Better Late Than Never Ch. 02

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Beautiful Eyes

I recommend reading Chapter One before this one.


I guess that I had dozed off after Tom did, and when I rolled over to take a look at him, he still seemed to be asleep. Perhaps he was having some good dreams–of being with me, I hoped–because his cock was partially on the way to getting hard again.

I shifted position so that I could take his soft cock in my mouth. I began a gentle sucking and swirled my tongue around the head that still fascinated me. I felt myself beginning to get hard as I felt him enlarging in my mouth. It was an amazing to feel him swelling to fill me and I began to suck harder.

I glanced up his eyes met mine.

“That’s the kind of alarm that I could get used to waking up to,” he said with a smile.

I moved up to bring my lips to his while lightly stroking his firm shaft.

We shared a few light kisses before he pulled away.

“Aren’t you all hot and bothered again. Hey, let me go to the bathroom before things get out of control. Which actually I’m looking forward to, by the way.

I raised myself on my elbows so I could get a good look at his ass as he headed to take a piss. While I was certain I could pick his cock out of police lineup, and I hadn’t had a chance to see him naked at a distance. Definitely an impressive butt. He been a runner for years, and his buttocks and legs were nicely toned.

There had been a time when I really my body go; too many carbs, desserts, and martinis. When I finally committed to giving in to my long suppressed desire for gay sex, I knew that first I had to get in shape–or at least slightly passable shape. That had been quite an ordeal of long walks, starvation diets, and exercises. Especially butt shaping exercises. Of course, it was always women doing the exercises in YouTube videos, which made me feel a little silly when I worked out with bands, but I figured if I wanted my ass fucked, it needed to be at least semi-attractive. Getting rid of my love handles had been the hardest battle of all. While there was still room for improvement, I was pretty satisfied with the new me.

Checking out Tom’s ass reminded me that back when I was going back and forth about going down this path, I worried that since I didn’t regularly check out men’s asses in real life perhaps I was just fantasizing. In the real world, I was afraid I’d get naked with a guy, stare down at my limp dick, yell “Sorry,” then fumble my way into my clothes and dash out of the room.

Occasionally I’d scan guys while pushing my grocery cart through the aisles, keeping a score of how many I could imagine fucking. The usual tally was zero.

I guess that a sign of how much I really wanted this was how many stupid obstacles I had set for myself and had managed to overcome.

While these thoughts were running through my head, I had been stroking my cock in hopes of being ready for Round Two when he returned.

“Let me take over,” he said as he pushed my hand aside and began fondling my cock and balls. I was on my back and he was on his side pressed against me.

Tom caught me by surprise when he scooped up the precum from the head of my cock and shaft and used it to coat his lips and then mine.

As we sucked and licked the taste off of each other’s lips, I reached down to find his erection. With my thumb and three fingers I massaged his head until I had more precum to bring to our lips.

Our kisses became more rough and insistent, and our hands tightened around each other’s cocks in harder, faster strokes.

He pulled back a bit. “We’re pretty damn good at this for first-timers, aren’t we? I think it’s because we put this off for so long, fantasized about it so long. We had stored up so many things that we wanted to try.”

“You could be right,” I said with a laugh. “Maybe we’re just sex maniacs.”

“Well, you’ve got a point there. But I certain sex maniac promised to make love to my ass, rim me, and fuck me with his gorgeous, thick uncut cock.” To reinforce his point, his fingers gripped the thickest part of my shaft.

“Are you certain he promised?” I teased. “But a promise is a promise, and if he really is a sex maniac, I’m sure he will follow through.”

I sensed that he knew my casual response was a fraud. He spun around and lay down on his stomach with his legs spread offering me his ass.

I moved toward him and let my cock press between his cheeks as I leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

“I might be a sex maniac, but I’m going to drive you wild as I feast on your ass and fill you with my thick cock. Once you’re comfortable I’m going to fuck you hard.”

“Oh, yeah! That’s what I want, but screw the condom. I’ve seen your Demetevler Escort test results.”

