Motorcycle Diary

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Since my last, crazy experience I have continued to explore the ‘sex with men’ lifestyle, but in a little tamer way. Much of this has been with Julian, but not all; I’ve met other guys too and in doing so, built my confidence about taking the lead and making that first move. And, of course, become more accomplished at sucking cocks.

That confidence came into play last week. I think it was helped by the “vibe” that I think I give off, being open, and friendly and somewhere, somehow, unconsciously flirting with men. I do know that I ‘check-out’ many of the men I meet and am turned on by the slightest hint of a cock in a man’s pants. That said, this was not a circumstance that I even had the slightest thoughts about turning sexy; I was taking my motorcycle for a service!

I only ride occasionally, and because I own a relatively uncommon Italian bike, I have to make a half-day trip to get it serviced. I ride up to the dealer and wait for a couple of hours while the work’s done. It’s a pleasant ride about an hour away in one of those smaller suburbs that separates the metro area from the greenspace and farmlands.

I arrived on schedule at 3pm and was greeted by Mike, the tech and Adam, who I think was the general manager. It was a cool little place, with maybe 20 or so new bikes for sale and staffed sparingly.

“A little quite today.” I said.

“It’s slowed down.” Adam replied, “It’s been a busy week, but yours is the last one today.”

Mike had disappeared to get to work on my bike. I chatted with Adam, he was easy going, we talked about bikes and riding, and he showed me some of the new models.

“I’ve been thinking about upgrading.” I said. “Not sure I can justify it, but I’d like to. Perhaps get something with a little more engine so I can carry a passenger.”

I’d been thinking about that. My bike was fine for me and, if I’m being honest, it was fine for the odd occasion that I had someone on the back. But it was a cool idea to think about.

Adam said that “You’d be surprised at the difference. If you moved up to the 1100 it’s basically the same bike, just a bigger motor.”

“You want to try it?” he added. “Take it for a ride? I have a demo model here.”

“Sure.” I said, “I’d love to.”

He got the bike and pulled it out front. It was just like mine, just a little heavier with the bigger motor. I felt right at home as soon as I sat on it.

Adam explained a good route to go. “It’s about 30, 40 minutes,” he said, “It’ll take you through some quiet country and nice roads, and Mike should be close to finished when you get back.”

I started to get my jacket on when he added. “I can ride on the back if you like, give you a sense of what it’s like two-up.”

“Sure, that would be great.” I replied.

Five minutes later we were riding along some great roads, long twisting corners and no traffic as we weaved through the countryside. It was a perfect day for riding, spring sunshine, but not hot, a gentle pace and feeling connected to the bike and the road.

Once that comfort level set in I realized how much better this bike was with two people than mine. I’d really not noticed Adam on the back or thought twice about the extra weight, or even really thought much about him being there at all. But once I did, my thoughts focused.

Anyone who rides knows there’s no way that a passenger and rider don’t get close, his legs were tucked in just behind mine, his upper body leaning forward into my back and his crotch firmly planted in my backside. And, as we settled into the rhythm, I felt what I thought could only be a hard cock pushing into me. As we slowed for each corner the braking forces pushed him in and as we accelerated out the weight lifted slightly.

I tested this a little by moving my weight and my butt ever so slightly to the left and the right as we turned each corner, and I was convinced — his cock was hard, and he was enjoying the pressure between our bodies and the rubbing from the corners.

Feeling confident about this, I upped the game a little and became more pronounced with my movements, shifting from those necessary to ride the bike to the little butt-shuffles when you adjust your seating position. I was met with a deliberate push from him, a series of small thrusts as he pushed his hardness into me. I imagined that this was what dancers feel when the grind their butts into their customer’s laps, feeling those hard cocks and teasing them as they grind their way through a lap dance.

Our ride continued, but I slowed the pace to enjoy the whole experience. With less urgency and focus on the riding I could enjoy the sensations of his cock a little more and, indicate my pleasure with my movements. With this more leisurely pace we had the opportunity to talk.

Adam leaned forward, “How does it feel?” he said. “The bike, I mean.” He added.

