Shall we Play a Game Pt. 08

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Briefly going over some things written in previous chapters, Sara looks like Laura Cover, if anybody wants to visualize what Sara looks like. This is a “take me” role playing scenario where her husband Sean is called Sir, Sara’s name is Toy, and Sir will be referring to Sean/Sara’s husband as LB (Lucky Bastard). Italics are Sean/Sir and normal type is Sara/Toy.

I pull Sara/Toy up into a sitting position and hold her in my arms, and it feels incredible. This whole evening of stroking her with a feather, touching her, and kissing/licking her suddenly feels like it was lacking, and just feeling her body against mine and her head nestled into my shoulder, actually feels more intimate than everything before. I was going to wait for a while longer before freeing Sara/Toy’s arms, but as good as it is holding her I want even more for her to hold me. I reach down and untie one of the knots of the material binding her wrists, and she quickly raises her arms and puts her arms around me. Heaven! I can tell that the orgasms she’s had have tired her, but she still holds me firmly. We stay in this pose for several minutes, but there are a couple more things to be experienced in this fantasy, and I find that I want us to go back to being Sean and Sara and leave Sir and Toy in our memories.

“You feel good in my arms Toy, I dreamed of moments like this back when you were playing with me, always expertly giving me hope that you’d be mine someday. But you’re LB’s now, he was the one who earned your love. The evening is almost over, but there’s still two things for us to do. The first one is to taste you, find out if the lubrication that’s been seeping out of your pussy all night tastes as good as it smells. What do you think about that Toy, do you want me to lick your sweet pussy and bring you to some more orgasms?”

“I am Toy Sir, yours to play with as much as you want. I’m not sure my body can experience too many more orgasms, but that’s what I thought earlier and you proved me wrong. I want to feel your lips and tongue on me, I want my body to betray me again and again by receiving pleasure from your touch.”

“Yes, that’s what I want to do Toy, to possess you for this one night, and leave you wanting more in the days and years to come, but doing without. And after I’ve brought you to a few more orgasms the only thing left to do then is to fuck you!”

Sir pulls slightly away from me and starts gently kissing me, soft little caresses of our lips. It’s wonderful to finally have my arms freed and to be able to hold Sir to me. I feel him start to lower me back down onto the bed, my arms still holding him to me tightly. We stay like that for a while, his body pressing down lightly on top of mine, and then he pulls away and begins kissing and licking his way down my body. He stops at my breasts for a while, kissing both nipples softly, then continues down my stomach to my center. My hands move up to cradle his head, the fingers running through his hair. He stays there poised above my center, seemingly studying my pussy, memorizing its every fold and bump. My anticipation builds up, and I feel disappointment when his heads moves down slightly more. “Please Sir, please put your mouth on me, I want you to lick my pussy,” I beg him.

He begins placing short little licks onto the inside of my thighs, building up my need for his tongue on more intimate flesh. I feel his teeth on my thighs, opening wide to take as much of my flesh as he can into his mouth and then slowly closing it, the skin slowly being squeezed out. Placed between each bite are soft kisses, and sometimes I can feel his lips purse and he sucks my flesh into his mouth, then pulling away, I can almost hear the pop as the suction is broken and my skin breaks free. I’m starting to writhe, and try to pull his Eryaman Escort head up to feast him on more tender flesh but he’s too strong, Sir will do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.

So soft, so soft, the skin on the inside of her thighs is like the smoothest silk, my lips and tongue reveling in their feel. Gently biting her, I’m hoping I’m not too rough, I want this to make her want more, not make her want me to stop. It seems to be working, as her hands are pulling up on my head, wanting me to really start giving her pleasure. I make her wait for a little longer, perhaps not as long as I could have, but I want this too! Moving up, I stay poised over her body for a little while, looking at the feast before me. As much as I love her blonde pubic hair, the moisture glistening on it, I’m thrilled at her being smooth, it seems to be more inviting, more open to being explored. The labia swollen, wet with desire, the musky scent filling my nose. I blow softly on her, and even though it’s soft she still feels it and a tremble stirs her body. I stick out my tongue and starting at the bottom, slowly lick my way up her labia.

