And I Danced Ch. 01

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Part one: For Charles

The attraction was there the first night I saw him. Something about this guy caught my eye in the crowded noisy room. I found myself drawn back to his face many times through the evening. He had intensity in his eyes that just spoke without words. I usually don’t even notice the men in this place sometimes it is hard enough being here myself and I question why I would be here.

Dancing is a job that is at times a pleasure. I have to close my eyes and take myself away from the club and its patrons nearly every time I step on the stage. Learning to look through the men while they think I am looking at them was a necessity for me. Some of the girls love the play they love the tease quick frankly I love the money and the music.

It was the first Saturday of the month the night I did the shower scene. It was very popular and always brought big tips. Once I found a way to put a shower and a wet tee shirt together on the stage I knew it was going to be a good thing for me. A woman’s body all wet, braless with a clingy white tee shirt and strobe lights and a little liquor always seemed to seduce the entire room. Some nights it was a difficult set for me because it was hard for me to get into it. Not tonight.

Naughty moves and nasty ideas omitting from bedroom eyes were all part of the dance all the while looking blindly at the faces looking back at me. He just silently demanded my attention.

My first set was a dance to the song Holy Water by Bad Company. I liked the strong pounding beat. The red and black leather lace up bodice and matching red leather g-string was always a hit I love the smell of leather and the feel of it against my flesh. Black thigh high stockings and 5- inch heels made my 5 ft. tall body have the illusion of towering power.

The 10 tables that were pressed against the stage were always occupied and they were usually occupied by the loudest most crude men in the club, it is as if they had to be up close to ensure they were seen and heard. The stage is wood, horseshoe shaped and equipped with tiny lights in the walking portion to add visually pleasant illusion. There is a burgundy drape running across the back and sides of the stage made of some tacky velvet material.

On the other side of the room in a loft is where JJ works he is a wonderful DJ and announcer always so enthusiastic almost like it is his first night of working at the club he made the mood. I spend a lot of my break time visiting with JJ and trying to answer his question, “What the hell are you doing here Cherry?” I am still trying to find the answer. I only offer a smile and a peck on the cheek and a pat on the ass to my friend.

Holy Water began pounding through the speakers as I entered the stage from the side the red and white strobe lights flickering around me, this is about the time I close everyone out, everyone and everything except the music but tonight I closed it all out except his face. About 45 seconds on stage with my back to the room while hips swayed and a seductive tuzla escort look back over the shoulder I began loosening the laced bodice. Taking a slow step down each of the 5 steps from the stage I began to work the room.

The man at the oval table carefully pulled the bodice strings loosening them as I held the two sides together to cover my breasts I walked over to the small two seat table opened the bodice and lifted my breasts cupping them with my hands pinching my nipples for affect while my body continued to keep rhythm with the music. Every now and then I would look over and see his face.

Jenna walked out when her music began and I freshened up in the dressing room. It would be about 30 minutes until my next set. What surprised me a bit was I actually was feeling a little aroused that was a rare occurrence doing my job. His dark eyes and brown hair stood out as did his lips. He seemed so serious and withdrawn yet he seemed to be able to demand my attention and certainly my imagination, which was in high gear. I slipped the robe off laying it on the back of the chair and put on my costume.

The purple one- piece silk teddy snapped at the crotch for easy removal. It was backless and a little skirt hung and barely covered my ass. The front had a collar, which snapped in back and a V shape front flowing into the skirted portion. Purple fishnet stockings and calf high leather boots. The music; I Touch Myself one of my favorites to listen to and to dance to. Tonight I would find myself doing just that.

My shoulder length auburn hair tickled my shoulders in a stimulating way and I was very aware of how hard my nipples were poking into the silk I could also feel the dampness between my legs and increasing by the second. As soon as I saw him again I was aroused.

The lights came on black and purple flashes of light the room still pretty dark. Leaning against the pole and my arms extended above my head my hands on the pole I began moving my body with the music. Sliding down the length of the pole never letting go I was on the floor legs parted and hips lifting seductively. The whistles brought me back to the room when my hands let go of the pole and reached behind my knees lifting my legs and spreading them wider and then sliding down until I was lying on the floor.

Running my hands along the inside of my thighs as they split touching the floor flexibility always seems to liven the crowd. In my routine I never touched my pussy but tonight I did. I began tapping against my clit and felt the jolts shoot right through my body. The crowd noise seemed to encourage me for a change. I imagined his face and what his eyes might look like. My fingers pressed a bit more firmly against the silk material of the teddy.

The louder the crowd got it seemed to feed what ever this mood was. With my back arched and my ass pressed hard against the floor one finger moved the silken crotch to the side and slid along the folds of my pussy and it was indeed wet. When the music ended göztepe escort I was far too aroused to be embarrassed and far too horny. Even JJ boomed out his approval and slight shock. I could not even bring myself to look over and see his face.

