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She saw him across the room. He was dressed normally, in a gray T-shirt and black jeans. She was attracted to him because he was alone. All the other guys in the bar were trying to get some girl or another’s attention. But he was sitting in a corner, nursing on a Budweiser. She kept trying to pull her eyes away from him, and back to her date, but it was no use. Finally, she turned to Garret, her date, and asked him if he would mind if she called it a night. They had no chemistry, and it was a blind date after all. He understood, and quickly got his coat and headed toward the door.

She gathered her purse and coat, slung them both over one arm, and headed to where he was sitting. She stopped a few tables away, sat down, and waited to see if he would approach her. He noticed her right away. How could he not? She was a stunning blond, short, curvy, and in a bright blue outfit that hugged her body tightly. He decided that he was going to make a move toward her and see if she reacted.

She heard him get up from his table and cross her table to sit at the bar in front of her. So, she thought, he wants me to approach him. No problem. She got up slowly, and sat on the bar stool next to his. She let her eyes “search” for the bartender. She found him at the other end, watching a basketball game, and she motioned for him to come to her.

“Yes, Miss, how may I help you?”

She was startled by the man sitting beside her as he ordered two martinis for them both. She turned on her bar stool, looked at the man, and smiled. He smiled back. They both knew that this was the start of something good. He turned his attention back to the bartender as he poured their drinks. Placing them on the bar, the bartender asked if that was all, and getting a yes, went back to the other end of the bar to watch the rest of the game.

“My name is Glenn, what’s yours?” he asked.

“Victoria, but you can call me Vicki. Why did you buy me a drink, not that I’m complaining. You don’t even know me.” She asked, just to see what his answer would be.

“I might not know you that well, but if your willing, I would like to.” They both smiled and started to drink their drinks. The night might not have turned out so bad after all, Vicki thought.

“Someone nice enough to buy me a drink? Hell yeah. So why did you look so bummed out in the corner over there? I’ve been watching you for a while, but you weren’t that sociable. What made you so sad?” she asked, leaning toward him and putting her chin in the palm of her hand.

“Well, my boss told me today that I had to raise production on my floor, or I’d be fired. And I just don’t have the manpower . . . wait, let me just say I’m having problems at work.”

“Well what would you say if I told you I can make you forget all about your problems at work?” She asked him with a sexy smile.

“Yeah? How would you do that?”

“Why don’t you come back to my place and find out?”

Signaling for the bartender, he paid their tab, and helped eryaman escort bayan her slip into her thin jacket. He then pulled his on and they headed out the door. He asked about the man she was with in the bar, and she told him about the blind date.

“So you’re not attached to anyone?” he asked, unable to believe it. Someone as gorgeous as she? Impossible!

“Nope. Been too busy working,” she said. “My apartment building is right around the corner. Should we head there?”

“Lead the way, beautiful.”

She smiled at him, and then headed off in the direction of her building. After about a block, he casually drew her under his arm, rubbing the side of her neck. This put chills up and down her body, so she decided to do something to get even, at least till they got to her building. She put her arm under his jacket and caressed the small of his back. She heard him groan, and smiled to herself, thinking at how much fun he would be.

After about ten minutes of walking in companionable silence, they reached her building. She led him to the elevator, and pushed the button to the fourth floor. Looking up at him, Vicki grinned.

“I hope you’re not scared of heights, cause I have a great view of the skyline from my balcony.” She said to him as they stepped off the elevator.

“Not too bad.” Glenn smiled back, and followed her to the end of the hallway. She unlocked her door, and motioned for him to come inside. She set her purse on the table in the entrance hallway, kicked off her heels, and put her jacket on the coat rack. She asked him to do the same, and she headed off in the direction of the kitchen.

“You want anything to drink, Glenn?” she asked him, going to the fridge.

“Nope, just you.”

She turned around, surprise and shock clear in her blue eyes. It quickly turned into lust and want as she smiled. “You want me, huh? Well, I don’t know if I’m into that kind of thing. You know, I just met you, and I usually don’t talk to strangers.”

He smiled as he took a few steps closer to her. He wanted her bad, and she was going to give him one hell of a night, he could tell. His cock was rising and he was getting flushed. But their clothes wouldn’t be on much longer.

“Neither do I. But there was this one sexy girl. She invited me up to her apartment, and I couldn’t make myself say no.” Vicki smiled and stepped closer to him. She could feel the heat radiating off his body and mingle with hers. Her dress was thin, and she could feel her nipples start to stand at attention. Glenn was soon standing in front of her, and she felt the small of her back press into the counter.

He looked down at her tits, tracing the outline with his pointer finger. Despite the fact that she wore a 38D, she had chosen not to wear a bra with her dress. And now, she was glad she did. He trailed his way to her nipple, slowly pinching, harder by the second. When she couldn’t hold it back any longer, she moaned aloud.

He let his hand trail down to etimesgut escort her ass and pull her near her. When their bodies touched, so did their mouths. They kissed with slow passion at first, but it quickly fueled into wild lust. Vicki’s arms wound around Glenn’s neck, pressing her soft body into his. She could feel his hard dick pressing into her stomach. Reaching down, she grabbed him and gave his cock a long stroke.

