Our Little Plan

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“I don’t even like him,” I remember Vicky saying when we began to set up our little plan.

It didn’t matter to me, though. This little plan of ours was what we both wanted. We loved each other and we knew that our hearts were bound, but our desire to continue to force our sex life to evolve was insatiable.

I intently watched the television in the den, my hand already groping at the front of my jeans as I sat at my desk chair. The video camera we had set up in the living room was hidden well and the picture quality was a bit grainy, but did not leave out any important details. I sipped at a cola as I shook my leg in anticipation. I was so ready for this.

Vicky’s ex-boyfriend, Tony, sat patiently on the sofa. He was dead center in the camera’s view and completely oblivious that he was a mere pawn in our little game. Vicky had been off camera for about a minute now, supposedly to freshen up. As far as Jim knew, Vicky was home alone and was feeling horny for some ex-cock. I was supposedly away visiting family for the weekend and Vicky made it abundantly clear that Jim was going to get lucky this weekend.

So I sat and waited, and compared myself to Tony as he sat there unknowing. Tony was a thin, lithe, young Italian guy of about 20 years old, the same age as Vicky. In fact, they were friends in high school as well as off-again, on-again lovers. Vicky never did let Jim fuck her, but she took to sucking his cock on a regular basis while they were dating. But Tony was the lackluster give-nothing-and-take-all kind of guy. Tony had never made Vicky orgasm in the year that they dated, but expected Vicky to swallow his seed on a near-daily basis. Truth be told, I didn’t like this guy one bit. But, he filled a need that we had.

While Tony was young, lithe, and thin, I was big, hulking, and older. Whereas he was 5′ 8″, I was 6′ tall. Whereas he was built like a skeleton of 140 lb., I was built like a lumberjack of about 330 lb. His greasy black hair hung off to the sides in a poor attempt to be slicked back while my brown hair was shaved to stubble. And at the end of it all, he was a virile 20 year old whereas I was 33.

Where he did have me beat, however, was his cock. According to Vicky, Tony’s cock was about eight and a half inches long, about 5 inches around, and bent upwards slightly at the tip? Me, I could not compare in length. My cock stood straight and proud at 5 inches, but measured thicker than that. Vicky once compared it to Red Bull can and that seemed to be about right. In any case, while I knew I could always perform to her satisfaction, I did always feel a bit insecure about having the shorter cock.

My reverie in comparison was soon interrupted by Vicky’s return. Vicky wore a tight pair of new jeans that hugger her thick ass and thighs quite well. Her spaghetti-strap top had her D-cup tits practically spilling out, and her long, brown hair was already tied back in a pony-tail. That could only have meant one thing.

I had no audio set up on the video camera, but I could tell that there was little talk between the two. Vicky and Tony immediately started to go at it, their lips mashed together as their mouths frantically sucked at one another’s tongues. In unison, they both removed their glasses and tossed them on the table before continuing to make out. Tony was soon roughly groping Vicky’s tits, Vicky was rubbing her hand up and down Tony’s slacks-clad cock, and I had taken my cock out and began to lightly stroke it.

Before long, Vicky stood up and hurriedly tore her shirt and bra off over her head in one frantic motion. Her young, round tits were in full view for Tony and me to both look at, and soon, she peeled off her jeans, revealing no panties underneath. Her shaven mound was in view and Tony could only gawk and stare at Vicky as she kicked her jeans off to the side. I moaned at the thought of kissing and licking Vicky all over, but concentrated on not blowing my load too soon.

Vicky said something to Tony and made a motion with her hand. Tony’s eyes widened and then he proceeded to kick off his slacks in a hurry. He then stood up and dropped his pendik escort boxers quickly and stepped out of them. Springing into view was Tony’s cock – its base enshrouded in a nest of black hair, but standing proudly up at an angle about 8 to 9 inches in length. I was impressed, but even on the video camera, I could easily see how thin it was compared to my thick cock. I smirked to myself, a false sense of pride swelling within me (and swelling in my stroked cock as well).

Vicky walked over to Tony, her hand immediately finding his cock as she lightly ran the palm of her hand up and down the underside of his shaft. His fingers awkwardly fumbled with her pussy lips and clit as their tongues met again, biting down at one another like cobras. Vicky then turned her head away from Tony, allowing him to kiss and suck at her neck and collarbone. I nearly laughed when her eyes made contact with the camera as she rolled her eyes back in her head and mouthed the word “boring” before winking.

She turned back to Tony and locked lips with him once again, her hand still rubbing the underside of his prick. By this point, I was completely out of my jeans and socks, and my t-shirt was the last thing to go. I continued to slowly stroke my fat cock as I watched my lover and her ex-lover make out on my den television. I marveled at the fact that I had not felt this hard in months.

