Quarantined Due to Futa Virus Ch. 02

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I looked at the game over screen in dismay. The high score lights started flashing and I could see that I was only a few hundred points short of the top ten. Annoyed by the sudden cessation of video game stimuli, I slowly emerged from the trance I always fall into when playing to look around for snacks.

Unfortunately there were no snacks anywhere near me. All that was surrounding me were reminders of when I was a bachelor, empty soda bottles, crumpled chip bags, and used jizz tissues everywhere. What differed from when I was a bachelor, was my mother in law, Ginger. She was sitting on the other end of the couch and vigorously fucking my wife, Rachel, with a thick, meaty, throbbing, 17 inch cock.

Now this wasn’t to satisfy a cuckold fetish on my part, or being filmed to upload to an adult website for some extra money, my MIL was fucking her own daughter, my lovely wife, purely to satisfy her own libido.

Both my wife and I had lost our jobs due to the futa virus causing everyone to go into lockdown again. We had then lost our home when three infected girls in an upstairs apartment had flooded the entire complex with cum, and with nowhere else to go we were forced to move into my MIL’s house. She had been infected several days before, thus the jizz tissues everywhere, and her condition for letting us move in was that Rachel had to help satisfy her new urges in any way, and in any hole.

I had wanted to refuse right away. The offer alone was ridiculous and absurd, but also the sneering look on Ginger’s face as she put forward the terms of our stay made me want to punch her lights out. But since I was definitely not a violent man, pretty much the opposite, and we had used the last of our money just to get to where she lived, and we were down to the last drop of gas in our car, so we reluctantly agreed. Ginger immediately pushed Rachel face down on the couch, shoved her panties to the side and began fucking her on the couch as I unloaded the car.

It had taken less than a day of living with her for both of us to be infected with the futa virus. I fortunately didn’t die like 10% of all males infected by the virus. All that happened to me was that my dick increased in size from 5, to 7 inches, and my horniness went through the roof. Rachel’s transformation was a little more subtle. She of course grew a dick, a small one at only 4 inches, and her previously A cup breasts grew to B cup, she was also now extremely flexible and, for lack of a better word, stretchy. She could maneuver and twist her limbs into positions that would make a Cirque du Soleil actor jealous, and she could handle her mothers giant cock much easier now.

And in case you were wondering how my MIL was affected by the virus, there was the aforementioned 17 inch cock that seemed to be always hard and she was always dripping out precum from both cock and pussy at a rate that prevented her from wearing pants. Also her breasts went from attention grabbing D cup, to ginormous K cups that seemed bounce seductively whenever she walked, fucked, made breakfast, or even while sitting perfectly still. How do I know this? Well she never wore a shirt, claiming that it was her house, her rules. Then she would grin maliciously every time Rachel and I got into an argument about my wandering eyes. Then to rub salt in the wounds, she bursa escort would fuck Rachel in the pussy as we argued.

“You were… so close… darling. Maybe next time… you will get… the high score.” Rachel attempted to comfort me as she panted for breath. Her knees were currently behind her head as her mother briskly fucked her glistening pussy.

“I doubt it.” Ginger grinned like a cheshire cat as she blasted another batch of baby batter into my wife. “The only time John got the high score in life was when he got you to agree to marry him. And I doubt he will ever get that lucky again,” Even though she had just let loose enough cum to force the most virile of men to tap out for a break, Ginger resumed pounding her daughter without a pause.

“Mother, you don’t have to be so mean to John! It’s not his fault he lost his job. It’s the fault of the damn futa virus! And would you mind going a little slower? Or better yet, could I have a break?”


“Yes mother?”

“Shut up.”

“Yes mother.”

Rachel looked down in submission as Ginger flipped her on her back to continue fucking. We were both young, in our young 20s, and more than a little timid so neither of us could say anything. My wife was especially meek, one time she was given an empty bag at a takeout place and rather than make a fuss she had come home with the empty paper bag.

Since the bouncing of the couch (and Ginger’s tits) was too obtrusive for me to go back to gaming, I got off my ass and went to the fridge for some food. Judging by the clock I’d been playing for several hours and had skipped breakfast and lunch.

“While you’re in the kitchen, could you get me a beer?” Ginger yelled out.

“Get your own beer, you bitch.” I muttered to myself.

“What was that?!” Ginger called out menacingly.

“… Nothing, mother.” I hissed through my teeth while grabbing a beer for her. What few illusions I had about my own manliness were evaporating like morning dew.

“That’s better.” Ginger grabbed the beer and took a long swig from it. Somehow she never stopped pounding Rachel while drinking, she didn’t even break from the rhythm she had gotten into.

Returning to the kitchen, I made some food for myself and began browsing social media for news, specifically I was looking for news about a cure. Although sending my MIL off to a containment camp, similar to those set up for smallpox and scarlet fever back in the 1800s, it might be preferable to the daily nightmare that I was living. Forced to watch my wife getting fucked day in and day out.

There was no news whatsoever regarding a cure. Of course, there were the same conspiracy theories, misinformation, and wild speculative cures that had shown themselves in 2020. But at least with the futa virus there were no deniers of the virus, anyone who tried walking down the street claiming that it was fake news usually ended up fucked in the ass by a giant futa cock. The bigger the asshole, the bigger the cock that got shoved up said asshole.

I did my best to ignore the grunts and moans coming from the couch as I scrolled through the news. Nothing I had said, or could say, would get Ginger to stop. On the bright side though, she didn’t force Rachel to sleep in bed with her. She said that all the ‘lovey dovey stuff’ bursa escort bayan we did before bedtime made her sick and so the two of us got to enjoy our new horny bodies together without her horning in.

