The Women in My Life Ch. 01

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This introduction is my introduction into the joys and pleasures of sex, starting…


My name is Joe Barker. I was born and grew up in a village in North West Lancashire, where everyone knew everyone else. And knew everyone else’s business! My dad, Harry, was an aerospace engineer and a very practical man, especially about the house. As I grew up he would always find something to explain, to tell me about something practical, like changing a fuse/light bulb or fixing a leaking tap. Something that I might need to know later in my life. My mum, Jean, did everything for us but like dad she insisted I knew how to cook, at least the basics. Eventually, I came to realise how right they were.

As for friends, there was Alan and Christine, or Chrissy as we called her. Alan was my sporty buddy, we were into badminton and running. Chrissy was just a laugh a minute kind of girl. Both friends for life.

It was the first week in January, on the evening of my 18th birthday, when my dad came into my bedroom and gave me a small packet, containing 3 condoms, saying “Don’t get caught out! Use these rather than nothing. If you need more, they’re in my bedside drawer.” He turned back at the door, adding, “Oh! And don’t tell your mum.” He winked as he left.

Then on the Saturday after my birthday, my mum and dad took me to their favourite drinking haunt, The King’s Arms. We’d barely drunk half of the first pint of Double Diamond when in walked Chrissy, with her mum and dad.

“Chrissy!” I shouted, “you’re back!”

“Joe!” she shouted back, “my front!” with her arms spread wide.

THE FIRST WOMAN (1978 @ 18)

Chrissy was about 3 months older than me and was always a hoot of a laugh. I hadn’t seen her for about 18 months. Her dad Steve, a long time friend and drinking buddy of my dad, had been sent on a 1 year secondment, with his whole family, to America. It had stretched out to 18 months. They’d arrived back home late the night before, caught up on jet-lag sleep, unpacked and shopped. Steve said beer was rubbish in America and was desperate for decent pint! We all chatted away so easily, it was like they’d never been away. When last orders were called, dad and Steve had consumed a good 7 pints! As we all left, I arranged to see Chrissy back at her old home the next evening.

So that next night, Sunday, I went to Chrissy’s. As she opened the door to me, I said, “I forgot to tell you last night. Have I got a surprise bit of news for you!”

Once we were sat down in her front room, I announced, “Arlene’s pregnant.”

“No way,” Chrissy blurted.

“Oh yeah, up the duff according to my mum, who was told my Arlene’s mum. She’ll be about 6 months by now.”

“Who by?”, she asked.

“Some big bloke she’s been seeing, mum reckons, a bit older than her I think. Dad went ape-shit, saying with all the protection there was around these days you should never get caught out. You won’t believe it but the other day, on my birthday, he gave me three condoms and a very stern look that said make sure you use them, or else!”

We talked about Arlene, her obvious forward tendencies as we were growing up, some rumours and gossip and of course speculation on her pregnancy.

“So,” Chrissy asked me, “did you do it with her?”

“Between you and me, no.” I answered honestly.

“So have you ever done it then?” Chrissy bluntly asked.

Pausing before I answered, I said, “Honestly, not yet.”

“Well you never know your luck in a raffle”, Chrissy replied.

“I’ve got numbers 6 and 23,” I quipped, knowing that those were our birth dates.

“As I said, you never know.” she said.

After a brief pause, I asked, “Have you? Done it, that is.”

She looked at me, then shrugged and said “Yes. Just before we came back. I was sort of dating this hunky guy in college. He was very nice, gentle, didn’t rush anything but I suppose in a way it was a… a farewell fuck!”

We stared at one another for a second then broke into laughter. We’d always been easy talking to one another. About anything. As I was about to leave, on her doorstep, she gave me a peck of a kiss on the cheek.

“You call that a kiss! Who are you? And what have you done with the girl I used to know?” I said feigning puzzlement.

“Oh! A girl just doesn’t kiss anyone,” she answered, “after all, a kiss offered can mean so much.”

“It can?” I asked, with a genuinely puzzled and furrowed brow.

“Oh! yes. A girl asking for or offering a kiss is granting a permission, whereas a boy asking for a kiss is asking for permission. Such permission may be to do more than just kiss. A girl has her honour to think about.”

Bowing, I said, “In that case, m’lady I apologise most sincerely.” Adding as I backed away, still slightly bowed, “I will retire and spend the night thinking about your honour!”

“Thank you kind sir,” she said smiling, “Now sod off!”