On the television, Vicky broke off her kiss with Tony and shoved Tony down onto the sofa. Before he could sit up and position himself, Vicky got down on her knees, shifted over to the side so I could get a view, and completely engulfed his cock with her mouth. I was amazed seeing her take his long cock all the way into her mouth, nearly half of it undoubtedly sliding down her throat. I tightened the grip on my cock and slowed down the pace as her head twisted and bobbed up and down on Tony’s cock. Comically, Tony looked like he had been shot – his eyes were clamped shut, and his arms were frozen out to his sides while tightly gripping the top of the sofa.

I fumbled with my desk drawer and removed a tube of Astroglide from within. I applied a little too much slick, clear liquid to my cock head and slowly worked it onto the length of my shaft. As I concentrated on not cumming, I watched as Vicky slid Tony’s cock out of her mouth and looked up to him to speak. Soon, Tony grabbed a handful of her hair and gently moved Vicky’s head down onto his cock again.

“Pfft!” I hissed out loud. I knew Vicky liked it incredibly rough and grabbing her hair as gently as he did would do nothing for her. If he knew better, he would have tried to rip the hair out of her head by the roots. That would have really got her going.

Vicky’s head bobbed up and down once again and in a matter of a minute, Tony threw his head back and let go of Vicky’s hair. “Is he already done?” I thought to myself. Sure enough, Vicky slowly rose her mouth up off of his cock, gulped down the load he had blown, and made a deliberate motion of wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

That was my sign.

With my cock still lubed and rigid and my clothes scattered around my den, I opened the door and tip-toed down the hall towards the living room. What a sight that must have been; a 330-pound gorilla tip-toeing like a ninja. As I got to the doorway of the living room, I stopped for a moment to listen.

“That was fucking amazing,” Tony gasped between breaths. “I missed your mouth, baby.”

“You think you could have held out a little longer?” Vicky asked, belittling her ex-lover for not being able to hold his load.

“Well it’s because you were so good, baby,” he said as he defended his lackluster performance (as usual).

Vicky went to say something, but I just could not wait any longer. I stepped around the corner and into the room and shouted, “What the fuck is this shit?!”

The look on Tony’s face was priceless. His eyes opened wide, his jaw dropped, and for some reason, his dick got immediately hard again. Vicky even jumped a little from the volume of my voice as I took two steps into the room, completely naked. “What the fuck do tuzla escort you think you’re doing, little man?” I screamed again, this time my voice becoming low and raspy. He could only look up at me with the utmost feat in his eyes “I oughta fucking murder your ass right now!”

People will argue that the likes of Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, or even Michael Johnson were the best sprinters in the world. I tend to disagree. After seeing Tony run out of my living room and out my front door that moment, I would have to put my money on him. Leaving his glasses and even his slacks and boxers behind, Tony damn near broke the screen door to my house as he dashed out into the driveway. From there, I had no concern as to where he went.

I scooped up Vicky from behind and tossed her onto the couch, flat on her stomach. She let out a little whimper, but looked back at me over her shoulder with a sly, seductive grin. As she wiggled her eyebrows at me and glanced at my cock (which was only semi-hard now), I reached under her stomach and propped her up on all fours. I roughly grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her cheeks apart to gaze at my prize for this evening. Her pussy lips and asshole were recently shaved, though I smirked at the sloppy job she did where her ass crack met her thighs – a few stray hairs still left untouched by the razor. Around her puckered entrance, however, was as clean and smooth as could be.

I violently thrust my tongue into her asshole, and she let out a yelp. “Oh God yes!” she hissed as I began to frantically suck, lick, and tongue-fuck her ass. I let her ass cheeks go as they squeezed around my face. My left arm wrapped around her waist halfway while my right hand was busy stroking my semi-hard and semi-lubed cock.

Her moans of delight and pleasure increased in volume and tempo as I continued to tongue her rosebud. She especially liked it when I locked my lips around it and sucked hard, and I made sure to do that as she reached her impending orgasm. Finally, after a few minutes of orally assaulting her asshole, Vicky came; and came hard. Her ass cheeks squeezed my face right out of her ass as her whole body seized up tightly and lurched forward. Her cries of ecstasy were buried in the sofa’s cushion as her ass and legs convulsed as though she were being electrically shocked.

With my dick hard and at the ready, I watched as Vicky slowly began to recover. Her fingers slowly reached between her legs and started to trace small circles on her clit. She muttered incoherent babblings into the sofa cushion and I chose this moment to strike. I grabbed my cock firmly with a handful of spit, stroked it a couple of times, and with a yelp of pain escaping Vicky’s lips, I buried my cock all the way into her ass in one hard thrust.

