Lingerie Surprise

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It was a bright sunny Sunday; Claire decided to bring her boyfriend out for a window shopping in a mall nearby. Her boyfriend had a long hard week at work, so Claire decided to bring him out to spend some time with him. She held him arms as both of them walked slowly, along the numerous shop lots present in the mall. She was has having some small talks with him and both of them enjoyed each other’s company.

As they were walking, Claire saw a lingerie shop from far away. An idea popped up in her mind; she wanted to bring her boyfriend into the lingerie shop. She knew her boyfriend will be shy and anxious in these kinds of situations. She loved to tease him and wanted to see his reaction in a women lingerie shop. She smiled as both of them approached the lingerie shop.

She suddenly pulled her boyfriend into the lingerie shop, giving him no time to react to her action. His face turns red and flushed as Claire kept him close as she chooses lingerie in front of him. She asked his opinion on different types of lingerie to wear. He became so shy that he only answered with nods and kept looking down; hiding his pendik escort blushed face from his girlfriend.

She smiled as she knew she got him where she wanted. She picked up lingerie, a red set of lace half cup bra and panties set with garter and stockings. She kept eyeing her boyfriend; smiling lustfully as her boyfriend gets more and more anxious. She quickly pulled her boyfriend to the fitting room, avoiding the staffs in the shop. She locked the door as both of them hurried in. She licked her lips as she saw her boyfriend was already restless in his pants.

She stripped her panties down from her plaid skirt, going over to her boyfriend and blind folded him using her panties. She licked his lips as he began to quiver and his breath started to go a bit shaky. She guided his hands to her ass, allowing him to grope her ass. She then guided his hands to her plaid skirt; guiding him to undress her skirt. She whispered to him every detail as she guided him to undress her. She slowly stripped him down; first unzipping his pants and the dropping his boxers down. She described to him every detail of what she is doing escort pendik to him. He was already hard and started pre-cumming as he was stripping him.

She then rubbed her naked body on him, guiding his hands to her breast; asking him to fondle and pinched her nipples. He did as per instructed, his hands blindly fondles her breasts, pinching her right at her sweet spot. She moaned on his ears as her hands slowly stroke his cock. She used his pre-cum and wet his cock some more, lubing it up. She described to him clearly while moaning on his ears. His hair stood up as she licked his ears and nibbled on his lips.

She then stepped back and started to wear the lingerie that she chose earlier. She described to him the color of the lingerie and the tightness of the lingerie as she approached him. She laid him on the fitting room floor and started to rub herself on him. She guided his hands to feel the lingerie. She kissed him passionately; her tongue playing with his. He started moaning as she rubbed her panties on his dick.

She described to him how hard is dick is as she moves her hips faster. She bent over pendik escort bayan to him and bit him on his neck; he gave her a sharp moan as he was breathing heavily. She moved faster on him, she could feel his throbbing dick. She knew that he is ready to cum any time. She laid on her side whispered to him all the things she planned for that night. All the positions she wanted that night. She kissed and licked his neck; her hands jerking him off as she whispered how hard he is and encouraging him to blow. As she saw him moaning and breathing more heavily, she kissed him and gave him a good final jerk.

He cummed all over himself; his moans were muffled by her kiss. His hands and legs were stretched in pleasure. She smiled lustfully looking at him as he is lying there, cum over him and blindfolded. She is going to give him a treat that night. She undresses herself and wore back her usual clothes. She cleaned her boyfriend up and helped him get dressed. She took her panties of from him, letting him see again. He was breathing heavily and she saw excitement in his eyes.

She gave him a kiss and both of them came out from the fitting room. She held his hands as she bought the lingerie. As they exited the shop, she whispered to him, asking him to be really prepared for the night as she is not giving him any rest till the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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