Athletes talk about being in zone, and, I guess, the best sex comes when you’re in the sex zone, a kind of mindlessness when the next caress, the next motion, is triggered by the other’s response to the last one.

Looking back on the day, I realize that in our first session, I was always trying hard to do everything just right–thinking too much.

For the first time, I really let go and was just fucking.

I moved back and roughly massaged each butt cheek with both hands. I spread them wide and lapped the flat of tongue from the perineum, across his anus, to the top of his crack. Again and again, faster and harder each time until his crack was drenched with my saliva. Across each side of his crack, I pressed sucking kisses, and random nibbles, raking him with my teeth, pausing only for teasing flicks across his puckered anus.

I deeply inhaled his musky scent as I zeroed in on the target. I relished his moans as my tongue circled his opening and I brought my lips down to suck the edges. I could feel him quiver as my tongue flicked across the entrance, then swirled round and round. I jabbed my stiffened tongue against the resistance of his muscles and pressed inside a bit. I pulled it back and thrust in and in again and again.

I quickly lubed two fingers and none to gently pressed them in deep to massage his prostrate.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” he moaned.

I twisted and spread my fingers and inserted a third to really open him up.

Breathlessly he called out, “Yes, fuck me now!”

My attention now turned to my cock which had been beyond my focus. As I gave it a generous coating of lube, I wondered if had ever been this hard, this thick before.

I had to resist the urge to ram my cock up his ass in one hard thrust. I teased him with light presses against his opening. Relishing his resistance and surrender, I eased the head in past both sets of sphincters.

“More?” I asked.

“Yes, yes,” he replied shaking his vigorously up and down.

I lifted his hips slightly until he was supported on spread knees and I had a better angle of entry. I went slow feeling his hot tightness against the smooth skin of my penis. It was so much more intense than with the condom.

He let out a moan when the thickest part of my shaft raked across his prostate. I felt my balls come to rest against his when I reached the limit.

I slowly pulled back, dimly aware that he was feeling what I had felt hours before–the simultaneous wonderful sensation from the sliding cock back and the sudden emptiness and need to be filled again. Damn, no pleasure I’d ever experienced came close to the sensations from anal.

When I was almost out, he tightened the grip of his sphincters to hold me in.

“Keep that up. It feels so fucking amazing.”

I grabbed his hips and pulled them back so he was taking me in deeper. I remained still and pulled him back to take me all the way in. I pushed his hips forward and he got the idea. For a while, I let him set the pace–at first deliciously slow and then quicker and more insistent.

I just couldn’t remain still and surged forward, slamming my pelvis against his ass. My hands reached under him to squeeze his nipples. Alternating hard thrusts in and slow retractions soon became frantic thrusts in and out. He pushed back, but I had more leverage.

“Fuck, yeah! Fuck, yeah!” he kept repeating, his hands clenching the sheets tightly, as we pounded each other.

I was panting emitting a guttural groan each time my pelvis rammed into his ass. The sensations that rippled through my shaft were unlike anything I had experienced before. Pleasure ripped through me as my cock spasmed again and again.

His whole body was shaking and he let out an extended moan as if he must be imagining my hot cum exploding deep in his rectum.

I lay across his back, trying to catch my breathe, my still hard cock deep in him. I thought how beautiful it would be to see my cum sliding from his ass and down his thighs. Maybe a stupid thought, but I was still caught in the moment.

I didn’t move until I sensed that my softening cock would soon slip out of his ass. I flopped on my back next to him, feeling spent.

“Holy shit,” he said. “What a total fuck. Beyond anything I’ve imagined.”

“I want your cum,” I managed to get out.

He straddled my face and brought his cock to my lips. “Just don’t swallow. We need to share,” he insisted.”

I lost all sense of artistry and practically devoured his cock with hard sucks, raising Otele gelen escort my head to take all of him. Getting ass-fucked had him on the edge and it wasn’t long before I sensed he was about to cum. I pulled back and aimed his cock at my open mouth. I took a huge load on my tongue and moved his shaft to coat my lips and chin.

