Everyone Sins

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Greetings all; in my stories my characters exist in my head, but there might be real life inspirations for some of them. Who knows?


Spirituals could be heard over the audio system throughout Welcome All Christian Church while church ministries prepared for the Wednesday evening service. The soft inspirational music was just loud enough to mask the sound of the doorknob turning before Pastor Audrey Shepard opened the music director’s office door. She stopped in her tracks and gasped after the door was opened enough for her to see what was going on inside.

David the church’s music director was sitting in his office chair and Antoine the choir’s baritone was on his knees sucking David’s dick. Audrey covered her mouth with her hand while she watched in disbelief as Antoine’s head repeatedly bobbed up and down. Seeing Antoine sucking dick wasn’t a shock because he was so gay he was flaming. It was the long thick cock he was sucking that took her breath away.

She stared at it for a moment before she forced herself to close the door, then she leaned against the wall and tried to compose herself. “I can’t believe this shit… I finally find the dick of my dreams and it belongs to David’s lil behind,” she said to herself. Then she remembered who she was and how she was supposed to act in her role as a moral leader.

“What would Thomas do about this if he were still alive?” she asked herself as she stood there with one of her hands on her chest.

The Thomas she was referring to was her late husband Pastor Thomas Shepard who had started the church and pastored it for a dozen years. He died two years ago and she’d assumed the pastorate of the church in his stead. This was the first potentially scandalous situation she’d encountered and she didn’t know whether to look the other way and allow them to continue to defile the house of the lord, or embarrass them by confronting them with what she knew.

She took several deep breaths as she gathered her composure, then she went to her office to pray for divine guidance as to the appropriate action to take, but when she began to seek the lord she found that their spiritual connection was blocked by the impure thoughts she was having about David’s thick piece of meat. She attempted to restore her access to the Creator by using her inner strength to force her mind’s eye to stop picturing David’s big dick, however after having remained celibate throughout the two years since Thomas’s death she needed more than willpower to cool her poontang down.

Unfortunately the only other thing available to her was to go take a cold shower in the small studio apartment her husband had added to the church after Pastoring became his full time job. After getting undressed and putting her sopping wet panties in a sink full of water she stood in the shower under the coolest spray she could endure until her molten hot center cooled to her normal body temperature, then she got dressed and returned to her office for a few minutes of prayerful thought and consideration.

At the end of her quiet reflection she decided to leave David and Antoine’s dalliance alone for the time being and find a way to suppress the need that had been awakened in her. But before she could do that she needed to join her congregation in the sanctuary and deliver her Wednesday night sermon.


She delivered a powerful word that filled the church with the spirit of the lord, and after she finished preaching she led the congregation in a hymn before opening the door to anyone who wanted to become a member. Then she took a seat in the pulpit while the choir sang an upbeat and joyful spiritual.

As she sat in the Pastor’s chair watching David flail his arms while giving signals that only his choir members understood, she was visualizing the sight of his long thick cock hanging almost to the knees of his 5’7″ body. And try as she might she couldn’t resist stealing glances at the bulge in his trousers caused by the combination of his generous endowment and the suit he was wearing intentionally being a size too small for him.

She did her best to maintain a look of serenity though her clit was throbbing and a torrent of hot feminine lava was seeping out of the smoldering volcano between her legs. As she sat there with the gusset of her high rise panties soaked by her juices she was hoping no one in the choir or any of the musicians, all of whom were within a few feet of her could smell the scent of her simering womanhood.


After Ankara Rus Escort the service ended she returned to her office and contemplated her predicament in which her body was on fire with sexual need to the point she nearly had a spontaneous orgasm while she was seated in the pulpit. She’d prayed her hardest and showered in water that was so cold it made her teeth chatter, neither of which had any avail, therefore it was time for her to find someone who could act as an intercessor and unleash God’s power to give her control over her desire to feel a long thick cock buried balls deep in her vagina.

She immediately thought of pastor Alvin Bishop whom she’d met a few years ago while they were doing some community work in their small suburban city. They quickly established a good rapport which developed into a God-fearing friendship. He’d been so supportive and trustworthy since her husband’s death she’d invited him to deliver the Father’s Day sermon at Welcome All the last two years. She was certain that he would keep any confidences she shared with him, so she called him that night and asked him to come see her at Welcome All the next day.


Pastor Alvin Bishop arrived at Welcome All just past 5 pm on Thursday after all of the church staff had gone for the day, which left Audrey to answer the door to the church’s office.

“Good evening Pastor Bishop,” she said with real warmth in the sound of her voice before adding, “Come on in.”

“Good evening to you as well Pastor Shepard,” he replied in his soothing monotone way of speaking.

“Thank you so much for making time for me after your busy day,” she said as she raised both of her hands which he in turn grasped, then they exchanged warm looks before leaning forward and briefly touching cheeks, which resulted in her vaginal muscles clenching and then relaxing, and his cock beginning to come to life.

