A Very Lucky Husband Ch. 02

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“You think we should do what?” Mike stammered, not quite sure he had heard her correctly.

“I think we should meet. In real life. I want to touch you. And have you touch me. I thought that was something you wanted, too?” Izabell pouted on cam. He let his guard down for a second and she recognized the look on Mike’s face, and knew she had him. He fake pouted and pretended to think things over.

“Well, if I say yes, what do I get?” Mike asked, really laying it on thick.

“Hmmmm, well, I dunno. I mean there is my young 19 year old body. But you wouldn’t want that….” She said with a little wiggle. “I guess I could be your play thing. Let you do what you want with me.”

“Ok, I guess. If I have to” Mike said with a dramatic sigh. “I have to go, but I will think about how we can work this.”

“Ok, Baby. I miss you. I’ll be thinking of you in the shower” Iza teased with a giggle.

Hmmmmm, well this is something new, Mike thought to himself. Of course he had thought about how and when they could meet. But he honestly didn’t think she would ever go for it. But now that she had suggested it, he couldn’t slow his heart down. Could he actually do it? He hadn’t been with anyone but Leslie in so long. But this gorgeous 19 year old woman is offering herself up to him? Could he say ‘No’? Did he even want to? Things were so good. What if it ruined them? Even as he tried to think about it rationally, he knew he was going to. He was hooked. And he had to have her.

Just thinking about it, the anticipation and excitement growing, along with his dick. He slowly made his way up to bed. His wife sleeping soundly next to him, he tried to think of when the soonest he could be with Iza was. He started wondering if now wasn’t the perfect time to tell Leslie about her. Not all the details, and not telling her how long they have been talking, but just to get some more freedom. But he knew he couldn’t. Even if he could keep some of it a secret, it wasn’t enough. He loved Leslie, and love her enthusiasm for their sex life, but it was nice to have Iza all to himself. And as much as he has fantasized about having a threesome, he didn’t want to share Iza. An unusual feeling, but not unpleasant. He was thinking about how perfect everything was going, and how happy he was. His hand slid down to his hard on, and he slowly started stroking it, picturing Iza and Leslie together. Them laughing and hugging. Hugs quickly turning to light carresses which quickly give way to passionate embrasses. Iza’s hands exploring his wife’s womanly body as his wife’s tongue explores the nubile teen. Slowly Leslie slides down his young lovers body positioning her face just inches from her dripping pussy. And with gentle teaching and guiding from him, she finally lowers her tongue to that young tight pussy. Teasing and nibbling. Watching Iza arch her hips to get closer to Leslie’s mouth. Finally Leslie breaks, burrying her face as deep as she can while he positions himself behind his wife, sliding his cock into her dripping pussy. Fucking her harder and faster, pushing her face deeper into Iza’s cunt. The sounds of Iza’s screams and Leslie’s muffled screams filling the room. Mike pictures sliding out of his wife, and slapping her ass hard. THWACK! THWACK! He moves up the bed pulling her up by her hair, and positioning himself over Iza’s waiting pussy. He grabs his wife and positions her over pussy over Iza’s mouth, telling Iza to use her thumbs to open Leslie’s pussy lips and how to tease her clit and hole so good. And then, finally, he pictured sliding his cock into Iza’s wet pussy. Playing with her nipples, lowering his head to lick and bite them as he slid his cock in and out. Making eye contact with his wife as slammed his cock into this young hotties tight hole.

That image, the image of his wife watching as he fucked this gorgeous teen was just too much for him. Thankful that his wife was sleeping on her back, so warm and inviting looking, he spread her legs, and slid his hardness into her. He knew he had to go slow or things would be over fast, but before long his wife was trembling and squirting all over him. And that was all he could take, flipping her over to fuck her hard and fast from behind before eventually filling her pussy with his thick sticky come. Once again he held her and fell into a restful sleep with the knowledge of what a lucky man he was.

The next day he filled Iza in on his plan. She was so giddy. Mike couldn’t believe she was as excited as he was. And Iza couldn’t believe she would finally get to touch that cock she has been lusting after. At school and work she got hit on constantly. But she dismissed all of them. Her friends questioned her on her lack of interest, but she blamed the stress of school and work. In reality, she knew there was no one else she wanted to spend the time with. And she wasn’t lying to her friends. School and work were a lot to handle, which is why the relaxed fun she had with Mike was perfect. But the playful chatting and teasing casino siteleri wasn’t enough now. Izabell couldn’t get Mike off her mind. She loved talking to him, loved that he took the time to listen to her, and absolutely loved his gentle yet forceful way of teaching. She was learning so much from their conversations. And she couldn’t wait to learn more.

