Last Day of School Pt. 02

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Throughout the drive home, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Riley. I can’t believe what has happened. I’m finally going to fulfill my fantasy. I’ve always fantasized about seducing her and just holding her in my arms. I know that it’s a cliché, I ended up falling for my best friend, but I couldn’t help it. She’s beautiful, funny, smart, and the kindest person I know.

She catches me looking at her and nervously smiles. I hold her hand, which is resting on her thigh, and she seems to get even more nervous.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” She says and looks out the window.

I remove my hand and decide to give her space for the remaining few minutes of the ride. What if she doesn’t want it anymore? Is she going to chicken out? I just sigh and concentrate on the road.

When we reach the house, she follows me inside. After closing the door, she turns to me with a small, cute smile. I lean in close, but she covers my lips with her thumb, cupping my face.

“Can-Can we take it…slow?” she asks, closing her eyes, breathing heavily.

“Sure. I’ll let you set the pace. Because I’m not thinking straight.” I say.

“Don’t you go Ellie Goulding on me.” She chuckles.

I smile as she opens her eyes and pulls me back till she hits the door. She then tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear and leans in closer. Our lips are less than a centimeter away from each other and it takes every ounce of control I have to not kiss her. She then leans in and connects our lips softly. Before I could kiss her back, she pulls away.

“I-I’m sorry.” She says and slips from between my arms, running to the sofa.

What just happened?

I go over to find her hugging her knees tightly, light sobs reaching my ears.

“Riley, what’s wrong?” I ask, sitting down next to her.

“I-I’m sorry. I don’t know if I really want this.” She says.

“You seemed to really want it in the bathroom.”

“Well… there’s something I didn’t tell you.”


“I finished my exam about an hour early…”


“Well, Todd did too.”

“That guy you like?”

“Yeah. And, we sat together, and talked, and then he kissed me.”


“Yeah. Then, things led to other things and we ended up making out in the bathroom. So, when I met you, I guess I was still aroused…and still had a bit of adrenaline…so-“

“So, you don’t know if you actually wanted me to kiss you or if you were still hot from your make out session with Bob.”

“Todd, and yeah.”

“Whatever, I don’t like him anyway.”

“Look, I’m sorry, Maria. I don’t know how I can make it up to you, but it’s not like you were in love with me or something.”

I just stand up and run my hand through my hair.

“What if I am?”


“What if I am in love with you? What if I have been in love with you for the last 6 years? Would that make you leave Todd?”

“Maria, Todd and I aren’t together, we just made out. And…what are you saying?”

“I’m saying I AM, Riley. I meant what I said in the bathroom. I do love you.”

“Yeah, and I do you.”

“No. Not like that. I’m in love with you, Riley. Every single day, I’d try my best to keep my hands to myself. Then, every night, I’d think of a plan to seduce you and masturbate to the idea of us kissing, making out, and eventually having sex. But, in the morning, I’d coward away the idea. I didn’t want to freak you out.”

“Maria…I’m flattered, but… I’m not into girls.”

I sigh and feel my anger build up. Taking a deep breath, I sit on the coffee table.

“Am I better?”


“Am I better than Todd? You kissed both of us tonight, who is better?”

“I…I don’t know.”

“Then let me prove to you that I am. If you don’t like it, I’m leaving in the morning for the next four years anyways. If you do, you’ll have experience and at least know whom you like.”


“Please, Riley.” I straddle her legs bahis firmaları and rest my forehead on hers and she closes her eyes.

“Please. You don’t know how much I’ve been wanting you. How much torture it was to see you every day and not be able to touch you. Please.”


I then take her hand and place it between my legs, where she can feel how wet I am for her.

“Just look at how much I want you. I know I’m being selfish, but please.”

Her breath becomes heavier every second before she nods slightly.

“Just…Don’t hurt me.” She says in a very hushed voice.

“I’d never.” I say and softly place a kiss on her lips.

When I pull back, I feel her tense up a little, so I kiss her again. She opens her lips and I gladly enter my tongue, exploring her. Her hand slowly creeps up my thigh, increasing my wetness. I lick the inside of her cheek, making her moan and shiver. I pull back and kiss her chin and trace the way to her neck.

Her soft milky skin is so lavishing, I just want to kiss it forever. When I reach her neck, she moans loudly, arching her back, sticking her breasts to mine. I run my hand down her upper body and cup a breast through the shirt.

“Wait. Stop.” She gasps.

I pull away and look at her with worry.

“What about your parents?” She asks.

I sigh in relief and smirk.

“They’re already in London, waiting for my flight tomorrow.” I say.

