Canoe Soo

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My life changed so very much, in a flash. The logging truck that hit my parents’ pickup truck pushed both vehicles into a culvert, and while the truck driver managed to get out, his shattered ankle kept him from going down into the wreck.

When the rescue finally came, the driver was in shock, and hypothermia. My parents were found in each other’s arms. Dad first, then mom succumbed to the cold and the blood loss of internal injuries.

My boyfriend Felix brought me home from College, I was only a few weeks from finishing my first semester at Sioux Forestry College. Having lived my whole life in the woods, the classes were my introduction to so called ‘civilized life’ which involves makeup and gossip and way too much crying. They would not teach me a thing that I didn’t already know, and in some cases, I knew that they were wrong. My First Nations friends had prepared me for the Canadian Wilderness. College was the only way to get started as a Licensed Wilderness Guide, and that was my Master Plan.

Uncle Stewart and Aunt Kathy served as my legal guardians for about 6 months, until I turned 18, and I had my dad’s brother maintain the money and the cabin on Silver Lake until I was finished with College, and ready to start my own Business.

By summer time I had a new plan. My scholarship would keep me going for the final year of Forestry Certification, but I needed spending money. I did not want to touch my small inheritance. That was seed money for my business. We had figured out by then that Felix is gay, which further downgraded my opinion of society in general. People make it so complicated, when we expect everyone to conform to classic (read old) ideas. So he and I decided that we would be ‘friends without benefits’, which we shortened to best friends forever.

Felix was the first one to suggest that he knew a couple of guys that would pay for casual sex, and maybe they would be regular customers. I was 18 now, and I was feeling pretty frustrated with my latest male friend, so I figured, why not!

So, from that week on, I ‘slept’ Tuesday night with Jarod, and Thursday night with Keith. By week two, they both wanted another day, so they each got sloppy seconds, and they both got a 50% discount for the second fuck!

I mean, who gets hurt here? I get some dearly needed cash, and all of the hot sex a girl could want, from two dedicated nerds! They get an education in sex, a massive lift to their self esteem, and they got to cum a lot!

Keith bought me a canoe for that last Christmas at Sioux Forestry College. It was sweet of him, but I already owned three! Jarod spent half as much, but took me to Ecuador, and opened my eyes to winter canoeing in the Amazon Floodplain.

We only had 8 days to explore the class 1,2 and 3 rapids, before switching to kayaks to play in the class 4’s. That is when I expanded my life plans, to have Wilderness Canoeing in all four seasons!

On January 1st my four billboards went up, along the perfect stretches of highway, near Silicon Valley and the Laboratory Subdivisions outside of Boston. An action picture of me, plunging into an Amazon waterway, in a 3.2 m solo canoe. On top it said Visit the Wilderness of Witamaki, and on the bottom, was the entire advertisement package that cost me over $20k for only two months!

Felix had Jarod take hundreds of pictures of me, while soloing the rapids of the Khata River. Many were topless, as was customary, but many were publicly usable, with the nipples being hidden under water or with the paddle.

My final Semester went by in such a hurry. Most of my classmates were heading on to field work in Biology or into the Ministry of the Environment for either the Federal Government or the Provincial Governments. Only one other graduate was moving into the narrow field of Wilderness Guide, and he was more interested in the blogging side, and working for Film Boards and making guide books on the rivers of Northern Canada.

One of my dad’s old friends managed the Witamaki Outfitter Store and he agreed to be my trip planner, and Outfitter. It would be two years before I could buy out his silent partner but for now, he was just helping out his friend’s kid, while she built her business.

Uncle Stew had rented my cottage to a Park Ranger and his wife, and I didn’t need that big place, while I would be out in the back country practically all summer. So I decided to leave them in place, and just sleep in my tent, wherever I found myself!

Felix set my tripping rates at twice that of the industry standard. He justified it by suggesting that the only way that I could stay in business, was to rely on repeat business, and word of mouth. I think that he knew, going in, that I was going to have a lot of sex on these canoe adventures, and my Patrons would want to come back, again and again.

My first contract was with four Electrical Engineers from the Boston area. One was getting married, and they wanted a Bachelor Destination Adventure. They escort izmir arrived en-masse at the Witamaki Outfitter Store, having survived a 6 hour shuttle from Thunder Bay. They each had a backpack, even though they were told to just bring 3 changes of clothes and a toothbrush!