The next few days dragged on for both Mike and Iza. The countdown was on until their meet up. They decided to just meet up at Iza’s house and not waste anytime at dinner or a bar. Everything was set, Mike thought to himself as he hung up with Leslie. He could tell she was disappointed, but he would make it up to her later. He knew he wanted this so bad. And if he let this opportunity pass, he knew he would always regret it. Mike drove the rest of the way to Iza’s in silence, his mind racing. This was it, he thought, as he pulled into the drive way. He took a second to try to calm his nerves, before opening the door. Before he had the chance to get halfway up the path, the door flung open, and Iza, gorgeous young Iza, was running to meet him, jumping into his arms.

“Baby, you are here! I am so excited! You are finally here!” She screamed as she hugged him tight, wrapping her legs around him. Using her amazing ass to hold her up, Mike carried her inside, worried of what he might do right on her lawn. When they got inside, Iza tried to untangle herself from him, but Mike held her close, loving the feeling of having her in his arms. Finally letting her go, she slide her body down his, until her feet touched the ground. She stood there for a minute, them looking eachother over, smiles so wide they looked like their faces would crack in half. The playful happiness in their eyes quickly turned to heat, the heat quickly turning to raw lust. And without another word they were in each others arms. They couldn’t seem to get close enough, kissing deeper and pulling eachother close. Mike wrapped his arms around Iza sliding his hands down to that amazing round ass, pulling her closer, making sure she could feel and knew what she was going to him. They never talked about how far things would go. But right now, it seemed obvious what they both wanted.

Iza finally broke the kiss, and breathlessly whispered “The bedroom is right up to the left”. And that was all Mike needed to hear. He picked her up my her ass, as she wrapped her legs around him, pressing her pussy against his rock hard cock. “God, I can’t wait.” Mike carried her upstairs, and tried to put her down on the bed, but Iza wouldn’t let go. The fell, laughing together, until Iza wiggled, reminding Mike of how close he was to her. And all laughter died. The heat and the passion were back, more so now that they were in bed.

“Let me know when you want to stop” Mike told Iza, pulling back, reminding her she could stop at any time. “Anytime, just say the word”

“Never, Baby. I never want to stop. I want you so badly” Iza said, raising her hips to push against him.

Mike laced his fingers through her hair, kissing her hard, nibbling her lip. An hour, or maybe just a minute later, he broke the kiss, moving down to her neck. Licking and nibbling, teasing and tormenting. He let his hands run down her body, feeling the rise and fall of her tits, the hardness of her nipples through her tank top. Iza moaned and ran her hands through his hair, before gently pushing his head further down. She ached to feel his hands and mouth on her chest. He took the hint, grateful to finally get to touched them. He rubbed her hardened nipples through her tank top before taking it in his mouth through her shirt. Teasing and lightly nibbling, occasionally tugging. He put his hands on her tight stomach, sliding them up her narrow waist, under her tank top, feeling that tight hot soft skin beneath his hands. Slowly, achingly slow in Iza’s opinion, Mike’s hands made their way up, until finally they reached her perky young tits. They were so full and soft in his hands. He felt her tremble as his thumb brushed her sensitive nipple. He pushed her shirt up higher, wanting to see her, wanting to see his hands on her amazing chest. He lowered his mouth, taking those delicious nipples in his mouth. Sucking and biting. Flicking them back and forth with his tongue. Knowing he was making her breathless, and feeling breathless, too.

As amazing this felt, Iza wanted more. And she knew they didn’t have the hours and hours that she wanted. Grabbing him by his hair, she pulled his head up. “I want you, Mike. Right now. Please don’t make me wait any longer. Please?” She pleaded.

And with that, Mike pulled her top over her head. “Gorgeous, Sweetie. Just gorgeous.” He murmed to himself, over and over. He moved down to her shorts, slowly unbuttoning them, before sliding them down her sexy shapely legs. He came back up, rubbing her slit and her pussy through her panties, teasing her, but also teasing himself. He wanted to rip her panties off and pound into her. But he knew that wouldn’t satisfy slot oyna him. He needed to go slow. To savour it. Slowly he slid her panties down, exposing her freshly shaved and so tight pussy. As Mike dipped his head to taste her sweet juices, she pulled away, closing her legs slightly.