I waved and left. When I got home, I couldn’t help but think about Chrissy losing her virginity. For perhaps the first Çankaya Escort time I thought of her sexually. My penis responded, with an urge for release.

I decided it was time to use one of the condoms dad gave me. Slowly I rolled it onto my proud erection and began to wank away, stopping and re-starting to extend my pleasure. But there came that moment just as I imagined shooting up Chrissy’s cunt tunnel that I couldn’t hold back. As my balls tingled and the electric thrill of orgasm racked, I arched my back pushing my ejaculating penis into the air and filling the condom with my spunk. I lay back in that warm after-pleasure of climax. I looked at the condom still on my penis and thought I wasn’t throwing it away. After all, it would be such a waste! After a few moments, I got back into my PJs and went to the bathroom. The condom got washed out, dried and lubricated with a bit of mum’s baby oil, or whatever it was, before rolling it back up and putting it back in the opened packet and hiding it. I only ever used that one for those solo occasions!

Chrissy’s mum and dad went out on the following Friday night with my mum and dad, as they always used to do, leaving us alone in their front parlour. After some rambling chat, there came a moment of silence. We were sat on the settee when I said, in a medieval sounding voice, “Pray m’lady, may I kiss thee upon thy lips?”

Picking up my tone, she answered, “Verily, good sir, thy chivalry will be rewarded thusly.”

We started kissing, tongues deep in one another’s mouths and after not too long, I brushed my hand against the side of her fulsome breast. Without objection! So shortly afterwards, I brushed by again but lingered. At long last I moved my hand round and rested on her left breast momentarily before gently squeezing it. It was a handful I can tell you, but she didn’t seem to mind my feeling her through her blouse and bra. Even so I could tell her nipple was aroused. Not one to push my luck too much I left it at that, just fondling her. Later as I was leaving, I said “Thank ye, m’lady, I trust I did not offend thy fair maiden this day.”

“Ye did not, good sir. Ye may kiss my hand and leave until next time.” So kissing her hand I stayed slightly bowed as I stepped back. I smiled and waved as I left. Over the next few meetings, I continued feeling her breasts through her blouse.

On the Friday after Valentine’s, we were lay down on the settee and I was fondling her breast over her blouse, as usual. Chrissy was lay slightly sideways on with her back against the settee and I was wondering the best way to try for her bra strap. So I just moved my hand down to the bottom of her blouse and pushed up to meet the flesh of her side. No objection. I roamed my hand around before aiming for her bra and her buxom boob just above it. Gently caressing her I let my finger run across the top of her breast, then slipped it at the top near the strap and followed the bra line down until my finger touched her nipple. Still no objection. After moments of nipple rubbing, I pulled my hand back to the front of her bra and followed it round to the back and the clasp. I tried to undo it one handed, but as Chrissy was full bosomed, I found it was too tight for me. To my surprise, she pushed up and I thought that was the end, but instead she just undid the bra herself and lay back down. I returned to the kiss and to fondling her breast over the bra before sliding my hand underneath to cup her full, warm right breast and roll her nipple between my fingers. Chrissy’s breath against my cheek was hot and quicker than before. I continued to fondle and massage her ample bosom. Again I decided not to try to do anything more that night.

The next night, Saturday, in her front room, we started kissing and fondling and I managed to undo her bra myself, which felt like an achievement in itself. Lay down with her boob in my hand, I slowly inserted my right leg between her legs. We continued petting, and I moved my leg up so that the top of my thigh was against her crutch. No objection yet. So I started to rub my leg more firmly against her crutch. Eventually, I moved my leg so as to push her left leg up against the back of the settee, widening her legs. No objection again. My penis was making some objections though, at being constrained in my pants! Slowly, I moved my hand from her bare breast, down the side of her belly and across her dress to her knee, half expecting some reaction, but got none. I slid my hand slowly up her leg, under her skirt towards her crutch, stopping just as I touched her knickers.

And still no objection! I moved my hand along, palm down across the front of her knicks, feeling the presence of her pubic hair below. Lowering my hand, I cupped the crutch of her knicks, feeling a slight dampness and uneven shape underneath my palm. I had played this moment in my head loads of times and remembered what I read once about pleasuring a girl. So I pulled my hand forward to let my finger try and find her Keçiören Escort clitoris through the thin fabric of her knickers. The front of her vagina line was obvious and there was what I thought was IT. So I gently rubbed it. Chrissy’s breathing seemed even hotter and faster. I continued kissing her mouth and rubbing her clit. She moaned lightly, so I guessed I was on the right spot. It took several more moments of gentle but persistent rubbing before I felt her hold her breath then pull out of the kiss, grunting “Oh God!”.

