Gay Mascot Halloween Masquerade

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College football mascot has gay sex with his best friend.

Chris and Jeff were lifelong BFF’s, best friends forever. Chris was gay and Jeff was straight. Jeff always teased his best friend about being gay. Chris didn’t take the good natured ribbing from his friend seriously, it was only his best friend goofing on him, which they constantly did with everything.

“They were having a shirt sale downtown, buy one, get half off on a second shirt, so I bought you a shirt, too, Chris.”

“Thanks, Jeff. That was very thoughtful of you. What color did you get me?”


“Very funny.”

Yet, after a while, Jeff’s antics became tiresome and Chris wondered, with all the focus on his sexual orientation and the homophobic remarks, if Jeff wasn’t a closeted gay or possibly bi-sexual himself, too. The thought of having a sexual relationship, a serious commitment, and a lifelong love affair that, conceivably, could lead to marrying his best friend, was a delicious thought and a fantasy he so enjoyed having, whenever alone with his thoughts and masturbating over his friend. If only life could be as simple and not so complicated. If only Jeff was gay, too. How great that would be to have Jeff not just as a friend but also in every way he needed him to be in his life, a friend, a lover, a life partner, and a spouse?

Of course, when it was time for college, they applied to the same school and the school they chose was Cal Poly, California Polytechnic State University. They were accepted and roomed together. As would best friends, who were more like brothers, they did everything and went everywhere together.

Actually, many who met them thought they really were brothers. About the same 5’9″ height and with the same brown hair and brown eyes, they could have been brothers. In the way that acted, when together, tossing barbs at one another and laughing over things without even having to say what they were laughing at, many asked if they were twins, which would cause them to laugh even more.

“Twins? We don’t even know one another,” said Chris, which would cause them to laugh even harder.

“It’s just that you guys look so much alike. It’s sometimes difficult to tell you apart, especially when you’re one without the other. You even have a lot of the same mannerism and inflections in speech,” said a common friend they had at school.

“We probably have the same mannerisms, speech inflections, and talk so much alike because we grew up together and are best friends,” said Chris throwing his arm around his friend.

“It’s easy to tell us apart,” said Jeff with a chuckle.

“Oh, yeah? How?” Their mutual friend looked from Jeff to Chris, no doubt, looking for an easier way to tell them more apart.

“He’s the gay one and I’m the straight one,” said Jeff ducking, no doubt, prepared to receive a punch in the shoulder for his remark.

As sometimes happens, when a man comes of age physically, sexual, and emotionally, at the start of their second year at the university, things between the friends started to heat up, when their relationship suddenly became more than just a friendship. It all began when one of the dorms was having a Halloween party and they were invited. There was only one catch. They had to wear a costume.

Having much indecision in trying to decide which costume to wear, they racked their brains trying to think of a costume. Unable to come up with suitable costumes from what they had on hand, they decided to rent one at the costume store downtown. Even then, cutting their tension with humor, they were always at odds bickering, as if two girls arguing over which prom dress to wear.

“What about this,” said Chris holding up a Zorro costume. “It even comes with a plastic sword.”

“Zorro? Seriously Chris, if you’re going to the party dressed as Zorro, the gay blade, why not go to the Halloween party dressed as a ballerina, instead,” joked Jeff holding up a tutu.

“Very funny,” said Chris. “Hey, look, Jeff. They have a football costume with oversized shoulder pads. You could go as a burly lineman. That’s a costume that will raise your testosterone level, while pretending that you have muscles,” said Chris laughing.

Chris wasn’t much of a football fan, but Jeff was and when he saw a Musty the Mustang costume at the costume store, the official school football mascot of Cal Poly, as if fated to find that costume, he was sold. The downside of the costume was that it was a two man horse costume and he’d have to get Chris to agree to wear it with him.

“I know what you’re thinking, Jeff,” said Chris, “and I’m not wearing that smelly, old thing to the Halloween party,” said Chris and putting a hand on his tossed out hip, as if he was a diva.

“C’mon, Chris, we’d be the hit of the party, if we wore that. That, without doubt, is the perfect costume,” said Jeff picking up the horse’s head and putting it on, so that the heaviness of it rested comfortably on his shoulders. “C’mon, Chris. It will be fun.”

Chris silently agreed with his friend that they’d be the hit casino şirketleri of the party, but he also knew that Jeff was terribly claustrophobic. No doubt, Jeffrey could get away with wearing the costume, but only if he was the horse’s head and not the horse’s ass. It was then the Chris considered the possibilities of being so close to Jeff’s ass.

