Three Friends in College Ch. 02

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My introduction to a threesome was not exactly what is normally considered a threesome. The girls performed oral sex on each other and at some point, I performed oral sex on each of them. My release came when Huerta instructed me to remove Andrea’s panties and masturbate into them. Then I was instructed to slurp up my cum. In my post orgasmic guilt trip, my already small cock shriveled up to almost nothing. The girls noticed but made no vulgar remarks about my lack of size. Rather, they thought I was cute. Huerta had me put back on Andrea’s panties. I had already feigned reluctance so there was no need to repeat that act. Now with having been satisfied somewhat, I knew there was no need to act macho. They accepted me as a confidant and close friend. Albeit that I was looked on more as a girlfriend than a guy friend. I wondered if this meant that I would eventually get to fuck both girls. This would be such a sight to make love to them. I had virtually failed to penetrate Huerta when we were in college. I guess some would say that we did have sex, but I am sure she would disagree.

Huerta was at Andrea’s for the long weekend. I finally went back to my apartment in the early morning hours. I was still wearing Andrea’s sexy panties. My cum and precum were starting to get crusty but my little cock was again hard. Just thinking about what I had just experienced was keeping me aroused even though I had cum while with the girls. They did not make fun of my little dicklet and now I was hairless below my scalp. The following day around noon, Huerta called me to see how I was doing.

“Garrett, are you okay with what happened last night,” she asked.

I had to careful how I answered. I mean I still had not penetrated a vagina with my little dick, but feigning reluctance would assure that it would be the last time it would happen. I still held out hope that one or both of them would have sex with me. I did share their secret after all.

I answered, “Yeah, it was wild. I would have never suspected that you and Andrea are lovers.”

“Well, I guess you could put it that way. But, like we said, we do not think of ourselves as lesbian. Our main aim is cock. Not that you don’t have one, Honey. It is just that we both love big cocks. If you are not comfortable with this, just say so. Andrea and I both have dates tonight. You are invited. There is no need to feel like a fifth wheel either. Andrea assures me that both guys are very open minded sexually. So, are you interested? After last night we consider you one of the girlfriends. And I don’t mean that in an ugly way. We both enjoyed what you brought to the ‘threesome’. I think you will enjoy the date tonight and who knows what might happen. We are going out to eat first and then back to Andrea’s. With only one bedroom, everything will be out in the open. Oh, by the way wear Andrea’s panties over tonight. We will get you a clean pair when you get here. We just loved that you let us shave you. You make a pretty cute little girlfriend.”

My face burned with embarrassment. I thought about declining the invitation. How dare they refer to me as a ‘girlfriend’. However, masturbating while wearing Huerta’s panties and now wearing Andrea’s panties was so erotic that I also burned with anticipation. While still being conflicted about the pleasure I received from wearing the panties, I could not deny that it was so captivating. Logically, I should feel emasculated in a way. Emotionally, it was a roller coaster. Instead of feeling shame for being treated as a ‘girlfriend’ my little dick indicated otherwise. When I looked at myself in the mirror, my smooth clean body along with the little bulge in the panties warmed my mind.

What would the evening hold for me? Us? What about wearing panties with two guys present?

I showered and got dressed in jeans and a pullover. I pulled Andrea’s panties over my hard little dick. When I was ready, I went outside. The panties felt so different in my crotch. It seemed every air molecule found my smooth skin and reminded me that I was now completely shaven and looked more like a ‘girlfriend’ than I was just a day ago.

The guys were going to meet us at the restaurant. When I arrived at Andrea’s, both girls were getting ready. They shared the makeup mirror and generally dolled up very nicely. As each took her turn, she would remove her robe and sit on the stool wearing only sexy panties. Andrea was in a yellow thong. Huerta wore a hot pink bikini. They went about getting ready totally topless and seemingly unfazed by my presence with them.

When they were both ready, they asked me to help them fasten their bras in back. I knew they didn’t need any help but I went along with the ruse anyway. Afterward they both put on short skirts and low scooped knit tops. There was so much cleavage in that room.

“Now, Sweetie,” Huerta said, “Get those jeans off and let’s see about getting you some sexy panties. Tell you what, why don’t you wear these?”

She tossed me a hot pink bikini out of her bag. I could tell they were brand new. I was certain that escort izmir the girls had gone shopping before I arrived. I removed Andrea’s soiled panties and stepped willingly into the new bikini that Huerta handed me. They were snug around my hard cock.