She nods and I go back to kissing her neck, making her moan. With every sound she makes, I get wetter and wetter. I trace back up and connect our lips. She’s excited and I can feel her hands pull me closer. As our tongues dance together, I cup her breasts and play with her hard nipples through her shirt. I moan as she cups my butt cheeks and pulls my even closer, mushing our bodies together.

I pull away and stand up, pulling her with me. As I start to move, she turns my head towards her and smiles.

“I’m addicted to your lips.” She says before connecting ours together again.

I smile and guide her arms behind my neck before I pull her thighs up, carrying her. She immediately wraps her legs around my waist and tightens, making me feel her wetness on my bare stomach. Making my way to my bedroom, our lips never depart. I close the door with my foot then throw her on the bed. She crawls backwards as I take off my crop top, leaving me in my white lace bra and skinny jeans. She smiles as I climb in bed and kiss her again. Her sweet cherry lips are as addictive as Nerds (my favorite candy). I hook my finger around the straps of her shirt and pull them from her shoulders. As she cups my breasts, I couldn’t help but moan and nibble on her tongue, earning another moan from her. I then do with her bra what I did with her shirt, leaving her perky luscious breasts exposed to my pleasure. Sadly, in an insecure move, she covers her breasts with her arm. I pull away and nibble on her earlobe before whispering in her ear.

“You’re so beautiful. No need to cover up your beauty.” I say, and pull her arm away slowly.

As I lower my mouth slowly to take one of her nipples, she pulls my head up.

“I…’m not ready for that yet.” She says. “Just keep kissing me for now.”

I just nod. Although I’m disappointed, I don’t show it. I did tell her that I’ll let her set the pace.

I get back to kissing her neck and trace up and down a few times, all the while, playing with her breasts and teasing her nipples with my hand. She then pulls away and takes off her shirt and bra. I look at her for approval as I inch closer with my lips and she nods. I kiss the valley between her breasts and her cleavage before taking one of her nipples into my mouth. She gasps and grasps my hair tightly as I suck and nibble on her little, pink, erect, nipple. One of her hands reaches down and cups my ass as I move on to the next nipple. She slaps my thigh, making me bite down as I moan and she screams.

“I’m so sorry.” I pull away.

“Don’t. kaçak iddaa Don’t. That felt…erotic… very… perfect.” She pants.

I smile and cup her face, kissing her wildly. She then cups my breasts and pull on my nipple through the shirt, making me moan instantly and she repeats it, driving me wild. I sit up and she copies me. I then unhook my bra, setting my breasts free before kissing her again. One hand cups her cheek and the other runs down her body. I insert my hand into her shorts o find her panties drenched. Smirking, I pull away. She was about to kiss one of my nipples when I pushed her down on the bed.

“God! You drive me crazy, Riley.” I say and kiss her throat.

I hear her moan as I go down the valley between her breasts and down her stomach and stop as the hem of her shorts. Locking eyes with her, I smirk and undo the button and the zipper before pulling both her shorts and underwear down her long sexy legs. They get stuck because of her shoes so I pull them hard, casing one of them to fly into my face.

Riley gasps before bursting into laughter and coming up to me.

“Are you okay?” She asks.

“At least I got them off.” I smirk and push her back again, hovering over her and kiss her.

She smiles and bites my tongue softly. I smile and kiss my way down to her beautiful sacred pussy. I lock eyes with her as I take a deep breath in, taking in her strong sexy aroma. I run my finger along her slit, causing her to shiver. I then kiss her inner thigh and trace down to her swollen lips, but skip them and trace her other thigh. As I trace back, I stop and blow onto her pussy. She gasps and grasps my hair tightly.

“I…I’ve never been…eaten…before.” She says, nervously.

“Well…Uhm…I’ve never done this before, but I think I’ve fantasized enough times to know.” I chuckle nervously.

“That, and maybe the videos we used to watch would help.”

I smile and place a small kiss on her clit, making her moan immediately. I then take a long lick from her hole up until her shaved mound. Her hands have moved from my hair to the sheets. As I cover her clit with my mouth and lick, I remember the moment Riley and I discovered that two girls could have sex. It was about four years ago, in eighth grade.

We discovered pornography in seventh grade at a sleepover.


“What should we watch next?” I ask.

“Well…the one with the guy and his girlfriend’s sister was nice.” She says.

“Oh! The one where his girlfriend comes in and catches them. We never finished it.”

“Yeah. Mom walked in.”


I then google the same thing I googled that day and find the video. We pick it up where we left off. After the sister catches them having sex, she slapped both her sister and the boyfriend. Then, he talks to her and suddenly they kiss. They kiss and she begins to strip off, just before she gets her bra and underwear off, her sister comes and they kiss too.

