Black People Fuck The Police!

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When someone is truly wicked and feels no remorse, they should meet with a different kind of justice. We all know someone like that. A man or woman who can do anything at all without feeling guilty. They can be hustlers, drug dealers, corrections officers, senators, congressmen, governors, secretaries, police officers, social workers, nurses, doctors, bus drivers, prostitutes, pimps, airline pilots, businessmen, businesswomen, professors, librarians, activists, writers, students and artists. They are our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins and grandparents. Engines of destruction housed in human bodies. The devil in the flesh, so to speak. Who can stop them? Only someone even more twisted than they are. And that’s what this story is all about.

There are a lot of hate-filled chicken-heads in the hood. It’s the one thing our communities will never run out of. What is a chicken-head? That Black, Spanish, Middle-Eastern or White dude or chick ( but most often chick) who loves to cuss, make noise, act tough and pretend he or she is anything better than what he or she really is. Being a chicken-head has really nothing to do with race or even gender and everything to do with being a decidedly inferior individual. Someone who will never amount to anything.

Who is the prototypical chicken-head? An uneducated, sexually promiscuous, sometimes violent person, a male hooker a or female whore with an enormous attitude problem. That’s all they are, the lowest of the low and I got no problem treating them as such. My name is Barry O’Bannon, a six-foot-tall, curly-haired, brawny and ruggedly handsome young man of African-American and Irish descent living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I’ll be your biracial and forthrightly bisexual urban predator for the day, thank you very much. I am a patrol officer for the Boston Police Department. Hunting down and roughing up ghetto hustlers and loud-mouthed chicken-heads is what I do.

Currently, I’m treating a certain ghetto bitch from the hood the way I know she deserves to be treated. Shamika Brown is her name. Today, I’m treating her to a little session of rough anal sex. She volunteered for it as opposed to getting a ride in the police squad car and being taken to jail. This dame has done it all from drug dealing to assault and battery with a deadly weapon and grand larceny. This is her third strike and she knows she risks going away for life. So she offered her ass as payment to keep me and my partner quiet. We took her and her guy on their offer. She’s handcuffed, on her hands and knees, face down and ass up. Her plump black butt cheeks are spread wide open. And I’m drilling my cock into her asshole. I grab her wide hips and fuck her roughly like a cheap prostitute. She’s screaming her lungs out as I slam my cock into her asshole. istanbul travesti I smack her fat black ass while fucking her. She yelps. Oh, man. I totally love that sound. It is like music to my ears.

Nearby, my partner, Boston policewoman Elisabeth O’Leary is having some fun with Tyrone Brown, Shamika’s dumb-ass husband. He’s a tall, skinny black guy with a major attitude problem and a rap sheet a mile long. He’s done it all from beating up both men and women, and also stealing anything from cars and bikes to pets. Presently, he’s handcuffed and also on his hands and knees. Elisabeth is gleefully ramming a rather thick strap-on dildo deep into his asshole. She enjoys fucking black guys in the ass. I can tell. Like me, Elisabeth is a dedicated officer who takes her job quite seriously. She’s a six-foot-tall, slender and athletic young woman of African-American and Irish descent. Like me, she endured the endless drama of being a biracial person living in America.

You see, if you’re part black and part white, many people are always watching you. Many blacks think biracial people have a superiority complex. I sure don’t. My mother was white and my father was black. He was a cop. She was a social worker. Both of them believed in fairness and justice. They instilled those beliefs in me. That’s why I became a cop. I treat everyone equally. Male and female, black and white, they’re all the same to me. If they break the law, they’re going down. Pure and simple. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Gender and race won’t get anyone a free ride when dealing with this officer. I’ve arrested women for domestic violence as well as men. I’ve taken in gay criminals as well as heterosexual ones. I don’t play the whole political correctness thing. Unlike other cops, I don’t look the other way when anyone is breaking the law. And I don’t care whose pride this may hurt.

When Elisabeth and I went on patrol tonight and ran into Tyrone and Shamika Brown dealing drugs on a corner, we decided to put an end to their illicit activities. I don’t know why they’re doing this. They’re both in their twenties. Why don’t they go to college, and try to get a decent job? Why get into a life of crime? There are resources everywhere. Plenty of scholarships available to help racial and ethnic minorities get into higher education. I know how hard it is for a person of color to succeed. Being biracial didn’t make my life easy. Hell, it made it harder because both blacks and whites looked at me funny. And they didn’t hide it either. I ignored the haters. I went to Suffolk University and got myself a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice before going to the police academy. Now, I’m a cop in the big city. As for my lifelong friend and partner Elisabeth, she followed a similar path. She earned her associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Bay State istanbul travestileri College before heading to the police academy. Like me, she became an urban police officer. She made it. It is my belief that men and women of all races can rise above their humble or difficult beginnings, and use education as a pathway to a better future.

