I Was A Real Sex Slave – Part 2

My fiancé is writing this for me again.

I am sorry I didn’t write you sooner. I’m in my cage in the sub-basement. I am so fortunate that Mistress likes hurting and playing with little whores like me.

The tiger r(ap)ed me.

His cock is massive and gorgeous. I was so blessed to receive him deep inside of me. Mistress calls him a god. She is right. Ong is so good. I want to be his prey again before I leave here. His dick is almost a foot long and his penis is spiked, but Mistress has a cuff that goes around his cock to protect us. If he wasn’t wearing his muzzle, he would bite into the back of my neck and kill me during sex. Fucking Ong was maybe the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I was so scared. I was actually mesmerized by how powerful and beautiful he is. He likes it when girls kiss and pet him. His tongue is so silly, I love it.

Mistress dressed me as Jasmine from “Aladdin”.

Mistress had me kiss him, and touch his cock with my hands, and then I was made to suck on him. I loved sucking ti(g)er cock 😉
Then I was made to get on the floor and put my fuckholes in the air for him. Ong has fucked thousands of girls, or so my Mistress tells me. He knows what he’s doing.

Ong f(orc)ed his cock inside of me and I started to die. It hurt and he was very powerful and rough, and I thought that he would seriously crush me, but he did not. He fucked me so hard, and I thought I was going to die, but I didn’t. Ong is so strong and massive… Mistress told me after the first minute that her kitty was making love to me, and that she could have him actually fuck me if she ordered it. I was terrified of what that would be like. Ong was so powerful and humongous that his making love was breaking me apart….

I did my best to encourage him. I told him how good he was and how magnificent he felt. I told my tig(e)r that he was amazing and how I hoped he would have mercy on me. I begged him not to kill me, and he actually stopped. he had his head, his huge face beside mine the entire time, and when I started crying, he stopped making love to me, and starting licking and lapping at my face. It was so cute and sweet, and I felt loved by the be(a)st. It was fucking magical.

Mistress had her hands on me the entire time her kitty was inside me. Mistress made me eat her cunt while Ong was in my guts. Mistress smothered me 🙂

I made love to Ong for about four hours, starting and stopping, and then I asked Mistress if it would please her to have Ong fuck me. She said it would and so she gave a verbal command I didn’t understand, and suddenly, the whole world exploded. Ong started fucking me. Really fucking me. His dick was pounding into the back of my uterus and I was being fo(rc)ed open with every thrust of that mighty cock. My entire body was being viole(n)tly rocked back and forth, and I felt parts of me go numb.

I had cum more times than I could count, and had fainted once while making love to Ong, but when he began to fuck me for real, I actually blacked-out. My brain just shut down. I woke up to Ong licking me again, and I kissed him back. Mistress said I would be punished for doing that. But first, I had to make it up to her pet.

Mistress gave another, different verbal command, and Ong r(ap)ed me. He began batting me around with his gigantic paws on these massive arms, and I was held down, before I was pushed over onto my stomach, and Ong’s cock fo(rc)ed its way into my pussy again. He was roaring and I was petrified. I was so scared that this was it. I thought Ong would lose control and I would be murdered at any second, but honestly? His destroying of my cunt was so impossibly good that I didn’t care if I died. I wanted him to fuck me like this forever.

He wasn’t too fast, but he was so strong and mean that I could feel how he was hurting me, all throughout my body. I have bruises and cuts all over my body 🙂

Ong roared so loudly, and my insides were filled with cum. I was about to burst. I felt like I was inflating. I loved fucking big c(a)ts. I want to do it again.

When Ong had finished, I slid his monster cock out of me (with an audible pop!), and I kissed him, and stroked his fur, and sucked on his dick, and collected all of the sperm I could onto my skin and into my mouth. Mistress was so very pleased with me. I got along so well with Ong that Mistress made me keep him company all night.

I was locked in his dungeon (Mistress calls his huge enclosure his “Sex Dungeon”) from sundown, until Mistress and her slaves came to get me the following morning.

I was all alone with this huge k(itt)y. 🙂
I sucked him so many times. I gave him hand-jobs. Ong licked my titties a bunch. He had my mouth and my hands and my pussy for many hours before I was removed from his enclosure.

The next day, I was made to choose who would fuck Ong next. I chose my Aunt, and so for that reason, Mistress made my Mommy fuck Ong. Mistress gave my Mama some very expensive wine and when she was d(run)k (my Mom is an insanely lite-weight drinker, it takes nothing to get her d(run)k, and when she’s ti(ps)y, she’ll do anything), my Mommy made love to Ong and fucked him, and my Daddy was allowed to kiss her and speak with her and hold her while the b(eas)t has his way with her. My Momma even got spitroasted! She had Ong in her cunt and my Daddy in her mouth!

Then it was my Aunt’s turn. My Auntie is a pro. She’s fucked (anim)als before. She handled Ong like a champion, and the big k(itt)y was in love with her after a while. My Aunt even took his cock way up her ass, too, the fucking slut!!

That evening, Mistress made all of us worship Ong. We used our breasts, hands, and mouths to bring him to orgasm. Then, we were taken from Ong and locked in cages in different rooms. Mommy and Auntie told me as much, later.

Mistress has been torturing us since…

Her Mistresses’ Property,
– Lizzy.

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