There was plenty to share and share we did with forceful and lingering kisses. He slowly sucked the cum off the tongue I thrust into his mouth. His lips sucked up the cum off my chin and neck. He offered me some with his tongue. He seemed to love spreading large portions on my lips and watch me lick them clean, shamelessly displaying my lust for his thick cum.

It was amazing that somehow I’d stumbled across the perfect lover, someone who was as addicted as I was to the sheer joy of fucking. I didn’t love Tom. I barely knew him. I loved fucking him and being fucked by him. The intensity was off the chain.

Once the heat of that amazing fuck began to fade, it seemed that our somewhat advanced ages caught up with us, and we were pretty wiped with sore muscles, tender cocks, and overall exhaustion.

“Worth it,” Tom asserted, and I heartily agreed.

Although the walk-in shower had potential for erotic mayhem, we were too worn out to take advantage. We did manage to wash each other and shared a few kisses and embraces, but we were most interested into letting hot water soak tired muscles.

We just managed to make it to our dinner reservation. The food and service were exquisite, but we only managed small talk because we were seated close to a couple. Looked like a business executive and his young secretary, who he probably hoped to be banging before the night was over. Of course, I was very fixated on sex granted the days events, so the woman innocently could have been his college age daughter.

As we were sharing an outstanding piece of New York cheesecake with blueberries for dessert, I noticed something. Tom had his left hand on the table as he forked another piece with his right. In the light from the candle, I noticed a white stripe on his tanned ring finger–a stripe that screamed wedding ring.

It might have been just my imagination, but Tom seemed to notice and moved his left hand to his lap.

Of course, I hadn’t shared everything about myself with Tom. And, good grief, I couldn’t believe that I found someone so sexually compatible with me. He fucked me exactly how I wanted to be fucked, and I was pretty sure that was reciprocal. Damn, he was sexy and creative. It shouldn’t bother me. After all, I really didn’t care if he was married.

But it did bother me in a way. Why hadn’t he shared that fact?

On the other hand, why should I care? This was just about fucking right? Totally awesome, mind-blowing fucking. A hookup, no strings attached, except it was so exceptional that an encore or encores seemed inevitable.

For some reason, I couldn’t stop this mental ping-pong. This wouldn’t be first time overthinking led me to ruin a good thing.

Nevertheless, I was actually relieved that we both were still exhausted when we returned to the room. Though we went to bed naked, after a few kisses and caresses, we decided to call it a night.

“The morning is a great time to get nasty,” he said as he turned off the light.

“Assuming,” I said, “we’ve recovered from our exertions.”

Before long Tom was lightly snoring, and I, of course, was wrapped up in ping-ponging pointless thoughts.

Astonishingly, it was Marley who helped me work it all out. If you don’t remember her, she was seated at the table with Tom in the bar when I first met him. I ran into her after I checked out, or, I suppose it would be more accurate to say that I found her waiting for me.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. All that came later. You probably want to know what happened the morning after between Tom and me.


I woke up the next morning with crusted eyes and a body that felt as if I had been the loser of a brutal cage fight. The ref could have been more merciful and stopped the fight sooner. About the only thing that was normal was that I had my usual morning wood. I rolled onto my side and scraped off what must have been dried cum on my cheek.

Tom evidently had fared better. He was, after all, about five years younger than me. I felt his hand slide down the crack of my butt and lubed fingers found my rim.

He held me close and nibbled at the lobe of my ear. He sucked at it, tugged it with his teeth, and darted his tongue into my ear.

“I can’t believe how wild you got last night when Balgat Escort you made love to my ass and so thoroughly fucked me,” he whispered. “I want to go there, too.”

“Mmmm,” was the only response my still foggy brain could come up with. Holy shit, you’re about to get ass-fucked, I told myself, and you’ll probably need a wheelchair to get out of this room. I suppose that was the good angel speaking, or at least the practical one, sitting on one shoulder. One the other shoulder, the lusty goat-hooved little god with a giant phallus got quite a hard-on and licked his lips.

