The Babysitter’s Cam Page Ch. 01

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This is my second attempt at a story and my first that will be in two pieces. Please let me know what you think below.


“Date Night, Friday. I’ve already set up the babysitter. And I have a surprise for you!”

This is not that unusual a text for me to receive from my wife, Megan, when I’m traveling for work. She knows that I usually get back Thursday nights, take Friday off and then we have some to reconnect. The “surprise” mention however got my brain, and other parts, going.

I am the luckiest man alive. We’ve been together since the middle of college when she accidentally knocked me into a pool at a party, my clumsy, flailing self pulled her in with me and we came up face to face sputtering and laughing. She pulled herself to me and kissed me to apologize for dunking me. We sat on the side of the pool, wrapped in towels, and talked the whole night and the rest, as they say, is history. I’d be lying if I told you that I noticed her sparkling blue eyes, or auburn hair, or her smile that always made you think she knew something you didn’t. No, I noticed her amazing breasts in that soaked green blouse that clung to her like a second skin after our impromptu water polo tournament. Her short curvy body was unfairly dominated by those “more than a handful” treasures, which I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Nearly twenty years later and I still find myself captivated by them.

The rest of her is not far behind but she has always been noticed first for her tits, no matter what she’s wearing or where she is. There’s only so much she would have been able to do to hide them if she’d wanted to, thankfully she rarely did. The years have been kinder to her than her friends find fair, but in addition to her chest still being as jaw droppingly amazing as it was in college, her time spent doing yoga and running have kept the rest of her body in the same neighborhood. She regularly gets carded when we go out, much to her enjoyment.

Like I said, luckiest man alive. I not only scored a woman who is well out of my league, but one who is creative, adventurous and more, in and out of the bedroom.

After our second daughter was born, she went though a period of low self-esteem that when combined with my weird work travel schedule put a serious dent in our sex life. When we were dating and first married we couldn’t keep ours hands and mouths off of each other. We tried damn near everything at least once, “You never know, maybe we’ll love it!” was her mindset. We even did the swingers club thing a couple of times where we found out that she not only occasionally likes to be with a woman, but she likes to take a dominant role with one. I, of course, was happy to watch. But I was even more lucky to be the recipient when she would tell a playmate to “go fuck the shit out of my husband.”

A destination wedding trip when the youngest was 2 (Thank you Mother-in-law!) let us find some of that energy again. After the first night’s rehearsal dinner, she got a little drunk and admitted to me that she missed being freer in the bedroom and wanted to do that again. When she still felt the same way when she woke up sober, I agreed to help find a way to make it happen. Before we got back on the plane home, we’d somehow taken a very cute waitress to the hotel room with us and the spark was back.

This is all to say that when my wife says that she has a surprise, it is almost certainly going to be something memorable. I had to pull my focus back to the meeting I was in and count down the day Keçiören Escort and a half until I flew home.

For the next 36 hours she sent me all manner of sexy things, from nearly naked selfies to promises of all sorts of dirty things she would let me do to her. But she kept coming back to a hint about how she thought she knew someone but was surprised. This had me boarding my flight home equal parts exhausted and horny.

Megan picked me up at the airport, waiting for me outside security with the girls, letting them run up and hug me before getting her full body hug in with a scorching kiss. She winked and turned to walk towards baggage claim like she didn’t just set my brain on fire, leaving me to drag my carry-on while she put an extra sway in her hips in front of me. Luckiest. Man. Alive.

We get home and get the girls tucked in before heading to our room. As we crossed the doorway she spun to a stop and put her hand on my chest, “So, lets talk about your surprise…..” At this point I’m thinking that I’m going to get my date night started early, “We’re not having sex tonight…” she must have seen the shock and frustration on my face, “but I promise it will be worth it. Go shower and I’ll show you.”

