No Solicitors Allowed… Well

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It was a Tuesday and when I got home I found that my wife was going to be gone for a little while. As was my habit when she was gone I slipped into sompanites and a short strapless sun dress, with a set of 4″ heels. I loved to walk around like this, and in our neighborhood, it was not unusual for people to be going door to door to try and sell different things. I loved to open the door in a dress and heels and see their reaction. Many would valiantly plow ahead with their spiel as this guy was not in a dress and heels with a whole lot of smooth shaved leg showing.

A little about me I am 52 and I shave my entire body, except the hair on my head. I love to be smooth, there is a small triangle just above my balls that I leave for perspective when I am naked (the guys at the gym stare a lot, but that’s another story). So when I am in a dress my legs and my ass are my best asset. This day I had on a pink dress with salmon colored heels. I loved to see myself in this outfit, I found myself quite sexy. Apparently others did also.

Back to the story…I wondered around the house hoping someone would come knocking. I had only had good luck one other time, but I was hoping today would be good also. I had stuck a cock onto the hallway mirror and everytime by I would stop and suck it, making myself horny for some hard dick. Precum was already starting to leak into my pink panties when the doorbell rang. I walked by the living room window slowly taking a look at who might be there. A middle aged guy stepped back and then glanced into Büyükesat Escort the window just as I looked out. I ran my eyes up and down his body even as he did the same to me in my dress. I decided, why not!

I opened the door and said hello. He smiled and said hello and told me he was selling patio doors. I smiled and said that was good as ours needed replacing. As we chatted I watched his eyes go up and down my body, and I thought I detected a growing bulge in his trousers. I then invited him in, and he accepted. I stepped back to allow him by but just enough room that he had to brush my dress. I felt his hands slip to the hem as though he would raise it, but then he came on in.

I sat down being sure to let the dress ride up my smooth thighs. I have really long legs and I have to say they are sexy. I have dressed up for Halloween at work and the girls there say my legs are to die for. I watched him try to see up my skirt as I set, but I made him wait. Slowly crossing my legs I exposed a lot of thigh as he went into his little presentation. He looked around as he talked taking in the surroundings as well as my long legs. He stuttered a little when his eyes found my dildo cock hanging from the mirror. I noticed his bulge began to grow. He now knew I liked cock and that most likely wanted to suck a cock. He was right!! I wanted a cock a lot!

I had uncrossed my legs very slowly when he asked to see the patio door. Sure I said and I prepared to stand up. I Beşevler Escort didn’t full out flash him but he stared unashamedly up my dress as I casually spread my legs as I got up and gave him a quick view of my panties up under my dress.

Once in the sunroom I bent over to remove the board to open the sliding door, letting a long expanse of thigh and maybe even some panty be exposed. I heard him moan a little as I bent over. Opening the door he walked outside and closed the door with me inside. He knelt down and looked things over, but mostly tried to see up my dress. I pretended to pick up something off the floor and again bent over straight legged to allow him a good view. While bent over I watched him stare and stroke himself through his pants. He cracked the door and said he wanted to show me something, and then bending down he pointed to the bottom of the door. I squatted down and let my legs sprawl open as he showed my how the seal had been broken and lots of ac or heat had been excaping. He was totally stiff as he stared up my dress with only the glass between us.

Opening the door he came back in and he purposely ran into me letting his hands fall to my skirt hem. Pretending to stumble he lifted my skirt exposing my cock stuffed panties. He excused himself and let my skirt drop down, but he was hungry. Without a word, I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants. His hardon jumped out of his own panties as I took him into my mouth. I began to suck his Cebeci Escort dick because I wanted a cock so badly. Easing him deeper and deeper he let me suck his turgid shaft over and over. His precum was leaking and I sucked it up as I manipulated his cock in my hands and mouth.

He slid my dress down until i was there in only my panties and heels. My own hard cock was sticking out of the top of my pink panties. He dropped to his knees and began to suck my dick. As I glanced out of the sliding door I saw my neighbor out checking out his pool, but he had noticed what was going on and he stopped to enjoy the view. We had not had a lot to do with each other and I didn’t know if he would call the cops or what. He watched unashamedly as I got my cock royally sucked.

My new friend bent me over and pulled my panties down over my ass. He began to kiss and caress my bare ass and i reached around to stroke his hard cock. My neighbor moved to where he was only visible to me and pulled his cock out. I couldn’t believe it, he was stroking his cock for me to see. I grew so hard as I was having my ass licked. As my friend got hornier he got ready to cum. I had thought he might try to fuck me, but I didn’t want that either, so I turned and took him into my mouth. He too saw my neighbor and without another word he shot his load of cum into my mouth. I loved the taste and I sucked him dry and licked him clean. With a wave to my neighbor we walked back to the front door. As he stuffed his drained cock into his panties he thanked me for the sex, then asked. “Will you buy a new door”. Of course I said yes as he said he would have to stop by a couple of times to check on the progress. I could only hope I was alone when he came back. As he walked away I noticed my neighbor out on his drive looking my way. I still only wore panties and heels, and I wondered if another story might be in the making.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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