“Oh baby. That felt good.” He groaned aloud, throwing his head back. His green eyes seem to glaze over for a few seconds, as he regained himself. Looking back down at her, her hand was still on his dick. He lifted his hips, and his shaft ran through the length of her hand. He moaned a little softer, and his heavy breathing seemed to catch for a few seconds.

“Bed . . . the bedroom . . . where is it?” he asked, his voice strained. She was smiling as she took him by the hand and led him to her master suite. She had the room done in soothing yellow and tan, and it set the mood. They fell on the bed, legs and arms tangling, breathing heavily. She giggled, and he laughed.

“This dress has got to go. And so do your clothes,” she told him. She struggled to sit up, and when she did, she lifted her arms to let down her golden hair. It was shoulder length, and it shone in the soft lighting. She turned to him, half laying on the bed, propped up on his elbow, and told him she’d be back in a few seconds.

Heading to her walk-in closet, she picked out one of the sexiest outfits she had ever seen. Black lace barely covered her breasts, trailed down her stomach, and ended above her navel in a v-shape. The back was bare except for the halter top tie, and the tie in the middle of her back. The bottoms were simple black lace hipsters with a red satin ribbon through the top.

When she walked back in the room, Glenn’s eyes got huge. He had never seen someone look so damn good. He had taken off his shirt and belt, and was standing on her balcony.

“Wow. You are amazing.”

She blushed and looked out at the city. It never amazed her at how lucky she was to have this apartment. She had found it right after moving to Chicago. She turned back to Glenn, and led him by the hand to her bed. Sitting him down in the middle, she went to the dresser across the room and turned on the surround sound system on by remote. Setting it to something she could strip to, she turned back around to the bed.

“Alright. Now once I’ve got all my clothes off, it’ll be your turn.”

Vicki showed off some moves that a stripper would steal. She was turning Glenn on very much so, and she knew it. She had taken “Seduction Dance Classes” at her friend’s ballet school. It had only been for six weeks, but she had enjoyed every minute of it. She had never had found someone to perform in front of . . . until now.

After she had stripped off the tiny lingerie, she crawled across the king-sized mattress and sat submissively at Glenn’s escort elvankent feet. She turned her eyes up to his, and uttered two words that turned him to steel.

“Your turn.”

In something like a flash, he was out of his clothes and lying on the bed. He pulled her on top of him, her naked breasts scraping his chest, making him moan. He wasn’t that hairy, but it was enough for Vicki to feel it, and it turned her legs to jelly. She had never had a guy turn her on this much, and she was enjoying every minute of it. She straddled his hips and rubbed her wet crotch across the hard length of him. He stared into her blue eyes, wondering to himself dazedly when was the last time he had been this turned on.

She leaned over and grabbed both of his large hands, placing them on her waist. Glenn’s hands ran over her sides and down her thighs. Slowly, he went for her clit. He had an intense look on his face, one that bordered on pain almost, as he watched her reaction through slanted eyes. He lifted her up and laid her gently on the bed. He kissed her on the stomach, going down inch by inch. Vicki thought to herself that she was going to go crazy if he didn’t touch her where she needed the most.

He did touch her alright. His fingers led a path straight to her pussy, and he slowly inserted one finger into her wet hole. He heard her moan “harder,” and was happy to obey. Slowly, he fingered her, pausing every so often to lick her swollen clit. Finally, when she thought she’d go crazy from wanting him, she told him what she wanted in sighs.

“I want . . . you . . . inside of me . . . now . . . ” she gasped. He smiled and got on his knees. She followed suit, and they kissed for an eternity. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she fell back on the bed, grabbed his forearms, and pulled him closer. She reached in between their bodies and placed him at her entrance.

They both moaned in unison, and inch by inch he slid into her. She was wet, tight, and hot. He wanted it to last forever, but he couldn’t hold out. He slowly withdrew, and slammed back down into her body. They gasped aloud and stared into each other’s eyes. With an evil grin, he started to fuck he r fast and hard. He was hellbent on making her feel good, and was very successful. He pounded into her wet pussy, sweat dripping from his forehead. He wouldn’t be able to last much longer at this rate.

Sensing this, Vicki told him to stop. When he did, she pushed back on his shoulders, making him lay on his back. She straddled him, and when Glenn realized what was coming, he groaned out loud. She then dropped back down on his hard prick, fucking him slowly at first, rocking back and forth. But that didn’t last long. Glenn grabbed her waist and started to move her. He wanted to feel her sliding up and down him.

She had no complaints, for she knew the moment he came, she’d be right there with him. Leaning down to hold onto his shoulders, Vicki fucked him with all her might. He screamed that he was going to cum, and she echoed him. Within seconds of each other, they blasted off into orgasmic bliss.

After the aftershocks faded, Vicki’s forehead dropped to the bed beside Glenn. Both were breathing hard, but they both knew that this night wasn’t over . . . not by a long shot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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