Eventually Ginger took a break to use the bathroom. I took advantage of her absence to give my wife a hug. It was a little less enjoyable due to my MIL’s cum covering her chest and stomach, and dripping out of her pussy, but I still loved the closeness. The warmth of her body, the smell of her hair, and the look in her deep blue eyes made my dick harden and twitch in my boxers uncontrollably.

Since Rachel had been fucked all day by her mother, I was hesitant to ask about my own desires. But she must have noticed somehow, by either breathing pattern, body temperature, or some other method not known to men, because she started moving her hand down my chest and abdomen towards my crotch.

“My pussy is a little sore, John. But maybe I can give you a quick blowjob before mother gets back.” Rachel gave her best attempt at a flirty smile, which wasn’t that seductive but it meant the world to me. I nodded wordlessly and she maneuvered my now hard dick out of my underwear and started gently rubbing it.

“You know, I think it’s gotten a little bigger since last night.” She remarked with a small smile. “Do you know if anyone has mentioned their dicks growing after they are first infected?”

I shook my head in an attempt to dispel the lustful fog that was clouding it. “There were a couple mentions of people’s dicks growing to absurd sizes on social media but nothing that I could find in the news.”

“Oh? What would qualify as absurd? My mother has spent the last couple days fucking me with a foot and a half long cock, so I’m not sure I can take anything more absurd than that.”

“Yeah, according to one person’s post, their dick just kept growing bigger and bigger until it reached 4 and a half feet long and nearly a foot wide, with balls the size of watermelons. But they couldn’t post any pictures of it though so take it with a grain of salt. Apparently social media got tired of filtering all the dick pics from people showing off their new dicks and indefinitely suspended all users from posting any pictures whatsoever.”

“That sounds both horrifying, and yet strangely arousing. I wonder if the person who flooded our apartment had something like that?” Rachel was now on her elbows and knees and was licking at my cock like a lollipop. She had always had a very agile tongue, and although I couldn’t prove it, I could’ve sworn that it had gotten longer and more dexterous than ever after being infected.

“I’m not sure if it’s arousing, but it’s definitely scary. As for the person who flooded our apartment. From what I heard it was not one person but several, apparently a group of infected girls were having a party that turned into an orgy… Fuck that feels good!”

Rachel could no longer answer aside from grunts and moans since she now had all 7 inches of my dick in her mouth. Somehow she was able to go down to the base of my cock without choking or gagging. I could feel her tongue swirling around every inch and rubbing at my most sensitive areas. It felt amazing. It only took a few minutes before I felt an orgasm approaching.

“Darling, I’m about to cum!” escort bursa Rachel didn’t move an inch. Instead she redoubled her efforts and managed to swallow every drop of my cum. I didn’t produce as much as her mother but I still let loose more than I used to. “Fuck, that was amazing.”

“Don’t stop on my account.” Ginger’s harsh voice washed away my post nut bliss like a bucket of ice cold water. Looking for the source of the voice, I saw that she was standing on the couch just behind Rachel, slowly rubbing her rock hard dick that was dripping pre-cum. With a shit eating grin, she bent over and rammed her dick into Rachel’s pussy.

“Fuck!” Rachel yelled out in surprise. Fortunately for me she got my dick out of her mouth before trying to talk. “Mother, please don’t be so rough. I nearly bit John’s dick off when you did that.”

“What difference would that have made?” Ginger asked sarcastically. “He’s already a dickless loser so actually losing his dick might be an improvement.” Rachel had no response to that comment.

Normally I would have slunk off in shame and played video games to make the pain go away, but for some reason, this time I didn’t. I’m not sure if it was Ginger’s nearly evil grin, my wife’s subdued look of misery, or my still throbbing cock, but I decided to do something different this time.

Wordlessly I stood up, walked behind Ginger, and shoved my dick into her generous ass.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing!? Who said you could fuck my ass!? Take your giant dick out of my ass, right now!” Despite her yelling, Ginger didn’t stop fucking my wife, so I didn’t stop fucking her ass. Instead, I reached around to grope her bouncing tits. They were just as soft and springy as I had imagined.

“What’s the matter, mother? I thought you said I was a dickless loser? Now I have a ‘giant dick’? If you can fuck my wife, then I can fuck your ass.” Testosterone, adrenaline, and several other chemicals I don’t know how to spell, flooded my veins. At that moment I felt more manly than I had ever felt before. I never wanted this feeling to go away.

“Um, John, what are you doing back there? Are you fucking my mother’s ass?” Rachel’s words were punctuated by small pauses as she was still being vigorously pounded by Ginger.

“Hell yes I’m fucking your mother’s ass. If she is allowed to fuck you, her own daughter, all day without you being allowed to say anything, then she can deal with her son in law fucking her in the ass!”

Rachel didn’t say anything, but somehow I could hear Ginger smirking. “So you finally grew a pair. About damn time! Now fuck me harder, maybe with you and Rachel working together we will finally get this fucking cock to go down and I can get a good nights sleep!”

All three of us tirelessly kept fucking until dinner in a variety of positions. Sometimes I’d be pounding my wife while Ginger rode on her face, other times I’d be fucking Ginger in the pussy while Rachel fucked her ass, and still other times I’d have my dick in Ginger’s ass and she’d be giving Rachel a blow job. After several hours of this we were all exhausted, of both energy and cum, and we slumped together on the couch with all of our dicks finally flaccid, and our bodies covered in cum.

I didn’t know what the future held. But if it was more of this, then I looked forward to whatever crazy fucking situations tomorrow would bring.

Thanks to Juan_p3p3 for the idea. If anyone else has ideas/suggestions/requests let me know in the comments. I’m just as creatively bankrupt as ever. Also, happy thanksgiving!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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