Surprisingly for Jeff, no doubt, and not surprisingly for Chris, not needing any convincing by Jeff at all, literally and figuratively loving a chance to be closer to Jeff’s ass and genitals, Chris readily agreed to be the backside of the Musty the Mustang costume. Other than the horse costume having a horse’s head, a tail, and hooves, the costume somewhat resembled a cartoonish horse, rather than a real horse. No one would ever be fooled into believing that this was a real horse, as they may believed had they chosen the gorilla or the bear costume. Even though the costume could never pass for a real horse, it was the perfect Halloween costume.

“You’re not going to try anything back there, are you?” Jeff gave his friend a laugh that said one thing but his look said something else.

“Why? Do you want me to try something fresh with your ass?”

“Don’t do any gay stuff back there, Chris, or I’ll be pissed.”

“As soon as we’re in costume, Jeff, I’m going to bone you up the ass at the party,” said Chris with a dirty laugh. “If you were facing the other way around, I’d suck your cock, as you walked backwards, and no one would know,” he said with another dirty laugh.

As soon as they put on the heavy horse costume, they realized that they’d be hot, so they both stripped down to their underwear, Jeff in his boxer shorts and Chris in his briefs. Chris was in his glory and, unable to help it, he already had an erection being so close and so exposed to his best friend. Even though he was joking about it before, he’d like nothing better than to fuck his friend up the ass, after sucking his cock and having his cock sucked by Jeff. He was already fantasizing about giving head to the horse’s head, he continued to fantasize about what he’d do as the horse’s ass.

Alas, having sex with his best friend was nothing more than his reoccurring fantasy. Just as he knew that merely touching his friend’s cock was a fantasy, too, being a straight man, Jeff would never reciprocate his love and affection for his friend in the way that Chris needed and wanted him to show him some sexual attention and affection. Yet, fun to have his sexual fantasy of having sex with his best friend, life would be wonderful, if Jeff was gay, too, and if they were in love and lovers.

Hoping that Jeff wouldn’t pass gas in the close confines of the horse costume, with Jeff’s ass nearly in his face, Chris had to hang on to Jeff’s hips to make the costume work. For the first time, Chris had his hands on the side of Jeff’s underwear. Kinky. He hasn’t been this excited, since the time that Jeff took him on a motorcycle ride and he had to hold onto his friend with his fingertips inches away from Jeff’s cock, while continuing rubbing his cock against his friend’s backside.

“You’d better not be humping me, Chris,” said Jeff feeling Chris so close, too close, to him on the motorcycle.

“It’s not me, Jeff, it’s the bumps,” he said with a dirty laugh.

With that remembered excitement of that thrilling motorcycle ride in mind, it was then that Chris decided to get back at Jeff for all the crude and lewd gay remarks he made about him since high school. While they walked around and entertained everyone at the party in their Musty the Mustang, two man horse costume, Chris used his concealment under the costume as his opportunity to touch, feel, caress, kiss, and cup Jeff’s ass through his boxer shorts. He so wanted to pull them down and lick the full length of Jeff’s ass with his tongue. When he wasn’t touching Jeff’s ass, he was accidentally on purpose brushing his hand by Jeff’s cock, on the pretense of holding on to his best friend, while pretending to slip and grab onto to something, even Jeff’s cock, especially Jeff’s cock, to maintain his balance. With all the sexual, sensual, and erotic touching that Chris did of his friend, it didn’t take very long for Jeff to have an erection.

Then, when Chris accidentally on purpose brushed by Jeff’s cock again, instead of feeling his flaccid cock, he felt his erection. It was then that Chris knew that he had excited his friend enough to try even more sexual antics on Jeff. In and out of the costume during the course of the party, after Jeff had more than a few drinks during the night, Chris used Jeff’s inebriation as his golden opportunity to discover if Jeff was gay or bi-sexual or was curious enough to have sex with him.

Even if only having sex with Jeff one time, that sexual exchange would be a dream come true. It wouldn’t matter if the sex was one sided. Chris didn’t care. He’d be happy with just giving his friend a hand job or a blowjob, preferably a hand job and a blowjob with a little kissing, too. Suddenly, he imagined making out with his friend, casino firmaları while fondling Jeff’s cock. After making himself horny with his latest fantasy, he decided to go for broke.

After they finished their drinks and got back in costume again, Chris reached his hand over to the front of Jeff and grabbed his cock through his boxers. Jeff didn’t react. He didn’t say anything. Taking his silence as a green light, he reached his hand inside Jeff’s pee hole and pulled out his erect cock. Now, with Jeff’s stiff cock in hand, he fondled his friend’s big prick.

