A Classic 4×4

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Artificial Vagina

The following is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of twenty-one years.


I walked out of the rural grocery store toward my car when I noticed the old truck. A vintage Toyota 4×4 similar to the one I had owned while in the service so many years before. I felt astonishment as I studied it. Not a common sight for sure. I stood staring at the interior and reminisced.

“It’s an 88.” A stranger’s voice said from behind.

I turned to see a late twenties blue-collar type in typical grunge work Levis and a t-shirt. The shirt fit his frame well. We had about the same build. At 5′ 11″ and 170 he had a bit more muscle and I had a bit more gut.

He smiled and asked me if I liked the truck. I told him I had owned an 89. We chatted about the truck and I felt my package slowly warming up. It was tingling in that certain way simply due to the charm that the truck’s owner was exuding. A gentle change in the wind caused me to catch his scent. I began to grow hard. What was going on? I suddenly felt unsure but was unwilling to walk away.

My bi desires were new to me and had never been acted on. However, I wasn’t oblivious to the hints that this man twenty-five years my junior was tossing my way. We chatted some more and then I saw the bulge snaking its way down the right side of his tight jeans. He noticed me noticing, looked down, then up and grinned. I stood frozen.

“Want to see my shop where I keep her running?” he asked coolly. I nodded.

“Follow me. I’m Marc by the way.” he added.

“Derek.” I lied. Probably not convincingly. He didn’t seem to care.

We bounced out of the pothole strewn parking lot, a swirl of autumn leaves in our wake. I followed closely behind. I could not get his masculine scent out of my mind. My body was betraying my very nervous mind as pre-cum leaked out of my semi erect cock like back in my teen days.

The brief ride ended with a last turn down a short dead-end street anchored by a small gray house with a detached garage. He pulled his rig up close to the open bay and I parked to his left. We both got out and he waited while I came around.

Again my body betrayed my mind as I unconsciously positioned myself so that the breeze would bring his scent toward me. He had me very curious.

“So this is where I make it happen” he said.

The air was pregnant with his double entendre and we both knew it. I walked around the shop trying to get comfortable with the situation. Butterflies and sexual tension filled me. As I walked further into the garage absently examining the usual contents I turned to look back. Marc had pulled his shirt off and simply dropped it to the concrete floor. He stood there displaying for me. It was game on. Luckily our vehicles blocked the view from the street.

“Anyone else home?” I asked a bit unsure.

“Roommates are at work.” He replied.

My lust heightening, I decided it was now or never. I strode toward him afraid to think. I only knew demetevler escort I wanted this to happen. As if on auto pilot I reached out and ran my hand over his firm, smooth chest, down his flat tummy and back up, brushing over each nipple. He responded well to the abbreviated nipple play.

Taking a younger man while deep in his territory flipped a switch in me. Gone were any doubts. Enjoying the feeling of his nipples under my warm hands while slowly taking in the view was incredibly satisfying. His slightly curly dark hair, well proportioned chest and arms supported by taught thighs made me want more. It was obvious from the twitching pulse of his cock through his jeans that he did too.

I told him to clasp his hands behind him and close his eyes. He complied. I popped the top button on his jeans and heard his zipper part as I took it down. His breathing had become fast and shallow as had mine. I placed my hands flat on his tummy, fingers stacked and drew them away from each other, luxuriating in the feel of his oh so sexy skin. He drew in sharply as I hooked my thumbs into his belt loops and shucked those tight jeans and briefs down around his well-worn work boots.

“Wow, perfect!” I said slowly in a lusty voice as his uncut cock sprang free. It was average in size but had a wonderful thick lion’s mane of foreskin wreathing the head. The ultra concentrated musk of his crotch captivated me as did his recently shorn private area. He started to smile but I stopped him by grabbing hold of his shaft and pulling up firmly.

“Up on your toes.” I said. Years of teaching allowed the calm authority in me to come out. He again complied. I tugged, firmly leading him as one would lead a horse around a paddock only having to remind him once to stay on tiptoe. We both were clearly enjoying our new-found roles.

I led him the few steps to a corner of the garage well-lit by the sun yet out of view. The floor there was clutter free as was the wall Marc stood before. I reminded him I was the Alpha and to keep his eyes closed. He shivered in anticipation and nodded.

Crouching, I hand worked his cock slowly and inhaled his heated scent. Very thick clear fluid ran freely out of his painfully swollen head. Releasing his deliciously excited penis I ran my hands over each sinewy hip bone and around to his muscular ass. I deeply massaged his gluts, even taking the time to mark this new-found territory with my nails.

I raked him back to front again and grabbed his member. The dewy tip flowed with his clear juice like a slow motion cum shot, an occasional patter as a drop or two fell to the old concrete floor. His balls were wonderfully heavy housed in an extremely long scrotum. I bet those balls swung hard when he was pounding some lucky lover. Balls slapping ass was always a big turn on to me when I jerked off to bi porn.

“You may leak but you may not cum. Understood?” I said evenly but firmly. otele gelen escort I smiled as I thought about how hard he was going to pop when I gave him permission to do so.