Tom lined them up next to their 5.4 m Prospector Canoes – top of the line. He set them up with top end life jackets, and the best bug jackets that money could buy.

“Guys, you have to get your entire personal packs into these two small dry bags, I recommend that you pack one swimsuit, one shorts, two pairs of socks, one pair of pants and your rain gear, and a few toiletries,” he instructed them. “We have biodegradable soap in the kits, so you will have a chance to do laundry, practically every night,” he finished.

Tom gathered up the backpacks and promised to keep them safe for the week.

“Okay, who forgot to pack rubbers?” Tom boldly asked. “I have the kind that everyone around here uses,” he offered as if sex was a nightly ritual for Canadians.

“We’re good man,” Jordan shyly answered after the pause went too long.

“Well, I packed some, and you won’t have to pay for them, unless they’re used of course, ha ha,” Tom laughed to lighten the mood.

I finally got to meet my first customers.

“I hope that you are not too disappointed to find that I don’t paddle around topless!” I announced, in a way of introducing myself. “We are legally okay with it in Canada, but we still have to play nice with the neighbours that have kids,” I informed them, while noting that they were in much better shape than I had envisioned. These American nerds cleaned up real good!

“Please don’t argue with Tom, he’s been doing this for 32 years, so he gets it right, more often than wrong, trust me on this one gentlemen,” I told them, while they openly enjoyed looking at me.

I was wearing my form fit rasher, which hugs my shape from the wrists to just above the belly button and I must say, it accents my big tits perfectly! It is red, with a giant white maple leaf on the front. Light spandex bike shorts are the perfect pants for warm days, as long as you have a decent bug and sunscreen lotion.

“Did any of them need extra condoms Tom,” I asked my associate.

“They brought enough, according to Jordan,” Tom answered, then hurried on his way. “The Store doesn’t watch itself,” was his parting words.

I oversaw their loading of the canoes, establishing that I was the leader of this motley crew. “Did any of you go over the maps?” I asked my attentive audience.

“Jim is the detail guy,” Jordan suggested as an excuse for his own lack of foresight.

“You will find a map case in the bow of each canoe, please study it, while we travel, and orient yourselves with the terrain,” I told them. “There will be a test, and I will expect you to either lead us tomorrow, or tell me you can’t, so that I can teach you.”

I had their full attention, so I pressed on. “The best campsite is marked on the map, and it is our destination for the first night. It’s a bit far, but it gets us into the wild, so let’s start pulling water my friends!

“A test on day one! It’s back to school for us lads,” Jim lightened the mood and grabbed the map with one hand, while he scanned the shoreline. “Who’s got the compass?” he finished.

“The sun is over there Columbus,” Earl pipped in for the first time.

Jim nodded, remembering where the sun rose, and returned his eyes to the map, while Jordan did a fairly powerful draw on his broad paddle.

I noticed that the quick-inflate life jacket outlined his solid chest and broad shoulders, which he covered only with Tom’s special insect repellent / sunscreen. I hoped these guys were normal, horny men, and not Baptists or some strange cult were they don’t fuck. At least three of them should be available…

The guy they called Bishop hadn’t said a word yet, so his deep penetrating voice really startled me.

“Will there be sex on this trip Miss?” he boldly asked.

He caught me off guard with his forward approach, but I was also glad to get things out in the open.

“All I intend to do on this trip, is to show you fellows the beauty, and power of these lands, and get you home safely,” I recited the Adventure Guide Code.

“Of course you should know that I don’t play favorites, and I will sleep a whole lot better if I’ve enjoyed a rewarding day, a fine meal and a few deep and meaningful orgasms with an enthusiastic young lover.”

I stepped into my solo canoe and picked up Charlie.

Charlie is my paddle, and he is the perfect extension of my arms, when I am in my canoe. I’m sure that Santana flies around the world with his favorite guitar, and I don’t go near the water without my blade, Charlie. Some people like a double blade, and that’s fine for a Kayaker, but I will always use a fat, square bottom, rudder style, with no bend and a moderate flex, like Charlie.