Another note to take away from this encounter–evidently an explicit invitation to lusty sex must trigger hormones or some enzymes that instantly dull pain–temporarily, emphasis on temporarily.

I got up on all fours and did a long stretch like a cat waking up from a nap. Tom moved behind me and began massaging my buns just as I had done it him. When he spread his butt cheeks and brought his mouth to my crack, I soon realized that everything I had done to him was burned into his brain. I savored every lick, suck, and flick of his tongue. It was a turn-on to discover how much I had affected him.

And I understood how he had felt–the wonderful sensations of the tease and desperate yearning to be filled with a warm, rock hard cock. It was like deja vu, only with role reversal.

I flexed my sphincter muscles to hold him in each time he drew back his cock. My total focus was on his cock flooding me with pleasure; I was desperate not to lose it. No, no, don’t take it away. Fill me again. Fill me again. It’s marvelous how getting fucked in the ass wipes away rational thought.

As he pounded me hard, I rejoiced with each thrust. When he began to spasm, I opened my eyes wide. One, two, three, four. Each jet of his cum rocked my world. So fulfilling, yet frustrating that it was about to be over.

I’d never given much thought to being gang-banged, but I knew if there had been another cock in the room, I would have begged for it. Was I that out of control? Would my hunger for cock ever take me to places I couldn’t even imagine or maybe didn’t want to go?

I managed to get up on my knees and face him. I put my arms around his next and kissed him hard. But I was drained and lay back on the bed.

“Hope I wasn’t too rough,” he said, a worried look on his face.”

“No, it was beyond amazing,” I replied. “The old bod, I’m afraid, will pay for it later when I come down from this erotic high.”

“I’m sure you’ll live, but rest up,” he said. “I’m hitting the shower.”

I put two pillows behind my head and tried to relax. I felt his cum dripping from my anus and down my thighs. I moved a bit. I hoped the stains on the sheets would brighten Room Service’s day with some erotic imaginings. Probably not though because I suppose that thing gets old quickly in that kind of work. At any rate, I’d leave a nice tip.


I heard the shower turn off, and after a few minutes he emerged from the bathroom with his hair still wet and he flopped down on the bed. As a dragged myself up to head for the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of that white band on his left hand.

I resolved to put a rest to the ping-pong thoughts as I sat on the toilet for a good long while. Hadn’t finding Tom been far beyond what I had expected? Not a soulmate, maybe, but definitely a fuckmate. We both seemed to recognize that attending to the other’s pleasure brought each of us to mind-blowing orgasms. There hadn’t been any contests for dominance.

Something had told me to hold out for another first-timer. Once I posted my profile in search of a hookup, there had been many days with no messages or a few that were coarse or insulting. Messages I sent were usually unanswered or came back “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m looking for someone younger.” It looked more and more like I’d have to throw caution to the wind and find a guy who’d let me suck his cock in a highway rest stop bathroom stall. Apologies if that’s your thing. Who am I to judge?


When I finally managed to get in the shower, I turned the heat way up. I lingered there, amazed at how much the needles of heat and the handheld massaging showerhead brought life back to my muscles.

When I finally got out, toweled off and headed out of the bathroom, I was surprised to find Tom already dressed and stuffing a few things in his overnight bag.

“Got a text from work,” he said. “The fuckers need me in today to handle a difficult client.”

“No big breakfast, huh,” I stated more than asked.

“Yeah, that sucks,” he replied. “But this is going to be a regular thing, right?”

“Count on it,” I said with a smile. “Until next time then, I’m betting Zoom will get even more interesting. Let’s make sure the regular thing is very regular.”

“If I had known it would be this great …,”

“Yeah, I would have taken the plunge sooner too,” I finished his sentence.

After a few insistent hard kisses and a bit of groping, he headed for the door.

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