“Oh Çankaya Escort great.” I replied, “And it’s much better two-up.”

“I told you.” He said, as he leaned forward again, but this time he put his hand on my thigh, gently at first, as if it were just a way to keep himself balanced, but, as he leaned back, the pressure of his hand increased and he pulled it slowly up my thigh and brushed across my groin. I could feel his fingers stroke across my cock.

I looked back briefly and smiled. “That’s nice.” I said.

Adam then leaned into my back and wrapped his arms around me. With both hands he rubbed and touched my inner thighs, squeezing them alternately, and with each pressured stroke, pushed a little on my cock and balls. I became more and more aroused as he maintained his attention on me while mine drifted from riding the motorcycle to finding a place to stop.

The downside of country roads is finding a place to pull over, but the upside is that when you do, there are trees, and hedges and some expectation of relative privacy. I pulled over to a little siding with a metal gate leading into a unkept field. I could tell that no vehicle had been through there in a long time.

We took our helmets and jackets off. Without so much as a word, Adam approached me kissed me, a long deep, passionate kiss, a ‘taking control’ kiss, and his hand gently gripped my butt, pulling me into him. The feeling of our hard groins grinding into each other, our tongues in each other sent waves of sexual adrenalin through me.

I stepped over to the fence and beckoned Adam to lean against it. With his help, I unzipped him and dropped to my knees feeling his hard cock in my hands and gently touching it with the tips of my fingers. I cupped his balls in my hand and slowly lowered my mouth to meet the tip of his cock with a little kiss and then ran my tongue from his balls slowly up his shaft before engulfing his cock in my mouth. I stayed still, holding his cock with my mouth as my tongue ran circles around his glans, savoring the taste and the smell, enjoying the smoothness of it and the sweet salty sensation of pre-cum.

I’ve learned to like all cocks, big, small, thick, thin, all the variations, and I liked his too. It had a perfect head, was perfectly straight and, I suppose, average size which, in my mind, is perfect for sucking. I like sucking all cocks and have enjoyed some very large ones and thick ones, but there is size that’s most enjoyable, or perhaps it’s better to say, is easiest to give a blow job to. And his is one of those.

On my knees, by the side of the road, in pretty much full view of any passers-by, I gently enjoyed the act of and feeling of sucking him. I was oblivious to the possibility of being seen as I moved both my hands to his butt and sucked him deep into my mouth, in and out, up and down, I ‘rode’ his cock with my eager mouth and looked up at his face.

Pausing for a second, I said “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

He smiled, and groaned a little, as my hand wrapped around his cock and slowly started to jerk him. Pointing his cock at my face, my jerking pace was slow but deliberate, alternating pressure and squeezing gently at the bottom of each downstroke. I could feel his cock hardening and knew he was close but continued to jerk him until that point of no return was reached.

He groaned, “I’m going to…” and before he could finish, I took the head of his cock in my mouth and felt him gush into me, the first pulse of his cum hitting the back of my throat with some force, and then another and another. I love the feeling and taste of fresh cum and I held him there, holding still in my mouth as the intensity subsided and then, swallowed his load.

I released him gently from my mouth but held it with my hand; that slowly deflating cock, still twitching with orgasmic intensity, and then I gently licked it and took it back in so that I could feel the deflation and savor the last drops of cum.

On the ride back to the shop I was feeling very satisfied. The more sexual experiences I have with men the more I realize that much of my enjoyment is derived from ‘giving’. While I love receiving a blow job, from a man or a woman, nothing satisfies me more that giving one. I love being used, being covered in cum, being fucked by a group of men, or sucking a line of cocks, and I enjoy it much more than I would being one of them.

Adam squeezed up close to me all the way back, his cock was coming back to life and mine was the center of his attention. He massaged and squeezed me to a point where I felt like stopping again, but we didn’t. Instead, he unzipped me and, awkwardly because of the riding position, pulled my cock out. There we were, as casually as could be, riding along with my cock in the wind and Keçiören Escort his gentle attention keeping me hard.

We rode all the way back to the shop like that, barely seeing other traffic, but when we did he’d move his hand or my jacket to protect my modesty.