Tom had them all outfitted with izmir escort bayan single blades, since they had no Kayaking experience. They were fit, but green to the water and the woods!

“If you don’t know the J stroke, then watch me please,” I started my instruction faze. “The bow person is in front, and they won’t use this stroke there, but you will all get a turn in the back, so pay attention!”

My command was wasted. I had their attention, at least with their eyes.

“Your vessel will always have a tendency to go to the right, if the guy in back is paddling on his left. To compensate for that, you just turn your paddle sideways as you reach the tail end of your stroke, and use just a bit of your shoulder strength to push the water to your left. This will keep your canoe moving straight.”

Engineers would understand the concept of a straight line being the shortest distance between two points, so they understood why this stroke would be helpful, especially during the long stretches of lake travel.

“We are going to the portage at the far Northwest of this lake,” I instructed my cadets. “There is a good fishing spot just by the influx of the river, and I plan on catching some Walleye or Bass for dinner. You guys should practice going in a straight line, while trolling deep for lake trout, then we will meet up at the portage.” With that, I smoothly but powerfully pulled my canoe ahead of theirs, and put them behind me with 20 powerful surges through the morning mist. I wanted them to see how straight I was keeping my craft, but I’m not sure if they looked away from my ass at all!

“Did I hear that right?!” Earl asked in a hushed, but way too loud voice. “Are we going to get laid here?” he wondered out loud. Of course a man would only have heard that part of my instruction.

“She said that she doesn’t play favorites,” Jordan recalled my words, “Hmm, does that mean that we take turns?”

“Hey guys, let’s just enjoy the trip and see where it takes us,” the sage in Bishop finally revealed himself.

The bay was a 15 minute paddle for me, at full beast mode, and the exercise gave me a chance to think about those fine looking Nerds, and how they would be penetrating my pussy with their tongues and cocks and fingers! God I love my job!

The fish might have noticed my lack of attention, cause they ignored every cast, as I watched the two canoes approach. Damn they looked good. I let one hand edge over to my camel toe, almost pulsing with the engorgement of blood. With my feet under my seat, and me on my knees, my pussy was thrust forward. A few discrete rubs would not be noticed from this distance…

“I got you!” Paulee called from the shore. I turned, startled to see Paulee with his phone in his hand.

“I got you on video, rubbing yourself while daydreaming about those guys that you’re guiding!” Paulee called over.

“Okay, Paulee, I owe you one! Good catch. I’ll see you when I get back in a week, okay?” I yelled back to my new-found stocker.

“I will look forward to it Loren,” Paulee laughed and slithered back into the woods.

Ten minutes later my students finally pulled in.

“The sound really travels on the Lake,” Jordan announced. “Were you talking to someone, Loren?”

“No, just talking to myself,” I lied.

“I see that you have your gear spread out,” I continued, trying to distract them. “Please keep things close at hand or in their packs, so that we don’t lose things on the portages, or when we get to the fast water and rapids,” I warned my troops.

“I will be doing a single carry, and your packs are set up in a similar way, but you can walk it twice if you want to.” With that, I flipped my pack onto my back and gracefully swung my canoe on top, like I had been doing since I got my first canoe at the age of 12. Then I headed down the well marked trail, expecting my comrades to figure out what to do.

I heard a lot of arguing behind me, but I needed them to just do it, like the commercial says.

It was a 1600 meter portage. Bigger than average, but the water flow was too low here, so we couldn’t line or wade our vessels. I don’t really enjoy long portages, especially when I’m solo. I have to carry a 43 pound canoe, and a pack that puts the load over a hundred pounds! I only weigh about 130, so that is a lot, but I’m used to it. Their packs, if distributed properly, would have one man carry the canoe and a 40 pound pack, bringing his total to less than a hundred, but awkward, while his partner carries the main pack and another on top, totaling just over a hundred.

Two of them did two full trips, while Bishop and Earl managed to single carry half of the way, before they had to stop, and finish with one of them having to go half of the way back. Impressive, though they felt defeated.

“We didn’t catch any fish, so the packs will be lighter tomorrow, with less food!” I tried to cheer them up. At least they had forgotten about sex for an hour!

We were on a river izmir escortlar now, so their instruction had to continue.

“This is where the bowman earns her money!” I informed them, deliberately cutting across the gender barrier.