“Indeed it was busy, but I wouldn’t dare pass up an opportunity to visit with you,” stated the polite well preserved older gentleman as he looked into her eyes with great tenderness.

“I really appreciate it, and we’re off the clock now, so please call me Audrey,” she requested as she felt her vagina suddenly begin to moisten again.

“I will if you’ll call me Alvin,” he replied in his captivating way of speaking.

“You have a deal… Alvin,” she responded, then she smiled affectionately before adding, “Let’s go into my office and talk.”

Alvin nodded his head in agreement, then he glimpsed at her body after she broke eye contact with him and turned to go to her office. She was dressed in modest fitting slacks and a form fitting crew neck top underneath a sweater that hung past the small of her back, but even with her wearing appropriate attire for a lady pastor there was no hiding that she had big titties, a round ass, and thick thighs.


They were seated on the couch in her office as she began to share the details of her dilemma. “Alvin, I know exactly what to say when one of my single congregants comes to me for guidance dealing with their sexual urges,” she began as she sat partially facing him with her hands clasped in her lap and her ankles crossed. “Flee from the source of your temptation, pray, and put on the armour of God I tell them, but none of those weapons are working for me.”

Alvin’s expression remained impassive while she paused and bit her lower lip for a moment before she continued, “Not only is it not working, I don’t feel like I’m able to connect with God on my behalf, that’s why I need an intecessor.”

“Hm,” said Alvin, then he slowly licked his lips before asking, “And why aren’t you able to talk to the heavenly father?”

She hesitated for a moment while chewing her bottom lip, but she knew from her experience with counseling her own church members that she had to be completely honest and open in order for Alvin to pray on her behalf, so she set aside her modesty and said, “I haven’t had an orgasm since before Thomas passed, but naturally there have been times when I’ve been aroused.”

After she paused again he raised both of his eyebrows to encourage her to keep talking.

“Up til yesterday I’d coped with my desire by praying or taking a cold shower, but, um, I saw something yesterday that I can’t stop thinking about.”

“Go on,” he said patiently.

“I saw the dick I’ve fantasized about my entire adult life,” she shared.

“I see,” he remarked thoughtfully, then Yenimahalle Escort he paused for a moment before speaking deliberately as he said, “It sounds as though you have a backup. Meaning you have so much cum in you it’s preventing your mind from achieving the clarity of thought necessary to establish communication with the father. You need to have an orgasm, then you can begin to think clearly again.

“I’m sure that if you were in a position to see the penis that has inflamed you, you had the opportunity to act on your desires.”

“Umm, not exactly,” she responded with a smirk. “And even if I could’ve I didn’t want to sin.”

“Sin is the reason repentance and forgiveness exists,” stated Alvin without emotion.

“Do you sin Alvin?” she asked as she leaned forward and looked into his eyes.

“Every. One. Sins, Audrey,” he remarked, then he paused before adding, “Including me. And if the penis you saw isn’t obtainable, I’m certain that there are other men who have one that’s comparable to it.”

“Woo lawd, I doubt that,” she opined and laughed.

“Really… what’s so unique about it?” he asked.

“Well, um, excuse my French, but the dick was big,” she said with an amused look on her face, then she demurely bit one side of her lower lip before adding, It was long, thick, and uncut, with a prominent ridge behind the head to be exact.”

“There are other men with one of those I assure you,” he remarked.

“Maybe so, but I don’t want just anybody’s. He has to be a man of God first and foremost. I have to find him attractive. He has to genuinely be attracted to me while not trying to marry me.

And he has to be someone I can trust to protect my reputation.”

“I’m sure men like that are growing on a tree somewhere,” he said and half smiled.

“Where?” she asked with a playful smile on her face.

“Hahaha, I’m sure it’s fair to say that there isn’t a huge pool of men who meet your specifications, but I know where you can find… one,” he stated, then he held the type of eye contact with her that conveys a message.

“You…,” she responded though it sounded like a question.

He maintained eye contact, but he didn’t say anything. “C’mon,” she said after she grabbed his hand. Then she led him into the little studio apartment. “Let me see it,” she demanded as she stood in front of him with her hands on her hips.

“If you want to see the dick take it out yourself,” he said suddenly sounding like a secular man rather than a pastor.

“Alright,” she replied as she too set aside her persona as a pastor and pulled down his pants. Her eyes involuntarily stretched wide for a moment after seeing the size of the bulge underneath the left leg of his boxer briefs. After staring at it for several seconds she slowly peeled off his underwear until the base of his cock came into view. She wasn’t good about guessing the measurement of a cock, but there was no doubt in her mind that it was thicker than average.

Then she glanced up at his face for a second before she pulled his underwear down until she could see all of his cock. It looked like it was as long and thick as David’s even though it still wasn’t completely hard.

