To Whom It May Excite Ch. 02

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So if you’re wondering. I’m uploading these (or going to.) Upload my ‘Diary entries’, a few at a time. So that i hit the seven Hundred and Fifty word requirement. Cause even though I will be writing what i intend to be a bunch of entries, of my Masturbation habits. Possibly Fantasies, it’s early days regarding this Diary (and/or) Blog. They will probably end up being vague recollections of what happened. Not super descriptive. Ie: Hot, wet, slick, heady, aching, throbbing. No matter how much my nipples do ache and throb. Which they do often enough. I’m sure i’ll make Mistakes. I’m fairly certain i already have. But… Long story short? Two or three Diary entries at a time. And not strictly a first person recollection. And finally, i make mzistakes.

Thursday the 15th of June. 2017.

To whom it may Excite.

How do i buy a ticket to Themyscira? No seriously. If the Amazons invade? I will put up no resistance. I will drop to my knees and i will pledge Undying Loyalty to Hippolyta. Queen of the Amazons. Pledge my Loyalty to Themyscira, and pledge loyalty to all Amazons. And then? I will BEG! FUCKINT BEG! To be taken away to Themyscira, Paradise Island. Otherwise known as the Island of Lesbian wet dreams. Alright. So. Guess who saw Wonder Woman last night. Guess who soaked their underwear in a crowded theatre last night?

Gal Gadot. Where do i begin? Coffee probably. Then after a couple of Days bahis firmaları I’d invite her to Dinner. Nothing Fancy, casual. Wait for her guard to drop. I’d order wine of course. Movie at my place, more wine. Foot rub? Maybe. Shoulder rub? Id sit behind the Goddess. (Pun intended) blanket over the pair of us as i rubbed her shoulders. Then just a soft Kiss on her long beautiful neck. She turns her head. Our lips meet. (God i’m wet. Not yet Kitten, write first, play later.) I lower her down Horizontally on the couch. I’ll strip her slowly. She’ll giggle nervously making me fall inlove all the more. I’ll kiss her more. Tongues pushing against each other. (I know she’s married! Let me just have my fantasy!) She’ll relax some more. Inhibitions dropping. Nerves vanish, replaced with lust. She begins stripping me of my clothes as i resume undressing her. Then i’ll tease her, straddled over her waist, arm between us buried between her legs. I’d drive her higher and higher, slowing as i went. I’d stop, her right on the edge of release. Whimpering below me. After a few minutes I’d resume, her tongue, her moans more urgent. After a couple of times She’d beg. (It worked on Bunny, my girlfriend. Also not her real name. Wonder when she’ll find my little blog… A story for another time i guess.) Then I’d relent. Driving her over the edge. Then again. Then again. Leaving her a breathless mess. Then time for a shower. I’ll help her kaçak iddaa stand on her Shaky legs. I’ll lovingly and tenderly was her body clean, ready for the next round of getting dirty.

Ok so you know how i wasn’t going to play and write at the same time? I lied. One hand between my legs, the other writing awkwardly. I actually bought a Diary to write my Masturbation Habits down. I’m going to take it to work and write brazenly at the Lunch table. I wonder how many other women explore their sexuality, covertly, in public? Since this is a Public Diary slash Blog. If anyone wants to tell me. And excite me. I’m interested in you explorations and fantasies. So yeah. Wrote to me please. I don’t bite… hard.

XOXO Kitten.


Friday the 16th of June, 2017. 6:28am.

To Whom it may Excite.

6:28. Fuck my life. For a few reasons. Number one. Scratch that, side note first. I’m writing this in bed by lamp light. Wearing nothing much. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.) I am and sticky and sweaty mess. (And Loving it.) Anyway, back on track, Number one. Six twenty fucking eight in the morning! Thirty two minutes before my alarm. Number two. I almost came in my sleep!

I know i joked about. Themyscira, also known as Paradise island. Or as i like to call it. The island of Lesbian Wet dreams. So just maybe… Themyscira has been the sole focus for the last few nights before going to sleep. kaçak bahis Including a particularly long and slow, self-Love making session. Well Themyscira and Gal Gadot, it goes without saying. But an Island of Women and Only women? There’s definitely going to be some girl on (in, under, side by side, 69.) Girl Romance. Romance in all forms. Proven in the Wonder Woman movie. I won’t give too much away. But… if you remember the beach. The Death. They crowd around the body on their knees in the sand and a woman Screams, like a bloody soul breaking scream. Rushes to the body. If that’s not the love of her life dead on the sand i don’t know what love is. Sad. Very sad, i felt deeply for her. I couldn’t stand losing my Bunny. Sad, but the proof i need to fuel my Fantasies that this is definitely a reality inside this world. But my dream? A tall, very fit blonde. I never caught her name. We didn’t really talk, i’m sure you understand. A fireplace, roaring away, a large piles of fur. A great dream. Pity it (i) didn’t come to a climax.

Fuck my life. Well its Six Fifty three now. Cum quickly and inevitably cum again, making me late for work. Or do i deny myself and cum hard tonight?

XOXO Kitten.

P.S. So yeah this little bit is an add on. Typed, not in my Diary. I ended up Denying myself. Frustrating but fun. Horny all day at work? A turn on itself. Made the day go fast. But i wanted to remind you all. Incase you got distracted by a certain Blond amazon. Girls? A call to arms. Anyone enjoying Covert Public Erotic Adventures. Full on Masturbation to just being super turned on, i’d love to hear about it.

XOXO Kitten.

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