“Quite a bulge there, Garrett. And you were trying to act like our panties didn’t turn you on. Well, no surprise. These panties turn us on when we wear them. I am a little excited to see you in a pretty pair. I hope that little bulge goes down before we get to the restaurant. I would take care of that for you now but I hope things heat up after we get back and we want you as horny as possible.”

All the attention did finally make my hard-on subside. It was mostly the fear of being found out in public. As our mothers used to tell us, ‘Wear clean underwear in case you have to go to the hospital’. I never saw the logic in that, but you know how Moms are. My new fear was going to the hospital and be found out wearing pretty girly panties. However, they felt so sexy that I decided to risk it.

We arrived at the restaurant and met the guys. Ted was a six-foot-tall white guy with a good physique. He obviously worked out. Nathan was a taller black man who was also quite buff. Andrea introduced Huerta and I to the guys. They were very friendly and didn’t seem to mind that I was along as a fifth wheel. Andrea explained that we were all college friends and that Huerta was there for the long weekend. It became obvious that Andrea and Ted had dated before and that Nathan was Huerta’s date. In fact, he seemed to very quickly give Huerta’s assets approving glances. I had always heard that black men love big asses. I could see why she immediately appealed to him. I wondered to myself if the myth about black men was also true. I didn’t quite understand why I anticipated seeing whether Huerta’s big ass and Nathan’s big cock were going to match up that evening.

Dinner and wine went very well. The guys spent time asking about me and how I had gotten to know such beautiful women. I guess in a way they were probing to see if there was any romantic interest between us. After much wine, the girls were loosening up when Huerta slipped and said that they accepted me much like a third girlfriend. They guys looked toward each other quizzically. I could tell that they were wondering if I was gay. It did not seem to bother them. I blushed when Huerta had said that and she apologized for how it sounded.

“Oh, Honey,” she said, “That came out wrong. What I meant to say was that we talk around Garret just like we would around other women. Wait that still doesn’t sound right. … We just love him and trust him with all our little secrets.”

“What secrets would that be?” asked Ted.

Both girls laughed heartily and made the most of the joke.

“We’ll never tell.” Andrea stated.

She poked me in the waist and rubbed my crotch ever so quickly. I am sure my face glowed red. Other than that, it was an enjoyable dinner. Everyone was mellow from the wine. Nathan was sitting very close to Huerta while Ted and Andrea were starting to kiss and make out a little before the check came. We all hopped in a taxi and headed back to Andrea’s apartment. I was up front and some sideways glances told me that there was some body exploring going on in the back. Andrea looked like she was trying to swallow Ted’s tongue while he gently massaged her breasts. Not to be left out, Nathan began kissing a willing Huerta.

When we arrived back at the apartment, Andrea served us all tequila shots. On the couch, Ted was helping Andrea out of her top. Nathan was still getting to know Huerta better and making considerable progress. He was massaging her luscious big breasts through her top. She reached around her back and skillfully popped all four stays on her bra, letting it loose. Just as skillfully, she freed the straps and pulled the bra out from under her top. I couldn’t see why she didn’t just remove her top but I did agree that it was much more intriguing this way. Her soft round breasts were now on almost naked display with her pencil sized nipples protruding and her pink areolas outlined against the thin fabric. Nathan wasted no time massaging the large round orbs. She was becoming more aroused. She straddled his lap and pushed her breasts into his face. I couldn’t help thinking to myself that it would be a good way to be smothered. Shortly, he helped her out of the top completely. Ted had successfully removed Andrea’s thong and deposited it on the coffee table. His hand was under her skirt and undoubtedly had found the prized honey pot. Eventually both girls were naked except for Huerta still had on her sexy panties. The guys were down to their briefs.

Andrea stood up completely nude and said, “Anyone for the bedroom? And Garrett, get those jeans and your shirt off. You need to match your girlfriends, Baby. Come on. Don’t be shy. We are not having you bored while we fuck in the bedroom. And boys, no Garrett, no pussy.”

Ted and Nathan still had their underwear on but the bulges were about to rip out izmir escort bayan the front of each one. I reluctantly pulled off my clothes revealing to the guys my pretty hot pink panties. They both looked at me and smiled. They did not tease on otherwise make me feel uncomfortable.

