming!!!!” She moaned in that deep guttural voice that she used earlier. I continued to lick the outside of her pussy when she erupted in climax. She moaned so loud I thought the farmer down the road a half a mile would hear her. I was not through with her yet. She begged me to stop for a little while, so she could recover.

She said she was exhausted. That fell on deaf ears. I was going to bring her all the pleasure I should have more than 25 years before. I slowly began to lick with long slow wet tongue action on her labia, her ass and inner folds of her vagina. This was such a sweet pussy. This time I put a finger in her very tight pussy and she arched her back to allow me access to her g-spot inside that love canal. She responded when I had fingered her in the past (she was never this tight!?), but now I knew where touch to bring her maximum effect. She was bucking like a bronco. I was having trouble keeping my tongue on her clit. It came to me that I should use my other hand to try to pin her down. No such luck. I slipped my other thumb into her tight little asshole and she screamed, “I’m coming! Oh please fuck me. Fuck me hard. Please fuck me. I need you so bad!” I looked up and she was crying again. I stopped but she drove her pussy into my face and pulled me down with both hands on the back of my head. I could barely breath (but what a way to die). I obeyed. I sucked and licked her until she exploded in orgasm again.

The blanket was wet from the dew, the dew of the late evening and the dew of this Escort Acıbadem delicious pussy I had been worshiping. I quickly mounted her pulling her legs up over my shoulders. I stroked hard into her very tight pussy with all the strength I could muster. I grabbed her ankles in each hand. This allowed me the leverage to thrust deep strokes into her while maintaining my control. It doesn’t take long in a tight pussy if she is in control. Each stroke from me brought a new whimper with more and more tears.

“Why are you crying?”

“Just very, very happy! Please don’t stop!” She begged me. I obliged with more long, slow, halting strokes that brought her to quick climax and me not far behind. I stopped in time and pulled out. She protesting but I wanted to flip her over and do her from behind. I had never ravaged this pussy doggie style so I pulled her on her knees with her head down on the blanket. She was surprised when I got to my feet and slipped into her snatch from behind. I was like a pile driver when I got situated over her beautiful upturned butt and stuck my dick into her sloppy wet pussy. I must have hit the spot because she screamed in her third or fourth orgasm and collapsed in a heap after just a few strokes. I followed her down to the blanket keeping my dick in her pussy.

My animal lust was taking over. I had to relieve this pressure building in my groin. I was reminded with a quick smile of our first few dates when I went home with blue balls. She revived just a little and started to move that prefect heart shaped ass. I ground into her with vengeance. She bucked her ass up in the air and took me balls deep in one swift stroke. She moaned, biting her lower lip as she felt every inch of me inside her vagina. I slammed into her hard maybe two more minutes and exploded with a huge load of cum into her deepest parts.

After a few minutes of cuddling and stroking her hair and those incredible tits, she started to cry. I hugged her tight and asked again, “What wrong?”

She said, “I am just so happy to have found you again. Two month ago today, I lost my husband to a very long and terrible disease. He could not make love to me for the last six years and I needed this so bad. I am glad we spend this time together and if you should ever loose your wife. Well, just call me!”

It was about time for Mike to come pick me up so we dressed quietly. Each in another place but still feeling the warm sexual glow of forbidden but incredible tryst. I’ll never leave my wife but if I should loose her, her replacement is waiting.

MORE TO COME. damon1951

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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