Maybe because Jeff was a little drunk was the reason why he was slow to react to Chris feeling his cock. Maybe because there were other people around and close by and he didn’t want anyone to know that Chris had his cock in his hand. Maybe because Jeff wanted his friend to touch him was the reason why he didn’t protest to Chris taking his cock in hand. Maybe this was the start of something beautiful between the two friends who were so close, literally and figuratively, as close as brothers and soon to become even closer, as lovers.

“Chris, what the fuck?” Finally, Jeff reacted to Chris holding his cock in his hand.

“Relax, I just needed something to hold on to so that I don’t fall,” he said with a laugh.

“Fall my ass,” said Jeff. “You’re such a homo, Chris. Since you already have your hand around my cock, while you’re at it, why don’t you give me a hand job?”

A hand job? Seriously? Was Jeff serious or was he just be sarcastic? There was only one way for Chris to know.

“Okay, I will,” said Chris fondling Jeff’s erect cock, while slowly stroking his big prick.

“Hey, knock it off, Chris. I was only kidding. Keep that up and you’ll make me cum. I’m horny with by all the nearly naked women in costume at this Halloween party”

Only, Chris couldn’t help but wonder if his friend was serious and really wanted a hand job. He had no problem giving his friend some sexual relief. He wonder if Jeff had an erection from seeing all the nearly naked women or from being so close to Chris, while both were in their underwear, and Chris was touching him and not giving him a hand job. If his friend was so horny over all the nearly naked women in costume at this Halloween party, why he hasn’t hooked up with one of them? Why is he still hiding in this stupid horse costume? Dare he suspect, Chris couldn’t help but hope that his friend was hiding in the closet. There was only one way to out his friend and the time was now.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a friend with benefits, Jeff. I can be that friend and I can give you those benefits,” said Chris squeezing Jeff’s cock tighter and stroking him faster.

“There is something terribly wrong with having a gay friend with benefits, Chris, when I’m not gay,” said Jeff whispering and not wanting to be heard by others. “Gees, Chris, stop stroking my cock. I mean it. You’re going to make me cum.”

“If you’re not gay, then, why do you have an erection?”

“What do you mean? What are you talking about? I don’t have an erection.”

“Yeah, sure, as if this is the normal state of your cock. Your cock is so hard, Jeffrey,” he said fingering the full length of it, before running his fingertips over the head of his big prick, while stroking him again.

“I already told you. I’m just horny, after seeing some of the women in their sexy costumes. I don’t have an erection because of you, Chris. That would make me just as gay as you.”

“Then, why didn’t you hook up with one of the sexy women at the Halloween party.”

“Why? Because I have you literally up my ass, is why?”

“It’s okay, Jeffry, I can give you some relief,” said Chris stroking his friend’s cock faster, while squeezing his prick tighter.

“Fuck Chris. Stop. This is wrong. This is so wrong. Stop jerking me off, you homo.”


“You’re getting me excited and confused. Even though you’re my best friend, it’s wrong for you to, gees, Chris that feels so fucking good. Stop. Please? Okay? Someone will see us.”

“Chris stroked him even faster.”

“Okay, that’s enough. Really, seriously. Stop,” said Jeff removing the horse’s head pulling away from his friend and stepping out of costume.

“Jeff, wait. Where are you going?”

“Back to our room to get out of this. It’s too frigging hot in this costume. I’m sweating my ass off. I’m dying.”

“Okay,” said Chris following his lead and running after his friend.

Once back in the room, after the two men removed the costume, Chris couldn’t help but notice Jeff still had an erection. His cock tented his boxer shorts and he wondered if this was the reason why Jeff wanted to return to the privacy of their dorm room. He wondered if Jeff would still be amenable to a little horseplay. He wonder if Jeff was still horny, horny enough to allow Chris to give him some relief. He reached out and felt Jeff’s cock through his boxers, before removing his erection through his pee hole.

“Chris, stop. I’m so drunk and so horny, that I just might make you güvenilir casino blow me.”

“I can help you with the horny part, Jeff,” said Chris pulling Jeff’s cock out of his boxer shorts, again. “And you wouldn’t have to make me blow you, Chris. I’d freely suck your cock. I wouldn’t mind. Really, I wouldn’t,” said Chris staring down at Jeff’s engorged cock. “You have a beautiful prick.”

“I do?”