Oh, it feels so good, feels so good! Just this slight pressure, one soft lick the length of my labia has my body wanting more. Sir gives me more of the same, and I raise my pelvis up, wanting him to press his tongue harder against my pussy, but he refuses to give me what I need yet. I move my right hand to the back of his head, trying to move his face more into the v of my legs. “Please Sir, please lick me harder,” I beg him but to no avail. Moving my left hand up to my right breast I begin to squeeze the tit, pressing my fingers into the flesh with the intensity that I need from his tongue. I can feel in my palm the stickiness of the syrup left behind on the aerolae, and begin pinching that circle, flicking the nipple occasionally with my thumb. Finally I can feel Sir applying more pressure, and his tongue begins to slide between the lips of my labia and into the pink flesh inside. I begin to moan as I feel his tongue travel up my pussy only to withdraw just before reaching my clit. Over and over again, exquisite torture!

Raising my eyes up to look up Sara’s/Toy’s body I see her hand grasping her right breast, the fingers pressing themselves into the warm flesh. I begin increasing my tongues pressure and start entering her body. Long licks, a series of short licks, always delving a little deeper each time but always finishing before coming to her clit. Her breath is getting labored, the air leaving her lips sometimes as a moan. I keep this up until I sense she’s ready, and on the next lick I push my tongue in a little more and a little higher and flick her hard little nub. Her body jerks, and both hands come down to renew their grip on my head, trying to get me to do more of the same. I oblige her, and my licks up the length of her labia now end with a short lick on her clit.

I hear myself begging again,” Please Sir, please lick Toy’s little button, make me come, I need to come!” I want him to pull back the hood over my clit and whip his tongue up and down over it, but he continues to tease me with these short little jabs on it. I feel his hand slide down my left leg, and he fumbles at the end of whatever it is that keeps my legs spread apart, and I feel one of my legs get free! Quickly I bring my knee up and press my thigh against the side of his head, and when he frees the other leg I bring it up and trap his face between my legs, my hands behind his head keeping him there.

He teases me for a little while longer, then I feel his arms going underneath my legs and up and around them, his thumbs coming to rest just above my pussy. He slowly pulls the hood away from my clit, Sincan Escort and it sits there, exposed and hungry. He blows on it a few times, and I can’t stop a loud, “Please!” from erupting out of me. He finally gives me what I need and begins flicking his tongue over my clit, and I quickly explode with an orgasm, my body goes rigid and my pelvis making up and down thrusting motions. It’s intense and goes on too long/over too soon, and my body goes limp, and I quietly cry with my emotions overwhelming me.

I stay down there, my tongue lightly pressing against her clit, letting her ride out her climax. I sense her body almost deflate, the tension that built up to her explosion draining away from her, she’s softly crying. I can’t decide whether or not to continue orally pleasing her, and stall for time, softly kissing her labia and the skin at the juncture of her thighs and body. I tilt my head upward and gaze up into the valley between her lovely breasts and wait for a sign. Eventually she lifts her head up and looks down at me, and I can tell that she’s had all she can take for one night, and she’s exhausted. I lift myself up and slowly inch my way upwards, until I’m looking directly into her beautiful eyes, and softly kiss her. She weakly responds, and we stay like that for a while. Then I pull a little ways away and again capture her eyes.

“Just a little bit more and then you’ll be free Toy. I’ve gotten of what feels like a lifetime of frustration out of me by making love to you, and it’s been incredible, but now comes the final part, being inside of you and filling you with my seed. After seeing and feeling you have orgasm after orgasm my own body is screaming for it’s release. I had dreams of fucking you and fucking you for a long time, but I’ve got no control left and I’m only going to last for a short time. I know I’ve coerced you into letting me have you, but would you please wrap your arms and legs around me and hold me while I’m inside you. When I come hold me as tightly as you can, like I was the most important person in the world to you and you never wanted me to leave your embrace. Please!”

“Even if it’s just for a short time Sir, I want you inside me, I want you to fill my body with your cum. I’ll hold you as hard as I can.” I put my arms and legs around Sir and hold him, and I feel him fumble down between our bodies and grasp his cock, then feel the head placed between my labia. Slowly he sinks into me, his body tight and straining, not with the effort of entering me but with the strain of not giving into his bodies demand for it’s release. “It feels so good Sir, put all of your beautiful cock into me!” Bit by bit his cock slides into me, until finally I feel his pubic hairs press into my sex, and a sob escapes from Sirs lips. He stays still for a while and then slowly pulls his cock out, he lets out a low groan that ends with a higher keening sound. Stopping with just the head still inside me he begins to push back in, and I feel his body shaking with need controlled. He drops his head alongside mine, and the sound of his panting breath is loud in my ear. Out and back in again, he’s holding on to make the sensations last as long as possible.

