The Appointment

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The waiting room in the gynecologist’s office was crowded. Maggie scanned the throng of women impatiently. She had finished her book and there was only so long one could scroll through Twitter.

“Maggie O’Doul?” called the receptionist. Maggie leapt to her feet nervously. She had just turned eighteen and it was her first appointment at the gynecologist. She was seeing Dr. Greg and she had been sweating about it for the last half hour. She was a virgin. The furthest she had ever gone was letting her prom date feel her up in the limo (she was a DD and on a thin frame they were very pronounced). She was here, alone, and didn’t know what to expect.

Maggie went back into the offices. The receptionist handed her a specimen cup.

“You’re going to leave a urine sample and put it at the little window in the bathroom. Then you’ll go wait in Room D” she instructed. Maggie obediently went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. She had rapidly gulped down two bottles of water in anxiety. Yet now nothing came out. She was too paralyzed by fear.

She heard they stuck a metal instrument inside you. Was that true? Wouldn’t it hurt? Would she bleed? I mean, it wasn’t like she hadn’t stuck stuff inside her before. She had a rather large dildo that satisfied her late at night. If she could accommodate that, surely she wouldn’t have a problem with a small doctor’s tool. And it couldn’t be too painful. This wasn’t the dentist or anything.

Maggie went into Room D which looked innocuous like any doctor’s office. She sat on the exam table and almost immediately the door open. A pretty, young, auburn nurse entered.

“Hello,” she said with a big smile, “Are you Maggie?” Maggie nodded nervously.

“My name is Rebecca. I’m just here to ask you a few questions until the doctor is ready, okay?” Maggie nodded again. The girl was slim, her doctor’s coat hanging off her yet emphasizing her small curves at the same time. Rebecca dutifully took down Maggie’s medications.

“Are you on medication?” No.

“Are you sexually active?” No.

“Do you get your periods regularly?” Yes.

Eventually, Rebecca bent over and rummaged in a drawer, producing a gown.

“You are going to take all your clothes off and put the gown on with the opening in the front,” she said.

“Even Ankara Rus Escort my underwear?” squeaked Maggie. Rebecca smiled understandingly.

“Are you nervous?” Maggie nodded, blushing.

“Dr. Greg is very nice. He’s very patient and he won’t hurt you. He sees dozens of women a day, he’s not a perv or anything” she said. Maggie nodded again, taking comfort in Rebecca’s words. She slipped out of her blue panties and jeans. She took off her black band T-shirt that always felt like a suit of armor. She unhooked her bra letting her boobs fall heavily forward. Just then, the door opened, and a handsome young man entered,

Maggie was totally naked in front of him, and she could tell that this surprised him. His eyebrows shot up slightly. But then he smiled to himself. He had a little porn star on his hands. Those breasts alone…Jesus Christ. They had to be real, otherwise she should have reported it to Rebecca. But they looked too perfect to be real.

“Hello Maggie,” he said, like it wasn’t as though she didn’t have a stitch of clothing on.

“Hello,” Maggie said, faintly. Dr. Greg was very young and very handsome.

“Why don’t you put your gown on and we can get started?” he said conversationally. Maggie hastily bent down to retrieve it baring her ass to Dr. Greg who smirked when he was sure she could not see.

Maggie slipped the gown on and tried closing it around her breasts. They were too big and the gown tore slightly. Maggie was mortified. Dr. Greg wisely pretended not to notice but he was already getting hard. Maggie hopped up on the exam table at Dr. Greg’s request. She laid back and jumped feeling his hands on her breasts.

“I’m sorry,” Dr. Greg apologized. “It’s a routine part of the exam,” Of course it was. Maggie let Dr. Greg examine her breasts and tried to ignore the heat pooling between her legs. She had never felt hands on her bare breasts before (only frantic pawing in the back of a limo) and Dr. Greg definitely knew what he was doing. Dr. Greg for his part was enjoying himself. These were definitely real, and they were responding to him, the nipples growing hard under his touch. Her breath was also growing quicker. He knew when he finally had the privilege of reaching Yenimahalle Escort her down there, she would be equally receptive.

