Joy Fuck Club

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So you want to know about my first time. Well there is nothing spectacular about it. It was a just a wonderful burst of passion in an unlikely place. Well here goes. I was at a club with a friend and we were not getting any action from any men there so she went to buy us some drinks. That when he walked over to me. The back haired Adonis with the wonderful biceps billowing down his arms, a washboard stomach, a narrow waist and the kind of chiseled features that you only see on these drop dead gorgeous absolutely unattainable models.

He held out his hand and bent down to my ear and said my name is Dane do you want to dance. I shook my head and let him help me up. As I stood I watched his eyes take in my round face, large brown eyes, full lips ample breasts, wonderful curves and my short skirt and tank top that showed them off as he look me up and down. I’m Brandis I said and lead the to the dance floor. I could feel the heat of his eyes burning into my onion shaped behind and long legs.

As we got to the dance floor the song was slow and he grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him. He put casino şirketleri he hands around my waist and I put my hand around his neck and we began to sway our bodies to the music. Well he was so close to me that every time we move his chest rubbed against my nipples. Before the song was over my nipples were hard and I knew could feel them because he smiled. Soon the song ended and a faster one began and I decided to see what I could make hard on him. I turned around and began to press my ass into his crotch and moved provocatively. It had the desired effect and I could feel his dick getting hard. He moaned and grabbed my hips and began to sway them himself in slow circular motions.

The feel of his dick pressed up against my ass felt good and I pushed back harder and moaned a little. He responded by moving his hand around my hips and under my skirt. He caressed my bare ass and then slipped his thumb between my ass and down to my now wet pussy. I moaned and put my hands behind is head and pumped my hips a little. This motion made my ass slide up and down against his dick and he moaned and inhaled casino firmaları sharply. He moved in his hands up my sides and grabbed my breasts and pulled my back against his chest. I want you so bad he whisper in my ear and then took my hand and began to lead me off the floor.

He led me to bathroom door and pushed me up against it and kissed me, sticking his tongue in and out my mouth. Then he opened the door and I pushed him into a stall before anyone could notice a woman had gone into the men’s rest room. He told me to get up on the toilet seat I will not be seen. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his 9 inch dick and said squat down and open your mouth. I did and he slid his dick in my mouth slowly sliding it in until his balls were hitting my chin. He moved his hips slow at first and then faster and faster. I grabbed his ass and made him pound my face. Fucking me faster and faster then he grabbed my head and stopped me. Your turn he said hiked up my skirt and picked me up and brought my wet pussy to his hungry mouth.

I wrapped my legs around his neck and laid back with my head against the güvenilir casino wall as he licked up and down my hairless pussy. Then opened me an licked my clit and I came instantly. While I was still shaking he stuck his tongue inside me and tongue fucked me while he ran his thumb up and down my clit making me shake and scream in ecstasy. He then switched positions and licked my clit and put one finger in my pussy and eased his thumb into my ass. He fucked both my whole slow at first then getting faster and faster as he continued the assault on my clit. Faster and faster he put another finger into my pussy and pushed me over the edge and I cam for a second time in his mouth.

He continued his probing until I stopped trembling then he slid me down his body and eased his dick into my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and began to pump frantically. He grabbed my hips and slowed me down going slow and steady pace. Faster I yelled and he sped up his pace. Harder fuck me harder I yelled. He moaned and began to slam into me over and over faster and faster until he screamed pulled out of me and put his dick in my mouth and slammed my face until he came in my mouth. I swallowed him and continued to suck his dick until he was flaccid again. The burst of unbridled passion over we redressed and went back onto the dance floor like nothing had happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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