“Here you will learn to trust your partner to compensate for your reaching way out over the gunnel, and pulling water to the canoe, as you ‘draw’ the bow to the left (port) and cross drawing for the right (starboard). Of course, if your paddle starts on the right, any cross draw would be a cross handed reach to the port side. With this stroke, you pull or push yourselves around the rocks, and into a good line, where you don’t hit a rock head on!” I instructed them with all of the motions. Never forget that your paddle can be used to push down on the water, allowing you to recover if you start to fall that way.”

“Our first rapids are what they call ‘swifts’ if the water is high like this, or ‘rock gardens’ if the water is lower. “These are perfect waters for you to practice your new steering skills, without drowning. Not all that adventurous, but you will need some skills if you want to stay in the canoe for some of tomorrow’s rapids!” I challenged them.

They learned, as I knew they would. I made sure that they switched positions for the next set, and they started to look like teams.

“Our last portage of the day is a real killer,” I warned them. We will be going up to Lady Farling Lake, with only my small canoe, and all of the gear. From there we can use the trail and take a few loads with my canoe to our campsite, about half a click on the western shore. This is the highest and clearest lake in the park, so we leave the bigger, heavier canoes, down on the river that we will be continuing on tomorrow.”

This time I divided the loads, taking the small canoe myself and giving Jordan the heaviest gear pack, while Jim got the food pack and the other two had the lightest loads, and were expected to precede us, and help at the most difficult points.

I knew every step of this trail, having used it hundreds of times with both mom and dad. I inherited my shoulders from dad, while everyone was pleased that I got mom’s lungs. The legs I got from years of climbing these trails and exploring every nook and cranny of my own backyard!

“So why are we going up here, just for one night?” Earl wondered.

“It’s part of the adventure, Duke,” Jordan responded, making fun of Earl’s name with his Engineer humor. For the next 7 days they would call Earl by the name of Duke, Count, Viceroy, Your Honor, My Lord… there didn’t seem to be an end to their name games! Men are just drooling children, so I don’t get involved in most of their games.

“So why call your company Canoe Soo, when your name is Loren?” Jim asked at one rest stop.

“It’s a play on words, to make you think about riding on me,” I boldly admitted. “Men only need to think that they have a chance to lay a healthy young lady, so we used a mental image to draw you in.”

“But, you said…” he responded in a confused tone.

“Yes, Jim, you heard me earlier, and I assure you, there will be lots of sex, but I can’t advertise it on a billboard Silly! We had to be subtle.”

I heard Earl whisper to Bishop from behind me, “Check that out bro! This could be the best vacation of our lives!” and he pointed his chin at my stretched groin.

“We don’t have far guys, so try not to trip over your cocks before you have a chance to use them!” I teased, and got them moving ever upwards.

The beauty of Lady Farley takes away your breath, if you are human at all, and I watched them, as the trail opened up on the slight downward finish to the portage.

There it was. The awe. I realized that these guys were just what I was looking for.

“Get the canoe in the water, and we’ll get the heaviest stuff in it. You can see the camp, over on that peninsula,” I pointed over at our target.

“Bishop can paddle over there, and we can carry the rest on the trail over there. If you guys want to get the tent up, and the fun started, you better grab some gear and getter’ done!” I grabbed the lightest of the packs, and let the men struggle with the rest as I showed them the way.

By the time we hiked the trail to the campsite, Bishop had the canoe empty and all of the heavy gear was piled around the fire pit. The canoe and paddle sat precariously on the water’s edge.

“You must secure the canoe and paddle first gentlemen,” there is only one river out of this lake, and it has one drop that would destroy any boat, so leaving a canoe at the edge of this lake could result in a $6000 charge on your credit card!” and a long walk in your future!” I scolded them just a tad.

“We have three tents to raise, wood to gather, a fire and dinner to start, so let’s get a move on guys, I’m hungry, and horny!”

The guys were demons, as they used their Engineering skills to figure out the tents. I grabbed Jim to help me with gathering wood, and getting dinner started.

“The first night is always steak, fried mushrooms and onions and baked potatoes,” I told Jim as I whipped the fire into shape. “We want some coals going, and this wood is good for that,” I showed my student.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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