“Yes sir.” He sighed fitfully.

I held his cock up against his warm tummy and again inhaled, this time deeply. Working his foreskin slowly I allowed the thick, clear fluid to collect in his folds. The well lubricated foreskin sheathed and unsheathed his head with each agonizingly slow pass of my hand. This bit of skin I sadly no longer possessed fascinated me.

I took the plunge and engulfed him to the root. Taking a cue from the women who had sucked my cock I looked up and studied his face. It was certainly a unique perspective to me. Marc’s neck veins had become swollen and stood proud. His skin was flush with a deep want. I slowly edged him with my mouth and hands, weighing his balls in one hand as if appraising their worth. It was interesting and fun trying to keep him crazy without taking him over the edge. Lavish amounts of pre-cum rewarded my efforts which magnified my bi desires. I found the taste intense and desirable. Holding a deep suction I slowly pulled my head back until his cock popped loudly from my mouth. Spit and pre-cum dribbled from the head.

“You will only cum when I tell you. Do you understand?” I all but growled.

“But…” he whimpered breathlessly. Marc’s desperate response forced me to re-

emphasize who was in charge. I rose up and twisted a nipple which made him stand taller on tip toe. Wrapping one arm around his naked torso I spun him around. Pushing him firmly against the sunlit wall of the old garage I nudged his stance wider to enhance his sense of being taken. His calf muscles bulged slightly as he struggled to obey.

Using my free hand I loosened my fly and worked my cock and balls out letting them rest along the crack of his muscular ass. It felt wickedly good. I reached between his somewhat hairy legs and carefully bent his smaller cock back, our balls touching. This was a new and very unusual sensation to me. Dropping him I shifted a bit which dragged my tight balls away from his and across his ass. The sensation was incredibly delicious.

I have an unusually thick cock just over eight inches long. It has a wonderful heft and heat to it when fully aroused. As I shifted my cock slid and dropped down below his ass briefly but quickly wedged just under his cheeks. Improving my balance I thrust forward a bit and ended up nestling our cocks together. I reached forward and grabbed both of our cocks with my right hand. The tipping point had arrived.

I had him in the classic reach around position I had seen in so many gay porn gifs where the older alpha takes the younger guy to the finish line after using him as a fuck toy. Fuck toy. Mmm, I liked the sound of that.

“Back up on your toes fuck toy.” I growled deeply in his ear.

Marc instantly complied, back arched, balgat escort pushing his chest and ass out just as when a sexy woman’s high heels force her body to react similarly. I moved my left hand up to his chest working his nipples slowly. It was interesting to see how men, or rather at least this man, liked much rougher nipple play than most women. I cycled through each nipple with a wonderfully random level of attention. From a whispered pass that simply hardened each nipple with anticipation to an exploratory dial twist back and forth to a deliciously awakening clamp and pull that forces your lover’s attention. My right hand softly encircled our parallel cocks. I intentionally used an almost zero pressure touch to build up our forbidden frustration.

The view of Marc with his jeans piled around his work boots but otherwise fully naked had awakened my inner cave man. His natural lube had spread from his foreskin folds to our cocks. This reduction in friction made it difficult to show much restraint and I knew soon I would have to give in to my desires.

My orgasmic efforts began in earnest now. Intensely humping him from behind I stroked our cocks together. Marc was acting like so many of the needy women I had fucked over the years and began to back into my thrusts like a good little bitch.

“Please!” He whispered in a rather feminine voice.

My mind wandered for a split second reaching for a stray thought and then back to the moment. All but intoxicated by our intermingled sweat and body heat I gave him permission to cum and tightened the grip on our cocks. Marc cried out and lost it. He gave a great push back which I strongly countered as his body pulsed, cock exploding into my fist with lusty thrusts.

Thick ropes of cum battered the wall of the garage as he desperately dumped his load. Six, seven, eight, nine times! I rolled my thumb over the head of his rapidly emptying cock knowing this would be sensory overload for his body. Unable to withstand this bit of playful torture Marc withered in my embrace. Collapsing to his knees he shook briefly and then slouched forward, head and hands touching the cum splattered wall.

The sight of him heaving and spent swept me over the edge. With a groan I began cumming. My first shot exploded over him sending a single thick, incredibly long rope of cum which mixed with the ones he had previously painted. The next several jetted silently, splashing his back. A muted testament to our lust as each shot escaped my cock and landed on his sinewy body. Finished, I caught my breath and then raked one set of fingernails down his tight back through the slick tendrils of semen.

Turning, I shuffled over to his discarded shirt. Using it as a towel I cleaned the sweat off my face luxuriating one more time in his youthful scent. Working down I dried off the rest of my body paying special attention to my messy crotch. Dropping his shirt I silently I assembled myself. Bending to pick it back up I then walked over to him. I wiped the cum, my cum I thought in a territorial way, off his back. I placed the shirt around his neck like a towel and simply said, “Thanks.” He quietly nodded without moving.

As I got in the car I realized the answer to my stray thought. Frottage. That’s what the French called dry humping. With a secret smile it became my new favorite word.

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