She’s The Boss Ch. 02

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Monday couldn’t come soon enough for Dave. There were so many questions running through his mind; Was it really just a one-time thing with Nicole? What if she wants more? What if our relationship goes south, will I lose my job? The only way to answer those questions was to start interacting with Nicole at work.

Nicole hadn’t called him since their encounter on Tuesday night and Dave didn’t feel right about calling her at the office again, he thought it might raise suspicion. Maybe he was being overly-paranoid but he figured it would be fine to just wait until Monday when he’d be starting his new job.

Dave woke up before his alarm even went off and had plenty of time to kill in the morning, so he had an extra cup of coffee.

By the time he got to his car he felt wide awake but now he was extra jittery because of the coffee and he was also nervous about his first day at the new job.

The rush hour drive was uneventful so Dave made it to his cubicle with plenty of time to spare. He started to set things up and began checking his emails to find out what assignments he’d be working on.

He was directly across from Nicole’s office, and her door had been closed since he got there. He did notice a shadow moving around the room so he assumed Nicole was in there but busy.

Dave introduced himself around the office, exchanging pleasantries with the dozen or so other employees in his department.

Later on in the day, just as Dave was about to take his lunch hour, Nicole’s secretary Büyükesat Escort summoned him and said that Nicole wanted to speak with him.

Dave knocked on the door and Nicole said, “come in.”

Dave stepped inside and was greeted by Nicole, who sitting on her desk with her legs crossed. She was wearing a very short black skirt with a pink top. Her hazel eyes shone through her dark eye makeup and her light-red lipstick made her lips look irresistible.

By now Dave had grown accustomed to that lustful gleam in Nicole’s eyes, and he was receiving that look again.

“Close the door and lock it,” Nicole demanded.

“Oh no, I thought we were done with this,” Dave said.

“Are you talking back to your boss? Do as you’re told,” Nicole commanded.

Dave sighed and shut the door to the office, locking it shut.

“That’s better,” said Nicole as she got up off the desk and fell into Dave’s arms.

“I thought you said it was a one-time thing,” Dave said.

“I lied,” Nicole replied bluntly.

“But this is insane! How can we just have sex in the office while everyone is here?” Dave tried to reason with her.

“No one will see us,” Nicole said, “and I’ll keep my voice down.”

“Yeah but this still doesn’t feel right,” Dave said.

“But yet you can’t resist. You can’t fight those feelings of lust you have for me. And you shouldn’t fight them, there’s nothing wrong with a man and a woman loving each other,” Beşevler Escort Nicole said.

“Well, when you put it that way…” Dave said as he allowed his voice to trail off.

He grabbed Nicole’s firm ass and began to make out with her. He could taste hints of the toothpaste she’d used in the morning and the coffee she drank during the day.

There was no turning back now and there were no excuses this time; Dave gave into his inhibitions with a sound mind.

As they locked lips Nicole muttered, “bend me over the desk.”

Dave slipped off Nicole’s panties and bent her over the desk, her ass facing up. He unzipped his pants, dropped them along with his boxers, and stroked his cock to full erection.

Once he was fully aroused he stuck his cock into Nicole’s moist cunt and started fucking her.

Nicole’s moans, as she promised, were muffled but still audible. Dave’s hips slapped against Nicole’s ass with each thrust and the desk made a low thud as their bodies slammed into the desk over and over again.

“I love it when you pound me hard Dave,” Nicole said intensely through gritted teeth.

“I love stretching you out you fucking slut,” Dave answered back.

“Grab your slutty boss by the tits,” Nicole said, “and don’t stop fucking me.”

Dave squeezed Nicole’s tits through her soft pink shirt (Dave realized she had no bra on) as he continually pounded her pussy. He rubbed Nicole’s wonderfully firm breasts Cebeci Escort and pinched her erect nipples. Nicole groaned with satisfaction as Dave pleasured her.

“Holy shit I’m gonna cum so hard!” Nicole exclaimed.

“Cum on my cock, cum for me baby,” Dave beckoned.

Nicole let out a series of moans, then her pussy contracted around Dave’s cock. Her breathing stopped momentarily before she finally climaxed, sighing and moaning passionately as her pussy became sopping wet with her cum.

“Oh god that felt so good,” Nicole said under deep breaths, “now turn me over.”

Dave did as he was told without uttering a word; now Nicole was lying on her back on the desk, her delightfully pink pussy on full display with her skirt lifted up.

Dave quickly sucked on her clit, tasting her wetness. Then he stuck his cock back inside her, and this time the pleasure was more intense for Dave as he could see his manhood sliding in and out of his boss’ vagina.

It wasn’t much longer before Dave was ready to climax.

“Where should I finish?” Dave asked with urgency.

“Pull out and I’ll suck you off,” Nicole said.

Nicole dropped to her knees and wrapped her mouth around Dave’s cock, sucking it fast and hard.

“Oh god I’m so close,” Dave said.

Nicole took Dave’s cock out of her mouth and smiled as she jerked his cock to orgasm.

Dave groaned uncontrollably and then he came, his semen exploding out of his cock and into Nicole’s outstretched mouth.

After six bursts Dave finally stopped ejaculating. He was completely emptied.

“Have fun?” Nicole said.

“Yeah, I did,” Dave said as he caught his breath.

“Good,” said Nicole, “get used to it, we’re going to have a lot of fun together in this office. Now you can go.”

Nicole flashed Dave a smile as he turned and left her office.

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