“No one has ever… Kissed me there before” she said, just slightly above a whisper, as a blush spread from her cheeks down her chest.

“Do you want me to? I would love to taste you. But I don’t want you doing anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

“Can we try it, just for a second? And then we can stop?”

Mike nodded his head, before lowering it back down. He could smell her arousal, her sweet scent. He wrapped his arms around her legs, holding them open and better opening her up for him. He slowly started licking her. Gentle little laps of his tongue. Teasing her, and himself with just a short taste of her juices. He listened, waiting for her to say stop, but heard only short sharp intakes of her breath. He flicked his tongue over her clit, and her her cry out, pushing herself closer to him. And any bit of self control he had left was gone. He devoured her. Licking deep into her pussy, feeling her tightness around his tongue. Teasing up to her clit, flicking it back and forth with the tip of his pointed tongue, before flattening his tongue to tease her hole. He little bit her clit, holding it with his teeth as his tongue teased it. She bucked and arched against him, screaming wildly. He could taste her juices flowing freely. And soon hercould taste her come, gushing from her. He lapped it up, loving the sweetness.

She pulled him up then, grabbing his head and kissing him before he could stop her. She pulled back then, licking her lips, and he could tell she was tasting herself on his mouth. “Is that what I taste like?” She asked.

“Yes…” He answered not sure what she was thinking.

“Mmmmm, it tastes so…. HOT!”

“Yes, it definitely does. Now lay back down, I want more!” He said in mock seriousness.

“Ohhh no! You had your turn! Now I want to taste you! Now, up so I can strip ya down!” Mike went up on his knees, letting her pull his shirt over his head. She raked her nails through his chest hair, grazing them across his nipples, down to his pants. There was no way of hiding the effect she had on him as his hard on pressed against his pants begging for attention. He watched her as she bit her lip, focusing on slowly undoing his belt, button, and then carefully sliding his zipper down. She slid her hand into his boxers unable to wait any longer, feeling his hardness, while easing his boxers and pants down. She stroked it up and down, watching the skin move. “I can’t believe how soft and hard it is at the same time. The skin is so smooth.” She marveled at it. Studying every hard inch of it. She rubbed the tip on her full soft lips, darting her tongue out nervously to taste the tip, licking the precum that was dripping out.

“Mmmmm. Oh god, Baby, that feels so good.” And with that encouragement, Iza opened her mouth, sliding his cock in slowly, loving the taste. Finally she worked it as far as she could, licking and sucking as she moves her head up and down. “Oh fuck, Baby, your mouth is so hot. Feels so hot. You are so hot. Oh god.” Iza started moving faster, loving his reaction, loving feeling the blood surge. Suddenly Mike pulled out, “Sorry baby, if you kept doing that, things were going to be over too fast.”

“That’s ok. I want to taste you. All of you.”

“Oh god, you are perfect, you know that?”

“Let me show you what else I can do.” Izabell climbed from between his legs, and straddled him. Mike grabbed her face, pulling her face down to kiss her. Running his hands down to her tits, loving the weight of them in his hands, grazing her nipples with his thumbs. Sliding his hands down her tight toned stomach, loving the way it looked with his hands on it. He grabbed her hips and held her as she lowered herself down on to his hard cock. Inch by inch, slowly sliding down. “Oh god, you feel so good inside of me.”