More confused than usual I dutifully do as I’m told, showering the airplane and travel off of me, taking as much hot water as I could stand before heading back to see what Megan had planned. I came out of the bathroom wearing just my boxers and found an empty room with only her iPad on the bed. I walked over to pick it up seeing it open on the Notes app:

Jay, we’ve not had a proper adventure in a while so I was looking around for inspiration and you’ll never believe what I found. Flip over to Safari and see for yourself.

I assumed that she had found some new sex club or porn site that she wanted to share but when the page refreshed it was instead an webcam page. Skimming through the page showed me a beautiful younger blonde who did a great job of keeping her face out of any of the photos. She did a fantastic job of showing everything else though. From just her naked body in the usual sexy poses, to a few more with her hands bound or other submissive set ups, I could see right away why Megan liked her, but still not sure what this had to do with tomorrow night.

Megan chooses this moment to walk back into our room. However she’s dressed in what can only be described as a “porno schoolgirl” outfit. White shirt that had to be several sizes too small, what few buttons she did button defying physics to keep her breasts contained, plaid pleated skirt, and near as I could tell nothing else. I dropped the iPad to the bedside table and sat up right away. She kneeled straddling my knees and leaned back out of my reach, “Nuh uh, you have to earn it tonight, Jay. If you can tell me who she is I’ll let you cum tonight, if not then you have to wait until tomorrow to find out.”

I don’t think the Flash could have grabbed the iPad faster than I did right then and started looking more closely at the photos. I knew that Megan wasn’t joking, she’s done this before, and while I knew that I was winning either way, I really did not want to wait until tomorrow.

Like I said before, the OF girl did a great job of hiding her face in all of the photos so I was forced to look for other identifying marks. The pictures all seem to take place in a standard girls bedroom with nothing that stood out at first, until I saw a picture Etimesgut Escort of her silhouetted against her window. Her window that looked out on to a fence and a pool. A fence and MY POOL. I had put in a ton of effort into building a custom pool with a waterfall and built in jacuzzi that was the centerpiece of many a neighborly get together. The thing that guaranteed it to be my pool was the tile patter on the bottom shaped into a J and an M.

I looked up at Megan whose blue eyes were gleaming with mischief, down again to the pool photo, then threw the tablet aside and grabbed my wife and tackled her to the side, ending up on top of her, kissing her deeply. “Now, tell me my dear innocent wife, how did you find our babysitter on a camgirl site?”

She squealed in surprise then moaned into my kiss as I turned the tables on her. “Oh Jay, you know I’m not innocent but neither is Kelsey!” She laughed as I ran my hands down her sides and started to pull up her skirt. “Make me cum and I’ll tell you all about it baby,” she whimpered into my ear as my fingers first find her most slit. I leaned in for another deep kiss as I started to tease my finger up her labia, circling her clit with the lightest touch then going back down and repeating. I shifted my lips to her neck and collarbone and my other hand pulled apart her shirt – the buttons coming apart easily enough to know that she made it easy for me. As soon as her breasts came into clear view my lips were on one nipple while I pinched, pulled and twisted the other. I inserted my finger into her pussy at the same time, bringing out the moans that I love so much. After only a few minutes of this she begged “Fuck me Jay. God, I’m so wet. I need you in me right now.”

Ever the gentleman, I heed the call and slide down my boxers so that I can slide into her. I groan in sync with her as I revel in her still amazingly tight pussy. Her legs coming up to wrap around the backs of mine as I began to thrust into her, stopping when fully embedded to press on her clit with my hips before withdrawing. She was clearly ready to go as she started humping her hips back up at me while leaning up to moan into my ear.

“Our babysitter apparently has gotten very naughty during her freshman year of college.” Kelsey had started school in the fall, choosing to stay at the state school in town rather than leave home. “She’s become a dirty little girl, Jay” she whimpered, “She posts such dirty things about how much of a submissive slut she is, Jay. She puts her 19 year old little body out there for everyone to see. That same body you’ve seen in a bikini, now you see naked.”