“I’ve seen enough of them to know a beautiful prick when I see one, Jeff,” said Chris stroking his friend faster, while staring down at Jeff’s cock. Then, when he tried to kiss his friend, Jeff turned away. “That feels good what you’re doing, Chris, but I’m not going to kiss you. Seriously, I don’t mind you giving me a hand job, so long as you don’t tell anyone. I’m not gay,” said Jeff again staying in the protectiveness of his personal closet.

Chris couldn’t believe Jeff was allowing him to feel, touch, and stroke his cock. A fantasy come true, if he’s allowing him to go this far maybe, if he progressed slowly without scaring him away, he’d allow him to suck him off, too.

“It’s okay, Jeff. I know you’re not gay. You don’t have to be gay to get a hand job from a friend.”

“Yeah, okay, that makes sense, I guess, not really, but I’m so freaking horny and what you’re doing feels so good,” said Jeff looking down and watching his friend stroking his cock. “Fuck, that feels incredible, Chris. You’re an artist with a prick in your hand,” he said laughing, while watching his friend stroking him. “The women that I’ve been with a amateurs compared to you. They have no idea how to please a man with their hand.”

“And you don’t have to be gay to have your friend suck your cock either,” said Chris looking at his friend and hoping for a sign.

“You don’t?”

“No, a blowjob is just an expression of love and affection between two friends,” said Chris.

“It is?”

“I love you, Jeff.”

Chris fell to his knees. Jeff’s cock was at eye level and so close to his mouth. He was so excited and slowly continued stroking his friend, before leaning his head forward and taking his friend in his mouth. He was determined to give his friend the best blowjob he ever had. He was determined to make his friend want another one and more.

“Chris, don’t. Stop. This is wrong.”

“It’s okay, Jeffrey,” said Chris removing Jeff’s cock from his mouth to speak. “Just relax and enjoy. This is my special treat for you.”

“Gees, Chris. Oh, my God. That’s incredible. No woman has ever sucked my cock like that. This is, by far, the best damn blowjob I’ve ever had.”

“I love sucking your cock, Jeff,” said Chris removing Jeff’s cock from his mouth to speak, before taking his cock in his mouth again.

“Suck my cock, Chris. Suck it,” said Jeff putting a hand to the back of Chris’s head and humping his friend’s face and fucking his mouth.

“Cum in my mouth Jeff,” said Chris, briefly removing Jeff’s cock from his mouth to speak. “It’s okay. I want you to do that. I want to taste you. Cum, Jeffrey. Cum in my mouth.”

“Gees, Chris, I’m so close to cumming that I, oh, fuck, fuck. I can’t believe you got me off. I can’t believe you blew me. I can’t believe I came off in your mouth. That was the best blowjob I ever had. My whole body is tingling.”

“I’m glad you liked it, Jeff,” said Chris moving up to his friend and hugging him, before trying to kiss him, again. This time Chris was more receptive to kissing his friend and they French kissed, while Chris cupped Jeff’s balls and genitals.

When Chris pulled Jeff’s hand and put it on his cock, he pulled away but relaxed and felt Chris’s cock through his brief’s when he moved his friend’s hand there again.

In one fluid movement, Chris removed his briefs and put his erect cock in Jeff’s hand.

“Other than my own, I never held a cock in my hand before,” said Jeff, while staring down at Chris’s fully engorged member.

“Stroke it. It won’t bite you. I want to feel as good as I made you feel.”

Jeff stroked Chris’s cock, while still staring down at it.

“How does it feel to give me a hand job, Jeff?”

Chris looked down at his cock and watched Jeff stroke him.

“It feels good to watch your excitement, when I stroke you faster,” said Jeff. “I can feel your excitement pulsating in my hand.”

Chris kissed his friend again and again, while reaching around behind him to feel his ass and reaching in front of him to cup his balls. Then, with gentle pressure to Jeff’s shoulder, Chris made it known to his best friend that he wanted a blowjob, too.

Dabbling with Chris’s cock, playing with it and staring at it, while on his knees, Jeff was reticent at first, to take his friend in his mouth but then slowly accepted Chris’s cock in his mouth. After having received a blowjob from his best friend, he was blowing his best friend. Jeff was really sucking Chris’s cock. It didn’t take long for Chris to explode his lust for his friend in his mouth and then the two men got in bed together.

Chris knew that Jeff would never allow him to fuck him up the ass, but maybe he was still horny enough to fuck him up the ass. Chris grabbed some gel and lubed his own ass real good. Then, he directed his friends cock, where it needed to be to satisfy his lust for his friend.

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