Once near the king-sized bed, Andrea pulled Ted’s briefs down revealing a good thick cock about eight inches in length. She stroked him then sank to her knees and proceeded to start on a slurpy blow job. She stopped for only a second and looked at me.

“Come here, Garrett and kiss me. His cock tastes so sweet yet salty also. You really need to taste him.”

I shyly walked over to her and bent down. His dew was all over her lips. She smeared it on my lips and thrust her tongue into my mouth. The unmistakable taste of cock was overwhelming. She giggled and went back to sucking his hard member.

Huerta was on the other side of the bed and now had her panties removed.

“Garrett,” she said, “Come over here and lick my pussy. I want you to taste me before Nathan sinks his cock into me. Matter of fact, how about taking his shorts down so we can get a better look.”

Mesmerized by such wonton lust, I obeyed. Nathan was willing and held his hand up allowing me to grasp the sides of his briefs. I tugged them down across his strikingly muscular butt while Huerta oohed at the site in front of her. As I dropped his underwear on the floor, I started to the bed beside her. When I made my way in front of Nathan, I could see why Huerta was so enthusiastic. His cock looked like a dark brown tube sausage. It was massive. It had to be at least ten inches long and much thicker than his friend Ted.

“Oh, God, Honey, better lick me good. I don’t think I have ever had a cock that big. Hurry, Sweetie. Kiss my puss. I want that big cock inside of me.”

I lay on the bed and kissed her slick pussy. She didn’t need any lubrication. Her pussy was flowing her girl juices. My mouth was in her and all over her pussy. Her clit stood out like a little soldier. It was hard as could be. I marveled at such a prominent part of her anatomy. I didn’t know if all women had this ability. I had never seen anything like it. And the feel on my lips was exquisite. I licked it with my tongue and pursed my lips around it like a small cock. She moaned and tensed up having a small orgasm already.

“Oh, god, yes, Honey. Better stop and let Nathan have his way with me. God, yes what a cock. Come here Nathan.”

He approached and stuck his cock into her face. She licked circles around his big purple head. No way could she take him down her throat but she licked and sucked as best she could.

“Oh, god, Nathan. Please fuck me. I want that cock in me. Fuck me now.”

Nathan for his part began caressing her big round breasts. Her areolas seemed to expand and soften with her lust. Her nipples were hard as pebbles. He began sucking them and took as much of her areolas as he could into his mouth. It was exciting her. She moaned and held his face while he paid homage to her magnificent lady parts.

“Please, Nathan, fuck me now.” She pleaded.

He mounted her and placed the tip of his cock at her sex. He rubbed the head into her flowing juices and spread them around her labia. Both were dripping and ready. He moved his big cock into her waiting sex and began a slow back and forth movement. Each stroke took him further into her. She wrapped her arms around his chocolate-colored torso and spread her legs allowing him complete access to her vagina. As he continued to plunge his spear into her, her moans became higher in pitch. I watched as her face turned from pleasure to pain and back to pleasure. He still had more to go. He stroked his cock deeper and harder into her. Her pleasure was now at its peak as she began to whimper. She had the first of many orgasms. As she convulsed, Nathan continued laying the pipe into her, not letting her come down from one orgasm as another rocked her.

He was pounding her pussy relentlessly.

“Oh, fuck, oh, god, yes fuck me. I am cumming.”

This only increased his assault on her. He ground ever deeper into her while she shuddered to a smashing climax. I was amazed at his staying power. I had already cum in my panties and he was still in her soft pussy. At last, I saw him slow his intensity and tighten his hard butt.

“OH, oooohhhh, god, here it comes.” He growled.

He pumped once hard and exhaled loudly. He pumped again and held himself deep inside her. This kept up for what had to be at least ten ejaculations of his potent sperm. Finally, he relaxed some but held himself inside her. She was moaning hoarsely having shrieked to so many orgasms. I didn’t know how many women were considered multi-orgasmic but Huerta certainly was.

At last, he began to withdraw until he finally slipped his huge cock out of her.

“Oh, god, hurry, Garrett. Catch his cum before it stains the sheets.”