I began to fuck her ass like it was the only thing keeping me alive. Both my hands gripped her hips incredibly tight as I slammed my cock into her ass with all my might. Her body thrust into the arm of the sofa over and over again, and each time she let out a small cry of pain or pleasure; it was hard to tell the difference at this point. I slowed down my frantic pace for a bit as my heart began to pound and I started to sweat from the heat being turned up too high. I rocked my hips in a good rhythm as one of my legs stood strong on the floor and my other leg was arched back, bracing against the arm of the sofa behind me.

The feeling of her slightly-spasming ass on my cock was absolutely divine. Angels with lubricant, feathers, and the laughter of college girls couldn’t feel as good as this was feeling. Vicky tried to pick up her head from the sofa to say something, but I leaned forward and shoved her head back down into the cushion as I thrust harder and slower. The sound of our bodies crashing together sounded like slow clapping as I was not sure whether my stomach on her ass or my balls on her pussy were making all the noise. Either way, it was incredibly erotic and turning me on even more.

With the slower pace and harder thrusts, Vicky surprised me with a series of orgasms that, to this day, I refer to as “the anal aftershocks”. Vicky kartal escort would later claim that this series of orgasms was in her top five orgasms of all time mainly because she had eight orgasms back-to-back in what I can only describe as a sexually-fueled seizure. When she started to cum, her ass clenched up a little tighter and actually ejected my cock from inside her. As she started to spasm, and with me getting so close to my own orgasm, I was not about to let a little orgasm get in the way of me fucking her ass. So I pushed her forward even more so against the arm of the sofa and jammed my cock home into her slightly opened asshole. This is where the orgasm really began to set in.

Her head popped free from its cushioned confines as she began to emit low, guttural grunts and groans intermittently broken up with an obscenity-laced hiss. “Oh my fucking God this is so fucking incredible!” she would quickly say between groans and grunts.

Fucking her ass in this situation felt abso-fucking-lutely incredible, and before she was even done with her series of orgasms (which lasted quite a few minutes in all), I felt my own orgasm building quickly. I planned to fuck her faster for a minute and then inject her with my cum, but it only took three or four more pumps before my balls felt like they were put through a press. What felt like a gallon of my cum began to jet inside of her, spurt after spurt, making her all the more vocal in response.

I finished off her series of orgasms with three fingers buried in her pussy as she remained on all fours. My arm was practically a blur as I savagely thrust my fingers in and out, even slowing down at times so I could lean forward and dip my tongue into her asshole to increase the pleasure. When her last orgasm hit her fast and hard, I clamped my lips onto her asshole and sucked for all it was worth.

I admit that I nearly gagged as a mouthful of my own cum was sucked into my mouth, but I was quick to grab her by the hair, spin her around on the couch, and tongue kiss the bounty of my spunk into her mouth. I then knelt on the couch, straddling her torso as she gasped for air from our incredible sex. “That was…” she went to speak, but was soon cut off by my rudeness as I viciously grabbed a fistful of her hair and jammed my deflating cock into her mouth. She coughed once, when my cock entered her mouth, but soon her tongue was swirling about my cock head and her shock was quickly turned to eager oral service.

I let her suck on my cock for about twenty seconds, but at that point the head of my cock was too sensitive from just cumming, so I pulled it out of her mouth and smiled down at my young beauty. I lay back on the sofa and pulled her down on top of me, both of us sticking together from the sheen of cooling sweat that had formed.

“Tony left his pants here,” I said as I laughed, nodding towards the crumpled heap of his boxers and slacks on the floor.

“Yeah,” Vicky said. “I tried to tell you that he wouldn’t be able to leave without his keys, but you shoved my face into the couch.”

I laughed again as I gently ran my fingers up and down the small of her back. “Oh well,” I said. “He shouldn’t have been fooling around with my girlfriend.”

“Your girlfriend shouldn’t have been fooling around with him,” she said as she looked down at me with a smirk.

“Yeah, true…” I sighed as I looked up at the ceiling in a brief moment of post-coital bliss. “But she was handled accordingly.”

“Damn straight,” Vicky said as she climbed up off of me and headed toward the bathroom.

I headed over to my front door and looked outside in the driveway. Sure enough, Tony’s Nissan was still sitting in the driveway. The windows were slightly fogged up, so my guess was that he was actually inside the car. So, feeling like a sport, I gathered his glasses, shoes, boxers, and slacks and put them in a pile. While Vicky was in the bathroom, I headed to the den, shut the video feed off, and put my jeans back on. I then grabbed his pile of clothes and headed outside. As I got closer, I could see Tony huddled up in his back seat, most likely trying to hide from me. Without making eye contact with him, I dropped his stuff onto the hood of his car and walked back inside.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t swipe the forty-something dollars out of his wallet first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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