Stuck: Diane

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Diane was out working in her yard in just a bikini. She was clearing the weeds from the fence on the side of her property. Her home was in the country and she absolutely loved the place. She was working and saw something shiny on the other side of the fence. She looked around and slide under the lowest fence board.

Her ass was in the air and she was reaching for the object. She quickly realized she had messed up and gotten herself stuck. Diane tried to back up and out from under the fence but couldn’t. She struggled and wiggled around, not realizing her step son was in the house watching her. He had a hard on and couldn’t help watch his thirty three year old step mom’s ass wiggle. He knew she needed help but his hard on needed help first.

Diane heard the door close and tried to look to see who it was. He stepped out and had his phone up, recording her situation as he approached her as quiet as he could. He couldn’t stop watching her ass move around as he rubbed his pants. He stepped on a twig and stopped, Diane asked who was there, but she couldn’t güvenilir bahis see him. He was about a foot behind her as he looked around and dropped his pants, exposing his ten inch hard on.

Diane felt a hand rub her ass and stopped as she tried to see who it was. He couldn’t help himself as he slipped the bikini bottoms aside exposing her pussy. It was freshly shaved and pretty. He smiled as he rubbed his fingers over the slit. She began yelling until he slid two fingers into her hole and began fingering her.

Diane felt herself getting wet as he had two fingers inside her. He made sure she was wet and then used his dick to rub up and down on her pussy. Diane gasp as she felt herself getting wet as he rubbed. She felt his hand slap her ass cheek as she moaned and gasp when she realized what was going on.

He smiled as he decided it was time to show her his intentions. He shoved his cock into her wet hole as she closed her eyes and gasp. He held her hips as he slid back and forth inside her tight pussy. He grunted and picked up the pace as she began türkçe bahis to moan. He closed his eyes as he rammed deep and fast into her as she took it.

Diane felt the dick deep inside her as she held her eyes closed. Her body had betrayed her rational thoughts as she accepted the cock. Her body was loving the much needed sex. She was stuck so she couldn’t escape but it was perfect for him to pound her silly.

It didn’t take long for her to get off and her cum spurt out around his cock with each thrust. Her moans grew louder as he continued fucking her as the breeze blew around them. Her moans echoed as she got off again. Her body was loving every bit of what he was giving her.

Her cum dripped to the ground as he shoved deeper and faster making her pussy wetter. Diane couldn’t stop moaning as it felt so good. She felt him slow down as her slit tightened around his cock. He couldn’t take it and rammed deep. He gripped her hips and held himself deep inside her as he got off. She smiled as she felt him cum inside her. Diane was panting as he pulled out. güvenilir bahis siteleri He was still hard and decided to continue.

He spread her ass cheeks and used his dick to wipe a little cum onto her asshole. She realized what she was doing as he shoved the tip into her tight ass. Her ass let him in as he shoved his shaft into her fully. Diane had never been ass fucked but was loving it as he slid back and forth in her ass. He grunted as she moaned loudly. She reached back and fingered herself as he pounded her ass.

Time flew by as he fucked his sexy, stuck step mom. He was shoving deep into her as he went as fast as he could. He felt himself getting close to getting off and fought the feeling as much as he could. Diane continued fingering herself as her ass was invaded. Her cum dripped still and covered her hand. Her loud moans filled the air.

Both got off at the same time. Diane moaned loudly as he grunted and slammed into her ass deep letting his dick spray inside her. He finished and smiled as he watched his cum ooze out of her holes. Diane was panting as he pulled out and put his dick away. He helped her get unstuck as she laid in the yard breathing heavy and smiling. He walked away happy with his adventure. Diane went inside took a shower and relaxed the rest of the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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