We pulled into the dealership parking the bike at the rear entrance to the service shop. Adam took his helmet off as I got off the bike, his hand squeezed my cock and he said:

“Come inside and let’s have some fun.”

“Is your service guy still here?” I asked, wondering whether I should put my cock back in my pants.

“He is, but it doesn’t matter, let’s go inside.” He said.

Playfully, he pulled my cock like a short leash to encourage me to follow him. We walked in the service door, past Mike, the tech, and into the showroom.

“Come in my office.” Adam said.

I followed him in there, still with my semi-hard cock bouncing in front of me. The ‘exhibitionism’ didn’t concern me, in fact it was a turn on.

Adam came close and kissed me. Another deeply passionate kiss that, coupled with his hand gripping my cock, made my loins throb with excitement. He guided me toward the wall and pushed me gently against it. And then, just as I had done to him earlier, he dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth.

His expert sucking was a fabulous feeling but it, combined with the excitement of a new partner and the thrill of being in such a strange place, meant my enthusiasm could hardly be contained.

“Stay there.” He said. “I need to lock-up.”

I stayed put, leaning against the back wall of his office and watched him through the glass wall that separated his workspace from the showroom as he locked the front door and flipped the display lights off. I watched as he walked back, removing his shirt and throwing it on his desk.

“Now where was I?” he said, dropping back to his knees. “I want more of this.”

His mouth took my cock again and he held it still running his tongue around me. His hands unbuckled my belt and slowly pulled my jeans to the floor. I kicked off my shoes and jeans and stood there in only a tee-shirt while he squeezed my butt and gently ran his teeth up and down my shaft.

Then, to my surprise, I saw Mike, the technician at the door. He stood there, not with a look of surprise or shock, but an expression that showed not just an interest in what was happening but a comfort that comes only from experience. No wonder, Adam wasn’t concerned about me walking in with my cock out, I realized. They must have this kind of fun regularly.

Mike leaned against the door frame and watched, his hand slowly rubbing his chest and pulling at his shirt and then gently working its way down to his cock. He rubbed himself and then, very slowly, unzipped himself. At first, his shaft popped out and he let it point at us without him touching it. Instead, he rubbed his thighs in a teasing way before pulling out his balls so I could see the full magnificence of his big, hard cock and the soft, shaven orbs beneath. My mind was working overtime, looking at him, imagining touching him, and, at the same time, feeling Adam’s mastery working on my cock.

Mike waked over and stood right next to me. Without hesitation, Adam’s mouth moved to him and immediately consumed half of his cock. Mike smiled and his hand reached for my cock. As he grabbed it he leaned over and kissed me, tugging on my shirt. We both took our shirts off and, with Adams help removing his jeans, we both stood there naked.

Adam stood up and finished undressing himself while Mike and I kissed deeply and grabbed at each other cocks.

“I want to see you suck Mike.” He said.

I looked at his cock and thought to myself, “I don’t need any encouragement.” It was such a great cock. Bigger than Adam, and thicker too, with prominent veins and a slight upward curve. He wasn’t circumcised either, but even so, he had only the slightest hint of a foreskin, barely enough to feel different.

I lifted his cock and ran my tongue over his balls. They were so tight and had not even the slightest stubble of hair. I just love a cleanly groomed man, my tongue ran all over his nuts, underneath them, licking and gently half sucking them, and then I slowly slid my tongue up his cock and down the other side. I kissed each and every inch of it from the base to the tip and then, looking at Adam standing next to us, took him in my mouth.

Slowly at first, holding his glans with my lips and then, little by little taking more and more until I could feel him on the back of my throat. I let it out just as slowly, and then stopped.

My hand wrapped around him, and I jerked him, slowly at first but the pace picked up. Jacking him with his cock right by face was so sexy. I could see the seepage of pre-cum Etimesgut Escort on the tip of his cock and made a point of licking it off. “Mmmm.” I said, “That tastes nice.”

I put my mouth on him again and slowly sucked him, enjoying the feeling of his large head and the thickness of his cock stretching my mouth a little. Being careful not to accidentally ‘teeth’ him, I looked up at his face and held his butt cheeks. My head slowly bobbing up and down but not losing eye contact.