Damn damn, it feels so good sliding in and out of her! I know that when I come it’ll be fantastic, but I don’t want this to end. The feeling on the head of my cock as it slows slides in and out of her hot wet cunt is more than I can resist, but I know that what little control I have over these slow thrusts wouldn’t be enough for hard fast thrusts. Once I managed, then twice, then a few more, but I can tell that I’ve reached the end of my strength and this next time will be the last!

I begin to slowly move my cock outwards but I only make Etlik Escort it about halfway when it finally becomes too much to fight against and my body is screaming NOW! I quickly thrust back in and bury my cock as deep into Sara/Toy as I can get it * Sir suddenly slams his cock back into me and I know that he’s coming inside me, and I hold him with as much strength as I have left * the incredible pressure that builds up just before the first jet of cum is almost too much, even though it only lasts a few seconds. I feel that first salvo fire and it’s so intense that I shout out loudly and grip Sara/Toys shoulders with a frantic grip * Sir lets out a loud shout and I can almost feel the first powerful burst of his semen deep into my body while his hands tightly hold onto my shoulders * the next spurt is almost as intense as the first one, and I quickly move my hands to Sara/Toys hips and mindlessly try to get deeper inside her * Sir is trying to get even more of his cock into me and I feel the walls of my vagina trying to pull him in, milking his cock and pulling his half of new life as deeply into my womb as possible * my cock is still ejaculating into her vagina but the intensity is decreasing, my body is suddenly going limp even as my cock is still hard inside of her.

Everything is perfect now and the feeling of joy is wonderful, as incredible as the orgasms I experienced this night were, this is purpose for which nature designed my woman’s body, to receive this precious half of DNA from a man to hopefully bring to the world a new life, everything else is just delicious icing on top of what is really important * my strength has left me, all I can do is try to keep most of my weight from crushing Sara/Toy beneath me. I press the side of my head against hers, the intimate contact trying to hold onto the incredible experience moments ago * I can tell that Sir is trying to keep himself from pressing down on me too much, silly Sir, I want him to put his weight on me, I want his hard muscular body pressing down onto my slender softer body. His face is touching the side of mine, our cheeks moving together in a softly caressing motion.

We stay like this for some time, enjoying the feel of holding each other. Sometimes we softly kiss, but mostly we just enjoy the sensation of holding each other. One thing is needed though to make this perfect for me. I say, “Toy, I need you to take your arms off of me and unwrap your legs, I’m going to turn us over so you’re on top.” She responds with a “Yes Sir” and does so, and I gently turn us over so I’m looking up at her beautiful face and she is is laying on top of me. I put my arms around her and hold her with gentle strength, our legs entwined together. She puts her head onto my shoulder, and moves her body slightly to get more comfortable, and the sensation of her doing this elicits a soft shudder from me.

“Of everything I’ve experienced and felt this evening, this is the one I think I’ll remember most. Just holding you to me, the feeling of your body pressing against me, the…presence, the physical feel of your body, my cock still hard inside you, your breasts pressing against me, (laughing) squishing against my chest, the softness and warmth of the skin on your back underneath my hands. Just simply being with me as I always wanted you to be.”

Sir’s cock is still hard inside me, my body holding him inside me. I want to take this mask off and see his face, see the lips that kissed me and gave me pleasure, look at the short stubble of his beard that feels so masculine. Sir would probably tell me no, and I don’t really want to interrup the quiet feel of being in his arms. I squirm around to get a little more confortable, and feel Sir’s head press down against the bed, still reacting to the feel of my body on top of his. I shiver slightly, body cooling down, and Sir reaches out and covers us with a blanket. Bliss.

We lay like this for a while, and Sirs left hand comes up and cups the back of my head. Softly, barely a whisper, I hear him say, “I love you Sara.”



My name is Sara!

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