Take Me, Tom Pt. 97-98

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Big Tits

As always, thanks for taking the time to read, and even, comment. We are coming to the end of this trip, soon at least! For better or for worse, eh? Thanks to Kenji for his constant attention, and highlighting. Thanks to Paolo for his encouragement, too.

Chapter 97

Saturday in Paris


We woke the next morning, the Parisian sun shimmering through the louvred slats of the balcony door. Chrissie and Emily made their way to my chest, lightly kissing, but firmly holding me. I wrapped my arms around these two, holding them just as tight. At our first good morning kisses, we all scampered from the bed to the ensuite, taking turns to pee, and brush. Just as quickly, we were safely under the thick duvet, the warmth welcome from the morning chill.

“Good morning, darling man,” Chrissie cooed, seductively. “Thank you again for yesterday. It was one of the best days of my life, sweetheart. I…I loved every moment…with you both,” she sighed, leaning up, and kissing Emily.

Emily looked up from my chest, smiled, kissed me, and whispered, “Mine, too, Tom. Thank you for…everything. How do you feel this morning?” she asked.

“Well, this is the best honeymoon a guy could ever ask for!” I smirked. “This really is for you both, you know. I…I love spoiling you,” I sighed.

“And you do, darling. Every day. Just by being with us, you do. We love you, sweetheart. So, so much,” Ems whispered. “So. Plans for today?”

“Well, we have a ten o’clock appointment…and no, don’t ask where, okay?” I smiled.

They both pouted, but too bad!

“So…any idea what we could do until then?” I asked, my eyebrows twitching all over.

“Is it too early for breakfast? I’m famished,” Chrissie giggled, and quickly rolled over on top of me, her body moving between my legs. “Whatcha think, darling?” she grinned, kissing my chest, her hands swirling through my hair. “Any ideas?”

Emily rose, opened the drapes, and the door to the balcony, leaving the glass doors closed, though. She stood in the morning light, and stretched her gorgeous body, arms raised above her head, her breasts bared to Paris, her lacy panties hiding her womanhood.

“Isn’t she beautiful, Tom? We have such a delicious wife, don’t we?” Chrissie smiled, her little tits rubbing my chest.

“I have two beautiful wives, Chrissie,” I sighed, my hands holding her trim ass, pulling her onto my morning hardness.

“Kiss me, darling,” Chrissie moaned, her lips finding mine with ease.

We tenderly pecked each other, then our lips hovered over each other, not quite touching, our eyes

staring at each other. Chrissie leaned in, lightly kissing my cheeks, and drawing closer to my lips, teasing me with her gentle touch. She moved her hips over my hard shaft slowly, our kisses slow and languid now. Our fingers stroked each other’s hair, Chrissie’s falling on my face. I could feel Emily crawl back into the bed, her hands on Chrissie’s back, and my hair. She leaned down, kissed my shoulder and groaned.

“You’re both so beautiful,” she whispered, and kissed Chrissie’s shoulder. “Take your wife, Tom,” she sighed, and buried her head in my neck, inhaling then kissing me. “I want to watch you make love to her, darling.”

Just as quickly, she rose up, pulled the heavy duvet from us, and pushed it to the floor. She kneeled there, looking at us both, her hands tenderly rubbing Chrissie’s hair, then her shoulders, down her back, and settling on her little butt. Chrissie returned to unhurriedly kissing me, both of us relaxing into this morning’s connection. Emily moved down the bed, and slid between Chrissie’s legs. I didn’t know where ’til I heard a long, ‘Oooooh’ from Chrissie, and looked down, Emily’s face was buried in Chrissie’s svelte crevice, her tongue lashing between her cheeks. Chrissie’s pelvis moved around, rubbing my cock with her trim body.

“Kiss my ass, Em. Lick me, baby,” Chrissie moaned. “Mmmm. Just…like…that.”

Chrissie was moaning into my mouth, the added thrill of Ems tonguing her adding to her morning fever. She rocked her hips over my hard shaft, then lifted up, pushing her ass into Emily’s face. Our kisses became more impassioned, our hands tugging each other’s hair, as she rubbed her breasts over my chest. We stayed in this loose connection for ten, maybe fifteen minutes, none of us in a hurry on this beautiful Parisian morning.