My hand moved to his balls, and I could tell he was getting close, the tension in his cock and the electricity, I knew he was about to cum. I pulled off him for a second and said “I want you to cum.”

With that he grabbed his cock and began to jerk himself. I held onto his thighs and, as soon as it started, that momentary pause as he reached climax, I opened my mouth and leaned in to take his cock. The first blast of cum came before my lips reached him and it shot over my face and into my open mouth. The second and the third and the fourth all pulsed into me washing around my mouth and teeth and on my tongue. Oh, what a delight! It was a massive amount of cum, so much in fact that it dripped out, leaking down my chin as he slipped his cock out.

Adam came over to me, still on the floor and slowly sucking and licking Mike’s flaccid cock, catching the last drips of cum and feeling the last little pulses of energy. He leant down and put his hand between my legs and felt my cock. I wasn’t hard but wasn’t soft either. I had that half-way between thing going, it looked like a flaccid cock, but a big one. I remember wishing, as a younger man, that my truly soft cock looked like that. His hand slipped by my cock and cupped my balls and then pushed further to reach my taint, and he pressed his fingers gently.

At the same time, I felt his other hand slide down my back and gently down my crack. His fingers spreading a cooling lube slowly down my crack. He stroked me slowly, up and down, and with each one, got a little closer to my ass and then, he finally reached it pressing ever so slightly. The sensation was, as it always is, incredible.

Mike helped me up and guided me over to the desk where he slowly bent me over. He slid up behind me so I could feel his cock pushing against my butt and his hands reached down, one on each side to my inner thighs. Gently, he spread my legs so that my cock and balls hung down and his strong hands caressed them. He squeezed and pulled, milking my cock back to hardness and then I felt a second pair of hands sliding between my cheeks with that slippery sensation of lubrication.

I knew that any second, I’d feel the hardness of one of their cocks, I imagined that they’d hold it and slide it up and down, pushing just a little bit and teasing my ass. But that didn’t happen, not there at least.

“Come with me.” Adam said, as he led me out into the showroom. We walked over to one of the new sport bikes that was sitting there on its display stand. “Get on.” He said.

I swung my leg over the bike and leant forward. Standing slightly on the pegs and lowering my chest to the tank, my ass was in the air.

Adam then climbed on behind me. I could feel him guiding his cock up and down my crack, teasing me and then penetrating me. Very slowly, his cock pushed into me stretching my ass and slowly pushing the lube inside. He worked me gently past the initial discomfort to slowly open me up and gradually pushed in further and further. Each stroke was slow and considerate as we worked up the rhythm and stretching to allow a more vigorous pounding. And that’s what I ultimately got, his cock pushed all the way in and then pulled almost all the way out and repeated and repeated, each time pushing in with a little more speed and force until the pace reached a crescendo, at which point I could feel a hardening in his cock and then, with one final push he stopped, his cock buried inside me, his balls touching mine, and he came. That feeling is incredible, the pulsing of a hard cock inside my tight ass, that tension in his body and the knowledge that he’s pumping his cum inside me.

But I knew there was more to come. Throughout that ass fucking Mike had been standing right next to me preparing himself and bringing his cock back to its throbbing hardness. As Adam dismounted, Mike took his place for his turn. The size of his cock would have been a painful stretch if he was first, but it slid right in. My already stretched hole needed only a little push to accept him and enjoy his dick inside me. He didn’t pound in the same way, his approach was slow and so sexy, just pushing the tip of his cock inside me and rocking it back and forth…almost out, almost in, it was tantalizing. I was happy to let him fuck me however he wanted, but I did hope that he’d give it all to me. And he did, at the end, he slowly, slowly pushed himself deep in me, stretching me and then stiffened to a throbbing orgasm. I imagined him pumping as much cum in my ass as he had in my mouth.

“Next time you need a service, be sure to come back.” Adam said as I prepared to leave.

“I sure will.” I replied, “But I think I’m going to need another ride before I trade up.”

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