“Before I continue the physical part of the exam, I just need to ask a few questions. You may sit up,” He said, sitting in front of the laptop as though he were going to record her answers. She sat up, trembling slightly, nipples poking through the gown. “Rebecca said you are not sexually active. Is that true?”

“Yes,” Maggie said, blushing and ducking her head.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” said Dr. Greg, gently. “Do you have an interest in sex? Do you masturbate?” Maggie hesitated then nodded her head in assent. Dr. Greg made a note on his computer.

“That is entirely normal. Now I am going to call Rebecca in for the final part of the exam,”

“She has to be here too?” asked Maggie, humiliated at the thought of the cool older woman seeing her with her legs spread like that.

“Yes, federal law. I can’t examine you on my own,” Dr. Greg went out into the hall and called for Rebecca. She entered, completely businesslike. Maggie relaxed.

“Feet in the stirrups, Maggie,” said Dr. Greg. Maggie uneasily slid her butt down on the table, so her feet were in stirrups. Now she was completely exposed to both. The very idea made her get even wetter and she knew she was wet already.

Dr. Greg bent closer for examination purposes. He could smell her pussy, could see her arousal glistening on her thighs. She needed attention, her body was craving it. He inserted one finger into her vagina, and she gasped at the full finger. His cock throbbed. She was so tight but not tight enough that he didn’t know she must use a toy now and then. He wouldn’t embarrass her like that.

“Do you ever use any toys, Maggie? I want to know if your hymen is intact,” he said. Or maybe he would.

“No,” Maggie said. Her lying fooled no one.

“It’s important you tell the doctor the truth, Maggie,” said Rebecca gently. A scarlet flush spread across Maggie’s face.

“I use a toy sometimes,” she whispered like she might choke on the truth.

“What kind?” Dr. Greg was determined to remain professional.

“A dildo,” she muttered. At her admission, he started finger fucking her swiftly. It caught her by surprise. She knew this was not, could not be part of the exam, but she did not care. It felt so good. Was this what she had been missing this whole time? Shouldn’t she speak up? This was wrong. But then Rebecca was at her head, whispering in her ear what a good girl she was, and she was a good girl and he was only examining her. Something was building, growing inside her. With panic, she realized she had to use the bathroom.

“Please stop!” she begged.

“I’m almost done,” said the doctor in a measured tone. She was going to pee all over him and in the next minute, she squirted all over his hand and the floor and the paper cover of the table. Rebecca gasped in a long low breath. Maggie groaned with relief and anxiety in one measure. Oh, my goodness, they were going to kick her out of the gynecologist’s office and send her right back to the pediatrician.

“That is an entirely normal response,” comforted Dr. Greg much to her surprise as he went to the sink to wash his hands, “Some people get aroused during their exam even though it’s purely clinical,”

“But I peed,” said Maggie weakly.

“You squirted. There is a debate over whether it is the same or different and we won’t get into that but the point is I should have stopped when you told me too,” Maggie didn’t say it but she was glad he hadn’t. It was the greatest pleasure of her life.

She stepped behind the curtain to put on her clothes. Maybe she should rethink this no sex thing. If it felt this good, there had to be some redeeming qualities.

As the door closed behind her, Dr. Greg pulled Rebecca to him with a growl.

“How’d you like that, you little slut?” he asked, his hands pawing her ass in a very ungentlemanly way.

“She was hot,” said Rebecca, already fumbling with his fly. She knew her job so well.

“She was. And so innocent. You’re not innocent are you, you bitch?” he asked, looking down at her. Her cock was already in his mouth so she couldn’t exactly answer. Rebecca was an excellent nurse practitioner. She also was a master cocksucker, proficient in the art of deepthroating. Finally, the doctor reluctantly pulled her mouth off his dick. She slid onto the table, right on the wet spot Maggie had left. Dr. Greg entered her swiftly, and soon he was thrusting long and hard. He bit down on Rebecca’s breast so she wouldn’t scream in orgasm. Then he shot his load straight inside her. Rebecca had been on the Pill the majority of her life.

“Get dressed,” Dr. Greg told her “We have five minutes before my next appointment,”

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