I eased my rubbing but didn’t stop and she resumed the kiss. A second and third time she orgasmed, my hand still outside her knickers. As I cupped my hand to her crutch, she pulled back and looked at me, “Fuck me, that was good,” she said.

“I can but try,” said I in return.

“You can try… but not tonight,” was her reply.

I had a horn and a half on me when leaving Chrissy’s to go home. On the way in, I had to shout I needed the bathroom, so as not to show it off! Once in there, I dropped my trousers and pulled on my aching rod for all I was worth, cuming down the toilet in an ecstasy of thoughts about fucking Chrissy.

The following Friday night my mum and dad went out to some friend’s 40th party and Chrissy came round to mine for a change, dressed in a loose fitting blouse tucked into her knee length pleated skirt. We chatted a bit, I got us a drink and Chrissy went to the toilet. When she came down, I noticed that her blouse was no longer inside her skirt but over it. At first I didn’t think anything about it. Soon after we were lay on our front room settee, kissing. As I moved my hand over her blouse and breast, I could feel she had no bra on! So she must have taken it off in the bathroom earlier and pulled her blouse out to make access easier for me. A moment later my hand was inside her blouse and cupping her warm and soft left boob, before gently pinching her nipple.

My leg was already between hers, which she spread without any pushing from me. After a few moments of tit rubbing, I moved my hand down the flesh of her side over her skirt to her knee then up her leg to her knickers, which didn’t have an elasticated leg line but were loose and lacy. My hand went straight under, my fingers touching her pubic hair. I let my middle finger drop down to the front of her vagina and linger over her clitoris. Chrissy continued to kiss, breathing hot against my cheek. I pulled my hand back and up over her knickers, then down again to fully cover her pubic hair with the palm of my hand. I lingered there feeling the roughness, then moved to cup her vaginal entrance in the palm of my hand.

She was wet with excitement, my finger tracing the line of her vaginal lips back to her clitoris. I felt her push up slightly as I touched her and briefly rubbed it. I moved my hand to the side of her knickers and slightly round the back and began to pull them down. Chrissy raised her bottom in compliance, as I did so. Once they were down to her knees, she pushed them down and off herself. I was as horny as hell, my penis now erect in my pants. My hand returned to Chrissy’s vagina and clitoris. Her legs were wide and her skirt over her belly as I fingered her wet love hole. I put my finger in, feeling it so warm and inviting, then withdrew to stimulate her clit. Moments later she was moaning and grunting in orgasm. Twice more she came.

Lay there she told me, “I’m glad you remembered that a woman can want sex as much as a man and that orgasms are not just for men.”

Then I felt her hand move to my trousers and the throbbing rod that was my penis. She rubbed up and down its length, then undid the buckle of my belt and unzipped my flies. Her hand went inside to hold the rock solid shaft of my manhood. I was getting delirious at the feeling, but before I did anything else, I put my hand in my pocket to get out a condom. Keeping the small packet in hand, I moved my hand to push my pants down, exposing my penis.

Chrissy eased out of the kiss and looked at me, “I have a condom,” I said, “Is it OK if I put it on?”

Nodding, she let go of my erection. Leaning back slightly, I opened the pack, pulled my foreskin back and slipped the condom on. I kicked my pants off completely, then turned back to straddle Chrissy’s already opened legs, her vagina on view, glistening with her excitement. She eased round to lay flat, as I moved over her.

“You know you are my first,” I said. She nodded, as I added “I hope I don’t disappoint you.”

I took a deep breath as I pushed my penis forward, at first not quite connecting, then feeling it slip into her warm vagina. Pushing in, I tried not to thrust deeply or urgently, but I was really excited. I knew if I kept going I would climax, so I stopped with my rod deep inside her. Pushing up on my arms I looked down at Chrissy, “I’m really close to cuming, Chrissy. Really close, sorry.”

“That’s OK, just cum when you can’t hold back any more,” she answered. Still Etimesgut Escort looking at her smiling face, I started to slowly pump in and out. But it wasn’t long before the tingle and electric burst of orgasm surged through me as I grunted and thrust deep into her womb, pulsing my spunk load into the condom.