“What the fuck am I doing?” the words spewed out across the room. The other girls just laughed and joked about my apparent mood tonight. Marcy walked over to me cupped her hand over my pussy and smiled. She did not say a word she just leaned over and bit down on my bottom lip flicked her tongue out and then turned to walk away.

To get ready for my last dance and close up the club I had to head to the shower. I took the bottle of baby oil and dousing my skin rubbing it across every inch in order to create a shimmer in the stage lights then rubbed a little bit into my hair. First I put the flesh color g-string on and then I put on the cut off pair of jeans shorts with the ass cut out of them. The last thing was the white men’s cotton tee shirt.

It took a lot of convincing to get the management to set up for this dance but after the first time there was no more discussion it brought in the crowd on the first Saturday of every month. The small portable shower was like any other but wider cut and no door. It had lighting on the top and the floor portion. The faucet was designed to trickle water rather than spray. The amplifiers created the illusion in the room of more water than there was. My mood had changed and I was ready for this set and then to sleek out of this place.

The song; Sex Me, a great R&B tune. Nice slow seductive. The shower is rolled out on stage the bottom drain in place and the water begins to trickle out. It always amazes me how quiet the room gets. As I walk out on stage I can’t help but look over and see if he is there. I did not see him and instantly began to feel badly.

I walked over to the shower stepped inside and was startled by the coolness of the water. Facing the faucet a side view to the audience I began my dance. My head against the shower wall back arched out away pressing my tummy out running my hands up and down my stomach feeling the clothing becoming saturated.

Turning pressing against the back wall putting my back to the audience I closed my eyes once more trying to get into the mood for this number. The song is lengthy and very slow and seductive tune. Pressing my self out away from the wall my arms holding my body my legs began moving with the tune. Bending one knee slowly moving my hip to the side then changing to the other back and forth.

Stepping back from the wall putting my hands under the tee shirt and on my breasts excited the room. My back was still turned to them but it was obvious what I was doing. Still bending the knees, swinging the hips but adding the gyrating motions of the pelvis. Slowly turning around facing the room I caught glimpse of him. He had moved to a stage table. All the previous feelings returned in an instant. My eyes seemed to lock on his and he seemed to look üsküdar escort right through me.

Unbuttoning the shorts tucking both thumbs in a belt loop and pulling them open I continued dancing. The water running down the shorts onto my skin aroused me more.

Slowly I let the shorts come down past the hips, then the thighs, across my knees and to the floor. I stepped out of them and turned my back to the room and with my legs parted bent to pick them up. I tossed them out of the shower toward the back area of the stage.

Like fucking the air my body movements mimicked sex. The glimmer on my body from the baby oil and water seemed to be a fascinating combination to the group. Slowly lifting the tee shirt above my breasts exposing the erect nipples then turning my back to the stage once more

Lifting the tee shirt over my head then ringing it out as best I could I turned and tossed it out into the room. The flesh color g-string was al that was left. With a hand on each ass cheek I moved my body to the beat of Sex Me like I was floating in a pool with gentle waves. My hands covered most of my body during this dance and I was enjoying it this time. Even wet, I could feel that special kind of wetness now kissing my thighs I could feel my clit when I put my legs together I knew it was so engorged and hard.

The lights slowly dimmed until the room was dark. The music stopped. The sound of the running water through the speakers was all that could be heard. I stepped from the shower and behind the curtain. When the lights came back on, I was gone, the shower was gone and nothing remained on the stage but a pair of cut off jean shorts.

“Let’s hear it for Ms. Cherry.” JJ’s voice boomed out. JJ said his normal goodnight everyone and commented on how hot the girls were tonight and that he was headed to the bar to have some of what ever I had sampled that night.

I could not bring myself to go out and see if the man was still there. I decided my horny body should go home, alone. I dressed in a pair of jeans and a black tee shirt along with a pair of sandals, gathered my stuff up in my bag and headed to the back exit.

The drive home was long and in total silence I did not even have the CD player going as usual. I stepped inside the house and walked to my room without turning on a light undressed, and climbed into bed.

I found myself lightly rubbing the lips of my pussy they were swollen and sensitive. I knew if I pressed past them how wet I was and how the juices would just flow. Masturbation wasn’t new to me but the feelings tonight were like new. Putting my feet on the headboard I slid up almost touching it with my ass.

I began rubbing slowly with the flat part of two fingers pressed against my clit. I could feel my skin becoming warm and clammy. Lifting my hips from the bed I stroked my clit faster and my orgasm pounded through my body and more quickly than normal. Bringing myself there 4 or 5 more times I began to relax.

After cleaning up a little I retuned to my bed. Fell asleep while slowly rubbing my nipples and feeling the cool early morning air on my skin. The last thing I remember seeing was his piercing eyes they held all the secrets and I wanted him to whisper them in my ear soon.

More to come

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