I Was A Real Sex Slave – Part 1

My wife-to-be is writing down what I say. I love her so.

I am currently on my pillow. I will be going to sleep when this letter is written, and may only leave my pillow for three reasons. Should my Mistress have need of me in the night, should I need to use the facilities to relieve myself, or should the manor catch fire. Other than that, I am thankfully not in a cage tonight, though I have been told that I may be incarcerated if I am disobedient. I have done my level best to impress my Mistress, and she has been merciful thus far. I already have many marks on my body, and I wonder if they will fade. I hope they will not.

I have my hair in a ponytail, just as Mistress commanded. My neck is fastened with a metal collar. My wrists and ankles have matching manacles. Mistress binds me to her pleasure frequently. They hurt. I like how they hurt.

My Mistress has beaten me. She has whipped me, and drowned me. I was strangled, and then suffocated. My tits were crushed and clamped, and fastened with weights and pinching clips. My Mistress even ran a blade over my skin. I did not bleed, my flesh was only irritated intensely, and I was burned for my flinching. Mistress used hot candle-wax and the scolding metal of a fire-poker to singe me and frighten me for being a poor example of a slave, and I very much deserved it.

I have served my Mistress faithfully. I bring her prepared food. I help to clothe her and I attend to her when she calls me. I assist her in all matters, just as my mother and my aunt do now. We please her, and service her sexual desires. I have harmed, and in turned, been harmed by my mother and my aunt. My father is present during all of our punishments and trials. He was instructed to abuse us for the Mistresses’ pleasure. I took great pride in being his ch(i)ld today.

I was bound and suspended by ropes today. I was placed in a stock and flogged. My posterior was beaten viciously, as is My Mistresses’ prerogative. I exist to please her. My flesh is weak, and I am but a shameful worm in the dirt to her. I was not fit to clean Mistresses’ feet this day. I kissed them and used my mouth and tongue to cleanse them. I hope that I did an adequate job of aiding my Mistress. She was kind to me, so I may hold out hope.

I was stimulated greatly today. Mistress had me bound and touched. I was brought to orgasm s*******n times by feather. Mistress had mother and my aunt fo(r)ce orgasms from my body. I was fisted, repeatedly. Mother and aunt inserted their arms inside of my body with great cruelty. I enjoyed myself, thoroughly. Many objects were inserted into me. Many stainless-steel balls were implanted into my body. I was instructed to produce them with my inner muscles only, in successive order and without delay. I did so for Mistress. She was kind to me, and allowed me to make love to her. My mother and aunt watched for several hours before they were permitted to join.

Should I explain?

For many years, my Aunt D was a very expensive call-girl, until she became a mother. She made many contacts, and a great many friends, each more perverse than the last. One of those friends was our Mistress.

My F(am)ily is on holiday; we are taking a much needed vacation. We are in China. It’s a gorgeous, impossibly beautiful country, and I have been very bad in it these past few weeks. I’ve fucked and suck and teased and loved so many of its’ people, and they appeared to enjoy it just as much as I did.

Before we left for this wonderful trip, my Auntie made clear that her old friend was looking to hire slaves for a week or more. Details could be agreed upon in person, and nothing was demanded that was not happily accepted by both parties. My Mistress, before she owned me, was a very sweet and funny person, my Aunt told us, though her tastes ran to the extreme side. My Aunt told my Mommy and I of the many strange and perverse indulgences and punishments she had endured and enjoyed whilst in our Mistresses’ thrall.

My Mommy and I were intimidated, to say the least, but excited, too. When my Auntie told us how much money we could make for a single week of the most pleasurable work ever? We agreed, immediately.

Once on holiday, and eventually in Mistresses’ neighborhood, we appeared and met with our soon-to-be owner. Things were discussed; penances, rewards, payments, limits, etcetera.

My Mommy, my Auntie, and I all signed our contracts, and we were taken in by the Mistress.

And so it began…

Mistress has orders for me. Tomorrow, once the Mistress is clean and ready, we are to meet our fellow servant. The tiger is very real. I saw him briefly yesterday. Mistress used her mouth on him, and was rewarded with a great deal of sperm for her inspiring efforts. We are to be fed to his cock tomorrow, for our Mistresses’ pleasure. Honestly, I am very afraid. He looks like a monster. He is beautiful, but he is massive. He is so intimidating, but I also wish to touch him. Mistress kissed him greatly, and I want to, too.

Mistress has inserted considerably-sized toys inside of me. Bad Dragons, by my request. Mistress was kind and merciful enough to ask me my preference in sex toys before she fo(r)ced them inside of me. Mistress is loving when she wishes to be.

Mistress has left her toys within me, but I have been commanded not to orgasm until she is awake. This is torment. I wish to cum so very badly.

My Lovecookie, my wife-to-be, takes my dictation. My Lovecookie is being cruel to me. She has sex with daddy in front of me, and she is writing while being gorgeously naked. No, I tell a lie. My lady is in her heels, and she is wearing a nightgown with her stockings. I can see through all of it with great ease. I want her so very, very bad. I want to make love to her, intensely. This is hell, and she is deliberately, and it would appear with great joy, teasing me and taunting me and flaunting herself when she knows I cannot have her tonight.

Do you see why I adore her like I do?

I enjoy being a whore and my Mistresses’ entertainment very much. Tomorrow, among my many tortures, I will ask my Lovecookie to beg Mistress for excessive and relentless punishments of my behind, and when I am left dying and sobbing with a hot, glowing-red backside, with bruises and cuts to accompany the discoloration and hand-marks, I will think of all you perverts enjoying every second of it. Pray for my soul.

He is a Bengal Tiger, and his name is Ong. I promise to let the creature ra(p)e me for as long as it wishes. I would like for you to be here to hear me scream and cry when I am violated. I wish your cock could fill my mouth when i am taken by the be(as)t.

I hope I do not cum tonight. I wish for Ong to r(a)pe me, and I pray that Mistress will allow me to orgasm once more. I hope I might touch her again. I hope and pray I might be permitted to touch anyone again.

Please stay safe, and I hope to write you back with my Lovecookie’s aid, once more, very soon. Please enjoy this message. If you would, please write me a comment.

Her Mistresses’ Property,
– Lizzy.

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