I never waivered or showed any reluctance. After accepting the panties, I knew that the girls had no time for me to izmir escortlar put on any outward macho man shit. She wanted me to eat her pussy even though it was full of Nathan’s cum. Her vagina was distended and open. The void from his massive tool would not go straight back together. I pounced on her pussy and began licking and slurping. The flow was profound. It was all I could do to keep up. I swallowed unabashedly and it kept coming and kept coming. My cum would barely fill a thimble. His seemed to come in pints. At least that is what sense I got of it. It was amazing. Finally, the flow slowed to a trickle. I sucked more on her pussy and swallowed less. This brought her to another orgasm. Milder of course than when he was buried in her. She rubbed my head and cooed.

Andrea and Ted meanwhile were furiously fucking on the other side of the bed. I caught glimpses of them but was mostly preoccupied with watching Nathan’s huge black cock fucking Huerta’s sloppy pussy. I heard moans and grunts from the other couple. They changed positions several times. Ted eventually came while she was riding his cock reverse cowboy style. As Ted relaxed from his orgasm, Andrea kept up her cowgirl fucking until he finally softened and slipped out of her well-oiled pussy. She rolled over in after-sex-glow and mopped her fingers in the leaking flow of cum from her pussy. I watched more carefully when that happened, not knowing if I should eat her creampie without an invitation.

Eventually she looked over at me and smiled. I know I gave her a stupid smile back. I was frozen in place with remnants of Nathan’s cum on my face. Ever so slightly she nodded her head downward and gave me the most alluring smile. I took that as an invitation. I moved over and crawled between her legs. I quickly placed my lips on her vulva and caught the considerable flow of hot cum. I was way past introspection at that point. It was my pathway to great sex. Not like I had imagined but great sex. Oral sex was still sex, I reasoned. It was unmistakable that I was learning not just to tolerate the second hand cum from a hot pussy, but instead learning to crave it. Would there be a turning point where I could have traditional sex with one or both of the women?

Later in reflection, I would of course question my own sexuality. Eating my own cum in front of the girls was one thing. I had often tasted my own cum when I masturbated in Huerta’s panties. When Huerta indicated that I was to clean her up after Nathan had virtually hosed her uterus it seemed like the thing to do in following her wishes. That was my categorizing of the act. If it gave pleasure to Huerta, then it was okay. When I tasted my own cum, it was in the heat of heightened sexual arousal. That was okay. But eating another man’s cum from my girlfriend’s pussy. Was that okay?

As the two couples relaxed in bliss, I was unsure whether to break the quiet. I sat in a chair in panties only while they were all still naked in bed. It was the most uncomfortable point in the encounter. To my relief, the two pairs rested only for a short while. As the two big cocks began to rise, the girls were taking them in their dainty hands and helping them back to life. It wasn’t long before both couples did indeed couple. I was still hard in my panties. As I watched, I placed my hand inside and grasped my cock. Not wanting to distract the couples, I silently stroked my little cock until I came in the panties. I was a mess now with cum on my face, in my mouth and in my panties.

This continued into the early morning hours. I unabashedly cleaned them both up after each session. They were now expecting it as a matter of routine. They pleasured themselves on my tongue while I ingested load after load of cum. I marveled at the stamina and staying power of the two men. The amount of cum they ejaculated was, of course, less each time but how could they cum so many times and still keep going. Obviously, Andrea was also in awe of Ted’s staying power. Nathan was another story in fact. His massive black cock was almost grotesque being so large. But it was beautiful in the right way. Huerta had struggled at first taking it but as the evening wore on, her pussy was looser and looser. By the last time I ate her out, I could not believe it would ever go back to its original size. I imagined my little dicklet trying to fuck that big sloppy cunt. There was no way she would even feel me. Yet I was hoping that she would invite me to fuck her anyway. I was horny as hell.

When finally the guys left, the girls invited me back to bed with them.

“Come on, Honey,” Huerta said. “Let’s take care of that cute little dicky.”

Both girls were naked. Huerta removed my panties and held them to my nose. My own wetness bathed my face with the horny dew. She then got between my legs and took my dick into her mouth. She couldn’t swallow much of Nathan’s cock but her lips engulfed all of me. She held me in her mouth and licked my hairless balls at the same time. I could not last and blasted my cum into her mouth. As I quickly softened, she held me tighter draining every last drop of cum from me. She held her lips tightly as she pulled off my cock. She kissed Andrea without releasing any of the cum. Andrea for her part licked Huerta’s lips cleaning up what little she had there.

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