Our kisses, and stroking, ebbed and flowed, both of us pulling back, but building each other up slowly. I could feel Emily’s fingers sliding through Chrissie’s labia, tickling my balls with every gentle stroke. My hard cock was pressed between our bodies, my pre-cum leaking onto our stomachs, my hands on Ems’s head, holding her firm on Chrissie’s ass. Emily must have just been slowly stroking Chrissie, playing with her, but she was past foreplay now. She pushed her butt up, Emily lifting her head and smiling. She grasped Chrissie’s shoulders, and pulled her back ’til porno izle she kneeled. She leaned in, kissed Chrissie’s shoulders, and whispered, “Take him, darling,” and moved to the head of the bed, her legs swinging over my head, now facing Chrissie, and her moist pussy over my mouth. My hands grasped her butt, and I pulled her cunt onto my face. She wiped her wetness across my face, and then pushed down, her scent filling my head. I felt Chrissie grab my cock and run it through her wet labia, holding my firmness in her little hands ’til she lifted, and impaled herself, taking me in one long thrust. I moaned into Ems’s cunt, her juices flowing, as I swallowed her exertions.

Chrissie calmly slid her pelvis over my groin, my hard prick deep inside her, as I had one hand on Emily’s ass, the other fondling Chrissie’s breast. Emily leant forward, as Chrissie did, and I felt their bodies close the gap, their arms around each other, kissing each other firmly, as Chrissie rode my stiff member, and Ems rode my face, moving her hips over my mouth.

I moved my tongue along her split gash, revelling in her leaking sap. I put both hands on her hips and lifted her, my tongue teasing her vulva as I made tiny circles around her full lips. She used my flexible muscle to fuck herself, her body now back in control. I could feel Chrissie’s pelvic muscles grabbing my cock, every deep thrust accompanied by a long, and sultry ‘Aaaaaah’. Emily’s scent saturated my brain, Chrissie being the recipient of my growing desire. I shoved my cock deep inside her, my hips lifting off the bed, penetrating her depths. I held myself up, and let her fuck herself on my hard pole, whilst Ems dripped more of her juices into my mouth. I moved my mouth along Emily’s pussy, and swiped my tongue on her little bud. She shook, moaned, and wiped her cunt across my face again.

I brought my hands between them, fondling both their heaving breasts, and flicked my tongue on Emily’s hard clit, whilst thrusting my cock into Chrissie’s slippery valley. I lifted Ems’s heavy breast, tweaking her nipples, as she pushed her cunt harder across my mouth. God, how I loved the smell of her sex. I moved my hands to Chrissie’s pulsing, tight stomach, and slipped a finger onto her clit, her hips still furiously fucking my stiffness. My groin was soaked with our secretions, her hips now thrusting to and fro. I could feel her pelvic muscles grasp my cock, just as Emily creamed herself into my mouth. I heard their muffled cries, as they were kissing through their orgasms. I pushed my hips up, and streamed a long gush of cum deep inside my sister. Emily’s hips swayed across my tongue, emptying herself as she furiously kissed her wife. My hands went to Chrissie’s hips, as I pulled and pushed her small body, up and down on my cock, flush after flush of sperm filling her, dripping out of her and onto me. My moans into her pussy, set Emily off on another spew of climaxes. Their long, shuddering moves slowed, ’til they both stopped, kissing and holding each other, as Chrissie sat patiently on my still-hard prick, and Emily’s pussy dripping into my mouth. I felt used, but I’d get over it. I had to, finally, swat Emily’s ass, beckoning her to move. She lithely slipped off my face, and giggled. My face was covered in a sheen of her sex. Chrissie leant down, my empty cock still firmly in her, and licked my face. I could feel my cock quiver, ever hopeful for a resurgence. We both groaned as she slipped herself off me, falling to the bed.

We all breathed deeply, chuckling and loving each other. We gently slapped each other, all of us sweating and sated. Whilst Chrissie continued to lavish my face with kisses, and licks, Emily crawled down and grasped my cock, slowly licking the shaft of any residue. Her tongue cleaned my balls, and then sucked them into her mouth, then gingerly spitting them out.

Fuck me, I thought.

We lay together, touching and slapping, pinching and kissing.

Chrissie half-heartedly slid from the bed, and made us all a cold, elderflower cordial. We laid back against the solid headboard, and looked around, knowing how special, and lucky we were.

“This is perfect, Tom,” Chrissie sighed, and kissed me, then Ems. “Thank you…again.”

Emily buried her head in my neck, her arms around Chrissie and me.

“This…is real, isn’t it?” she giggled.

“For as long as you want it to be, Emily,” I whispered, and kissed her head.

We finally clambered from the too-comfortable bed, and headed for the shower. It was huge! We fit in easily, each grabbing a cloth and gel, and slowly washing each other. I pushed Ems against the wall, her breasts pressed up against the decadent, black onyx tiles, and swiped her ass with my soft cloth. I leaned into her and whispered, “I want your ass, darling,” and bit her neck.