Megan wasn’t wrong, it was impossible to not notice Kelsey growing into a beautiful young woman. A classic late bloomer, she was awkward and thin until right before she graduated high school. She got her braces off the day after her 18th birthday and seemingly filled out overnight. The first neighborhood bbq she came to afterwards, she turned heads like one of those record scratch moments on TV. I wasn’t the only dad who suddenly was remembering every piece of babysitter porn they’d ever seen. Kelsey had watched our girls dozens of times while she was in high school preferring to make money that way to working fast food. And she was a regular for other parents in the neighborhood too, known for being extremely responsible and never having a boyfriend hanging around to worry about.

“Baby, she posted yesterday about needing Demetevler Escort a strong older man to make her into his slut.” Megan giggled feeling my cock twitch when she said this. “Do you want to corrupt our little innocent babysitter, Jay? Do you want me to help? I want to watch you fuck her so good.” She nearly shouted this out as she came, triggering my own orgasm as her pussy milked me dry. I rolled us to our side staying connected together while we caught our breath. “Do you want to hear how I found her, baby?” Megan whispered as she came down from her orgasm.

I nodded breathlessly as she reached back across me to where the iPad had dropped, propping the screen on my chest as I rolled to my back and she cuddled into my side. “I was laying in bed looking for some ‘inspiration’ the other night and somehow ended up on a cam site. I don’t remember what I started with but I clicked and this picture loaded,” she loaded a picture of the blonde, kneeling with her knees spread, leaning back with her head down, her pussy peeking out at the camera. “Look at the caption, Jay, it says ‘I want someone to make me wait for them like this before they use me.’ So I kept scrolling through her stuff, thinking it was just a generic hot young blonde. I had my little vibrator on my clit when I found the picture with our pool in it.” Megan reached down to my returning hard-on as I imagined her with the bullet vibe in one hand and iPad in the other. “I almost missed it because I was staring at her hot tight ass, but the initials just caught my eye. She must have a great camera for that quality” she laughed at her own joke. “Baby I almost came right away thinking of all the sexy things I wanted to do to her.” Megan pushed herself up on her elbow so she could look me in the eye, “Jay, we are going to fuck her tomorrow night. My mom is picking the girls up from school tomorrow and when Kelsey comes over to babysit, we are going to give her what she wants.”

I could see the seriousness in her eyes; the desire; hear the lust in her voice even after just cumming as hard as she had. My hard-on showed her how much I agreed, but my brain started to get in the way. “Megan baby, what if she freaks out? We’ve known her and Rick and Marcy for 10 years, would she tell them we tried to seduce her? What if….”

Megan silenced me with a kiss and a gentle squeeze of my cock. “Jay, you think too much and give me too little credit. I’ve already all but guaranteed this,” she smirked at me. Seeing my confusion she continued, “I messaged her on her account, don’t worry she doesn’t know who the account is, and messaged her about her submissive posts. I paid for some solo text time and a solo video from her. Watch this…” and she tapped a message in the app. A video of Kelsey wearing a fancy Mardi-Gras style mask obscuring her face, kneeling on her bed started playing.

“Hello sir, I’m making this video like you told me to. I’m naked and ready to do whatever you want. I want you to use my body, sir. I shaved my pussy just for you,” Kelsey’s voice came from the screen as she ran her hands up her thighs. “I even put in the butt plug that you said you like,” as she turned around and leaned forward, showing a shiny jewel between her cheeks. “You said you would want me to be always ready for you, sir. You can use my ass sir, any of my holes are yours. I just need you to tell me what to do to make you happy. Tell me more soon.” She blew a kiss at the screen and it went dark.

“Jay, I’m serious, I know she’s acting for the screen and the money, but that girl is just waiting to submit to someone and it’s going to be us,” Megan said with the certainty that drove out all doubt from my head. She patted my renewed hard on and said, “Save it for date night baby, you’re going to need to have all your strength for her tomorrow,” before kissing me and turning off the iPad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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