Fun in the X-Ray Room Ch. 01

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This is my first story so I introduce myself, I am Sunil 29years age and have a boyfriend but this story is about the Doctor advising me to have an X – ray of my rectum.

So off Sunil went for this X – ray to a hospital nearby. This hospital is quite big and the X – ray room is very far from the main entrance and the reception. Sunil paid the charges and went towards the X – ray room with the slip. He meets the guy who is slim, fair, around 25 years, well built with deep brown sexy eyes. Sunil was shot as soon as their eyes met and there was a huge bulge developing in Sunil’s pant whenever this chap threw a quick glance on him. Sunil is led in the room and is asked to lie on the table. It seems the X – ray guy sensed Sunil’s predicament and he asks Sunil to lie on his side. Meanwhile this guy adjusts the X – ray machine and brings the focus on top of Sunil to the position his abdomen.

This guy then keeps his hand near the anus and adjusts the guiding light. This was enough to arouse Sunil and he wriggles to avoid being touched. The X – ray guy then pokes his finger to the lower tip of the spinal bone and says that this is the point casino şirketleri of photo. He says that to have better result, Sunil must remove his pants. This is too much for Sunil and he start to argue against pulling down his pants. The x – ray guy tells him that his name is Aksh and that he is closing the door of the room, then there is no harm in Sunil removing his pants. Listening to his point, Sunil could not resist further and gets down the table to remove his pants. Aksh is standing and observing him from top to bottom as if any lamb is readying for sacrifice. Slowly Sunil unbuttons and unzip and slides the pant down. There is a huge bulge in his briefs, which he cannot hide from Aksh. Aksh also enjoys the sight and smiles getting turned on by the sight.

Aksh asks Sunil to lie down on his side and face the opposite side. He again pokes his finger through the briefs and slowly slide down towards the anus. This makes Sunil further exited and his shaft is fully swollen, crying for liberation.

Suddenly Aksh puts his other hand on Sunil’s crotch and squeezes it. It makes Sunil ashamed and he tries to cover his face casino firmaları with his hand. Aksh catches Sunil’s hand and guides it to his own shaft and turns him over to face his now outlined erect member over his cloth. Aksh unzips and pulls his cock and press it near the lips of Sunil. Sunil was waiting for this opportunity and grabs it and starts sucking it. He is an expert in sucking, as his boyfriend always prefers that Sunil suck him off. He started by rotating his tongue around the shaft of Aksh and slowly swallowing the headfirst and thereafter the whole length of the cock inside his mouth. Meanwhile Aksh removed Sunil’s vests and grabbed his member and started to stroke it. Aksh’s other hand working on the anal area. Aksh now was fully exited and wanted to release his cum and started fucking Sunil’s mouth but Sunil wanted him inside, but could not gather courage to say it. Sensing his intentions Aksh proposed to come inside Sunil’s ass.

He asked Sunil to stand beside the table with hands resting on it. Aksh then got behind Sunil and applied jelly to his anus lubricating and expanding the small aperture with first güvenilir casino one finger and then two and then three. When Sunil’s ass was quite accommodating he pressed his cock slowly giving Sunil’s anus to adjust. Once the pain went away, Sunil asked Aksh to fuck him hard. Aksh then started pushing and pulling his entire cock out and then thrusting it back again. He fucked him fast and moaned with pleasure. Sunil was also moaning. Aksh grabbed Sunil’s cock and started stroking it very fast making Sunil feel like he was in heaven.

Sunil’s cock spurted his cum and he yelled Aksh to fuck him hard, listening this Aksh finally pushed his cock into Sunil’s ass hard and started coming inside. He spurted his full cum inside with several pulsating action and bend over Sunil. Aksh turned Sunil’s face towards him and kissed him deep.

It was time to separate. After cleaning themselves and wearing the clothes, Sunil asked Aksh to take the x – ray to which Aksh replied that you can tell the reception counter that machine is out of order and come back again after two days. Aksh told him that you will enjoy more next time. He scribbled something on the slip and Asked Sunil to come again at around 9.00 PM when the hospital is almost deserted so they will not have to hurry and there will be no disturbance.

I will be back with more stories later telling about what happened next time with Sunil.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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