“Anytime, darling,” she sighed, as she pushed back.

I felt Chrissie prodding my butt with her cloth, and she whispered, “If you get hers, I get yours,” she hissed.

Fuck me, altyazılı porno I thought. Well, figuratively.

Ems slid from me, and knelt in front of Chrissie, licking her still cum-leaking pussy, whilst I played with her tight ass. We played and teased each other for another thirty minutes. We were getting tired and waterlogged, so I called a stop to things. We’d spend all day in bed if not, not a bad idea but I had plans for these two. Not too reluctantly, Chrissie turned the shower off, and we emerged, sated and clean. We tenderly dried each other, our tongues still eager for each other’s smells and textures.

After another forty-five minutes of drying and brushing hair, lingerie chosen and dresses donned, we were ready for breakfast. I wanted room service, but they both vetoed that, seeing the look in my eyes. We made our way to the exclusive dining area, all blonde wood, opulent and warm. It was one of the cosiest dining rooms I had ever been in. I asked for a corner table so the girls could people-watch to their hearts’ content. Chrissie recognised a few Cocteau drawings hanging, her mouth agape. We had a full breakfast, all croissants, souffléd eggs, bacon, plenty of fruit, and gorgeous fresh juices. We laughed, held hands, flirted, and kissed throughout, so a normal breakfast for us! We FaceTimed the kids, with Ben and Elaine joining the session. The kids looked so happy. Ben and Elaine had a whole day out planned with them. It made our weekend away guilt-free, almost! The waiters were discreet but aware when we needed something. One couldn’t ask for more. We headed back to our room, and relaxed with fresh coffee and tea on the balcony. The sun was rising and it was going to be a beautiful day.

“Tom…thank you again. This was so unexpected. Well, sort of! Knowing you, though…But really, you could not have picked a more apt hotel for our honeymoon, darling. This is…memorable,” Chrissie sighed, and we kissed.

“Can I just say something to you both?” Emily asked. “This…this is…overwhelming at times, darlings, but yes, thank you for everything,” she sighed.”I love what you have given me. You both listen to me, recognise me, and understand me. You’ve given me back my voice. You’ve both shown me all these things, and more, every day. Thank you…”

“And thank you both. This only works because of you two. You have both given me something so unexpected, but it seems, something I needed. I couldn’t be happier…with us,” I smiled. “Now! Places to go, people to meet!”

We cleaned up, Emily and Chrissie changed into their new shoes, and we headed out. They had both braided their hair, the look tantalisingly sexy. They looked boho and elegant at the same time. I couldn’t be prouder. We headed out after thanking the hotel manager for a wonderful breakfast. I took their hands, and we headed back to the shopping area we had browsed through yesterday. In fifteen minutes, we were outside the shop I was looking for. I lightly knocked on the door, the facade not giving any idea what was inside except for a small sign, emblazoned tastefully reading Parfums Sur Mesure.

“Madame De Bruijn?” I asked.

“Oui. Monsieur Lawrence?” the elegant woman asked, and invited us in.

I introduced Chrissie and Emily, reverting to English so they could take it all in.

She broke into impeccable English, and brought us into the shop. Chrissie and Emily still had no idea of what we were doing here. Perfume? Sure, it was a perfume shop, but so much more. I asked madame if she would kindly explain what we were doing here. She smiled, knowing from our correspondence that this was a surprise for them.

“Stephanie, please,” she said. “Now, what your husband has arranged for you both is a unique experience. What we will do today is discover your individual scent, and what embodies that fragrance. Together, we shall find the perfume that personifies you both. We have all day if necessary, d’accord?”

Chrissie and Emily just stared at me, not believing what I had arranged. I was thrilled. Chrissie whispered, “What have you done?”

I could only mouth, ‘I love you both,’ and smiled.

She spent the next twenty minutes walking us through the store, and into her laboratory, where she showed them the four-hundred-plus raw materials she held. This was going to be a true collaboration, starting with their chosen base and working around that. It was going to be a long day. I followed them, as Stephanie earnestly took them from shelf to shelf, and bottle to bottle, uncorking and waiting for their opinions. The room reeked of scents, all mixed together and demanding to be the overriding odour. They had a long discussion, almost an interview, about their lives, loves, and what they wanted from a scent. It was very personal and intense, actually. Stephanie delved into their work, leisure time and, yes, sex lives. Chrissie nor Emily blushed, only seductively glancing at me every so often.