I stayed there briefly, eyes closed, feeling my first post-coital orgasm glow and the warmth of her vagina around me. I leant forward to kiss her, for a moment or two before I pulled out of her and sat back on my knees.

As Chrissy lay there, her legs wide and cunt open, inviting me back in, my still erect penis stood before her, entombed in a condom with a rather full tip. She said “You still look hard.”

“I guess I’m still horny.” I answered, smiling.

“Horny enough to go again?” Chrissy asked.

“Yes indeed. That would be really nice.” I replied, “but I”

She interrupted, “I brought a condom too. Just in case!”

So off came the old condom and on went the new one from Chrissy’s handbag. I lay forward to re-enter her warm wet tunnel. But I started pumping hard and quick before being told to stop by Chrissy.

“It’s not a race or a time trial, you know. If I want it hard and fast I’ll tell you, otherwise easy and deep, long and steady. Remember, there’s two of us here who want pleasing.”

It was a piece of advice that stayed with me and I tried to stick to thereafter. And so began a sort of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, but ultimately we had a firm friendship that happened to involve us having a lot of sex. Until…

It was a Friday in late March, Chrissy’s parents were out with mine and we were busy shagging in Chrissy’s bedroom. With all the practice we’d been having I was going for longer each time. But eventually the need to ejaculate called too strongly.

“Chrissy, I’m gonna cum any minute.” I said.

“Tease” she answered.

It was maybe 10 seconds later when the surge came and I rammed my condom covered rod as deep inside her as I could and could feel my penis pulsing out spunk for all it was worth. Then the feeling changed.

“Fuck!” I said, quickly pulling out of Chrissy’s vagina, “The condom’s burst!”

“What?” Chrissy almost screamed, then jumped up and raced to the bathroom.

I was sat on my knees, with a split condom on my deflating penis and spunk dribbling on her bed. I took off the condom, wrapped it up and grabbing some tissues I tried to wipe up anything wet. After a few minutes Chrissy walked back in.

“Sorry Chrissy,” I said slightly sheepishly, “don’t know why it happened.”

“Well it won’t be fucking happening again,” she said, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

We dressed in silence then went downstairs. I asked if she wanted me to leave.

“No,” she replied, “I’m due on my period in a few days, so we’ll know soon enough. Let’s just fucking hope!”

The rest of the evening was quiet. I went home before her parents got back and I was in bed before mine. It was a restless sleep, as it was for the next few nights, worrying. On Tuesday, Chrissy let me know that her period had come on. What a fucking relief that was. For both of us.

For the next few weeks we still saw each other. We went to the pub, went to the cinema, did “stuff” but no kissing, fondling or shagging.

It was mid April by now and I was at Chrissy’s on a Friday night again. We were chatting about something and nothing when Chrissy said,

“After that condom broke, and my period came on I decided never again would I rely on using them. I was lucky that time. So I went to the GP and got myself on the Pill. There’s no way I’m getting pregnant until I’m ready. Understand?”

A bit flustered and surprised, I said “Makes sense, I guess.”

She repeated, “Understand?” a little more firmly.

Like a penny dropping onto a metal basin, it dinged! “Chrissy, I understand but I don’t want to do anything to upset or offend you, so…”

“Shut the fuck up and kiss me,” she interrupted.

So I did. There was a passion in her kiss, her breath hot against my cheek. It was only then did I realise, as I pressed against her breasts, that she didn’t have her bra on. I eased out of the kiss.

“You once said that a girl asking for a kiss is giving a permission!” I reminded her.

“Consider yourself permitted.” she replied, lifting up to kiss me.

After moments of fondling on the couch, Chrissy got up, held out her hand and we went to her bedroom. She took her blouse off and stepped out of her skirt, wearing only her knickers, then looked at me. I duly undressed to my boxers. We lay on the bed. After a few kisses and breast fondlings, I slid my hand down to her knickers. As I slipped my hand in she lifted her bum, so I moved my hand round to remove them. Before I got my hand back up, she had started to pull my boxers down.

I brought my hand up between her already opened legs, to the wetness of her vagina’s entrance. With my finger rolling round her labia, I eventually touched her clitoris and began a gentle rubbing. Her breathing was fast and hot as I continued to stimulate her. Moments later, she eased back from the kiss, lay her head down and opened her mouth in a silent “Oh!”. Then, as her face grimaced, her orgasm raced through her body, “Don’t stop!” she demanded. Twice more she shuddered in pleasure before opening her eyes to look at me.

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