“Baby. You are so tight. So so tight.” It was unbelievable the tightness of this new pussy around his dick. He grabbed her hips harder, trying to control his urge to slam into her. He knew he had to let her take control. He watched her, her eyes closed as she concentrating and easing his cock into her tight hole, watched those perfect tits untouched by gravity. Finally he felt her slide all the way down, her pussy spreading to accomadate his dick. The tightness was amazing, but the visual of this young hot 19 year old, so tight, so perky, and so ready to learn from him was something he hoped was burned into his brain for ever. Finally her eyes opened, and she looked into his eyes, both clouded with heat and lust and passion. He used her hips to help her slide slowly up and down, determined to take it slow. But Iza had a different plan, and as soon as she had adjusted to the feel of him inside of her, she started canlı casino siteleri going faster. Pretty soon she was going up until he was almost out of her, before slamming back down, hard and fast. She rode him like a woman possesed. Her long hair loose and wild, eyes half closed, screaming and moaning, as her chest bounced. All restraint gone, Mike let loose. Never once taking his eyes of this goddess. With every time she went down, he raised his hips to meet her, pounding hard, hearing the slap of their skin and the screams she let out. He brought his hand down to her pussy, rubbing her clit as she rode him, and before long she exploded. Screaming and moaning, thrashing around, covering him in her come. She slunk down, spent, still sliding slowly up and down, trying to catch her breath. He pulled her closer, biting and nibbling her tits, sucking on them as hard as he could. Her movement became more frantic again, her soft moans getting louder. Mike grabbed her, and pulled her off, putting her on all fours. He slid behind her, and jammed his cock into her pussy, unable to go slowly. She pushed against him, screaming in pleasure, looking over his shoulders and biting her lip. Once again grabbing her hips, Mike pounded her pussy so good. Feeling it getting tighter and tighter, Iza screamed for him, screaming his name over and over, her come dripping down his cock and balls. He could feel his orgasm coming, and knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. After another couple of hard thrusts, he pulled out, squirting his come all over her perfect ass.

The collapsed together on the bed, breathing heavy. Iza tried to get up, to clean up, but Mike pulled her closer stroking her hair. “That was phenominal, Sweetie. Better then I could even imagine. I am so lucky. Thank you so much.”

“Oh no, thank you. You have taught me so much already. I can’t wait to learn more.”

They laid like that for a while, talking and laughing. Snuggling and stroking. Their playful banter quickly turned to arousal again. This time they took turns stroking each other. Watching eachother. Studying each other. Finally Mike climbed between her legs, and slid into her. Kissing her deeply, feeling her tighten all around him. He kissed her eyelids, her ears, down to her neck. Their gentle sex turning into a hurried frenzy again. They couldn’t seem to get enough of eachother, pulling each other closer. Iza raised her legs as high as she could, allowing him as deep as her could get in, before she squirted her come all over. The feel of his rough stomach hair and his cock pounding in and out of her made her come again, then again, drencing him in her juices before he finally pulled out, coating her tits in his come.

Unfortunatly, Mike knew he had to leave. He had already stayed too long, and he missed Leslie. They said their goodbyes, long and drawn out, neither being able to break away from the other, until finally, he was in his car and driving away. It was a weird feeling driving away from Iza. He missed her, not just the sex, but he missed her. But at the same time, he missed Leslie, too. Not one more then the other. But an unusual feeling to know that no matter which place he was, there was a woman out there that he missed to his core.

When Mike got home he gathered Leslie into his arms, hugging and kissing her. He was wondering if he did a good job cleaning up at Iza’s, or if he did too good of a job. But Leslie didn’t give any indication that she knew anything. He pulled her onto his lap, holding her while they watched some tv before heading to bed. He desperately wanted to talk to Iza, but she had another test tomorrow, and he had already taken up enough of her evening. He laid in bed that night, tossing and turning, which seemed to have become a nightly occurence. Leslie snuggled against him, her warmth radiating, her soft snores soothing. But he knew he missed Iza. He thought about how perfect it would be to have her snuggled to him, too. He knew his feelings were growing stronger for her, well past sexual. He pushed the thoughts out, didn’t want to admit how he was feeling. Was he a bad husband, he questioned. Leslie has always encouraged him to do what makes him happy. And Iza really makes him happy. He wondered how Leslie would feel if she knew. Would she be hurt? Or would it turn her on? She had been sharing him for a while now, even if she didn’t know it. And she seemed happy. Although, Mike admitted, that he has been more then a little distracted with Iza. What if he had missed something? Tomorrow will be all about Leslie, Mike thought to himself. Iza is busy anyways, and I really owe it to Leslie to see how she is doing. With that Mike fell into a fitfull sleep, dreaming often of losing Leslie, losing Iza, taking turns fucking them each, and fucking them at the same time.

When the alarm sounded in the morning, Mike woke in a cold sweat, with a raging hard on, feeling unease at the thoughts swirling in his head. He showered, then made his way downstairs to get dressed, when he caught sight of his computer. He knew he promised himself no Izabell today, but Leslie was sleeping, so he wasn’t technically taking time away. Plus he doubted Iza would be on. But as soon as he logged on

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