Riley and I both gasp.

“Girls can kiss too?!” She exclaims.

“I…I didn’t know that.”


That day, after she left, I masturbated to the thought of two girls having sex. Over the next days, I’d begin to formulate fantasies of Riley and me kissing. And that was the moment I found that I have fallen for her. When thinking about it, I found that I had loved her ever since sixth grade. I, myself, was a lesbian. But, of course, coming from a very strict and religious family, I couldn’t admit it.

I snap back when Riley pulls my head off of her pussy.

“Enough. Enough. I can’t take another orgasm.” She pants.

Sweat is glistening all over her body and I swallow the sweet juices I have collected.

“I was so distracted in the taste that I didn’t realize you were having one.” I smile.

“That…it… it was like heaven.”

Smirking, I crash my lips into hers, making her taste her own juices on my tongue as she sucks on it. She then pulls away and unhooks my bra.

“You… kaçak bahis don’t need to do anything for me.” I say.

“I want to.” She whispers in my ear before pushing me down and taking off my jeans and underwear as well, leaving me naked.

She then pulls me up and has me sit on her thigh as she adjusts her leg.

“What do you want to do?” I ask.

“We’re going to scissor.” She says.

The moment our pussies came into contact, I lost it. I still can’t believe it. Here I am, in my room, scissoring Riley. I cup her cheek and crash my lips into hers as we continue to grind. The room is filled with muffled moans and the sound of wet flesh squashing against another. I pull away and push her back till she’s lying down before taking her leg and placing her foot on my shoulder and ramming my imaginary cock into her. We keep grinding so fast, I feel like we’ll both cum any second now.

“Wait. Let’s take it slow. I want you to remember this.” She says.

“Believe me. I’ll never forget it.” I say and slow my pace, earning me a long low moan.

I moan softly as I feel my orgasm build up inside me, ready to explode. I then quicken the pace again and we’re both screaming and swearing.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck, don’t stop, Mar. Don’t stop.” She moans.

“Fuck, Riles. This isn’t like any fantasy.”

I quicken my pace even more and then we’re both shivering and withering, our orgasms coming to a peak. Just as I connect our lips, we both cum, moaning and groaning in each other’s mouths. I relax and lay over her, our breasts stuck together, and my light stubble tickling her shaved mound. She twists her fingers into my hair as I suck on her tongue and nibble on it. I then lick the inside of her cheek and she moans. I pull away, smiling. I then lay beside her. She comes up and kisses me again.

“Can I taste you again?” I ask.

She nods and then crawls above me before straddling my head, placing her beautiful, perfect vagina above my watering mouth and I couldn’t help but pull her down and attack. She starts moaning and cupping her breasts, pulling on her nipples. I then let go of her waist and start fiddling with her erect nipples. Her moans become louder and she grasps the sheet beside her. I quicken my pace a bit as I feel her start to vibrate. Involuntarily, she backs away. I flip and hold her down before continuing to lick her wildly, lavishing all her vaginal juices. Her thighs then trap my head and I begin to fuck her with my tongue and she screams one more time as her third orgasm in a row hits her. I then softly kiss her vagina and she moans, coming up to me. She connects our lips once more. As her thigh lands between my legs, I shudder and a small moan escapes from my lips to hers. She then pulls away and smirks. She starts kissing her way down my body and stops at my pussy.

“I… don’t know what to do.” She blushes.

“Just stick you tongue out and I’ll move.” I say.

She nods and sticks her tongue out. I thrust upwards and shudder as her tongue touches me. I moan and continue moving up and down until she holds me down and starts eating me out. I scream as her tongue enters me and my hands grip the sheets tightly as she quickens her pace, making me vibrate with an orgasm at its peak. She then nibbles on my clit and I explode with a series of “oh”s and “fuck”s. She pulls away but then smirks and goes down again, eating me out with force. I gasp and my whole body shivers, she has to hold me down firmly. She goes back and forth quickly and gets quicker by the second.

“Oh God. Oh God oh God OH GOD.” I scream.

She just continues until a second orgasm rips through me. As I come down from cloud nine, she kisses my vagina softly. I then sit up and pull her towards me, crashing our lips together. I suck on her tongue and taste myself. She then pulls away and kisses me softly two times before lying next to me.



“That was the best experience I’ve ever had.”

I just chuckle.

“You know what the best thing is?” she asks.


“We still have the rest of the day and all night to do this over and over and over-“

“And over and over.” I say and kiss her softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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