I tried, vainly, to stay involved, but decided to leave sex hikaye them to their devices, and noses for a while, then excused myself, and walked out onto the boulevard.

I passed the jewellery shop we had been into yesterday, so popped in to have a look again. I asked to see the exquisite enamelled, and gold bangle Emily had seen yesterday. It was a wonderful piece, and understood the appeal, and why Ems was struck by it. I also looked at a seven-corded bracelet with a row of brilliant-cut diamonds for Chrissie. What the hell, I thought. I asked they be gift wrapped, and paid. I decided to stop off for a quick drink, and people-watching. I sat outside in the sun, and had a small whisky, whiling away a few moments. On my way back to the parfumerie, I spied a clothing shop, so I popped in. I saw a cute little beret for Chloe, hoping she’d see the humour in the little gift.

I decided to take a look at some of the other chic, well-presented shops in the area. I spotted an antique shop, and decided to have a browse. I walked in, and was greeted by the proprietor. I addressed him in French, disarming to him, as it may have been. I looked through case after case, at his exquisite collection. I asked if he had any Levant period vases. He smiled, and took me TO another cabinet. There was a line of, as it turned out, Early Bronze Age pottery.

He pointed at several, the colours still visible, and unmarked by time. The one I wanted to see was a small vessel, as it had a handle. It reminded me, somewhat, of the one Chrissie and Emily had bought me. He took it from the case, and as I gingerly held it, I inspected it. It was a wonderful piece. After some haggling, we shook hands, It took a while for the gentleman to find the paperwork, certificates for export and provenance. He carefully wrapped the 3,500-year-old pot, and handed it to me. I thanked him profusely, pleased I had found a charming piece for David.

I finally made it back to the parfumerie, an assistant greeting me by name. I tested the base they had chosen, and both smelled wonderful. Yeah, it suited them both. Two hours later, they were ready. After much gushing, and thanks, we said our ‘bonne après-midi’ and left, Chrissie and Emily giggling and happy. They walked from the shop with a new self-assuredness.

Once outside, I was coerced, again, to smell each, the scent certainly working for them. I leaned into each neck, deeply inhaling the scent I would come to identify as them. We walked to the nearest café, and ordered drinks. Chrissie and Emily excitedly showed me the gift boxes they had received.

The presentation boxes were magnificent, their names hand engraved on the top. I lifted the lid, and their scent rose to my nose. Both were different, and I was so looking forward to taking in their distinctive notes later.

“Stephanie had lunch prepared for us, so as long as you’re okay, where to next?” Chrissie smiled, both clutching their gift boxes securely.

We made our way out onto the cobbled streets, and walked, taking in the atmosphere of the Left Bank. Chrissie and Emily hugged, and thanked me for the kind gesture. We had a slow drink, and both of them were excited about the day they had enjoyed so far. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, or so I hoped.

“Well, the room isn’t too far. Why not drop these off, then we can head to the Louvre?” I said. “It’s not too far, and I’m certain it’s on your list,” I chuckled.

We finished our drinks, and arm in arm, we headed back to the hotel, quickly dropping off the packages. They kindly did not ask what was in the bag I securely held onto. They both deftly dabbed a bit more of their individual perfume behind their ears, and beckoned me to smell them. Alluring and enticing were but two words that sprung to mind. We put their gifts away, and headed out, crossing the Pont Neuf, and walked along the Seine. The Louvre loomed in the distance, as we walked peacefully along, our hands entwined. Our pace was leisurely, and as we’d walk, one of them would pull me to their lips, and we’d kiss. We seemed to be a voyeur’s dream, our hands fondling, and holding each other. We entered through the Pyramid entrance, all of us entranced by this institution.

As we only had a few hours, I decided to grab a tour guide to lead us through the collections we were interested in, and any treats they may have in mind, too. Our guide, Zoé, was welcoming and relaxed, as she took us on her tour, patiently explaining a statue or painting of importance, and putting it into the historical and social context. I think she was taken aback by Chrissie and Emily’s breadth of knowledge on more than several paintings. Emily was interested in the textiles, so she kindly deviated from her proposed tour, and took us to those. Similarly, Chrissie has a penchant for Renaissance paintings. I was happy to go along, as all this was new to me, and would rather they saw what was on their proverbial lists.

Because this was a ‘flying’ visit, we saw as much as possible, not ideal, but felt their time at the parfumerie experience was worth the compromise. They, or we, could always come over for another long weekend. I chuckled to myself when I said that. We’d always have Paris, as someone once said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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