Hot in the Hot Tub

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A Hot Time in the Hot Tub

Note: This took place about 30 years ago when I was in my late 20’s and is true, except I changed the names.

I am a pretty normal guy, sometimes very shy, 5-10, 195, medium-long hair, etc. Oh, my dick is about average at just over 6″ hard. Soft, it shrinks to being quite short.

I was friends with a couple that lived in Via Verde, a well-to-do area of L.A. County. Their names were Russel and Lydia. They had a 20 year old daughter that lived in San Diego. They used to have friends over for BBQs quite often, and after eating everyone got into their hot tub for a while and then watch movies on their VERY large screen TV.

They had only 2 rules about the hot tub: NO clothes and NO peeing! Before I met them, I was a “closet” nudist, which meant I was always nude at home, only putting something on when I had company, although I did have a couple of male friends that would get nude with me but there was never anything gay that went on other than sometimes we’d watch porn and jack-off in front of each other. Never any contact.

One summer, Russel called me and told me he and Lydia were going to be gone for a couple of weeks and wanted to know if I’d look after their place. He said I could stay there if I wanted to, but I didn’t have to. He wanted me to take care of the watering and to keep the hot tub chemicals up. He said I was free to use it and to have friends over.

I was just getting ready to go over to their house on the third night, when a friend Büyükesat Escort stopped by. Peter was one of my guy friends I’d watch porn with. I told him I was going over to Russel’s for a while and asked him to go with me. He knew Russel and Lydia but didn’t know I was taking care of their place while they were gone, so he went with me.

When we got there I went outside to take care of the watering and a few other chores, while Peter stayed in the house watching TV on the big screen. When I was done, I went back inside and found Peter watching a gay porno on the big screen and jacking off! I’d watched a few gay pornos but they were not my main choice. Peter seemed a bit embarrassed, but I told him that it looked like fun, stripped off and joined him on the couch. We were both watching the movie and each other jack off when the movie ended.

I suggested we get into the hot tub, but he said he didn’t have a swim suit. I told him the two rules, assuring him that the back yard was very secluded, that no one would see us. He agreed so outside we went, both with hard cocks bouncing in front of us! On the way out I stopped in the kitchen and poured a couple of tumblers of tequila and grabbed a couple of joints. I then joined Peter in the tub out back.

We sat there talking and getting high. He asked me if any of the hot tub parties got hot or kinky. “Sometimes” I told him, “but I never really got involved except to watch and jack-off while Elvankent Escort Russel and Lydia would play with each other. Both being exhibitionists’, they loved it. He then asked me if I was ever tempted to join them. “Hell yes, I was! They even asked me a couple of times. But as you know, I’m really shy”.

Peter then told me about a couple of adventures he’d had with couples that turned into bi sex. I was a bit shocked, as I did not figure Pete doing anything with another guy, other than what we did together.

I asked him how it was having another guy touch his cock and him touching another guy’s cock. “Its mind-blowing”! he told me. Just the kinkiness of it is hot, plus if the chick digs watching us, it’s even hotter! Fucking a guy in the ass feels just like fucking a chick’s ass, but knowing it’s a guy and seeing his cock flopping around is insane! What I really dug was when the guy was fucking the chick and I was fucking him at the same time”!

I asked him if he’d ever had a guy fuck HIM. He told me yes, that the first time it hurt a bit for the first few strokes, then it felt better than almost anything he’d ever experienced! The entire time we talked about this MY cock was harder than it had ever been! I was only stroking it a little bit as I didn’t want to cum. Peter then moved over next to me in the hot tub and gently took hold of my raging dick.

Between the tequila, the joint, the hot stories and his hand gently stroking Beşevler Escort me, I was seeing stars! I then reached over and took his equally hard dick in my hand. I just held it, not moving my hand, feeling it pulse. It felt amazing! I’d never even fantasized about touching another guy, but at that moment, I could not figure out why!

I started to slowly stroke his throbbing dick. It felt wonderful and natural. He stopped moving his hand on my dick and just leaned back, enjoying the sensations. Peter then boosted himself onto the side of the tub and spread his legs. No words were spoken. I just moved around to where I was facing him between his legs and continued to stroke his hard cock, but now I included his balls. Peter was completely shaved, as am I. After playing with his balls and cock for a few minutes, I simply let go of his dick and sunk it into my mouth. I didn’t even think about it, it was almost automatic! It was the first time I had a cock in my mouth, but I was on autopilot!

Slowly bobbing my head up and down on Peter’s hard cock was incredible! He seemed to be thinking the same as his moans were getting louder with stroke of my mouth. Peter’s dick was just a bit shorter than mine and I had no problem taking him into my throat. Suddenly he lifted my head up off his cock and exploded all over my face! I almost came right then without even touching my cock, which was still in the water. I then joined him sitting on the edge of the tub.

“Have you ever done that before?” he asked me. I told him this was the first time I’ve ever touched another guy! “Did you like it?” he asked. I assured him it was the hottest thing I’d ever done! He asked me if I’d like to try some other things and I said yes.. So we went inside, put another gay porno on the big screen and sat on the couch next to each other.

to be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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