“Is it going to get bigger?” she asked with both excitement and concern in her voice and in her expression.

“Just a little bit, but not much,” he replied.

“Okay, hold that thought,” she said, then she hurried to the bathroom and returned in a flash with a wet wash rag. He’d followed her directive and stood there with his pants and underwear around his knees.

She used the wash rag to freshen up his cock and balls, then she got down on her knees and put the head of his dick into her mouth before rapidly sliding her lips along its length. After its tip reached the entrance to her throat she held it there for a moment before she began to repeatedly pull her mouth back along the shaft and then going down on it again.

He was somewhat surprised by how enthusiastically she sucked his cock, but he wasn’t shocked because he’d experienced similar conduct by other women of God who’d also been paragons of virtue. Each of them had performed at least one of the acts that Audrey proceeeded to expertly carry out, which included sucking the head of his cock, licking its shaft, jacking him off, and teabagging his nuts, but she was the only one who did all of them.

She tried to deepthroat him, but she couldn’t get his cock’s big knob far down her throat so she placed one of his hands on the back of her head. He took the hint and pulled her forward until he felt her nose touch his lower belly. She let the head of his cock stay in her throat until she had to have some fresh air, then she pushed him back. Once she caught her breath she looked up at him and grinned; obviously pleased with herself.

“Audrey you really know how to work a dick,” he complemented her.

“Thank you Alvin,” she said with a big toothy grin on her face as she stood up and began to get undressed.

He watched her like a hawk while he finished taking his clothes off, because he loved to watch a woman undress herself.

She made a point of not watching him watch her as she stripped, because it had been so long since a man other than her husband had seen her naked she was afraid she’d lose her nerve and not be able to get nude if she looked at him.

After clenching her jaw she quickly took off her sweater and crew neck top, then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. When she pulled the bra straps off of her shoulders her chocolate tipped grapefruit sized breasts spilled out. She wanted to cup them and knead them but she was too self-conscious to do it in front of him.

He involuntarily licked his lips when he saw them as he couldn’t wait to get one of her plump nipples in his mouth.

When it was time to take off her pants she kept her eyes looking down while she got out of them.

Once she was down to just her high waisted panties Alvin watched her with renewed interest because he had a thing for women’s pussy hair and he was anxious to see how much of it she had and how she maintained it.

She clenched her jaw again and took a deeper breath before sliding her thumbs underneath the waistband and quickly taking them off.

“Good gracious girl you got a lotta hair down there,” he exclaimed as he momentarily lost his eloquence after he saw her neatly kept thick thatch of curly pubic hair come into sight.

“Thank you,” she said while grinning after emitting a sigh of relief. Then she added, “And you have a big dick.”

“Haha, thanks,” he replied.

“C’mon, I want to feel that monster inside of me,” she said as she got onto the full size bed.

Once she was in a comfortable position she beckoned for him to get between her legs. He climbed into the saddle, then he dragged the head of his cock along her slit before using it to stimulate her clit, which looked like a miniature dick. After smearing his precum all over it he placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her vagina.

“Go slow Alvin, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a dick in there… and yours is huge,” she said as she placed her hands on his hips so that she could have some control of the speed and depth that he penetrated her.

“Alright, just tell me when I’m hurting you and I’ll stop,” he stated, then he began to repetitively push his cock into her then pull out while going deeper each time he thrust. Once he had most of his cock inside of her he began to circle his hips and hunch in rhythm with her as she threw the pussy back at him.

“Yes, oh yes, that’s it Alvin, deeper, keep pushing,”she encouraged him as the head of his cock slid past her uterus on its way to her deepest depth.

Her vagina was very warm, quite wet, and extremely tight, and while he had great dick control the friction caused by the snug fit soon had him close to cuming. His rising passion caused him to put more power into his thrusts which she immediately realized as a sign that he’d soon be busting his nut, so she grabbed his ass and pulled his cock balls deep into her.

“Yes, fuck me hard, fast, and deep. Go ahead and get your nut,” she said with passion in her voice.

“What about you?” he asked as he ground his hips against hers as hard as he could.

“I’ve been cuming since you were halfway in,” she said and grinned.

He didn’t respond with words, instead he buried his face in the crook of her neck, then put a hump in his back and began to really plow her. He was going balls deep and pistoning his cock in and out of her as he hunted for his nut.

“Yes, yes Alvin, give me all you got,” she encouraged him to help push him over the edge. When she felt him squirt the first rope of his cum into her she wrapped her arms and legs around him, then she started to milk him. After she was sure that he was spent and she’d drained every drop of his spunk out of him she held him in her embrace until his cock got so soft it slipped out of her.


They showered and dressed, then she saw him on his way. After he was gone she went into the sanctuary and kneeled at the prayer altar, where she was once again able to speak to God with clarity as she asked for forgiveness for her sins.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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