I respect those who believe in self-improvement through lifelong learning. Is life easy for America’s black men or black women? Absolutely not. We got to try twice as hard as everyone else. For our schools. For our houses. For our neighborhoods. For our friends and families. For our churches and other venerable institutions. I know plenty of white men and white women who think of racial minorities as an inferior breed of human who do nothing but take up space on this planet, rather than contributing to human society. And I know plenty of people of color who believe them. Yet there are black men and black women out there who work hard, for their education, their jobs and their homes. For their businesses, churches and families. They’re the cream of the crop. It hurts them when they’re compared to black guys and black girls who have zero conscience and have no aspiration other than being criminals and becoming parents before their time. Instead of trying to better themselves, Tyrone and Shamika are out there being their rude, arrogant, violent and criminally inclined selves. For this, they had to pay.

That’s what I tell myself as I grab a handful of Shamika’s hair and yank her head back while slamming my cock deep into her asshole. She screams and I clamp my hand over her mouth to silence her. Meanwhile, Tyrone is howling like a bitch as Elisabeth rams her thick dildo deep into his ass. The big and tough black thug ain’t so tough now. Not with ten inches of hard plastic cock deep into his shit hole. Elisabeth stuffs her gun into his mouth and tells him that unless he shuts up, she’s going to blow his head off. For once, he does as he is told. I laugh and encourage Elisabeth to fuck his black ass harder, teach him a frigging lesson. I drill my cock into Shamika’s butt hole, loving the feel of her tight ass around my cock. Man, it feels so good I can’t stand it! I cum, blasting my load deep inside Shamika’s asshole. Folks, it’s an almost indescribably sweet sensation. Almost at the same time, Elisabeth presses a special button on her high-tech, mechanized strap-on dildo and unleashes a torrent of hot artificial cum deep inside Tyrone’s ass. The black man’s screams was music to both our ears.

Afterwards, we decided to switch partners. When I began stroking my cock while looking at his tempting ass, Tyrone’s eyes went wide. I smiled and walked up to him. Then, I spread his ass cheeks wide open and shoved my cock inside of him. I didn’t have any trouble going in because travesti istanbul Elisabeth’s dildo had already widened this black man’s asshole to nearly gaping proportions. He screamed like a little bitch as I began to fuck him. I took my time as I penetrated him. I enjoyed every thrust. Straight guys have the best asses. Especially presumably homophobic black guys like Tyrone hate queers. Bisexual men like myself can’t stand his kind. So I took a special kind of pleasure in sodomizing this black man and robbing him of what’s left of his manhood. He can’t be feeling too manly after Elisabeth ravaged his ass with her strap-on. I don’t think so.

While I’m having some manly fun with Tyrone, Elisabeth is enjoying herself with Shamika. Yeah, my woman is teaching this loud-mouthed, arrogant black bitch a lesson in manners she won’t soon forget. Spreading Shamika’s plump black cheeks, Elisabeth pushes the dildo into her ass. Shamika’s shrill scream as Elisabeth’s super-sized dildo went up her booty hole was a sound I’d never forget for as long as I live. I once heard someone say that no one can hurt a woman like another woman can. I tend to agree as I watch Elisabeth take Shamika for a ride. It’s not that Elisabeth fucked Shamika’s ass harder than I did. No, it wasn’t that simple. Elisabeth seemed to know how to hit Shamika where it hurts, so to speak. The black bitch howled like one of the damned as Elisabeth slammed the dildo into her asshole like butt-fucking was going out of style. I had never seen anything like it, folks.

Not to be outdone, I rammed Tyrone’s ass, fucking him roughly like the poor pathetic excuse for a man that I knew him to be. He didn’t scream as loudly as Shamika did but I got some good sounds out of him. Truth be told, it had been a while for me since I fucked some male ass. Elisabeth is a lot of fun and she’s down with anal, both giving and receiving. However, there’s nothing like the feel of male ass around your cock to make your dick instantly feel good. I happily fucked Tyrone’s ass until I got my nut, flooding the black man’s tight asshole with my manly cum. I pulled out of him, then knocked him out with my nightstick. While waiting for him to come back to consciousness, I watched Elisabeth as she practically tore Shamika’s ass apart with the super-sized dildo. They went at it for some time until Shamika passed out. Elisabeth and I stood over our victims, and smiled. We shared a passionate kiss, then decided to wake them up.

After the deed was done, we got back into the patrol car and left. Folks, I’ve got good news. Tyrone and Shamika have parted ways, and they’re no longer causing problems for the God-fearing, law-abiding denizens of Boston. Tyrone moved to Florida, and Shamika opted to head to Texas. I’m glad they opted for a fresh start, you know. Maybe they will change their lives and start down the path of becoming law-abiding, educated and positive contributors to American society. I don’t think so. You can take the guy or girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of them. One thing for sure, they’re somebody else’s problem now.

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